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Micah Germano 5/1/13 Best Piece Reflection Essay

I chose to showcase the final written exam for my American Government class as my best essay. American Government was the final course in a series of social studies courses that have enabled me to develop my critical reasoning abilities in the contexts of history, government, and law. I feel that these courses have well equipped me to evaluate my environment, the consequences of personal actions, and society as a whole. This course specifically has taught me how developments in legislation and national policy will affect me as an individual as I pursue post-secondary education. I chose this essay as my best piece because I believe that it most lucidly demonstrates my abilities to think critically, compare new developments to established precedents, and apply historical contexts to synthesize new information. Critical thought will be useful to me in situations where I could be called upon to compare different courses of action for a company, use innovative ideas to improve upon products, or make the most utilitarian decisions possible. The ability to compare new developments to prior modes of action will enable me to take the initiative to generate positive outcomes for group projects. The synthesis of new information from preexisting elements is a skill that I can use to interpret the causes of complex problems, define those elements in terms of their priority, and solve them in a methodical and efficient manner. I believe that all of these skills will be incredibly valuable to me in whatever field in which I choose to pursue a career, especially if I should attempt to establish myself in law or the sciences. As a writer, I hope that the reader finds this essay to be informative and thought provoking. I believe that it is important that the reader know that this assessment was completed under a time limit, within two hours. This essay attests to the fact that I am able to create quality products in a short amount of time, and that I work well under pressure. Though I am capable of long range planning and the continual achievement of smaller short term goals, my strengths lie elsewhere. I am much more comfortable in accruing a very thorough understanding of a particular subject and expending the entirety of my efforts and energy to accomplish a single task. I am a reader, a learner, and a quality producer, and my skills are best used in contexts which require intelligence, dedication, and innovation. This assessment represents the zenith of my strongest abilities because it demonstrates my ability to use personal logic to evaluate the validity of various ideas, outcomes, and possibilities. Perhaps even more importantly, it shows that I can fluidly communicate how these conclusions apply to a complex system. I strongly enjoy applying my skills, and I am glad to have had the opportunity to share them with others. I am confident that the skills I have obtained during my work at Buckingham Charter Magnet High School, the skills that I display with this piece, will propel me into a successful future.