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Sales Presentation

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Published by: shakey_blossom on Apr 24, 2013
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Home of Quality Woven Products since 1968…

Presented by: Shirley G. Poliquit

Sagada Weaving started out in 1968 using looms to produce quality hand-woven fabrics fashioned into functional bags and apparel. History .

cellphone holders.If there's one thing you should consider buying as pasalubong from Sagada.. wallets. it would have to be the items made out of the Sagadan cloth. puches. as long as they're made of the colorful cloth which Sagadan weavers make inside their shops Sagada Weaving Shop . clutches. etc. Bags..

One of the most trendy souvenir shops in Sagada. Sagada Weaving Shop .Sagada Weaving shop is 3 minutes walk from the town. It has great products such as backpacks and pouches that are a good quality and have a unique Sagada style made of tough fabric.

It is so amazing how they make the products through the wooden tools they make use of. Sagada Weaving Shop . It is one of Sagada’s biggest employers and you can stopover the weaving looms to vision how complicated the weavers go about in producing the hand-woven raw materials. their items are more expensive compared to other stores.Sagada Weaving shop has the best looking products but of course.

Sagada Weaving is the pioneer of weaving products in Sagada. Products . wallets etc. slippers. it produces quality woven materials and innovative in creating those different kinds of bags.

Products .

Products .

Products .All of their materials are made through manual weaving.

..PhP900.Items made of Sagadan cloth would cost PhP25. What to Buy .00 (bracelets. chokers) . necklaces.00 (for big bags).

. The rints are nice and it's not that colorful (they come in black or white or earth colors.00 PhP350. What to Buy .The t-shirts sold in Sagada Weaving are also the best looking of them all..00 depending on the sizes and styles. which is good coz it makes the shirts look more modern and funky). Price ranges from PhP250.

PhP500.What To Pay: PhP25.PhP1000+ for the bags of several sizes and styles. PhP300. etc. PhP50.00 for the bracelets.00 for t-shirts What to Pay . cases. pouches.00 .00 .00 to PhP50. PhP250.00 .PhP300. necklaces and chokers.00 for smaller bags.

918. Philippines Phone: Mobile: +63. Mountain Province 2619.com Contact details .927-6488 eMail: weavings@sagadaweaving1968.Sagada.

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