Averaging and Sampling in BSC After the pre-processing, the results are sent to the BSC where the final processing is carried out. An important phase in the processing in the BSC is averaging and sampling. Averaging can be controlled by the parameters ho/pcAveragingLev/QualDL/UL (msDistanceAveragingParam for handover due to distance) including windowSize (1 ... 32), and weighting (1 ... 3). Parameter weighting tells how samples are averaged and weighted due to the DTX.


DTX and Weighting

When DTX is used, only "SUB" measurement results are reported to the BSC, which means that averaging is done over 12 time slots (or 3 data blocks). This "SUB" measurement averaging process is controlled by the parameter weighting (1 ... 3) as in the following example.

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