R.D. Sablan Construction & Metal works

. During the early period of the company. And in June of 2009. namely Rommel Sablan (now the General Manager/ Proprietor) and employed workers w/c were hired only per projects. the company had had numerous projects. D. it tried to acquire a 50 kva transformer & bought an additional heavy duty 300 amperes welding machine & a drill press. Plans are being drawn in a Pentuim 3 computer with windows 9 application & drawn using Autocad release 14. CAD operator. Civil Works. an experienced project coordinator. It started with a 1969 model motor cycle as service. the proprietor acts as the estimator. These days. The company started with civil works. The company started with one welding machine & bar cutter. purchaser. With the help of a close friends & good quality of work. The company had its office at the proprietor’s residence. Job hunting are done using close friends for recommendations. it only had one primary employee. 1999. Engineering & Architectural Design. The sudden boom in the construction and logistics services led to the establishment of the company. foreman & purchaser. structural steel fabrication & erection and also small metal works projects from nearby residences. estimator & secretary joined the company to bolster its efforts to provide complete services to its clients and to assist in project hunting for the company. When the company started growing.Company Profile Company History R. the company is now engaged in General Construction. Miss Angelina Gatchalian. Sablan Construction & Metal works was established in July 14. When the company started.

D. Only the best employees can deliver the best results. To continually improve is the company vision for its future. . in its employ. Company Philosophy With the company’s desire to be a brand name in the industry by delivering unmatched service. the company has. Company Mission To provide the highest standard of complete services to its clients. Company Vision To become a brand name in the industry with a reputation for quality. to ensure quality delivery of services. With its ambitious goal of providing zero-delay quality services. using the latest strategic management and statistical tools in determining improvements in its operation.Company Objectives R. Sablan Construction & Metal works aims to become a brand name in the construction and logistics industry. personnel with technical and analytical expertise.

Present Project Engineer/ Office Engineer RJMD Contractors & Development Company 248 Reparo St. Baesa. Pampanga Civil Status: Married TIN: 156-885-980 SSS: 03-9592442-2 Educational Attainment Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering University of the Assumption Graduated 1987 Government Examinations Armed Forces of the Philippines General Classification Test for Direct Commission 14 July 1990 Armed Forces of the Philippines General Classification Test for Commissionship 11 September 1989 Military Training Courses Probationary Officers Training Course 17 November 1989 – 31 January 1990 Work Experience Proprietor RD Sablan Construction & Metal works Sta. Ana.: 45110 Birthdate: December 22.Company Employee Profile Name: Rommel D. Angeles City July 2009.. Pampanga July 14. 1999 – Present Project Engineer/ Office Engineer PEG Trucking And Construction Friendship Highway. Sablan Position: Proprietor/ Project Manager CE license No. 1963 Birthplace: San Fernando. Caloocan City November 2008 – May 2009 Project Engineer/ SBMA Administrative Building .

Pampanga September – October 1998 Designer & Labor Contractor for Structural steel roof frame Miguel Hipolito Candating. Batangas Jan 2003 – up to present Project Manager & Structural Steel Contractor Wilfredo Bondoc/ 3 storey private residential building Arayat.Jun 1995 . Pampanga Sept 1997 – Oct 1997 Labor contractor for structural steel fabrication & erection of roof frame Holy Cross College Sta. SBMA. Hilario Maliwat/ Eucharistic Chapel Sta. Pampanga March – August 2002 Structural steel & Metal works contractor Eng’r. Pampanga WYJ Construction San Fdo.Present Furniture Contractor AAR Furniture Sto. 1996 Project Manager in the construction of 2 storey building Wilfredo Bondoc Arayat. Pampanga 1993 – Present Modern & Antique Wood Furniture Contractor Edgar Furniture Arayat.contractor in the widening of Pansul Bridge at Candaba. Ana. Ana. Pampanga Jan 1997. Subic.. Pampanga April 1 to May 3. Ana. Arayat. Olongapo City May – August 2008 Contractor/ Structural Steel Fabrication & Erection / Rough & Finishing Carpentry of various projects in the Municipality Office of the Municipal Engineer Sta. Pampanga Mar 1994 .EI Construction Company Inc. Pampanga Apr 1996 – May 1996 Sub. Tomas.

1995 Project Manager for School Toilet at Tacondo Elementary School PVB Construction City of Sanfernando. 1994 Contractor for Renovation of Fence Chita S. Makati City Aug1993 – Sept1993 Projects Undertaken List of projects undertaken under R. Fdo.. .29.D. Pampanga March 22-29. 1994 Project Manager for Alauli Creek Check Gate RGR Construction Mexico.23.. 1994 Sub-contractor in Renovation of Fort Santiago Curtain Wall Constwood Builders 16 East road. Murphy. Fdo. Sn. Sn.Project Manager in the Renovation of Officers Club. Sablan Construction & Metal Works will be submitted upon request. Jan 5. Grandstand and Design & Fabrication of Cantilever Canopy of Camp Olivas Harlan Ostonal Olivas Subd. Miranda Cerhill Subd. QC Dec1993 – Feb1994 Contractor in Renovation of Fence & gate Rhona Garcia Bel-air 2. April 18.. Pamp. Pampanga Oct 18 – Dec 7. Pamp.

Caloocan City April 1992 to May 1998 Secretary Marsteel Corporation 555 Tandang Sora Avenue.C. Quirino Highway. Caloocan City June 2005 to June 2009 Executive Secretary HPL Construction & General Services. Inc. . 1982 Work Experience Project Coordinator/ Purchaser/ Executive Secretary RD Sablan Construction & Metal works Sta. Baesa. 1963 Birthplace: Caloocan City Civil Status: Married TIN: 118-112-844 SSS: 03-6901331-4 Educational Attainment Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Administration Manila Central University Graduated 1982 Training Attended Training in Secretarial Practicum Marsteel Corporation. 6th Avenue. Caloocan City May 1998 to June 2005 Secretary Metal Star Fabrication 10th Avenue. Grace Park. Q.Name: Angelina Talavera Gatchalian Position: Project Coordinator/ Purchaser/ Executive Secretary Birthdate: August 8. 555 Tandang Sora Ave. Quirino Highway. Pampanga June 2009 to Present Executive Secretary RJMD General Contractor & Developmeny Company 248 Reparo Rd.. Baesa. Baesa. 1981 February 19. March 1990 to March 1992 Secretary LRP Realty & Development Corp.. Caloocan City December 7. 97 4th Street. Ana.

Bliss Project Guadalupe. Paseo de Roxas. Quezon City November 1987 to February 1988 Secretary Marsteel Corporation. Zambales August 1.1989 to June 15. Makati May 27. Merchandise. Makati May 3. Subic.1989 to August 1. Monica. Inc. 1988 to May 2. 1985 .1989 Secretary FDO Gen. Baesa. 1983 to June 6. 1988 Clerk Typist Marsteel Corporation 555 Tandang Sora Avenue. Bliss Project Guadalupe.1989 Secretary Business Resources Center.1989 Clerk L & V Delivery Service Quiapo. Makati September 1985 to October 1987 Clerk Typist Marsteel Corporation. Inc. Paseo de Roxas. 1988 to February 28.Sta. Makati April 4. Metro Manila March 1.

One (1) 2-Bagger Cement Mixer b. Two (2) 125 cc Yamaha motorcycle e. One (1) 100 cc Honda Motorcycle c. Sablan Position: Proprietor/ General Manager/ Civil Engineer Name: Angelina T. Gatchalian Position: Purchaser/ Project Coordinator/ Executive Secretary Name: Marion Sablan Position: CAD Operator Name: Rolly Meneses Position: General Foreman Name: Delmar Tabora Position: Leadman . Various Construction Tools and Equipment c. Service Vehicle a. One (1) 4K owner type jeep b. Two (2) Dual Core Computer w/ Printer & Scanner List Of Personnel Name: Rommel D. Small Tools a) Three (3) Makita Electric Drill b) Three (3) Grinder (Small) c) Two (2) Grinder (Big) d) Two (2) Circular Saw e) Two (2) Planer f) One (1) Set of Oxy-Acetylene – Cutting Outfit g) Two (2) 300 Amperes Welding Machine h) One (1) Drill Press d.List Of Equipments a. Two (2) Digital Camera f.