¤ªl ¯ ¯¯ll +·¯l¯l-l
(¬··iª·iª ªi ªi·- ¬··iiªºi ·ª· il-il(·i ii- ·ª)
¬ª·i ~i·iº÷i··i·iª·i ·i si ¤l·i. ¬·i ·- i ¬·(.
·ii·i º÷i ( ·i-ii. ¬÷ ·i··iiªii·-i·ii-iªi . ·iii·i . l(··i··i
( ·i-iiªi -i-·i·i . ~ii·i(··iii i-·iªi ªi-i·i-iiii-i÷·i-·i ·i
ii l·il·i·ii ·i i (Reading time is 60 minutes, for
daily Sadhana, one may not read the Sanskrit in red
letters) This is an accepted short version (-l·¯l-l¯ll¯¯l)
for daily reading and sadhana that must be
completed with Havan by a priest.
¤-l-l:¯llº¯+·l¯l ¡¡
·ii· º÷ ·i ¬·ii·i
¤ ¯l¯ ¯l ª¯l ¯l¯-l ¯l + ·, ¯l¯l¯=ll+·¯ -l ºll-l ¡
¯lä +·¯¯ll¯l¯lssE¯ll-l , -l--l ·l lr l¯l-ll-lr ¡¡
O Grandfather, please tell me the most secret sadhana
which protect people from all calamity and which you
have not revealed to anybody.
·i si ·ii·i
¤l¯-l ¯l ª¯l-l-l l¯l¯l , ¯l¯l -l -ll ¯l+·l¯+·-l
¯ ¯¯ll¯-l +·¯l¯l ¯l º¯l , -l¯¯ ºl¯¯l -lrl-l -l
such a sadhana is devi kavach which the most secret and
beneficial and holy and does good. listen to it.
¯l ªl-l :l¯¯l ¯ll ¯l, lä-ll¯l ·ln¯lll¯ºll
-l -ll¯l ¯l-¯ ¯lº-l-l, + ·¯-llº¯ l-l ¯l-l ªl +·-l
¯l¯¯l-l ¯+·-¯-ll-l l-l, ¯l¯- +·l-¯ll¯l-lll-l ¯l
¯l¯-l-l +·l¯¯l¯lll-l, -lrl¯ll ¯ll-l ¯ll¯--l-l
-l¯l-l l¯llä¯l¯ll ¯l, -l¯l¯ ¯ll ¯l+·ll-l -ll
¯+-ll-¯l ¯-lll-l -ll-lll-l, ·lnºl ¯l -lrl--l-ll º
there are nine forms of devi called nav durga. they are: 1)
shailputri 2) brahamcharini, 3) chandra-ghanta, 4)
kushmanda, 5) skandamaata, 6) katyayani, 7) kalratri,
8) mahagauri, and 9) durga
¤l¯-l-ll ¯Ð-ll-l¯-l , :l¯l -l·¯l ¯l-ll ¯ºl
l¯l¯l-l ¯ ¯l-l ¯l ¯l, -l¯ll-ll :l¯ºl ¯l-ll
-l -l ¯ll ¯ll¯l-l l+· l¯l¯ ¤:l -l ¯ºl¯l+·-
-ll¯l¯ -l¯¯l ¯l:¯lll-l, :ll +·¯El-l¯l -l lr
if one is burning in fire, is surrounded by enemies in the
battlefield, is in great trouble, is in great fear and one
comes to durga, no harm can touch him. no harm can be
done to him in the battlefield and fear, sorrow and
unhappiness does not come to him.
¯l ¯-l -l+-¯ll ¯-l -ll -l -l , -l ¯ll ¯l lä ¯l ¯ll¯l-l
¯l -¯ll ¯-l¯l--l ¯¯ll:l, ¯=l¯l -ll-l -l ¯l :l¯l
those who remember devi certainly prosper and are
protected by you.
¯l -l¯l ¯ªll -l ¯ll-l º¯l, ¯ll¯lrl -llr¯ll¯l-ll
¯ -¯ l ¯l¯l¯l-ll¯¯l, ¯l ¯ºl¯ll ¯l¯¯l¯l-ll
chamunda devi rides preta, barahi rides on buffallo,
aindri uses elephant, vaishnavi rides garuda.
-llr :¯l¯l ¯l ¯ll¯¯l, +·l -ll¯l l:llEl¯llr-ll
¯=-ll ¯l¤l¯l-ll ¯ ¯ll, ¯l¤r¯-ll rl¯l¯l ¯ll ·c
maheshwari rides on ox, kaumari rides on peacock.
consort of lord Vishnu, lakshamidevi sits on lotus with
lotus in her hands.
:¯l -l¯¯l·l¯l ¯ ¯ll, s :¯l¯l ¯l ¯l¯llr-ll
·l lnl r ¯l¯l-ll¯¯l, ¯l¯ll -l¯ºl-l l¯l-ll
ishvaridevi, sitting on ox, is white. brahamidevi is sitting
on hans and wearing many types of ornaments.
s-¯l -ll -ll-l¯ ¯l¯ll , ¯l¯l ¯ll ¯l¯l-ll-¯l-ll
-ll-ll-l¯ºl:ll -ll¯ ¯ll, -ll-ll¯--ll ¯l:ll l-l-ll
thus these mothers have all yogic powers. there are many
other devis wearing all types of ornaments and gems.
¯ :¯l--l ¯ªl-llss¯¯l, ¯¯¯l +·l·l¯l-ll+ ·¯l
:l¯ El ¯l+ · ¯l¯l :ll+-l , r¯ ¯l -l ¯l¯l¯l·l-l
El -+· -ll -l¯ ¯l ¯l, ¯l¯:l ¯ll:l-l ¯l ¯l
+·--ll¯l ·l l¯l:l ¯ ¯l, :ll¯ ¯ ¯l-l ¤l¯l ·l-l ¯-l-l-l
¯ -¯ll-ll ¯r-ll:ll¯l, -l+-ll-ll-l ¤-l¯ll¯l ¯l
·ll¯¯l--¯ll¯l ·ll-ll-ªl , ¯ ¯ll-ll ¯ll lr-ll¯l ¯l ·º
all devis are sitting on chariot and are full of anger and
having conch, chakra, gada, hal, shakti, musal, khetak,
tomar, parshu, pash, kunt, trishul, fine shaarang bow and
other weapons in their hands. the purpose of having
weapons is to protect the devotees, do good to devas and
destroy the demons.
-l-l¯-l s¯-l -lrl¯l ¯ , -lrl¯ll ¯¯l¯l+ ·-l
-lrl·l¯ -lrl -¯llr , -lrl-l¯ll¯l-lll:ll-l
O devi of great raudra, prakram, strength and utsaah, you
are the remover of great fear, i bow down to you.
¯lllr -ll ¯l¯l ¯ ¯¯l =¯l , :l¯l ºll -l¯l¯l¯ l·ll-l
¯l l¯¯ll ¯=l-l -ll-l -¯ l, ¤l¯-l¯¯ll-l ¤l¯-l¯ ¯l-ll
¯l=lºl s¯l-l ¯ll¯lrl, -l ¯ >-¯ll El¯ ¯l·lll¯ºll
¯l -ll¯¯ll ¯ll¯ºll ¯=l ¯ , ¯ll¯l¯¯ll -l ¯l¯lllr-ll
its very difficult to see you. o, the increaser of fear in
enemies, protect me. Aindri protect me in the east side,
Agnishakti in agnikone, vaaraahi in the south,
khadagdharini in nairritya, vaaruni in the west, devi who
rides on dear protect me in vaayavya
¯¯l¯¯ll ¯ll-l +·l-ll¯l, ¯ :ll-¯ll :l¯·lll¯ºll
I·¯l ·lnllºl -l ¯=l ¯s·l¯-ll¯ ¯l ¯ºl¯ll -lªll
kaumari protect from the north, shooldharini in ishaan.
brahmani protect from the top, and vaishnavi devi protect
from the bottom.
¯¯l ¯:l l¯:ll ¯=l ¯l ¯ll-l º¯l :l¯l¯llr-ll
¯l¯ll -l ¯ll¯l -l ¯ll-l , l¯l¯l¯ll ¯ll-l ¯l ¯õ-l -c
similarly, the chamunda devi who rides on dead body
protect me from all ten sides. jaya protect in the front,
and vijaya protect the back.
¤l¯l-ll ¯ll-l¯ll¯ :¯l -l , ¯l=lºl ¯ll¯l¯ll¯l-ll
l:lEll-l ¯ ¯ll l-l-ll ¯=l ¯ ¯-ll -l ¯ l·-l ¯¯l¯ll¯ªl-ll
ajita protect the left and aparajita from the right, udyotini
protect the head and uma devi protect the mind.
-ll¯l·l¯l ¯¯l- ¯l, -l ¯ll ¯=l¯ ¯l:ll¯¯l-ll
l¯l-l ¯ll ¯l -l ¯ll ¯ -l·¯l , ¯l-l¯lº-l ¯l -lll¯l+ ·
maalaadhari protect the forehead and yashashwini devi
protect the pupils. yamghantadevi protect the third eye
and nose.
:ll¯ El-ll ¯l=l ¯ll ¯ -l·¯l , ¤l ¯l¯ll ¯ äl¯¯lll¯l-ll
+·¯ll¯l +·ll¯+·l ¯=l -l , +·ºl -l ¯ -l :ll+·¯l
shankhini protect the middle of the eyes and dwarvaasini
protect the nose. kalikadevi protect the kapole and base
of the ear be protected by shankari-devi.
-lll¯l+·l¯ll ¯l ¯l-·ll ¯l, ¯-l¯l ¯õ ¯l ¯ll¯l+·l
¤·l¯ ¯ll-l -l+·¯l, l¯lª¯ll¯ll ¯l ¯l¯¯¯l-ll
Sugandha protect the nose, top lip be protected by
charchika, bottom lip by amritkalaa and tongue by
sarasvati devi.
¯--ll-l ¯=l-l +·l-ll¯l, +·ºõ¯ :l -l ¯llº¯+·l
¯llº-+·l l¯l¯l¯lº-l ¯l, -lrl-ll¯ll ¯l -ll¯+· -º
kaumari protect the teeth, chandika protect kantha,
chitraghanta protect ghanti, and mahamaya protect talu.
+·l-ll=ll l¯l·l +· ¯=l ¯ , ¯ll¯l -l ¯l¯l -l¯ ¯l¯l
¯l l¯ll¯ll -l¯+·l¯l ¯l, ¯l ¯õ¯l:l ·l-l·l ¯l
-ll¯¯l l¯ll ·llr+·ºõ , -ll¯+·l -l¯+··l¯l
¯+·-·l¯ll Ell¯ ¯l-ll ¯=l ¯ , ·llr -l ¯l¯l ·lll¯ºll
r¯-l¯ll ¯ ¯lº¯-ll ¯=l ¯ , ¤l-·l+·l ¯ll¯ ¯l ¯l¯l ¯l
-lEll¯¯¯ :¯l¯l ¯=l -l , + ·=ll ¯=l -+ ·¯ :¯l¯l
kamakshi protect bellybutton, sarvamangala protect the
voice, bhadrakali protect neck, dhanudhari protect spine,
neelgrivaa protect the outer kantha, and kantha tube be
protected by nalkoobari, both shoulders by
khadaginidevi, both hands by bajradharini, both hands by
dandinidevi, fingers by ambika, nails by shooleshvari,
stomack by kuleshvari.
¯-l-ll ¯=l --lrl¯ ¯ll, -l-l :ll+·l¯l-lll:l-ll
ﯯl ¯l¯-ll ¯ ¯ll, ¯¯¯ :l¯·lll¯ºll
both breasts by mahadevi, mind by shokavinashini, heart
by lalitadevi, stomack by shooldharini.
-ll-ll ¯l +·ll-l-ll ¯=l ¯ , ¯l ª¯l ¯l ª¯l :¯l¯l -lªll
¯l -l-ll +·ll-l+·l -l ¯ , ¯l ¯ -llr¯l¯lllr-ll >c
+·- ¯ll -l¯l¯l-ll ¯=l ¯l , ¯ll-l -ll l¯l-·¯l¯lll¯l-ll
¯l¯ ¯l -lrl·l¯l ¯=l -l ¯l¯l+·l-l¯l¯ll¯l-ll
¯l ¯1·¯ll ¯ -ll¯l¯l rl ¯l, ¯ll¯¯l ¯õ -l -l ¯l¯ll
¯ll¯l¯ ¯l ¯l¯l ¤l ¯=l -l ¯ll¯l·l¯l -l¯¯lll¯l-ll
navel by kaamini, private part by guhyeshwari, ling by
pootana and kamika, kidney by mahishvaahini, waist by
bhagavati, knees by vindhyavaasini, pindali by mahabala
devi, …. by narsinghi, back of both feet by taijasi,
fingers of the feet by shridevi, bottom of the feet by
-lEll-l ¯ ¯- l+·¯l¯l ¯l, + ·:ll:¯l ¯ll ·¯l+·l:l-ll
¯l -l+·¯l ¯l +·l·l ¯l, -¯l¯l ¯ll¯ll:¯l¯l -lªll
¯+-l-l¯¯ll¯l¯ll-ll ¯ll-¯l , ¤l¯ªl-l ¯l l¯l ¯ll¯l -ll
¤-¯lllºl +·l¯¯ll¯l:¯l, l¯l-l ¯l -l+·- :¯l¯l
nails by danshtraakaraali, hairs by urdhavakeshini devi,
holes of the hair by kauberi, skin by vaagishvari devi,
parvatidevi protect blood, majja, vasaa, meat, bone and
medaa. kalratri protect colon, pita by mukuteshvari.
¯l¤l¯l-ll ¯l¤+·l :l , +·1 · ¯l¯l-llºl¯-lªll
¯¯ll¯l-l Ell -lEl¯¯ll¯l-l , ¤-l ¯ ¯ll ¯l¯l ¯l l¯l¯l >º
moolaadhaar by padmaavati, kafa by chudamani, shine
of the nails by javaalaamukhi, all joints by abhedyaa devi
:l + · ·lnllºl -l ¯=l ¯¯l¯ll ¯¯l :¯l¯l -lªll
¤r+·l¯ -l-ll ·l lä , ¯=l --l ·l-l ·lll¯ºll
semen by brahmaani, shadow by chatreshvari, mind,
intellect and ahamkaar bydharmadhaarini.
¯l lºll¯ll-ll -lªll ¯¯ll-l-l ¯¯l-l ¯l ¯l-ll-l+·-l
¯l¯lr¯-ll ¯l -l ¯=l -l , ¯llºl +·¯¯llºl:ll -l-ll
praan, apaan, vyaan, udaan and samaan air by
vajrahastaadevi, praana by kalyaanshobhanaa
¯¯l ¯¯l ¯l ¯l-·l ¯l, :l·¯ ¯¯l:l ¯l ¯lll¯l-ll
¯l-¯l ¯¯l¯-l-l:¯l ¯l, ¯=l äl¯l¯lºll ¯l¯l
yogini devi protect while enjoying 5 sense objects (ras,
roop, gandh, sound and touch) and three gunas be
protected by naraayani devi.
¤l¯l ¯=l-l ¯ll¯lrl, ·l-l ¯=l-l ¯l ¯ºl¯ll
¯l:l +·ll-l ¯l ¯=-ll ¯l, ·l-l l¯l¯ ¯ll ¯l ¯ll+·ºll
¯ll ¯l-l s-¯llºl -l ¯=l -l ¯l:l --l ¯=l ¯llº¯+·
¯l ¯ll-l ¯=l --lrl¯=-ll¯ -ll¯ll ¯=l-l -l ¯¯ll :c
longevity by vaaraahi devi, dharma by vaishnavi, fame,
wealth, vidya by chakrini, gotra by indraani, my animals
by chandikaa, children by mahalakshmi, spouse by
¯l-ªll-l ¯l ¯lªll ¯=l -l -ll¯l =l -l+·¯l -lªll
¯l¯läl¯ -lrl¯=-ll¯l¯l¯l¯ll ¯l¯l -l l¯ªl-ll
¯=llrl-l -l ¯l-¯ªll-l , ¯ll¯l -l +·¯l¯l -l -l
-l-¯l¯l ¯=l -l ¯ l¯l, ¯l¯l--ll ¯ll¯l-lll:l-ll
my path by supathaa, maarga by kshemakari,
mahalakshmi protect in court, and vijayadevi protect
from all fear. jayantidevi, please protect other parts that
have not been mentioned, because you are great and
destroy sins.
¯l¯-l +· -l ¯l¯¯ -l -l , ¯l¯l¯¯ ¯¯ -l-llss--l-l
+·¯l¯l -ll¯l -ll l-l-¯l , ¯l¯l ¯l¯l¯l ¯l¯¯l-l
-l¯l -l¯llªl¯l-l:¯l, l¯l¯l¯l ¯ll¯l+·ll-l+·
¯l ¯l l¯l--l¯l-l +·l-l , -l -l ¯ll¯-lll-l l-ll:¯l-l-l
¯l¯-l :¯l¯l -l ¤-l ¯ , ¯l l¯¯¯l-l -l -l¯ ¯l -ll-l
if one wants to do good to one’s body, then one must not
go anywhere without reading the kavach mantras. the
one who is protected by kavach gets wealth, victory,
siddhi and whatever one wants. such a person obtains
incomparable opulence on this earth.
l-l-l ¯ll ¯ll¯l-l -l-¯l , ¯l ¯ll-l ¯¯l ¤¯l¯ll¯l-l
¯l ¯l+¯l -l -l¯l -¯l ¯¯l, +·¯l¯l-ll¯l -l ¯l -ll-l :º
protected by kavach, one becomes fearless, becomes
victorious in war and is respected in all three worlds.
s¯ -l ¯ ¯¯ll +·¯l¯l , ¯ ¯ll-ll-l ¤l¯l ¯¯ -l-l
¯l ¯lõ -l ¯l ¯l-ll l-l-¯l , l¯l¯l-·¯l ¤ä¯lll-¯l-l
¯ ¯ll +·¯l -l¯l -l -l¯¯l, ¯l¯l+¯l ¯¯l ¤¯l¯ll¯l-l
¯ll¯l¯ ¯l¯l :l-l ¯ll¯l -l ¤¯l-l -¯l l¯l¯ll¯l -l
this kavach is not easy to get even by devas. one who
reads this three times daily with devition and according
to vidhi, obtains daivikala, is never defeated anywhere, is
protected from premature death, and lives over 100
-l:¯ll--l ¯¯ll·l¯l ¯l¯l , ¯ -lll¯l¯1·l -+·l¯¯l
¯ªll¯l¯ ¯l¯¯l -l ¯l ¯l, +·l¯l-l ¯lll¯l ¯llä¯l-l
¤l-l¯ll¯llºl ¯l¯lllºl, -l-¯l¯l-¯lllºl -l -l¯
-l ¯l¯l El ¯l¯l:¯l ¯l, ¯l¯¯ll:¯ll ¯l¯ l:l+·l
¯lr¯ll + ·¯¯ll -ll¯l, ¯ll+·-ll :lll+·-ll -lªll
¤--ll¯=l¯l¯l ¯ll¯l, ¯ll+·-¯l:¯l -lrl·l¯l ºc
all deseases are cured, poisonous insects bites are cured,
is unaffected by tantric effects, all bad elements do not
¯l r-l -ll¯l:ll¯ll:¯l, ¯l=l¯l-·l¯¯l¯l=l¯ll
·l n¯l=l¯l¯l -ll¯l, + ·¯-llº¯l -l ¯¯ll¯¯l
-l:¯ll--l ¯:l -ll-l -l¯¯l, +·¯l¯l ïl¯ ¯l l¯ªl-l
-ll-ll äl-l¯ -l¯l ¯ ¯lu¯l -l ¯ll ¯l lä+·¯ ¯l¯-l
nothing hurts a person who waers the kavach and
obtains respect from king. this kavach increases teja.
¯l:l¯ll ¯l·l -l ¯ll sl¯l, +·ll-l -llº¯-l-l -l¯
¯l¯l -l ¯l¯-l:l-ll ¯lº¯l , + ·-¯ll -l +·¯l¯l ¯l ¯l
¯ll¯l¯ -l -lº¯¯ ·l-l , ¯l:l¯¯l-l+·l-l-l-l
-ll¯l-ll-l¯õl-l -l l¯-¯ll , ¯l -ll-l ¯l ¯l¯ll l¯l+·l
¯ rl--l ¯l¯-l ¯ªll-l , -l-¯l ¯ ¯l¯l ¯ ¯ -l-l
¯l l¯-ll l-l ¯l ¯¯ll l-l-¯l , -lrl-ll¯ll¯l ¯ll¯-l ºº
obtains yash and one who reads this before starting to
read durgasaptshati flourishes on this earth and obtains
mukti by the grace of mahamayadevi that is not easy
even for the devas. reader obtains beautiful divya form
and enjoys life with lord shiva.
¯-l-l ¯l¯-l ¯¯l , l:l¯l -l ¯lr -ll¯-l ¡¡ ¤¡¡ ¡¡ºº¡¡
:l-i ( ··ii ··i·i ªi·i ºi ·i
¤ªll¯l ¯l¯-ll ¯l-l
¬ª·i ~i¬·i ¬iª-ii i·i iª·i l·i·ºi ¤ l·i. ¬·i ·- i ¬·(.
~i·isi¬··iiª ( ·i-ii. ~ii·i(··iii i-·iªi ªi-i·i-ii
ii-i÷·i-·i ·i ii l·il·i·ii ·i i
¤ -l-l:¯llº¯+·l¯l
·ii· º÷ ·i ¬·ii·i
¤ ¯l¯l--ll -l¯ ¯l¯l +·l¯l, -l¯+·l¯l +·¯lll¯-ll
¯ ¯ll =l-ll l:l¯ll ·ll¯ll, ¯¯llrl ¯¯l·ll -l-ll s¯-l -l
markandeya ji said: o devi, you are victorious (jayanti),
you are mangala or giver of moksha, you destroy during
pralaya-kaal (kaali), giver of happiness and wealth
(bhdra kaali), you have kapal in your hands and wear
mundmaala (kapalini), remover of obstacle (durga),
forgiver, you do good (shiva) to others, you wear
everything (dhatri), you support devas as swaha by
taking yajna offering, and support pitra as swadha by
taking tarpan. I bow down to you.
¯l¯l -¯l ¯ l¯l ¯ll-lº¯ , ¯l¯l -l-lll-lrll¯lºl
¯l¯l ¯l¯l ¯l-l ¯ l¯l, +·l¯¯ll¯l -l-lls¯-l -l
-l·l + ·--ll¯l¯ ll¯ll¯l·ll-l ¯l¯¯ -l-l
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯ lr ¯l:ll ¯ lr lä¯ll ¯llr
killer of madhu and kaitabh and giver of vardan to
brahmaaji, namaste. give me health, victory, fame….
-llr¯ll¯l ¯l-l¯ ºlll:l, -l+-ll-ll ¯l El¯ -l-l
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯ lr ¯l:ll ¯ lr lä¯ll ¯llr
¯+-l·ll¯l¯l·l ¯ l¯l, ¯lº¯-l º¯l¯l-lll:ll-l
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯ lr ¯l:ll ¯ lr lä¯ll ¯llr º
:l --l¯¯l ¯l l-l:l --l¯¯l, ·l -l l=l¯¯l ¯l -ll¯ l-l
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯ lr ¯l:ll ¯ lr lä¯ll ¯llr
¯ll-¯-lll¯ ¯l ¯l ¯l ¯ l¯l, ¯l¯l ¯ll-ll¯¯l¯ll¯ll-l
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯ lr ¯l:ll ¯ lr lä¯ll ¯llr
prayed by all having two foot and giver of good luck ....
¤l¯l--¯l¯¯l¯ll¯-l , ¯l¯l :l¯l l¯l-lll:ll-l
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯ lr ¯l:ll ¯ lr lä¯ll ¯llr
your form and character cannot be described. you are
destroyer of enemy. …..
-l-l -¯l ¯l¯l ¯l -l+-¯ll, ¯llº¯+· ¯ l¯-ll¯lr
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯ lr ¯l:ll ¯ lr lä¯ll ¯llr
remover of paap, those who bow down with devotion to
your feet give them ....
¯-l ¯l¯ -¯ll -ll+-l¯l¯l -¯ll , ¯llº¯+· ¯¯lll·l-lll:ll-l
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯lr ¯l:ll ¯lr lä¯ll ¯llr ·c
remover of all illness, those who do stuti with devotion,
give them ….
¯llº¯+· ¯l-l-l ¯l -¯ll-l ¤¯ ¯l¯l--llr -ll+-l-l
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯ lr ¯l:ll ¯ lr lä¯ll ¯llr
o chandike, those who worship you with devotion. give
them …
¯ lr ¯ll -ll¯¯l-l ¤l¯l ¯¯l , ¯ lr -l ¯l¯-l ¯l El-l
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯ lr ¯l:ll ¯ lr lä¯ll ¯llr
give me good luck, health and happiness. give me ….
l¯l·l lr lä¯l-ll -ll:l , l¯l·llr ·l¯-l ¯¯l+·
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯ lr ¯l:ll ¯ lr lä¯ll ¯llr
those who are envious of me, destroy them and increase
my strength. give me ….
l¯l·l lr ¯ l¯l +·¯¯llºl , l¯l·llr ¯l¯-ll l¤¯l-l
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯ lr ¯l:ll ¯ lr lä¯ll ¯llr
do good to me and give me the best wealth of
knowledge. give me ….
¯l ¯l¯l ¯l:l¯l ¯--ll-l¯l ¯-¯l¯ºl sl-·l+ ·
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯ lr ¯l:ll ¯ lr lä¯ll ¯llr ·º
o ambike, sur and asur both put their mukut on your feet.
give me….
l¯l¯ ¯ll¯l--l ¯l:l¯¯l--l , ¯=-ll¯l--l ¯l-l +·¯
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯ lr ¯l:ll ¯ lr lä¯ll ¯llr
make your devotees scholar, famous, and wealthy and
give …..
¯l ¯lº¯¯ -¯l¯¯l ¯-l , ¯llº¯+· ¯l ºl-ll¯l -l
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯ lr ¯l:ll ¯ lr lä¯ll ¯llr
destroyer of pride of powerful asurs, I am surrendered to
you, give me ….
¯l-l -l ¯l ¯l-l ¯l+·¯l¯l ¯-l -l ¯l¯-l :¯ll¯
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯ lr ¯l:ll ¯ lr lä¯ll ¯llr
o devi with four arms and praised by four mouthed
Brahmaa ji, give me ..
+·¯ºl -l ¯l ¯-l -l ¯l¯l, :l:¯l¯ -l+-¯ll ¯l¯ll-·l+ ·
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯ lr ¯l:ll ¯ lr lä¯ll ¯llr
vishnu always prais you with devotion, give me ....
lr-ll¯l¯¯l -ll-llªl¯l ¯-l -l ¯l¯-l :¯ll¯
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯ lr ¯l:ll ¯ lr lä¯ll ¯llr -c
husband of parvati praise you, o parmeshwari, give me ...
s-¯ lºll¯ll-l¯l¯ -ll¯l¯l l¯l-l ¯l¯-l :¯ll¯
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯ lr ¯l:ll ¯ lr lä¯ll ¯llr
husband of sachi, indra, worship you devi, give me ...
¯ l¯l ¯l ¯lº¯¯l ¯¯º¯¯ -¯l¯¯l l¯l-lll:ll-l
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯ lr ¯l:ll ¯ lr lä¯ll ¯llr
destroyer of great asuras pride, give me ...
¯ l¯l -l+-l¯l-ll¯ ¯l-l¯-llss-l-¯l¯¯lsl-·l+·
¯¯l ¯ lr ¯l¯l ¯ lr ¯l:ll ¯ lr lä¯ll ¯llr
o devi you always keep on giving great joy to your
devotees. give me ….
¯l--ll -l-ll ¯-ll ¯ lr, -l-ll ¯l -ll-l ¯lll¯ºll-l
-lll¯ºll ¯ ¯l ¯l ¯ll¯¯ll¯l¯¯¯l +·¯l ¯ -l¯ll-l
give me a beautiful wife who obeys me who can help me
get out of ocean of the world and is born in a nice family.
the one who reads this argala stotra before starting ss,
gets the resuls of ss reading and obtains good amount of
s¯ ¯-ll ¯l ¯llõ-¯ll -l , -lrl¯-ll¯l ¯lõ -l -l¯
¯l -l ¯l¯-l:l-ll¯l E¯ll¯l¯-llss¯-ll l-l ¯l-¯l¯l-l
:l-i (··ii ¬·i ¬iª-ii i ªi·i ºi ·i ¡¡¤¡¡-º¡¡
¤ªl +·l¯+·-l
¬ª·i ~i·i¬··i iª·i l·i·i ¤l·i. ¬·i ·- i ¬·(.
~i·isiªiªª·i-ii ( ·i-ii. ~ii·i(··iii i-·iªi ªi-i·i-ii
ii-i÷·i-·i ·i ii l·il·i·ii ·i i
¤ -l-l:¯llº¯+·l¯l
·ii· º÷ ·i ¬·ii·i
¤ l¯l:l äul-l¯rl¯l, l¯l¯l¯ll¯¯¯l¯l=l ¯l
¤ ¯l¯l ll¯-ll-ll-l-ll¯l, -l-l ¯ll -ll·l ·lll¯ºl
markandeyaji said: whose body is pure knowledge, three
vedas are the three eyes, who is for goodness sake, and
who wears half moon-mukut on his head, i pray to that
lord Shiva.
¯l¯l -l ¯-llä¯ll-ll¯ll-l -l-¯llºll-lsl-l+·l¯+·-l
¯ll sl¯l =l -l-l ¤¯ll¯-ll l-l, ¯l-l-l ¯ll¯¯l-l-¯l¯
one should know and do upasanaa with the ¯l¯-l:l-ll¯-ll¯l-l
that removes great obstacles (¤l-l+·l¯+·-l ) to mantras.
although one who does japa of other mantras also gets
l¯l¯·¯l--¯l ¯¯¯ll--ll¯ll-l, ¯l¯-l l-l ¯l+·¯l-¯ll¯l
¯-l -l ¯-l ¯l-ll ¯ ¯ll, ¯-ll ¯l-ll¯lºl l¯l¯ ·¯ll-l
and they get siddhi and get all desired objects. but those
who just worship devi with saptashadi also get devi-
-l -l ¯ll -ll ¯l·l -l¯l, -l l+·l¯¯l¯l¯l l¯l¯ ¯l-l
l¯l-ll ¯ll¯¯l -l l¯l¯ ·¯l -l, ¯l¯l-l ¯¯¯ll--lll¯+·-l
they don’t need mantra, herbs and other methods. all is
done without japa.
¯l-l¯l lº¯ll¯l l¯l¯·¯ll--l, ¯l +·:l¯ +·l-l s-ll r¯
+·-¯ll l-l-l-¯l¯ll-ll¯l, ¯l¯l-l¯l-l s¯ :l -l-l º
there was aquestion or doubt about which one, the
saptshadi (ss) or other methods is better. lord shiva said
the former was the best.
¯-ll ¯l ¯l ¯llº¯+·l¯ll¯-l , -l¯¯l ¯l ¯-l ¯l+·l¯ ¯l
¯l-lll¯-l¯ -l ¯l ¯l º¯l¯¯l, -ll ¯lªll¯llä¯l-¯lºll-l
lord shiva hid this ss. the punya from reading ss does not
exhaust. such is not the case with other mantra. thus the
declration of superiority by lord shiva is true.
¯ll sl¯l =l -l-l ¤¯ll¯-ll l-l, ¯l¯l -l ¯l -l ¯l :l¯l
+·¯ºll¯ll ¯ll ¯l-l¯ :¯ll-l , ¤¯--¯ll ¯ll ¯l-lllr-l
¯¯ll-l ¯l l-l¯l rºlll-l, -ll-¯lªl¯ll ¯l ¯ll¯l-l
s-ªl ¯¯l ºl +·l¯ -l, -lrl¯ ¯l -l +·ll¯-l-l
those who do japa of other mantras also is undoubtedly
benefited by ss japa. those who offer everything to devi
on 8
or 14
day of dark fortnight and takes back them
as prasad (¯l-l¯ll-l¯l rºl), devi is pleased. thus shiva has put
this restriction on it.
¯ll l-l¯+·l¯l l¯l·ll¯l -ll , l-l-¯l ¯l¯ll-l ¯l ¯1·--l
¯l l¯lä ¯l ¯lºl ¯ll sl¯l, ¯l-·l¯ll ¯ll¯l-l -l¯
those who do daily reading as described above, gets
siddhi and becomes ¯ll¯l¯¯lºl of devi and gandharva.
-l ¯l¯ll¯¯l--l¯l -l¯¯l, -l¯l +¯ll¯llr ¯ll¯l-l
-ll¯l-l -¯l¯l:l ¯lll-l, -l -ll -ll =l-l ¤¯ll¯-l ¯ll-l ·c
travelling anywhere, he has no fear, does not die
prematurely, and obtains moksha after death.
ul-¯ll ¯l l¯-¯l +·¯ll -l, -l + ·¯ll ºll l¯l-l:¯ll-l
-l-ll ul-¯l ¯l ¯l-¯lä-l s¯ ¯l l¯-¯l-l ·l·l
therefore, wise ones read keelak and do nishkeelan
before starting to read ss.
¯ll -ll¯¯lll¯ ¯l -ll-+·l¯¯l¯ , ¯ :¯l-l ¯¯-ll¯l-l
-l-l ¯l¯l -l-l ¯l ¯ll¯ -l, -l -l ¯ll¯¯l-l s¯ :l -l-l
whatever good luck is found in women is due to prasad
of devi ji. therefore one must always do japa of ss.
:l-l ¯-l ¯l¯¯l-ll-l sl¯-l-l , ¯-ll¯l ¯l-¯ll-l¯ ¯¯¯l+·
-l¯l-¯l ¯l ¯l-l¯lll¯l, -l-l ¯ll¯-¯l-l¯l -l-l
one must do reading clearly and in high tone. why people
don’t do ss that gives glory, good luck, health and
wealth, destroys enemies and gives moksha?
¯ :¯l¯l ¯l-¯l ¯ll¯ -l, ¯ll -ll¯¯ll¯l ¯¯l¯l-¯l¯
:l¯lrll-l ¯l¯l -ll =l, ¯-l ¯l-l ¯ll -l l+ · ¯l-l
:l-i ( ··ii ·i¬·ª-ii i ªi·i ºi ·i ¡¡¤¡¡·:¡¡
¤ªl -l¯ll¯ºll¯ll·l
¤ ¯ r l +¯l ¯ll-lº¯l¯l l¯l¯¯l
·¯+· -ll¯l +·l -ll-ll¯l+· ¯ll¯l +·¯ )
lä-ll¯ll s·¯ll¯l
((·i-ii¬i · -ii ªi (·ii ·i ii(·ii·i -iªii ·ils·iiªiª ·i ªi·ii ·i ·i·i)

·i··i·i·ilªiª·i l·i·ºi ¤ l·i. ~i·isi¬··ii( ·i-ii. ¬l·ºi·
¬·(. ·ii···iªi ·il·-i. (·ii ·iii·i ·ii·i ªi -i-·i·i . ·ii ·i (
ª·iªi·i ~i·isi¬··iii i-·iªi ·i··i·i·ilªiii l·il·i·ii ·i i
··ii·i·i 19x4
¤ ¤=l¯l+¯l¯:l ¯l¯ ¯l+·l¯:l , ¯l¤ ·l-l ¯+·lº¯+·l
¯º¯ :ll+-l-lsl¯l ¯l ¯l-l, ¯l¯¯l ¯lº-l ¯l ¯l-ll¯l-l-l¡
:l ¯ ¯ll:l¯l ¯:l -l ¯l, ¯·l-ll r¯-l ¯l ¯lälss-l-ll
¯l ¯l ¯ll¯-l-ll¯ -ll-l sr, -lrl¯=-ll ¯l¯l ¯ll¯ªl-ll-l ¡¡
i pray to mahalakshmi sitting on lotus with happy face,
having akshmaala, parash, gada, arrow, bajra, padma,
bow, kundika, danda, shakti, sword, shield, conch, bell,
madu glass, shool, paash and charka in her hands.
‘ s i’ ¤l·iª·ii·i
¯ ¯ll¯l ¯-ls¤-l ¯ ¯l ä , ¯l ºl -ls·¯:l-l ¯l ¯l
-llr¯l s¯l¯lºll-lsl·l¯l , ¯ ¯ll-ll ¯l ¯l ¯-¯¯ -
rishi said: in ancient time, there was a 100 year war
between sur and asur. leader of asura was mahishasur
and indra was the leader of devas.
-l¯lls¯l ¯ ¯ -lrl¯ll¯ ¯l l¯¯l¯l -¯l ¯l¯ll¯l-l-l
l¯l-¯ll ¯l ¯l+·¯l-l ¯ ¯ll-l s-¯ ls-l -l -llr¯ll¯l ¯
sura was defeated by asura and mahishasur became
-l-l ¯l¯ll¯l-ll ¯ ¯ll, ¯l¤¯ll l-l ¯l ¯ll¯ll-l-l
¯l ¯¯+ ·-¯l ¯l-ll¯-l¯l, ¯l¯l :l¯l¯¯·¯l¯ll
after being defeated, devas with bramaaji leading, went
where Vishnu and shankara was present
¯lªll¯l -l -l¯ll ¯-lä-l , -llr¯ll¯l ¯¯l l¯--l-l
l¯l¯:ll +·ªl¯ll-ll¯l ¯ ¯ ¯lll-l-l¯ll¯l¯-l¯-l º
devas told Vishnu and shiva, in details about the power
of mahishasur and how devas were defeated and said:
¯l ¯l -¯l¯-¯ll-l¯ -¯ -ll , ¯l-l¯¯l ¯l¯ºl¯¯l ¯l
¤-¯l ¯ll ¯lll·l+·l¯l-l ¯l, ¯¯l¯l-l ¯¯llsl·ll-l¯õl-l
o, lord, mahishasur has become the king of all devas:
surya, indra, agni, vaayu, moon, yama, varun and other
¯¯l¯ll -l l-l¯l+ ·-ll ¯l¯l , -l -l ¯ ¯l¯lºll -ll¯l
l¯l¯l¯l--l ¯lªll -l¯ -¯ll, -llr¯lºl ¯ ¯l--l-ll
bad mahishasur has driven all devas out of heaven and
they are now living in the human world
¯-lä +·lªl-l ¯l¯l -l ¤-l¯ll¯l¯l¯l l¯--l-l
:l¯ºl ¯l ¯l ¯läl ¯-ll , ¯l·l¯-l¯¯l l¯ll¯l--¯l-ll-l
I told you all the deeds of asuras, we have now taken
refuge in you, please think about the means of killing
s-ªl l-l:l-¯l ¯¯ll-ll , ¯l¯ll l¯l -l·l ¯l ¯-l
¯l+·l¯ +·l ¯l :l--l :¯l, -l + ·-l+·l-¯l-l-ll
hearing the deeds from devas, vishnu and shiva became
angry at asuras and their brows became stretched, mouth
-l-ll sl-l+·l ¯l¯l ºl ¯¯l, ¯ll+·ºll ¯l¯-ll-l -l-l
l-l:¯l+ ·l-l -lr-l -l ¯ll , ·lnºl :l+·¯¯¯l ¯l ·c
¤-¯l ¯ll ¯l ¯l ¯ ¯ll-ll , :l+ ·l¯l-ll :l¯l¯-l
l-l¯l -l ¯l -lr-l -l ¯l¯l -l¯¯l+¯l ¯l-l¯l¯¯-l
a great light came out of the mouth of Vishnu when he
was angry. similarly, light came out of bodies of
Brahmaa, shiva and other devas. and all powers
combined into one.
¤-ll¯l -l ¯l¯l + ·- , ¯¯l¯--l-l s¯l ¯l¯l -l-l
¯¯ :l ¯-l ¯l ¯l¯-l¯l, ¯¯ll¯l¯¯ll¯-ll¯¯l--l¯-l
all the combined powers looked like a burning mountain
and the light spread all over. devas saw this.
¤-l ¯ -l¯l -l-l -l ¯l, ¯l¯l ¯ ¯l:l¯l¯¯l-l
¯+·¯ªl -l¯-l äl¯l, ¯¯ll¯-l¯l+·¯l¯l l-¯l¯ll
the teja coming out of devas bodies was incomparable
and took the form of a womam and illumined the three
¯l¯-l ¯¯l-l -l¯l -l ¯l¯l -l -ll¯ll¯l-l -l--l El-l
¯ll-¯l -l ¯ll-l¯l-l + ·:ll, ·llr¯ll l¯l¯ºl -l ¯l¯ll
devi’s mouth came out of shiva’s tej, hair in her head
came out of yama’s tej and arms came out of vishnu’s
¯ll -¯l -l ¯-l-l¯ll ¯ ¯l ¯-l , -l·¯l ¯l -¯ ºl ¯ll-l¯l-l
¯ll¯ºl -l ¯l ¯l¯ ¯ll¯, l-l-l-·l¯-l ¯l¯ll -l ¯l ·º
both breasts came out of moon’s tej, middle body came
out of indra’s tej, thigh from varun’s, and so on.
·l nºl¯-l ¯l¯ll ¯ll¯l , -l¯¯ ¯l ¯¯ll s+ ·-l ¯l¯ll
¯l¯l -ll ¯l +·¯l¯ ¯l ¯¯l, +·l·l ¯ºl ¯l -lll¯l+·l
foot from brahmaa’s, foot fingers from sun, hand fingers
from vasu’s, and nose from kubera’s tej.
-l¯¯ll¯-l ¯--ll ¯l--l -ll, ¯l l¯ll¯l-¯l -l -l ¯l¯ll
-l¯l-ll¯l-l¯l ¯lu , -lªll ¯ll¯l+·-l ¯l¯ll
teeth from prajapati brahma’s, and three eyes from fire’s.
-l ¯ll ¯l ¯l ·¯l¯ll ¯-l ¯l, ¤¯lºll¯lsl-l¯¯¯l ¯l
¤-¯l ¯ll ¯l ¯l ¯ ¯ll-ll , ¯l--l¯l¯l -l ¯l¯ll l:l¯ll
brows from sandhya’s, ears from wind’s, and similarly
other body parts from other deva’s tej.
-l-l ¯l-l¯-l¯ ¯ll-ll , -l ¯ll ¯ll:l¯l-l ¯ -l¯ll-l
-ll l¯l¯l+¯l -l ¯ ¯l l¯l ¯s-l¯l -llr¯ll¯ l¯-ll
devas, suffered in the hands of great mahishasur, became
very happy by seeing the devi coming out of devas, tej.
:l ¯ :l ¯lläl-l¯+ ·¯¯l, ¯¯l -l¯¯l l¯l-ll+··l + ·
¯l+· ¯l ¯-l¯ll-l + ·¯ºl, ¯l-l -¯ll¯ ¯l ¯¯l¯l+ ·-l -c
:l¯ El ¯l ¯l¯ºl :ll+-l , ¯¯l -l¯¯l r -ll:l-l
-ll¯-ll ¯-l¯ll :¯ll¯l , ·llºl¯l ºl -lªl ¯l·ll
shiva gave shool, vishnu gave a chakra, varun gave a
conch, agni gave power, vayu gave her bows and arrow
full of two tarkash,
¯l¯l -l s-¯ ¯l-l -¯ll¯ ¯l, +·l¯:ll¯-ls¯ll·l¯l
¯¯l -l¯¯l ¯lr¯l l=ll , ¯lº-l-l ¯ ¯l¯l-ll¯ ¯l¯ll-l
+·l¯¯º¯l¯¯l-ll ¯º¯ , ¯ll:l ¯ll-·l ¯ll-l¯¯¯l
¯l ¯ll¯ll-l:¯ll=l-ll¯l , ¯¯l ·lnl +·-lº¯¯ -l
indra gave bajra, and ghanta taken out from the
elephants neck. yamaraj gave danda, varun ave paash,
prajapati gave mala, brahma gave kamandalu.
¯l-l¯-l¯l -l+ ·¯l ¯l , l-l¯l¯:-ll-l l¯¯ll+·¯
+·l¯:¯l ¯-l¯ll-l El¯ ¯l , -l¯¯ll:¯l-l ¯l l-l-l ¯-l
=ll¯l ¯:¯lls-l¯ rl¯-l¯l¯ ¯l -lªll-·l¯
¯l ¯l-llºl -lªll l¯¯¯l , +·º¯¯ +·-+·ll-l ¯l -º
¤·l ¯l-¯ -lªll :l -l , + ·¯l ¯l-l ¯l¯l ·llr ¯l
-l ¯l ¯l l¯l-l¯l -lä¯ , ¯l ¯l¯l+·-l ¤-l -l-l-l
¤¯ ¯l ¯l¯l+· ¯--lll-l, ¯l-l¯-ll¯¯l¯ ¯l¯l¯l ¯l
l¯l:¯l+·-ll ¯¯l -l¯¯l , ¯l¯:l ¯lll-ll-l-l¯-l
¤¯¯llº¯ls-l+·¯¯lllºl, -lªll-l ¯¯l ¯l ¯ :l-l-l
¤-¯l-l¯l¯+·¯ll -ll¯l , l:l¯¯¯l ¯l¯l ¯ll¯l¯l-l
surya filled devi with power of his rays, kaal gave sword
and shield, ksheer-sagar gave a white mala and clothes,
and chudamani, kundal, kada, white half moon, ring and
other jewelry. vishvakarma gave her parsha, together
with other weapons, kavach, ever fresh lotus mala
¤¯¯¯l ¯l¯l·l¯l -l¯¯l , ¯l¯+·¯l ¯lll-l:ll -l-l-l
lr-l¯ll-l ¯llr-l l¯lr , ¯--lll-l l¯ll¯l·lll-l ¯l
jaladhi gave her lotus flower, himalaya gave the lion and
other jewels.
¯¯l¯l:l -¯l ¯l ¯¯ll, ¯ll-l¯ll¯l ·l-lll·l¯l
:l ¯l:¯l ¯l¯l -ll¯l :ll , -lrl-llºll¯l-ll¯l-l-l >c
-ll¯lrl¯ ¯¯l -l¯¯l , ·l-l ¯l ¯llªl¯lll-l-ll-l
¤-¯l ¯l¯l ¯l ¯¯ ¯ll, -l ¯lºl ¯l¯l ·l ¯-lªll
¯l--lll-l-ll -l-ll¯l ¯¯l , ¯ll- -rl¯l -l r -l r
-l¯¯ll -ll¯ -l ¯ll ¯ ºl, + ·-¯-l-ll¯l l¯-l -l-l
kuvera gave a potful of wine. sheshanaag who carries
the load of the world, gave her many jewel studded
naagmala. other devas also gave other weapons and
jewelries. devi laughed and sky vibrated with the sound.
¤-ll¯l-lll-l-lr-ll, ¯l l-l:l·¯l -lrl-l-l -l
¯l=l -l ¯l+·¯l ¯l+·l, ¯l-l¯ l:¯l ¯l+·l-¯l¯
the sound produced by devi was so great that sky was
unable to bear it, the echo of the sound produced great
commotion and ocean trembled.
¯l¯ll¯ ¯l¯l·ll ¯l¯ , ¯l+·¯l:¯l -lrl·l¯l
¯l¯l l-l ¯ ¯ll:¯l -l ¯l, -ll-l ¯l l¯l r¯lllr-ll-l
earth started to tremble, mountains shooked up. at that
time devas said jai to devi on the lion and prayed with
-l ¯- ¯l ¯ -l -l¯l:¯l -ll , -ll+-l-l ¤-ll--l-l -l ¯l
¯ ¯- ¯ll ¯l-l¯-l ¯l =l ··l , ¯l¯l +¯l-l ¤-l¯l¯¯l >º
¯läällEl¯¯l -¯ll¯-l , ¯l-l -l¯ªl ¯¯l¯l ·ll
¤l l+·-l ¯-l¯ sl-l +·l ·ll¯lss-ll¯¯l -llr¯ll¯l ¯
¤-¯l·ll¯l-l -l :l·¯-l , ¤:l ¯l¯ ¤¯l ¯ ¯ ¯l -l
¯l ¯¯:l -l-ll ¯¯ll , ¯¯ll¯-l¯l+·¯l¯ll l-¯l¯ll
asuras became ready for war after seeing the three worlds
in fear. mahishasur became agry and spoke: what is
happening? he ran towards the roaring sound of lion and
saw devi ji whose light of tej was lighting the three
¯ll¯l+·l--¯ll -l-l-l ¯l , l+·¯l-l l¯¯llEl-ll-·l¯l-l
=ll l-l-ll:l ¯l¯ll-ll¯l , ·l-l ¯ ¯¯lll-l¯¯l-l -l -ll-l
the earth was pressed by the load of her feet. her mukut
was looking like lines in the sky. the sound of her bow
was frightening seven patals.
l¯:ll -l ¯l¯lr¯l ºl, ¯l-l--ll¯ ¯¯ll¯¯l ¯ll¯ªl-ll-l
-l-l ¯l ¯l¯l -l ¯l ä , -l¯ll ¯¯¯ll ¯l ¯lä¯ll-l
devi stood and covered the entire space with her 1000
arms, after that war with asuras started.
:l¯¯ll¯¯l ¯ ·lr·ll -l +-l ¯ ¤l¯ll¯l-ll¯¯l--l¯-l
-llr¯ll¯l ¯¯l -ll-lll:¯l=l¯lE¯ll -lrl¯l ¯ :c
sky was shining with different types of arms and
weapons. powerful chichur was the commander of the
army of asura.
¯l ¯l ·l ¯ll-l¯:¯ll-¯l :l ¯l-l¯¯ ¯l·l¯ll-¯l-l
¯ªll-ll-l¯l -l ¯l¯ l-l¯ ¯¯¯l lE¯ll -lrl¯l ¯
he started to fight with devi. chamar also joined the war
with the four divisions of his army. the great asur udagra
came with 60 thosand chariots.
¤¯l·¯l-ll¯l -ll-ll ¯l, ¯lr¯l ºl -lrlr-l
¯l¯¯ll:llä:¯l l-l¯l -l ¯ ¤l¯l¯l -ll -lrl¯l ¯
asur mahahanu started the war with one crore chariots.
asilomaa whose hair was like swords came with 5 crore
chariots to fight.

¤¯l -ll-ll :l-l ¯l¯ l-l¯ ·ll¯+·¯l ¯l ¯l·l ¯ºl
¯l¯l¯lll¯l¯lr¯l l ¯l ¯s-l+· ¯ll¯¯lll¯-l
baashkal joined with 60 lakh chariots. parivaarit came
with elephants, horses and one crore chariots.
¯l -ll ¯ªll-ll +·l - ¯ll ¯l, ¯l ä -ll¯-l-l -l¯l·¯l-l
l·l¯l¯lE¯ll s¯l -ll-ll ¯l, ¯l¯¯ll:ll䯪ll¯l -l
vidaal came with 5 arab chariots. many other thousands
of asurs started to fight with devi with chariots,
elephants, and horses
¯l ¯l ·l ¯l ¯l ¯l -l¯l, ¯ªll-ll ¯ll¯¯lll¯-l
¤-¯l ¯l -l¯ll¯l -l:ll , ¯ªl-ll¯lr¯l ¯ ¯l -ll :º
¯l ¯l ·l ¯l ¯l ¯l ¯ ¯¯ll, ¯lr -l¯l -lrl¯l ¯l
+·l l-+·l l-¯lr¯l ¯-l , ¯ªll-ll ¯l--l-ll -lªll
r¯ll-ll ¯l ¯l -ll ¯l ä , -l¯ll-l -l -llr¯ll¯l ¯
-ll -l¯ ¯ l-ll-¯¯ll¯ ¯¯l, :ll+-ll-l¯ -l ¯l¯ ¯-lªll
¯l ¯l ·l ¯l ¯l ¯l ¯ ¯¯ll, El¯ ¯l ¯l¯:l ¯ll- -:l
+·l¯l¯¯l l¯ll=l¯l :l+-ll, + ·l¯l-l ¯ll:ll ¯l -lªll¯l¯
mahishasur himself was there with big army. asuras were
fighting with different kinds of weapons. some threw
shakti and rope.
¯ ¯ll El¯ ¯l¯l rl¯ ¯-l , -l -ll r--l ¯l ¯l+ ·-l
¯lll¯l ¯¯ll -l-l¯-lll-l, :l¯¯llº¯ls¯¯lllºl ¯llº¯+·l
¯l¯¯l ¯l ¯l l¯l¯¯ ¯, l-l¯l:l¯¯ll¯¯l¯ll¯l ºll
¤-ll¯l¯-llss-l-ll ¯ ¯ll, ¯-l¯l-ll-ll ¯l ¯l¯ll-l ºc
-l -ll ¯ll¯l ¯¯ r ¯l , :l¯¯llº¯ls¯¯lllºl ¯l :¯l¯l
¯ll sl¯l + ·äl ·l -l¯l-l , ¯ ¯¯ll ¯llr-l+ ·¯l¯l
¯l¯ll¯l¯l ¯¯l -¯l ¯l , ¯l-l l¯¯l¯l r-ll:l-l
l-l:¯ll¯ll-l -l -l ¯l ¯ll :¯l, ¯l ·¯l-ll-ll ¯ºl sl-·l+·l
-l ¯¯l ¯l¯ ¯l ¯l--l -ll, ¯lºll :l-l¯lr¯l :l
¯l ¯l ·l ¯-l ¯l¯:l l-l¯ l-ll-¯¯ll¯ll¯l¯ll- -:l
others tried to kill devi with sword. devi, filled with
anger, destroyed all the weapons of asura’s by showering
her arms and ammunition like a play. she was not tired,
devas were praising her and devi was showering
weapons on asurs.
devi’s lion was also shaking his shoulder and agrily
walking in the army of asur like a jungle fire. every
breath of devi produced army of devi’s helpers (Gana)
and joined devi in the war with different weapons.
-ll:l¯l--ll s¯l ¯¯lºll-l , ¯ ¯ll:l+-¯l ¯l·l l-r-ll
¤¯ll¯¯l--l ¯l-rl-l , ¯lºll :l¯ Ell ¯-lªll¯l¯
ganas started to destroy the asurs and made noise with
conch and other instruments.
-l ¯¯ ¯ll:¯l -lªl ¯ll-¯l , -ll¯-l-l ¯l ä-lrl -¯l¯l
-l-ll ¯ ¯ll l¯l:l ¯ -l, ¯l¯¯ll :ll+-l¯l l¯-l-l ºº
El¯ ¯lll¯l-l:¯l :l-l:ll , l-l¯l¯ll-l -lrl¯l ¯l-l
¯ll-l¯ll-ll¯l ¯l ¯ll-¯ll-l , ¯lº-l¯¯l-ll¯l-ll lr-ll-l
in the festival of war many ganas were playing
mridangam. devi killed hundreds of big asurs with her
weapons. many became unconscious by the sound of her
ghanta and died.
¤¯l ¯l--l l¯l ¯ll:l -l, ·l¯·¯ll ¯ll-¯ll-ls+·¯l ¯l-l
+·l¯l¯ lä·ll + ·-ll¯-ll=ºl , El¯ ¯l¯ll-l ¯-lªll¯l¯
many asurs were tied with rope and dragged, many were
cut into two pieces with her sharp sword.
l¯l¯ll lªl-ll l-l¯ll-l -l, ¯l¯¯ll -l l¯l :l ¯-l
¯l -l :¯l +·l¯l¯ l·l¯ , -l ¯l¯ -l -l :l r-ll
+·l¯llä¯ll-l-ll -l-ll , l-läl :l ¯ -l ¯l=ll¯l
l-l¯--l¯l :l¯l ¯lºl, +·-ll + ·l¯l¯ ºlll¯l¯
many were hit by gada, got wounded and died. many
started to vomit blood after hit with moosal. some
asuras’s chest were broken with shool and fell dead on
the ground. many had broken waist by arrows.
:¯l -ll-l+·ll¯ºl ¯l lºll-l , -l -l¯l l¯¯l¯:ll¯ -ll
+ ·¯ll l¯l¯ ·llr¯ll:¯äll:¯ä¯l l¯ll¯l -lªll¯l¯ ºc
l:l¯ll¯l ¯l -l ¯s-¯l ¯ll-l-¯l -l·¯l l¯l¯ll¯-ll
l¯ll¯¯ä¯l¯ ¯ll¯l -¯l¯l¯ , ¯l -l ¯¯ ¯¯ll -lrl¯l ¯l
¯+··llr ¯ll=l¯l¯ºll, + ·l¯l¯ ¯¯¯ll lä·ll + ·-ll
l¯ä sl¯l ¯ll-¯l l:l¯l¯l, ¯ll-l-ll ¯l -l¯l-ªl-ll
+··l-·ll ¯l¯l·l ¯ ¯ ¯¯ll, ¯lrl-l¯l¯-ll¯l ·ll
-l-l -l :¯ll¯l¯ -l¯l, ¯l ä -l ¯l¯¯lll¤-ll
asuras who were like eagle to hurt devas, started to die.
some lost arms, neck, head and some were cut in the
middle of the body. some fell on the ground having lost
thighs. some were torn into two pices by devi by cutting
one arm, eye or leg. some used to get up again after head
was chopped off and faught without head with devi with
arms in their hands. some headless asuras were dancing
with the tune of the war music.
+··l-·lll:¯äl:l¯¯l, El¯ ¯l:l+-l¯ll¯-¯llºl¯l
l-l¯õ l-l¯õ l-l -ll¯l--ll , ¯ ¯ll-l-¯l -lrl¯l ¯l
¯lll-l-l ¯ªl-ll¯ll:¯l ¯ ¤¯l ¯ :¯l ¯l¯l -·l¯l
¤l¯l-¯ll ¯ll-l¯l-l -l¯l, ¯l¯ll-l -¯l -lrl¯ºl ºº
some headless were running with weapons in their hands
and other asuras were telling them to stop and fight with
devi. the field where war took place were filled with
dead bodies of asurs, horses, elephants and it was
impossible to walk.
:ll lºl-ll ¯ll -lrl-l¯ ¯l, ¯l¯ ¯l¯-l¯l ¯l ¯l ¯l ¯l
-l·¯l ¯ll¯l ¯¯l -¯l¯¯l, ¯ll¯ºll¯l ¯¯lll¯l-ll-l
big rivers of blood from dead bodies started to flow.
=lºl -l -l-l -lrl¯l -¯l-l ¤¯l ¯lºll -lªlll-·l+·l
l-l-¯l =l¯l ¯lªll ¯llr -l¯l -l ºl¯l¯-lrl¯l¯l-l
devi destroyed the army of asurs in no time as a fire
destroys big heap of grass and woods.
the lion also was roaring loudly and shaking the hair on
his neck as if taking the life away from the asur’s bodies.
devi’s gana also fought with asura very well, by which
devas standing in the sky were very happy and started to
shower flowers.
¯l ¯l l¯l rl -lrl-ll¯-l ¯-¯l ¯l-l ·l -l+ ·¯l¯
:l¯l¯ -¯ll s-l¯l¯lºll-l ¤¯ll-l¯l l¯ll¯l-¯ll-l
¯ ¯¯ll ¯lºl :¯l -l ¯-l¯l, +·-l ¯lä -lrl¯l¯
¯lªl ¯ll -l -l ¯l ¯ ¯ ¯ll, ¯l ¯¯l¯l l¯--l ¯ll l¯l¯l ¡¡¤¡¡ºº¡¡
:l-i lr-ii·ii s··ii·i
-l -ll¯ll s·¯ll¯l
·¯l -ll¯ll-l¯ll ¯llr-l -llr¯ll¯l ¯ +·l ¯l·l) 19
¤ ¯¯ ¯l¯ -ll-l ¯lr¯l +·ll--l-ls¯ºl=ll -ll :l¯l -lll¯+·l
¯+-lll¯¯-l¯l¯ll ·l¯l ¯l¯l¯l-l l¯l¯ ¯ll-l-lll-l ¯l¯-l ¡
r¯-ll·¯l ¯ ¯·l-ll l¯l-l ¯ll¯l¯¯lä+ ·¯lls¯l¯l-¯l¤¯l
¯ ¯ll ·lälr-ll :l ¯--l-l + ·-l ¯l-¯ s¯l¯l-¯l¯ªl-ll-l ¡¡
the beauty of the body of jagadamba is equal to the
thousand rising suns. she is wearing red colored sari and
wearing mundmaala in the neck. she is having chandana
paste on the breasts and having vidya, japamalika,
abhaya and vara mudra in her hands. her face with three
eyes is looking very beautiful. she wearing a crown with
jewel and moon on her head and sitting on lotus. I
worship such a devi with devotion.
‘ s i’ ¤l·iª·ii·i +
l-lr-¯l-ll-l -l-l ¯l -¯l-l ¤¯l¯l +¯l -lrl¯l ¯
¯l -ll-lll:¯l=l ¯ +·l ¯ll¯ ¯l¯ll ¯llä -l ¤ªlll-·l+·l-l
Rishi said: after seeing the army of daitya being
destroyed by devi, commander chichur became very
angry and proceeded to fight with devi.
¯l ¯¯ll :l¯¯l¯l ºl, ¯l¯l¯l ¯l-l¯s¯l ¯
¯lªll -l¯l¯l¯ :l¯ ¯l , -ll ¯l¯l¯l ºl -ll ¯l¯
he started to shower arrows on devi like clouds shower
rain on the top of mount meru.
-l¯¯ll¯¯-¯ll -l-ll ¯ ¯ll, ¯l¯¯l ¯l :l¯l -+·¯l-l
¯l¯ll-l -l ¯¯ll-l ·llºl ¯ ¯l--ll¯ ¯l ¯l ¯lll¯l-ll-l
then devi cut his arrows by her arrows and killed his
horses and driver.
l¯l¯¯ ¯ ¯l ·l-l ¯l¯ ¯ll , ·¯l¯l ¯lll-l¯l-l l¯¯ -l-l
l¯l¯¯ll·l ¯l ¯l ¯ll¯l ¯l , l¯ä·l-¯ll-l-llss:l ¯l º
she also cut down his high flag and bow immediately and
pierced his body with arrows.
¯ll¯¯ä·l-¯ll l¯l¯ªll , r-ll:¯ll r-l¯ll¯lªl
¤-¯l·ll¯l-l -ll ¯ ¯ll, El¯ ¯l¯l-l ·l¯l s¯l ¯
after getting his bows, chariot, horses and driver
destroyed, asur ran towards devi with sword and shield.
l¯l r-llr-¯l El¯ ¯l -l, -ll=ºl·ll¯ ºl -l·ll-l
¤l¯l¯ll-l -l ¯l ¯l¯¯l , ¯ ¯ll-l ¤¯¯ll-l¯l ¯l¯ll-l
he sruck very hard on the head of lion with his sharp
sword and on the left arm of deviji.
-l¯¯ll El¯ ¯ll -l ¯l ¯l l¯¯l, ¯l1·l¯ -l¯l-l-¯-l
-l-ll ¯l¯l lr :l¯ ¯l, +·l¯ll¯s¯ºl¯l ¯l-l
the sword broke as it struck devi’s arm., then his eyes
became red with anger and took shool in his hand
l¯l=l ¯l ¯l -l-l¯l -l-l -l , -l¯ +·l¯¯ll -lrl¯l ¯
¯ll¯¯l¯¯l-ll-l -l ¯ll -ll, ¯l¯ll·l-·l-l s¯ll-·l¯l-l
and he used it on bhadrakali. the shool shined like the
sun falling from the sky.
¯ ¯- ¯ll -l¯l¯l-l¯¯ ¯ , ¯¯ll :l¯-ls-l¯¯l-l
-l¯¯ ¯ :l-l·ll -l -l, -ll-l ¯l ¯l -lrl¯l ¯ ·c
seeing the shool coming towards her, devi used her shool
by which asur’s shool broke into hundreds pieces,
chichur also was cut into many pieces and died.
r-l -ll¯-l-l -lrl¯ll¯l , -llr¯l¯¯l ¯l-l ¯l-ll
¤l¯l¯ll-l ¯l¯ll¯¯:l ¯ll-l¯l¯¯l¯:ll¯ ¯-l
after powerful chichur getting killed, chamar, the
commander of mahishasur, came on elephant and sruck
devi with shakti.
¯ll sl¯l :ll+-l -l-ll ¯llªl, ¯ ¯¯ll¯-ll-ll-·l+·l ¯ -l-l
r +·l¯ll-lr-ll -l -ll , ¯ll-l¯ll-ll¯l l-l¯¯l -ll-l
but jagadamba decommissioned shakti with her hunkaar
and shakti fell on the earth.
-l¯-ll :ll+-l l-l¯ll-l-ll , ¯ ¯- ¯ll +·l·l¯l-ll-¯l-l
l¯l=l ¯l ¯ll-l¯ :l¯ , ·llºl ¯-l¯l¯l ¯lll¯¯-l-l
seeing the shakti broken, chamar became very angry and
used his shool, but devi cut it also with arrows.
-l-l l¯l r ¯l-l -¯l-¯l, ¯l¯l+·--ll--l¯ l¯ªl-l
·llr ¯l ä -l ¯l ¯l·l , -l -ll ¯¯l l¯¯l¯:lll¯ºll
devi’s lion jumped on the head of chamar’s elephant and
started to fight forcefully hand to hand with chamar.
¯l ¯ ·¯l-ll-ll -l-l¯-ll -l , -l¯-ll-l -ll¯ll-l -lrl ¯l-ll
¯l¯l·ll-l sl-l¯l ¯··ll , ¯l rl¯ ¯sl-l¯l¯ºl ·º
both of them, while fighting fell down from the elephant
and started to fight fiercely with anger.
-l-ll ¯l ¯ll-l El-l -¯l-¯l, l-l¯l-¯l ¯l -l ¯lll¯ºll
+·¯¯lrl¯ ºl l:l¯:l¯ll-l¯¯¯l ¯l ªl+·+ ·-l-l
after that lion jumped up on the sky and while falling he
hit on the head and head fell out from the body.
¯¯¯l :¯l ¯ºl ¯¯¯ll, l:l¯l¯l =lll¯l-l¯ r-l
¯--l-l l¯--l¯ :¯l¯l, +·¯l¯:¯l l-l¯lll-l-l
udagra also was killed by devi with bolders and trees.
Karaal was also fell on earth after being hit by teeth,
feast and palm.
¯ ¯ll + ·äl ¯l¯l¯ll-l :l ¯l ºl ¯ll-ll¯l ¯ll ä-l-l
¯ll¯+·¯ l-ll-¯¯ll¯ -l, ·llºl ¯-ll-l -lªll-·l+·-l
filled with anger, devi hit and killed uddhat with gada,
vaashkal with bhindipal, taamraand andhak with arrows.

¯¯l l¯¯l-l ¯¯l ¯ll¯l ¯l, -lªl¯l ¯l -lrlr-l -l
l¯l-l ¯ll ¯l l¯l:l¯ -l, ¯l¯ll-l ¯l¯-l :¯l¯l
three-eyed parmeshvari killed ugraasya, ugraveerya and
mahaahanu daityas with trishool.
l·l¯l¯¯¯lll¯l-ll +·l¯ll-l ¯ll-l¯ll-ll¯l ¯l l:l¯
¯ ·l ¯ ¯ -l El ¯ll -ll , :l¯¯ l-l-¯l ¯l-l=l¯l-l -c
devi cut the head of bidaal with sword, and durdhara and
durmukh with arrows and sent them to yamaloka.
¯¯l ¯l =ll¯l-llºl -l , ¯¯l¯l -¯l -llr¯ll¯l ¯
-lllr¯l ºl ¯¯l¯¯l ºl, ¯ll¯l¯ll-ll¯l -ll-l ¯lºll-l
thus seeing his army destroyed, mahishasur became
buffalo and started to hit devi’s helpers, gana.
+· ll:¯l-l -l º¯¯lrl¯ ºl, El ¯=l¯l ¯l -lªll¯l¯l-l
¯l¯ ¯l ¯-lll¯-ll :¯ll-¯ll¯l ¯ ¯ ¯ll-¯ll ¯l l¯l¯ll¯-ll-l
¯l ¯l -l +·l l:¯l¯ ¤¯l¯l-l -ll¯ -l -l-lºl -l ¯l
l-l:¯ll¯l¯l¯l-l -ll-¯ll-l , ¯ll-l¯ll-ll¯l -l -l¯
he hit ganas with nose, hoof, tail, horns, with sound,
breaths and many other ways.
l-l¯ll-¯l ¯l -lªll-ll+·-l ¤-¯l·ll¯l-l ¯ll s¯l ¯
l¯l r r--l -lrl¯ ¯¯ll, +·l ¯l ¯l+ · -l-llsl-·l+·l
thus defeating the army of devi, he ran to hit lion.
jagadamba became very angry to see this.
¯ll sl¯l +·l ¯ll-l -lrl¯ll¯l , El ¯=l ººl-lrl-l¯
:l¯ ¯ll-¯ll ¯l¯l -ll-l ¯¯ll-l l:¯l=l ¯l ¯l -l-ll¯ ¯l -º
powerful mahisasur also became angry and started to dig
the soil with his hoof and started to lift and throw high
mountains with his horns and made big noise.
¯l ¯l-l -lºll¯l=l ººll, -lrl -l¯¯l ¯¯l:ll¯l -l
¯l¯ ¯l¯ -llr-l:¯lll··l, ¯¯l¯l¯ll-ll¯l ¯l¯l -l
earth started to be torn by swinging and ocean started to
drown the earth by being hit by his tail.
·l -l:l ¯ ¯ll¯ll-läl:¯l, Elº¯ Elº¯ ¯l¯l ¯l -ll
:¯ll¯lll-l¯l¯-ll :l-l:ll , l-l¯l -l ¯ -l-l¯ll s¯l¯l
being hit by the swinging horn, clods fell apart. and
hundreds of mountains strated to fall from the sky by the
high wind created by the breathing of daitya.
sl-l +·l·l¯l-ll·-ll-ls-ll¯l-l--l -lrl¯l ¯-l
¯ ¯- ¯ll ¯ll ¯llº¯+·l +·l ¯l , -lä·ll¯l -l¯l+·¯l -l
seeing the angry daitya coming towards her, devi became
very angry to kill him.
¯ll l=l¯-¯ll -l¯¯l ¯l ¯ll:l , -l ·l·l-·l -lrl¯l ¯-l
-l-¯ll¯l -lllr¯l ¯¯l , ¯ll sl¯l ·läl -lrl-l ·l
-l-l l¯l rl s-l¯l-¯l¯ ¯ll , ¯ll¯l-l -l¯¯lll-·l+·l l:l¯
l¯-ll-l -ll¯l-¯l¯¯l, El¯ ¯l¯lllºl¯s¯ :¯l-l >c
she tied the powerful daitya with a rope. after being tied
up, he turned into a lion. as soon as jagadamba tried to
cut his head, he showed up as a man with sword.
-l-l ¯¯ll:l ¯l ¯¯l , ¯¯ll l¯l¯¯¯ ¯ll¯l+ ·
-l El¯ ¯l¯l-l ºll ¯ll¯ ·l , -l-l ¯ll s-l --lrl¯l¯l
devi immidiately hurt the man with shower of arrows. he
then turned into an elephant.
+·¯ ºl ¯l -lrll¯lr , -l ¯l+·¯l ¯l¯l¯l ¯l
+·¯l -ls¯-l +·¯ ¯¯ll, El¯ ¯l -l l-l¯+·--l-l
and started to pull the devi’s lion with his trunk and
started to make noise. devi cut the trunk of the elephant
with her sword.
-l-ll -lrl¯l ¯l -l ¯ll , -lllr¯l ¯l¯l ¯ll¯ªl-l
-lªl ¯l =ll -l¯ll-ll¯l, ¯l ¯l+¯l ¯l¯l¯l¯l¯-l
he again became a buffalo and started to create fear in the
beings in the three worlds.
-l-l + ·äl ¯l¯l--ll-ll, ¯llº¯+·l ¯ll-l-l ¯-l-l-l
¯l¯ll ¯l -l ¯l -l:¯l ¯l, ¯lrl¯ll¯ºl¯l ¯l-ll
then angry mother of the world drank honey and started
to laugh and her eyes became red.
-l-l¯ ¯ll¯l ¯ ¯llsl¯l, ·l¯¯ll¯l -l ¤¯l ä-l
l¯l¯llºll-¯ll ¯l l¯l=l ¯l, ¯llº¯+·l ¯l l-l -l·l¯l-l >º
daitya was mad with power and started to make a great
noise.and started to throw big bolders on devi with his
¯ll ¯l -ll-l ¯l lr-ll ¯-l -l, ¯l ºl¯l--ll :l¯l -+·¯
¯¯ll¯l -l -l¯l ¯·l -l-l El¯l¯ll+·¯l=l¯-l
at that time, her mouth became red and her voice was
choked due to wine. she was breaking the boulders with
her arrows and said:
( ··i ·ii·i .:
¯l¯l ¯l¯l =lºl -l ¯, -l·l ¯ll¯l-l l¯l·ll-¯lr-l
-l¯ll -¯ll¯l r-l s¯l ¯l, ¯ll¯l ¯¯l-l -¯ll:l ¯¯l-ll
o, stupid one, you make noise for a while till I drink
Madhu. devas will soon rejoice also after you will be
killed by me.
¤l·iª·ii·i .·
¯¯l-l ¯+-¯ll ¯l-l -¯l-¯l, ¯llss¯¯l -l -lrl¯l ¯-l
¯ll¯ -ll+·-¯l +·ºõ ¯l, :l¯ -l -l-l-ll¯¯l-l :c
rishi said: having said thus, devi jumped and mounted
herself on the daitya. pressed him with her feet and
struck his throat with shool.
-l-l ¯ll sl¯l ¯l¯lss+·l--l¯l -l¯ll l-l¯l-l Ell-l -l-l
¤·l l-l¯+ ·l--l ¯¯ll¯ll¯ , ¯ ¯¯ll ¯ll¯l ºl ¯l ¯l -l
being pressed by her feet, asur started to come out in
another form out of his mouth. he was halfway out, then
devi stopped him from her power.
¤·l l-l¯+ ·l--l ¯¯ll¯ll , ¯l ·¯l-ll-ll -lrl¯l ¯
-l¯ll -lrll¯l-ll ¯ ¯¯ll, l:l¯l:¯-¯ll l-l¯lll-l-l
asur started to fight with devi even he was half way out.
devi then cut out his head with a big sword
-l-ll rlrl+ ·-l ¯l¯l , ¯ -¯l¯l -¯l -l-ll:l -l-l
¯l r¯l ¯l ¯l¯ ¯l¯-l , ¯l+·¯l ¯ ¯l-ll¯lºll
all the army of daitya started to fly away making a great
noise and devas bacame very happy. devas prayed to
devi with divya maharishis. gandharvas started to sing
and and celestial dancers started to dance.
-l ¯- ¯l ¯-ll ¯l ¯l ¯ ¯ll , ¯lr l¯¯¯l ¯ -lr¯ l¯ll-l
¯l¯l ¯ ¯l-·l¯ ¯l¯l-l¯ll , -l-l -l :¯lls¯¯l¯l ¯lºll
:l-i -i -ii·ii s··ii·i
¯l-l ªll s·¯ll¯l 21, 14x4
·s-¯ ll¯ ¯ ¯l-ll¤l äl¯l ¯ ¯ll +·l ¯-ll-l)
·i¬i·i i·ii . ·-i·i ªslª· ¬·i·i(i . ·ii l¬·i< ·( ª ªii
·i÷ ªi ·i· · iiºi . lil·iªi·i ¬li ·ª ªrs·-ii li·i ii·i i
lªi sª···iisl·iª« i . li·i ·i·i·i ¬lªi¬ . -i iªii i ª·i·-ii
··ii·i(( ·ii i·iiª·ii . li(·iilª·i -ii . ªi l·i-ii lªil<·i·i ii
her body is like the shyam color of the dark clouds,
she creates fear in the heart of enemies by her side-look,
has moon on her head, wears sankh, charka, sword and
trishool in her hands, has three eyes, riding on the lion,
and lighting the three worlds with her light. she is
worshipped by those who desire siddhi, she is
surrounded by devas, let us meditate on jaya named
‘ s i’ ¤l·iª·ii·i +
:l+·l¯¯l ¯l ¯¯lºll l-lr-lsl-l¯ll¯l
-ll¯-l-l ¯ ¯l--ll-l ¯l ¯ll¯·l¯ ¯l ¯ ¯¯ll ¡
-ll -l ¯- ¯l ¯l ºll-l-l-l l:l¯l ·l¯l ¯ll
¯lll¯-l ¯lr¯l ¯l ¯+·l¯ ¯l-l¯ll¯¯rl ¡¡ -¡¡
rishi said: after defeating the forces of very powerful and
wicked mahishasur by devi, indra and other devas bowed
their head to devi and started to pay homage to devi by
good words. at that time, their beautiful body heir was
standing on end due to happiness.
¯ ¯¯ll ¯l¯ll -l-l-l s¯ ¯l¯l¯l--l:l+-¯ll
l-l::l ¯l¯ ¯l¯lºl:ll+-l¯l-l r-l -¯ll ¡
-ll-l ¤l-·l+·l-l ¤lEl¯¯ ¯l-lrl¯l ¯l ¯¯ll
-l+-¯ll -l-ll ¯-l l¯l¯·ll-l :l-lll-l ¯ll -l ¡¡>
deva said: who is the power of all devas, who is present
by her power in the entire world, who is worshipped by
all devas, we bow down with devotion to that ambika
devi. may she bless us all.
¯l¯¯ll ¯l -ll¯l-l ¤-l¯ -l¯l¯ll-l ¤-l--ll
·l nl r¯:¯l -llr ¯l+-l -l¯ ·l¯ ¯l ¡
¯ll ¯llº¯+·llEl¯¯l¯l-l ¯ll¯¯ll¯-ll¯l
-ll:ll¯l ¯lls:l -l-l¯l¯¯l -ll-l +·¯l -l ¡¡:
lord shesha, Brahmaa, and mahadevji is unable to
describe the uncomparable power. that chandika devi
consider to take care and remove fear from the whole
¯ll ¤l ¯¯l¯l ¯l+·l-l-ll -l¯l-l¯¯ls¯=-ll
¯ll¯ll--l-ll +·-ll·l¯ll ﯯl ¯l ·l lä ¡
¤äl ¯l-ll + ·¯¯l-l¯l -l¯l¯¯l ¯¯¯ll
-ll -¯ll -l-ll ¯-l ¯ll¯¯ll¯¯l ¯ l¯l l¯l:¯l-l ¡¡ º
the one who resides as lakshami in the house of pious, as
poverty in the sinful, as buddhi in the pure hearted, as
faith in good ones, and as shame in good family, we bow
down to her. please take care of the entire world.
l+· ¯lºl ¯ll-l -l¯l ¯¯l-l ¤l¯l--¯l-l ¯-l-l
l+· ¯lll-l¯ll¯l -l ¤¯l ¯=l¯l+·ll¯ -ll¯ ¡
l+· ¯llr¯l ¯l ¯ll¯-lll-l -l¯ll¯ -l -lll-l
¯l¯l ¯l ¯ ¯¯l¯l ¯¯ ¯l¯lºlll¯+·¯l ¡¡
o devi, how can i describe your undescribable form, great
power to destroy the asur and your wonderful character
you showed to all daitya and devas during the battle with
sur and asur.
r -l ¯l-l¯-l¯l¯l-ll l¯l¯l ºlll¯l ¯l ¯l¯
-l ul¯l¯l rl¯r¯ll¯l-l¯s¯¯l¯ll¯l ¡
¯l¯ll ¤¯llslEl¯-l s¯ ¯l¯l¯ :l-l -l-l
¤¯¯ll+·-ll lr ¯l¯-ll ¯l+ ·l-l¯l -¯l-ll¯ ¯ll ¡¡
you are the origin of everything in the word. three gunas
are in you, yet you are not affected by them. lord Vishnu
and mahadv ji cant even know you. you are the refuge of
all and whole world is a part of you, because you are the
origin of all, known as adi prakriti.
¯l¯¯ll ¯l-l¯-l¯l ¯-ll ¯l-l ¯l¯sºl -l
-l l¯-l ¯l ¯lll-l ¯l+·¯ ¯l -lEl ¯l ¯l¯l ¡
¯¯llrll¯l ¯l l¯l-l ¯lºl¯¯l ¯l -l l¯-lr -l¯
¯¯¯ll¯l ¯l -¯l-l-l ¯¯l ¯l-l ¯¯l·ll ¯l ¡¡c¡¡
you are the swaha, uttering which devas are pleased. you
are the swadha the cause of pleasing the ancestors.
¯ll -l l+-lr -l ¯sl¯ll¯l--¯l-lrl¯l -ll -¯l-l
¤-¯l¯¯l¯l ¯l l-l¯l-l l-¯ ¯l-l-¯l¯ll¯ ¡
-ll =ll¯ lªll-l¯ -ll-ll-l¯¯-l¯l-l¯-l¯l ¯l ¯
l¯l¯ ¯lll¯l ¯ll -l¯l¯l-ll ¯l¯-ll lr ¯ l¯l ¡¡
you are the supreme knowledge that is the means of
moksha, which is faultless, and practiced by those who
have control over the senses and are desirous of moksha
:l·¯ll--l+·l ¯ll¯l-l¯¯s¯¯l¯l¯ll l-l·ll-l-l
¯¯ ¯llªl¯-¯l¯l¯¯llõ¯l-ll ¯l ¯ll--ll-l ¡
¯ ¯ll ¯l¯ll -l¯l¯l-ll -l¯l-ll¯l-ll¯l
¯ll-ll ¯l ¯l¯l ¯l¯l-ll ¯l¯-lll-lr-¯ll ¡¡·c
you are the word. you are the source of very pure rig,
yajur and melo-dious saam veda. you are the three Vedas
and bhagavati with six opulances. you are in the form of
occupations to support the world. you destroy the
troubles in the world.
-l ·lll¯l ¯l¯l l¯ll¯-lllEl¯:ll¯¯l¯ll¯l
¯ ¯ll l¯l ¯ ¯l -l¯l¯ll¯l¯-ll ¯¯l¯ ¯ll ¡
¤l +·--lll¯ï¯¯l +·+ ·-lll·l¯ll¯ll
¯ll ¯l -¯l-l ¯l :ll:l-ll l¯+ ·-l¯l l-l¯õl ¡¡
you are the intellect by which one knows all the
scriptures. you are durgadevi who is like a boat to save
us from the ocean of the world. you are detached. you
reside in the heart of the enemy of kaitabha,Vishnu ji, as
lakshami as well as you are respected by shivaji as gauri.
s ¯l-l ¯lrl¯l-ls-l¯ ¯ll¯¯l ºl ¯l-¯
l·l-·ll-l+·ll¯ +·-l+·l -l-l+·ll--l+·l--l-l ¡
¤-¯l¤¯ -l -l ¯l ï-ls-ll-l -l¯¯ll -lªlll¯l
¯l+ ·¯l l¯l¯l+¯l ¯lr¯ll -llr¯ll¯l ¯ ºl¡¡
your nirmal face with smile is so beautiful like the full
moon. it is wonder that mahishasur got angry by seeing
you and started to attack you.
¯ ¯- ¯ll -l ¯l¯l + ·l¯l-l -l+ ·-l+·¯l¯-l
¯¯ ¯l¯¯:ll¯ +·¯l¯ :l¯¯l¯l ¯lä ¯l¯ ¯l ¡
¯l lºll-l -l-ll ¯l -llr¯l¯l -l¯s-ll¯l l¯l¯l
+·¯ll ¯¯l-l lr +·l¯l-ll--l+·¯:l -l -l ¡¡
it is even more wonderful that by looking at the same
face, filled with anger became red like the rising moon,
mahishasur did not die. who can remain alive by seeing
angry yamaraj?
¯ l¯l ¯l ¯ll¯ ¯l¯-ll -l¯l-ll -l¯ll¯l
¯l¯ ¯ll l¯l-ll:l¯ll¯l +·l ¯l¯l-ll + ·¯ll-l ¡
l¯lul-l-l ¯-l¯·l -l ¯l ¯l¯¯-l-l-l-l
-ll-l ·l¯ ¯l l¯l¯l ¯ -llr¯ll¯l ¯¯¯l ¡¡·:¡¡
o, devi, be pleased. world prospers when you are pleased
and is immediately destroyed when you become angry.
as we have seen that huge army of mahishasur was
destroyed in no time.
-l ¯l--l-ll ¯l-l¯l¯ ¯l ·l-lll-l -l ¯ll
-l ¯ll ¯l:ll l¯l -l ¯l ¯ll¯l-l ·l-l ¯l¯l ¡
·l-¯ll¯-l ¯¯l l-l-l -ll--l¯l-l -¯l¯l¯l
¯l ¯ll ¯l¯ls-¯l ¯¯l¯l -l¯l-ll ¯l ¯läl ¡¡ ·º
the person with whom you are happy becomes rich,
famous, respectable, and religious with healthy family
·l-¯ll lºl ¯ l¯l ¯l+·¯ll-l ¯l¯ ¯l +·-ll
º¯l-l ¯ll¯ -l ¯ll-ll¯-l ¯l+·-ll +·¯l l-l ¡
¯¯l¯l ¯l ¯lll-l ¯l -l-ll -l¯l-ll¯l ¯ll¯l
¯¯l +·¯l¯l sl¯l 1·¯¯l -l-l ¯ l¯l -l -l ¡¡
it is by your grace that that righteous person does right
work daily and goes to heaven. you are the giver of
whatever one needs in the three worlds.
¯ ¯l ¯-l -ll r¯l¯l -lll-l-l ¤:l¯l¯l--ll
¯¯lªl ¯-l -ll -ll-l-ls-ll¯l :l -ll ¯¯ll¯l ¡
¯ll¯¯ ¯l ¯ El-l¯lrll¯lºl +·l -¯l¯-¯ll
¯l¯ll ¯l+·l¯+·¯ºll¯l ¯l¯lss¯ l¯l-ll ¡¡·:¡¡
o, durga maa, you remove the fear by just remembering
your name and give good intellect to healthy people.
there is nobody other than you who removes poverty,
unhappiness, and fear and always ready to help ((·ii( )
¯l-l¯ r-l ¯ ¯l¯l¯ ¯¯ll-l ¯l El -lªl -l
+·¯l --l -ll-l -l¯+·l¯l l¯l¯l¯l ¯ll¯l-l ¡
¯l ¯l l-l-l -¯l-l ¤l·l¯l-¯l l¯¯l ¯l ¯ll--l
-l-¯l l-l -l -l-l slr-ll-l l¯ll-lr l¯l ¯l¯l ¡¡
though these sinful deserve to live in hell for a long time,
yet for the benefit of the world you kill them in order that
they may go to heaven.
¯ ¯- ¯l¯l l+· -l -l¯l-ll ¯l +·¯l l-l -l¯-l
¯l¯lls¯l ¯l-lsl¯¯l ¯l-l ¯l lrºlll¯l :l¯¯l-l ¡
¯l+·l-l ¯l ¯ll--l l¯¯l¯ll sl¯l lr :l¯¯l¯l -ll
s-ªl -ll-l¯ -l¯ll-l -l ¯¯ll¯l -l sl-l¯ll·¯ll ¡¡
why don’t you just burn asuras out by your look, why do
you kill them? because you want them to go to heaven by
touch of your weapons. thus you are very kind to them
El¯ ¯l¯l -lll-l+·¯l¯l¯1 ·¯ºl ¯l-lªll ¯l
:l ¯l¯l +·ll--ll-l¯lr -l ¯ :lls¯l ¯lºll-l ¡
¯l-l -ll¯l-ll l¯l¯¯l-l ¤ :l -ll¯-¯ Elº¯
¯ll ¯¯llss-l-l -l¯l l¯l¯l +·¯l-ll -l¯ -l-l ¡¡-c
asuras eyes were not destroyed by your shining weapons,
because their eyes were looking at your beautiful face.
¯ ¯ ¯l -l¯l -l:l-l-l -l¯l ¯l¯l :ll¯
¯¯l -lªl -l¯l¯ll¯l--¯l-l ¤-l¯¯l-l-¯l ¡
¯ll¯l ¯l r--l ï-l¯ ¯l¯l¯l+ ·-llºll
¯l l¯¯¯ll¯l ¯l+·l--l ¯l ¯¯ll -¯l¯l -ªl-l ¡¡
your nature, cures ill nature of the wicked, it cannot be
thought of or compared. your power can destroy asurs
who once conqured the devas. thus you have been also
kind to enemies.
+·-ll¯l-ll -l¯l-l -ls¯¯l ¯l¯l+·-l¯¯l
¯¯l ¯l :l¯l -l¯l+·l¯l l-lrll¯ +·¯l ¡
l¯l-l + ·¯ll ¯l-l¯l-l¯õ ¯-ll ¯l ¯ ¯-l
-¯l¯l ¯l ¯l ¯ l¯l ¯l¯¯ -l ¯l-l¯l¯lsl¯l ¡¡--
your power cannot be compared and nobody has such a
beautiful, as well as fearful to asura, face. kindness and
harshness in battle both can be in you only in the world.
¯l ¯ll+¯l-l ¯-l¯slEl¯ l¯¯l -ll:l-l -l
¯ll-l -¯l¯ll ¯l-l¯-l·l l-l -l sl¯l r-¯ll ¡
-ll-ll l¯¯l l¯¯l ¯lºll -l¯l-ls¯¯l¯ll¯-l-l
¤¯-ll+·-l ¯--l¯s¯l ¯ll¯-l¯l -l-l¯-l ¡¡->
you have saved the world by killing asurs, sent asuras to
heaven, and removed our fear from sauras. namaste.
:l ¯ -l ¯lllr -ll ¯l¯l, ¯lllr El¯ ¯l -l ¯lll-·l+· ¡
¯lº-l¯¯l-l -l -l ¯lllr, ¯ll¯l¯¯lll-l¯¯l-l -l ¯l ¡¡-:
¯l l¯¯ll ¯=l ¯l -ll¯¯ll ¯l, ¯llº¯+· ¯=l ¯l=lºl ¡
-l l-lºl -ll--l:l ¯¯¯l, ¯-l¯¯¯ll -lªl :¯ll¯ ¡¡
o devi, protect us from your shool, ambike protect us
from your sword, and protect us from your sound of the
bows and bells. o chandike, protect us from east, west,
and south. o ishvari protect us with your trishool from
north side.
¯ll -¯lll-l ¯lll-l ¯¯lllºl, ¯l¯l+¯l l¯l¯l¯l--l -l ¡
¯lll-l ¯ll-¯lªl ¯ll ¯llºl, -l ¯=ll¯-ll-¯l -lªll -l ¯l-l ¡¡
El¯ ¯l:l¯¯l¯l¯ll-l, ¯lll-l ¯ll¯¯lllºl -lsl-·l+· ¡
+·¯¯l¯¯¯l¯l¯ ¯lll-l, -l ¯¯-ll-l ¯=l ¯l¯l -l ¡¡-:¡¡
protect us and the world by your both good and bad roop.
protect us with all the weapons in your hands in
¤l·iª·ii·i ·t
¯¯l ¯-l -ll ¯l ¯ ¯ l¯¯¯l , +·¯l -l¯ -l-¯-ll ¯ -l¯l ¡
¤l¯l -ll ¯l¯l-ll ·ll¯ll, -lªll ¯l-·ll-l¯¯l-l ¡¡ -º
-l+-¯ll ¯l-l¯-l l¯¯l¯:l ¯ l¯¯¯l ¯ ·l ¯l ¯-l ·ll¯l-ll ¡
¯l lr ¯l ¯ll¯¯l-l Ell, ¯l-l¯-ll-l ¯lºl-ll-l ¯l ¯l-l >c
thus devas worshipped devi with flowers and chandan
from nandan forest, dhoop etc. then devi became very
happy and said to all devas:
( ··i ·ii·i .+
l¯l ¯l-ll l¯l¯:ll ¯l¯l , ¯l¯s¯-l-l -llsl-l¯lll¯¯-l-l
all of you ask from me whatever you want from me.
( ·ii +·i ..
-l¯l¯l-¯ll + ·-l ¯l¯l , -l l+· l¯l¯ ¤¯ll:l¯¯l-l ¡¡
¯l¯¯l l-lr-l :l¯l ¯ ¤¯-ll+· -llr¯ll¯l ¯ ¡¡>:
¯ll¯ ¯lll¯l ¯l¯l ¯ ¯l¯l -¯l¯ll¯-ll+· -lr :¯ll¯ >º
you have satisfied all our desires, nothing more to ask
now, because you killed our great enemy mahishasur. but
if you want us to ask something.
¯l ¯-l -ll ¯l¯-l -ll -¯l -ll , lr ¯lªll ¯l¯-ll¯l¯ ¡
¯l:¯l -l-¯l ¯-l¯l ¯l-l¯l -¯ll ¯-ll ¯¯l-¯l-l¯l-l-l ¡¡>º
-l¯¯l l¯l-llä l¯l-l¯l ¯ ·l-l¯l¯ll¯ ¯l-¯l¯l-l ¡
¯l ä¯l s¯-l-l ¯l ¯läl -¯l , -l¯l ªll ¯l¯l¯ll-·l+· >:
please remove our problems by your darshan whenever
we remember you. and whosoever worships you with
these mantras, give them wealth, prosperity, fame, good
wife and be happy with us and help people.

¤l·iª·ii·i .t
sl-l ¯l ¯lll¯-ll ¯¯l ¯ ¯l¯l-ll sªl -lªllss--l-l ¡
-lªl -¯l+-¯ll -l¯ +·l¯l, ·l-l ¯ll--l¯ lr-ll -l ¯l ¡¡
s-¯l -l-l+·lªl-l -l¯l, ¯l--l -ll ¯ll ¯lªll ¯l ¯l ¡
¯ ¯ll ¯ ¯l:l¯l¯ -¯ll , ¯l¯l-l ¯l¯llr-l l¯lºll ¡¡:c
Rishi said: o, king, devi was pleased with the prayers of
devas and disappeard after granting their wishes. thus i
told you how devi who wishes to do good to people,
appeared from the body of devas.
¯l -l:¯l ¯ll ¯l¯ rl-¯ll, ¯l-l¯ -l -ll ¯lªll-l¯l-l ¡
¯l·ll¯l ¯ ¯-¯ -¯ll-ll , -lªll :l --ll-l:l--l¯ll ¡¡
¯=lºll¯l ¯l ¯l+·l-ll , ¯ ¯ll-ll-l ¯¯l+·ll¯ºll ¡
-l¯¯ ºl ¯¯l -l¯llssE¯ll-l , ¯lªll¯l-l +·ªl¯lll-l -l ¡¡
r l ¤¡¡:-¡¡
Now hear from me how devi, who helps devas, appeared
from the body of gauridevi to kill shumbha-nishumbha
and protect the world. hear all these from me, I will
describe them properly.
:l-i ·i-i ªii s··ii·i

=l-ll¯l lªl -ll
¤¯l¯l·l¯lr¯l llºl, l+ ·¯l--l ¤r¯ l-l:l -l¯ll ¡
¯l¯lls¯l-l sl-l -ll -l-¯ll, =l-l¯¯l ¯l¯-l :¯l¯l ¡¡
¤l¯llr-l -l ¯ll-lll-l, -l ¯ll-lll-l l¯l¯l¯l -l-l ¡
¯l ¯ll ¯l ¯l -l ¯ll-lll-l, =l-¯l-ll ¯l¯-l :¯l¯l ¡¡
-l ¯lrl-l l+·¯llrl-l , -ll+-lrl-l ¯l ¯ :¯l¯l ¡
¯l-l ¯l l¯l-l -l¯ll ¯ l¯l, ¯ll¯¯l ºl -l¯¯-l -l ¡¡
¤¯l¯l·l:l-l +·-¯ll, ¯l¯l¯-·ll-l ¯ll ¯¯l¯ -l ¡
¯ll ¯ll-l ¯l-l¯ll¯-lll-l, -l -ll ·l nl¯¯l ¯l ¯l ¡¡
¯ll¯l¯l·ll sl¯-l :l¯ºl , ¯l l¯-l¯l -¯ll ¯l¯l¯l-·l+· ¡
s¯l-ll-l ¤-l +·-¯¯llsr , ¯lªl ¯¯l¯l -lªll +·¯ ¡¡º
¤ul-lllä¯-l -l ¯ -l l--¯ll, ¯l-l -¯l -l-lsl·l+· +·-l-l ¡
-l-¯l¯l =l-¯l-ll ¯ l¯l, ¯l ¯ll¯ ¯l¯-l :¯l¯l ¡¡
+·l-l :¯ll¯ ¯l¯l--ll-l, ¯ll¯¯l¯l-l-¯ l¯l¯l r ¡
¯l rlºllss¯ ¯ll-l s-ll ¯l l-¯ll, ¯l ¯ll¯ ¯l¯-l :¯l¯l ¡¡
¯lª¯lll-l¯l ª¯l¯ll ¯¯ll -¯l , ¯lrlºll¯-l-l+·-l ¯l¯l-l ¡
l¯llä-l ¯l-l -l ¯ l¯l, -¯l-l ¯l ¯ll¯l-l ¯l ¯ :¯ll¯¡¡c
~i( ·ii i ºi·iª-i
l¯lä+ ·l¯¯l+·l¯-ll ¯l-l
l·i·i ¬·ii·i
:l ºl ¯ l¯l ¯l ¯l=¯lll-l, + ·l¯¯l+·l¯-ll ¯l-l ¯-l-l-l ¡
¯l -l -l-¯l¯l -ll¯l ºl, ¯lº¯l¯ll¯l :l -ll -l¯l -l ¡¡
-l +·¯l¯l -ll¯l¯l¯-ll ¯l , +·l¯+· -l ¯r¯¯l+·-l ¡
-l ¯l +-l -lll¯l ·¯ll-l ¯l, -l -¯ll¯ll -l ¯l ¯ll¯l -l-l ¡¡
+·l¯¯l+·l¯llõ-ll¯l ºl, ¯ ¯ll ¯llõ1·¯ ¯-l -l ¡
¤l-l ¯l ª¯l-l¯ ¯ l¯l, ¯ ¯ll-ll-ll¯l ¯ ¯ -l-l ¡¡>
¯ll ¯l-ll¯l ¯l ¯l--l -l, ¯¯l¯lll-l¯ s¯l ¯ll¯l l-l ¡
-ll¯ºl -llr-l ¯l:¯l , ¯-l--l-ll ¯¯ll--lll¯+·-l ¡
¯llõ-ll¯l ºl ¯ll¯l¯ ·¯l -l , +·l¯¯l+·l¯-ll ¯l-l ¯-l-l-l ¡¡:
¬ªi ·i·i
¤ s i ·¬i ·ii·i º÷i·i l·i··i ii ·¬i s ·¬i i ªi
·ii¬·i ·ii¬·i ·i¬ ·i¬ i ·i¬ i ·i¬
¤ s i ·¬i ·ii·i º÷i·i l·i··i ·i¬ s ªi ¬ ·i
¤- ª·iisi
ii :l-i ·i·i i
-l-l¯-l ¯¯ ¯l¯lº¯l , -l-l¯-l -l·l -ll¯l-l ¡
-l-l + ·--lrll¯º¯l , -l-l¯-l -llr¯ll¯ l¯l-l ¡¡·
-l-l¯-l :l --lr-¯¯l ¯l, l-l:l --ll¯l ¯¯lll-ll-l ¡¡-
¯ll¯l -l lr -lrl¯l¯l, ¯l¯l l¯lä + ·¯¯¯l -l ¡
¯ +·l¯l ¯l l¯-¯¯ll¯l , r l+·l¯l ¯ll-l¯lll¯+·l ¡¡>
+¯l+·l¯l +·l-l¯l¯lº¯l , ·ll¯l¯¯l -l-lls¯-l -l ¡
¯ll-l º¯l ¯lº¯¯ll-ll ¯l, ¯l+·l¯l ¯l¯¯ll¯l-ll ¡¡:
l¯l¯¯l ¯ll-l¯l¯l l-l-¯l , -l-l¯-l -l-¯l¯l¯llºl ¡¡º
·ll ·ll ·l ·l ¯l - ¯l--ll, ¯ll ¯ll ¯l ¯ll¯l·ll:¯l¯l ¡
+ ·l + ·l + · +·ll¯+·l ¯ l¯l, :ll :ll :l -l :l-l + ·¯¡¡
r r r +·l¯¯l¯lº¯l , ¯l ¯l ¯l ¯l--l-lll¯-ll ¡
-l l -ll -l -l ¯¯ll -l¯ , -l¯ll-¯l -l -l-ll -l-l ¡¡:
¤ + · ¯l - -l ¯l ¯l :l ¯ll ¯ ¯ ¯ll r =l
l·l¯ll¯l l·l¯ll¯l ¯ll -¯l ¯ll -¯l, ¯l¯-l + ·¯ + ·¯ ¯¯llrl ¡¡
¯ll ¯ll ¯l ¯ll¯l -ll ¯l ºll , Ell Ell El El ¯l¯l -lªll ¡¡c
¯ll ¯ll ¯l ¯l¯-l:l-ll ¯ ¯¯ll, -l-¯ll¯llä + ·¯¯¯l -l ¡¡º
s¯ -l +·l¯¯l+·l¯-ll ¯l , -l-¯l¯ll¯l¯l-lr -l¯l ¡
¤-l+-l -l ¯l ¯l-l¯¯l , ¯lll¯l-l ¯=l ¯ll¯l l-l ¡¡·c
¯l¯-l + ·l¯¯l+·¯ll ¯l¯l, rl-ll ¯l¯-l:l-ll ¯lõ -l ¡
-l -l¯¯l ¯ll¯l-l l¯llä¯s¯º¯l ¯l ¯-l ¯lªll ¡¡··¡¡
:l-i ~iª( ·ii·i¬ ·ii ªi-i·i l·i·iii·i -iiªi ·ii(
· li·iª-ii i ªi·i ºi ·i
ii -i-ªi-i ii

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