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Bach Flower Therapy

Bach Flower Therapy

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bach flower Therapy
bach flower Therapy

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  • 1. AGRIMONY (artificiality, dishonesty) Inner Peace
  • 2. ASPEN (groundless, delusional timidity or anxiety) Trust
  • 3. BEECH (excessive tolerance or generosity) Tolerance
  • 4. CENTAURY (self-injurious cheerfulness) Inner Strength
  • 5. CERATO (insecurity, uncertainty) Intuition
  • 6. CHERRY PLUM (irrational, uncontrolled hysteria)
  • 7. CHESTNUT BUD (inattentiveness, learning difficulties)
  • 8. CHICORY (jealousy, excessive mothering and coddling)
  • 9. CLEMATIS (unrealistic fantasies) Grounded
  • 10. CRAB APPLE (obsessive, compulsive cleanliness)
  • 11. ELM (sudden feeling of stress and overwork)
  • 12. GENTIAN (weak willed, easily discouraged)
  • 13. GORSE (hopelessness) Optimism
  • 14. HEATHER (showing off, need for recognition) Empathy
  • 15. HOLLY (unfriendliness, aggressiveness) Love
  • 16. HONEYSUCKLE (homesickness, grieving) Letting Go
  • 17. HORNBEAM (groundless feelings of stress) Vitality
  • 18. IMPATIENS (impatience, restlessness) Patience
  • 19. LARCH (feelings of inferiority) Self-confidence
  • 20. MIMULUS (excessive timidity or anxiety, fear, shyness)
  • 21. MUSTARD (depression) Joy
  • 22. OAK (uncompromising behavior, excessive ambition)
  • 23. OLIVE (general exhaustion) Rejuvenation
  • 24. PINE (guilt complex) Gratitude/Self-acceptance
  • 25. RED CHESTNUT (excessive worry and concern)
  • 26. ROCK ROSE (panic) Bravery
  • 27. ROCK WATER (self-abuse, ascetic behavior) Flexibility
  • 28. SCLERANTHUS (indecisiveness, flightiness) Resolution
  • 29. STAR OF BETHLEHEM (easily insulted, oversensitive)
  • 30. SWEET CHESTNUT (desperation) Liberation
  • 31. VERVAIN (missionary zeal) Moderation
  • 32. VINE (closed-mindedness, dogmatism) Humility
  • 33. WALNUT (easily-influenced, self-alienation) Transitions
  • 34. WATER VIOLET (human contact problems) Sharing
  • 35. WHITE CHESTNUT (tyrannized by mental arguments)
  • 36. WILD OAT (restlessness, lack of goals)
  • 37. WILD ROSE (resignation, lack of enthusiasm) Zest
  • 38. WILLOW (bitter and unforgiving) Forgiveness

Bach Flower Reference Edition

Bradley R. Chappell

Innovative DIY therapy blending EFT and Bach’s ‘Healing Herbs’


"The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system. Our unresolved negative emotions are major contributors to most physical pains and diseases." -- Gary Craig, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Founder

“The real primary diseases of man are such defects as pride, cruelty, hate, self-love, ignorance, instability and greed; and each of these, if considered, will be found to be adverse to Unity. Such defects as these are the real diseases (using the word in the modem sense), and it is a continuation and persistence in such defects after we have reached that stage of development when we know them to be wrong, which precipitates in the body the injurious results which we know as illness.” --Edward Bach

“If you would have good health then you must imagine this as vividly as you fearfully imagine ill health.” – Seth

“Seth said that not only do we form our own reality now, but we will continue to do so after physical death, so it is of the utmost importance that we understand the connection between thought and reality.” – Jane Roberts

“Immediately begin to live in the present as much as possible. Refuse to worry. When your thoughts do touch upon your particular problem in that present moment, imagine the best possible solution to the dilemma.”
– Seth

Pine extreme mental anguish Sweet Chestnut Over-care for the welfare of others domineering.Star of Bethlehem resentment .Agrimony protection from change and outside influences .Aspen resignation. possessive . self denial Rock Water .Holly weak willed and subservient Centaury mental torment behind a brave face .Fear fear of known things Mimulus fear or over-concern of others .Gentian uncertainty and indecision Scleranthus uncertainty as to correct path in life .Cerato Insufficient interest in present circumstances lack of energy .Larch exhausted but struggles on Oak self hatred.Rock Rose fears and worries of unknown origin . sense of uncleanliness .Wild Rose proud.Willow overwhelmed by responsibility .Walnut Despondency or despair lack of confidence . self-concern Heather impatience . envy. apathy .Beech selfish.Chestnut Bud dreaminess.Clematis self-centered.White Chestnut lives in the past Honeysuckle failure to learn from past mistakes .Chicory self repression.Water Violet Uncertainty Monday morning feeling Hornbeam hopelessness and despair Gorse discouragement.Vervain intolerance .Wild Oat seeks advice and confirmation from others .Elm self reproach. inflexible . despondency .Impatiens Loneliness deep gloom with no origin Mustard Oversensitive to influences and ideas hatred.Red Chestnut fear of mind giving way Cherry Plum terror .Vine over enthusiasm .Olive unwanted thoughts. guilt .Crab Apple after effects of shock . lack of interest in present . jealousy . aloof . mental arguments .

shyness) Courage-R 21. oversensitive) Inner Healing-R 30. HOLLY (unfriendliness. easily discouraged) Perseverance-B 13. ELM (sudden feeling of stress and overwork) Self-assurance-R 12. uncontrolled hysteria) Composure-L 7. grieving) Letting Go-R 17. MUSTARD (depression) Joy-L 22. WILLOW (bitter and unforgiving) Forgiveness-R Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . self-alienation) Transitions-B 34. GORSE (hopelessness) Optimism-R 14. need for recognition) Empathy-R 15. CENTAURY (self-injurious cheerfulness) Inner Strength-L 5. LARCH (feelings of inferiority) Self-confidence-L 20. CLEMATIS (unrealistic fantasies) Grounded-L 10. excessive ambition) Stability-R 23. HORNBEAM (groundless feelings of stress) Vitality-L 18. STAR OF BETHLEHEM (easily insulted. AGRIMONY (artificiality. lack of goals) Certainty-B 37. CHESTNUT BUD (inattentiveness. HEATHER (showing off. CHERRY PLUM (irrational. excessive mothering and coddling) Selflessness-L 9. compulsive cleanliness) Perspective-R 11. MIMULUS (excessive timidity or anxiety. aggressiveness) Love-B 16. BEECH (excessive tolerance or generosity) Tolerance-R 4. fear. WILD OAT (restlessness. CRAB APPLE (obsessive. HONEYSUCKLE (homesickness. SCLERANTHUS (indecisiveness. flightiness) Resolution-R 29. ASPEN (groundless. delusional timidity or anxiety) Trust-L 3. SWEET CHESTNUT (desperation) Liberation-R 31. CERATO (insecurity. learning difficulties) Wisdom-L 8. OLIVE (general exhaustion) Rejuvenation-L 24. lack of enthusiasm) Zest-B 38. PINE (guilt complex) Gratitude/Self-acceptance-B 25. ROCK ROSE (panic) Bravery-B 27. ROCK WATER (self-abuse. VERVAIN (missionary zeal) Moderation-B 32. WHITE CHESTNUT (tyrannized by mental arguments) Tranquility-L 36. IMPATIENS (impatience.1. OAK (uncompromising behavior. WALNUT (easily-influenced. dogmatism) Humility-L 33. CHICORY (jealousy. GENTIAN (weak willed. restlessness) Patience-R 19. dishonesty) Inner Peace-B 2. VINE (closed-mindedness. RED CHESTNUT (excessive worry and concern) Objectivity-L 26. ascetic behavior) Flexibility-L 28. WATER VIOLET (human contact problems) Sharing-R 35. WILD ROSE (resignation. uncertainty) Intuition-R 6.

There is no disease of itself which is incurable. and we have only to return to be released from our trials.'The Twelve Healers'. In the presence of the way of Nature disease has no power... The Seven Helpers "Resignation to faults in our character. in all healing there must be a desire in the patient to get well. Edward Bach The Second Nineteen "There is no doubt these new remedies act in a different plane to the old. For Bach the cause was clear and it is clear today: ‘It is only because we have forsaken Nature’s way for man’s way that we have suffered." . all worries. Of course..The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies "The action of the flower essences raises the vibration of the being. The Twelve Healers hold a special place among the 38 remedies as each of the 12 remedies correspond to a particular personality type. when an illness has become old. as has just been said. all fear." .. "If the patient does not improve when what seems the right one of the Healers has been given. Edward Bach The Twelve Healers Bach Remedies are sometimes classified into three groups.. because. or pollution of the elements—earth. water and air.in whose presence there is the opportunity for disease to melt away like snow in sunshine" . although they are not all conscious that they have done so.” —Julian Barnard . all depression. not conscious because. cancers. There are (seven) types of people who have lost hope. and heart disorders.. environmental poisons.Dr. so that the seven remedies for such cases are called the seven helpers. They cure by flooding the body with the beautiful vibrations of the highest nature . 1935 “Today. it has become more established and may require help before it responds easily. all hopelessness can be set aside. The causes may be vaccinations.Edward Bach. despoliation of food. and all diseases.Dr. all difficulties. or resignation to faults in our bodily health may be overcome if the wish is there to do so. 'The Seven Helpers' and 'The Second 19'. the abnormal state of mind or body is regarded both by themselves and by others as part of their character. They are more spiritualized and help us to develop that inner great self in all of us which has the power to overcome all fears. and the (seven) helpers get us over this stage and bring us into the range of the Twelve Healers. there are seven more remedies to prepare the way.". disease and death control us ever more strongly with a litany of viruses.

but need • Likely to believe you're not creative. symbols. led by logic Processes ideas simultaneously • Processes ideas sequentially. information organized Organization tends to be lacking • Highly organized Free association • Like making lists and planning Likes to know why you're doing something or • Likely to follow rules without questioning them why rules exist (reasons) No sense of time • Good at keeping track of time May have trouble with spelling and finding words • Spelling and mathematical formula easily to express yourself memorized Enjoy touching and feeling actual objects • Enjoy observing (sensory input) Trouble prioritizing. then the details • Work up to the whole step by step. focusing on details.Right Brain Inventory Left Brain Inventory Visual. step by step 'Mind photos' used to remember things. need to be to apply yourself to develop your potential willing to try and take risks to develop your potential . writing • Words used to remember things. numbers Intuitive. focusing on images. focusing on words. remember things down or illustrating them helps you names rather than faces remember Make lateral connections from information • Make logical deductions from information See the whole first. impulsive • Plan ahead Unlikely to read instruction manual before trying • Likely read an instruction manual before trying Listens to how something is being said • Listens to what is being said Talk with your hands • Rarely use gestures when talking Likely to think you're naturally creative. patterns • Verbal. led by feelings • Analytical. so often late.

artificial behavior. hidden inner discord and emotional anguish. and an inclination toward alcoholism and drug abuse. inner restlessness. insincerity. (B) Futility / Hope (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration.. or oversensitivity. the “tears of a clown” syndrome.I free myself to allow others to see me as I really am.I acknowledge and accept my inner pain. cheerful. LI. humorous people who love peace and are distressed by argument or quarrel. tendency to repress. inhibitions. oversensitivity to pain. fear of conflict. Though generally they have troubles and are tormented and restless and worried in mind or in body. tension... Blome Affirmations: ". They often take alcohol or drugs in excess. SI). playacting. to avoid which they will agree to B give up much. TW. PC. HT. dishonesty) Inner Peace "The jovial." ". Alternate Points: stomach point halfway between sternum and navel (CV). deception and artificiality. Edward Bach EFT points: left eyebrow (B). AGRIMONY (artificiality.Over-sensitive to Influences and Ideas Sagittarius / Pisces 1.G." . inside either wrist (LU. worry / Decisiveness (CV) Confusion / Certainty "Agrimony is used as a basic treatment for fear of conflict." . to stimulate them and help themselves bear their trials with cheerfulness. Used to treat any conditions related to tension.." ". glossing over of personal problems.. in-spirited) (LI) Controlling (holding on) / Releasing (PC) Self-absorption / Love (HT) Anger / Forgiveness (TW) Fight. embarrassment." Positive qualities     Mental peace Capacity for confrontation Genuine optimism toward worries Integration of difficulties    Carefree and cheerful Recognition of the shadow self Openness to that which is concealed . tension. they hide their cares behind their humor and jesting and are considered very good friends to know. flight or freeze / Safety (SI) Sorrow. inhibitions. dishonesty. In daily life. used to treat phoniness.Dr. psychic complexes. and dependence on barbiturates or alcohol..I choose to be at peace within myself.

g. mental and nervous BREAKDOWN desires DEATH as means of escape denial/suppression of DESIRE avoids DISCUSSION due to refusal to confront DOMINATED HIDDEN DREAD EXCESSIVE EXCITABLE EXTROVERT as a mask FORGETFUL due to mental turmoil FRETFUL about future JUMPY longs for peace of mind PACIFISTIC tendencies avoids PEACE AND QUIET generally REPRESSED EMOTIONS RULED through lack of inner strength RUNS AWAY from problems SECRETIVE due to denial by nature sensitive to conflict. tries to hide with joviality purposely BOISTEROUS as a means of hiding inadequacies BURDENED with mental torment. strife and controversy SLEEPLESSNESS due to restlessness and anxiety SUPERFICIAL unspoken fear of SYMPTOMS generally TALKATIVE cries in secret.Agrimony Emotional Patterns ABSENTEEISM to avoid confrontation ACTING as a pretense ADDICTION used as a means of escape AGREES in order to keep peace fear of being ALONE ANXIOUS RESTLESSNESS avoids ARGUMENTS concealed sense of AKWARDNESS self BLAME poor sense of BODY IMAGE. following serious news) WITHDRAWN by hiding from/ignoring existence of problems obsessed with YOUTHFULNESS due to fear of ageing Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . alone UNRELIABLE because easily influenced VIVACIOUS unable to WEEP due to numbness (e.

Alternate Points: front of both shoulders (LU). horror. Sufferers may often be afraid to tell their trouble others. chin (CV... accompanied by trust and a sense of protection Fearlessness .. terrifying fantasies. fear of the future and fearful worries." ". In daily life..I allow myself to be guided.For Those Who Have Fear External Influence Trust 2..I free myself to be filled with courage and inner strength." ". ASPEN (groundless. used to treat general anxiety. These vague inexplicable fears may haunt by night or day. for which there can be given no explanation. Edward Bach EFT points: right eyebrow (B). and delusion in relationships.." – G. bizarre ideas. strange feelings and premonitions. L to (B) Futility / Hope (CV) Confusion / Certainty (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration. panic.I choose to encounter what is unknown without fear." ". It is a terror that something awful is going to happen even though it is unclear what exactly. no reason.. delusional timidity or anxiety) "Vague unknown fears. Blome Affirmations: ". Used to treat all pathological conditions related to terrifying fantasies or unexplained fears. in-spirited) (LIV) Unhappiness / Happiness "Aspen is used as the basic treatment for fears and phobias.Dr. general or unexplained anxiety..I release myself to have faith in life. LIV)." Positive qualities     Courage Intuition Inspiration Grounding in reality   Comprehension of the spiritual worlds." .

Aspen Emotional Patterns ACCIDENT PRONE due to fearful nervousness feeling of having excess ADRENALINE (EMOTIONAL) AFRAID irrationally. ANXIETY. unreasoning FRANTIC with irrational fears suffers HAUNTING THOUGHTS HIGHLY STRUNG through anticipation/living on a knife-edge IRRATIONAL anxiety JUMPY. night terrors excess of ENERGY nervousness prior to EXAMINATIONS unexplained feeling of EXCITEMENT FEAR . due to unknown cause worried about AIR TRAVEL ANGST. SPOOKED hyperactive METABOLISM (OF MENTAL ENERGY) due to fear/anxiety PEACE OF MIND disturbed by fear afraid of PERSECUTION unknown/vague PHOBIAS fearfully PONDERS about what might happen generally QUIET by nature thoughts tend to RACE AHEAD RECLUSE. vague fears/foreboding AWKWARDNESS due to apprehension CAUTIOUS due to fear DELUSIONS generally. vague. secret. due to imagination apprehensive/terrifying. due to fear RELAXATION difficult due to fear/anxiety RETICENCE due to fear/apprehension SECRETIVE out of fear considers SUICIDE to escape from fear unspoken fear of SYMPTOMS unrealistic/irrational dread of THOUGHTS afraid of TOMORROW TORMENTED by fears TREMBLE for no reason Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . hidden DREAD DREAMS.unknown cause. of death. ANXIOUSNESS with vague anticipation ANTICIPATION. SKITTISH. of God. by preference. of future. of darkness. of fear.

exaggerated generosity.I release all feelings of judgment and criticism.. flight or freeze / Safety (GB) Rage / Tolerance Affirmations: ". a tendency to trivialize or gloss over problems. to have the ability to see the good growing within.. and aversions. false empathy.. Blome (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration.. gamut point left hand (TW). PC. R "Beech is used as the basic treatment for excessive tolerance that serves as a compensation for and repression of a deep-seated intolerance." ". repressed intolerance (organic). Edward Bach EFT points: either left thumb and little finger OR inside left wrist (LU.. HT.Dr. used to treat allergies. deeply rooted intolerance. TW. And. So as to be able to be more tolerant." – G. lenient and understanding of the different way each individual and all things are working to their own perfection.. BEECH (excessive tolerance or generosity) Aquarius Tolerance "For those who feel the need to see more good and beauty in all that surrounds them. although much appears to be wrong. Alternate Points: upper left of forehead (GB).Over-care for Welfare of Others 3. SI). internalized. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to false. flight or freeze / Safety (SI) Sorrow.I allow myself to accept other peoples’ differences. allergies." Positive qualities    Tolerance. in-spirited) (LI) Controlling (holding on) / Releasing (PC) Self-absorption / Love (HT) Anger / Forgiveness (TW) Fight." "." . excessive tolerance. denial of our own natural aversions and dislikes. and an inner conflict between emotional intolerance and intellectual tolerance.I choose to grow in love. In daily life. empathy Acceptance Compassion for others' imperfections and differences     Recognition of one's own boundaries Inner security Self-integration Understanding others . LI. worry / Decisiveness (TW) Fight. or allergies.

over-concerned with TIME Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . blames others for WRONG-DOING lack of SYMPATHY for others TACTLESSNESS irritated by TEDIUM. DEFIANT. PRECISE FAULT-FINDING with others FIXED IDEAS & OPINIONS. arrogantly inflicting RIDICULE CYNICAL. BIG-HEADEDNESS. OPINIONATED INDIFFERENCE toward needs of others IRRITABILITY with mannerisms and habits of others KNOW-IT-ALL. INSENSITIVE. SNOOTY. EGOTISTICAL CONTEMPT for others. INTOLERANT. SUPERIORITY COMPLEX . SELF-ABSORBED. CRITICAL of others BLOODY-MINDED BOSSY CONCEITED. NARROW-MINDED intolerant of/annoyed with NOISE PATRONISING/condescending takes PLEASURE in converting others. COMPLAINS about. NAG. enjoys ARGUMENTS ARROGANCE AVOIDANCE of people BACK-CHAT.BLAMES. ANGER by the stupidity of others ANALYTICAL ANNOYANCE with others over trivial matters ARGUMENTATIVE. PREACHY REFUSAL TO CONFORM due to own strength of character rebels against attempts to be RULED SCEPTICAL. SNOBBISH. SELFOPINIONATED. DISAPPROVING DESPISES others lack of DIPLOMACY DISCONTENT with others generally DISDAINFUL EXACTITUDE. IDEALISTIC. SCATHING. INDIGNANT. QUESTIONS out of arrogance finds people MADDENING generally METICULOUS by nature MOCKING. SELF-RIGHTEOUS. PIOUS . SMUG. SARCASTIC. PRETENTIOUS.Beech Emotional Patterns aggressively certain of one's ABILITY ABRASIVE and critical ABRUPT intolerance with/accusation of ABSURDITY ABUSIVE due to critical intolerance ACCUSING as a "put-down" ACID-TONGUED irritated annoyance/intolerance AGGRAVATED. BIGOTRY BITCHINESS. SANCTIMONIOUS LECTURES to expose stupidity. gives GUIDANCE through criticism irritated by HABITS and MANNERISMS HARD TASK-MASTERS to others HOSTILITY due to intolerance IMPUDENT.

I serve others by being true to myself. (TW) Fight. PC... SI) of right hand. flight or freeze / Safety (SI) Sorrow. self-deception. servility. Edward Bach EFT points: gamut point (TW) and inside wrist (LU." ". Used to treat all conditions related to pathological cheerfulness or servility.I choose to share from a place of inner strength...I recognize I can give to others only when my own strength is secure. quiet. Blome Affirmations: ". and in so doing they may neglect their own particular mission in life" ." Positive qualities      Recognition of one's own identity Self-determination Self-actualization Strong Individuality Self-respect    Ability to stand for own opinions Knowledge (when to give / withhold) Assertiveness . or selfdeprivation. worry / Decisiveness "Centaury is used to treat weak personality.G." ".. fretful selflessness.. Their wish so grows upon L them that they become more servants than willing helpers. used to treat shyness. LI. CENTAURY (self-injurious cheerfulness) Virgo Inner Strength "Kind. lack of self-assertiveness. gentle people who are over-anxious to serve others." .I am the master of my life. Their good nature leads them to do more than their own share of work. HT. In daily life. in-spirited) (LI) Controlling (holding on) / Releasing (PC) Self-absorption / Love (HT) Anger / Forgiveness (TW) Fight.. flight or freeze / Safety (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration. excessive cheerfulness.. They overtax their strength in their endeavors." ". or excessive willingness to accommodate the needs of others. TW. dependence.Over-sensitive to Influences and Ideas 4.Dr.

SENTIMENTAL over-concerned about accidental killing of insects MEEK. due to weak will desires FREEDOM/LIBERTY from duty does not complain of GRIEVANCES dutifully HELPFUL. sense of awe self-blame succumb to/influenced by BRAINWASHING finds it hard to be BRAVE through fear BURDENED by work never COMPLAINS CRIES EASILY because highly sensitive too timid to DELEGATE not inclined to be DEMONSTRATIVE DEMURE DEPENDENT on people for support/strength DISDAINFUL of self submits to DOGMA DOMINATED/MANIPULATED DUTIFUL ENDURANCE EXHAUSTION through overwork. eager to please HYPOCRISY lack of IDENTITY IMITATES because easily led IMPULSIVE.) influenced by and follows ADVICE AFFECTIONATE does not protest when AGGRIEVED AGREES to keep peace avoids ARGUMENTS and CONFRONTATION AWKWARDNESS due to subservience. TIMID. gentle and selflessly PROTECTIVE PACIFIST/PASSIVE generally QUIET by nature RECEPTIVE to other peoples needs RECOIL through abusive verbal attack longs for RELEASE from servile work generally suffers from REPRESSED EMOTIONS affected by RIDICULE inclined to SELF-DENIAL by nature SELF-MARTYRDOM sensitivity to controversy/conflict/strife SINCERE influenced by TEMPTATION enjoys/needs TRANQUILITY by nature UNHAPPY with self UNRELIABLE because easily influenced feels USED by others VITALITY sapped by others Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . UNASSUMING MOTHERLY.Centaury Emotional Patterns generally ACQUIESCENT life controlled by ADDICTION (alcohol etc. MODEST. becoming a slave to impulses easily INTIMIDATED INTROVERTED comforted by KEEPSAKES.

back of right wrist at middle finger (TW). uncertainty) Gemini Intuition "Those who have not sufficient confidence in themselves to make their own decisions. flight or freeze / Safety (SP) Anxiety / Clarity "Cerato is used for the basic treatment of underdeveloped self-confidence.." ". or a lack of self-confidence. dependence." – G. and are often misguided" . CERATO (insecurity. Blome Affirmations: "." "..I free myself to listen to my own voice.. lack of independence. Edward Bach EFT points: left side of eye (GB.. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to insecurity." Positive qualities    Ability to listen to the inner voice Inner certainty Faith in one's own inner knowledge   Coordination of abstract and concrete thinking Wisdom and Intuition .For Those Who Suffer Uncertainty 5.I release myself to be confident to know what is right for me.. They constantly seek advice from others. and lack of instinct. TW).I choose to trust my own inner guidance. helplessness.Dr. underarm either side (SP). R (GB) Rage / Tolerance (TW) Fight. insecurity..

IMITATES due to lack of self-identity/certainty unable to make DECISION needs reassurance about DESIRABILITY avoids DISCUSSION due to uncertainty of opinion submits to DOGMA DOMINATED lacks FAITH in oneself FICKLE. INTUITION. easily influenced sense of USELESSNESS saps others VITALITY agrees with others against own natural instincts Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen .Cerato Emotional Patterns lack of belief/trust in self ABILITY ADDLED seeking and dependent on people for ADVICE and GUIDANCE AGGRAVATING due to indecision AGREES readily. GULLIBLE FOLLOWS others due to uncertainty lack of IDENTITY IMPARTIALITY INADEQUACY through self-distrust INDECISION about one's judgment/instincts INFLUENCED away from path in life. against better judgment addiction to ALCOHOL AMBIVALENCE seeks APPROVAL for reassurance no sense of BELONGING due to uncertainty poor sense of BODY IMAGE due to uncertainty succumbs to/ influenced by BRAINWASHING finds it hard to be BRAVE through lack of confidence/uncertainty lack of CONCENTRATION through selfdistrust lack of CONFIDENCE seeks CONFIRMATION CONFUSION COPIES others. lack of faith in intuition QUIZZICAL needs/seeks REASSURANCE due to uncertainty RULED due to susceptibility to influence influenced by TEMPTATION TENTATIVE UNRELIABLE because of self-distrust. FOOLISH. own JUDGMENTS INTERFERES by asking questions comforted by KEEPSAKES desires LOVE as reassurance MISTRUSTFUL of self loses OPPORTUNITY through doubt. by decision of others distrusts INSTINCTS.

used to treat hysterical conduct. SI). In daily life.I free what is tight and let it become light. being too tightly “wound up." ." Positive qualities     The capacity to live here and now.I release all fear of loss of control and know the power of self-control is mine. yet there comes the thought and impulse to do them. obsession. trusting in life Tranquility Ability to Relax Calm. in-spirited) (LI) Controlling (holding on) / Releasing (PC) Self-absorption / Love (HT) Anger / Forgiveness (TW) Fight. L "Cherry Plum is used for the treatment of mental or emotional pressure. uncontrolled hysteria) Composure "Fear of mind being over-strained." – G.. right underarm (SP).. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to hysteria. obsessive behavior. or psychotic behavior.I choose to remain balanced and strong under extreme stress. Blome (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration. hysteria.. suicidal tendencies. CHERRY PLUM (irrational. LI... Edward Bach EFT points: inner wrist of both hands (LU." ".Dr. and irrational actions.” uncontrollable emotions. of doing fearful and dreaded things. worry / Decisiveness (SP) Anxiety / Clarity Affirmations: ".For Those Who Have Fear Pisces 6. TW. flight or freeze / Safety (SI) Sorrow. not wished and known wrong. quiet courage    Openness to one's own evolutionary process Being oneself Harmony between positive and negative polarities within the Self .. PC." ". and emotional problems. of reason giving away. HT.

LIVID. FRANTIC desperate/panic stricken BRAIN-STORM mental BREAK-DOWN. MADNESS. FABRICATES due to over-active imagination EXCESSIVE FEAR of insanity. restlessness irrational fear of CONSPIRACY lack of mental CONTROL CRAZED. due to imagination. FIERY. TANTRUMS desires DEATH with irrational desperation but fears SUICIDE DELIRIUM DELUSIONS. INFURIATED. vivid IMAGINATION IMPETUOUS irrational/uncontrolled fear of being IMPULSIVE irrational desire to KILL uncontrollable LAUGHTER irrational desire to end LIFE LUNACY. NEUROSIS uncontrolled OVER-INDULGENCE PARANOIA with irrational thoughts PASSIONATE without control irrational PHOBIAS RELAXATION difficult due to fear/anxiety lack of SELF-CONTROL uncontrolled fear of the SUPERNATURAL over-enthusiastic/uncontrollably THEATRICAL Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . of grandeur DEMENTED with irrational fears/ out of control DESPAIR of living DESPERATION DISTRAUGHT with irrational fears generally ENRAGED EXAGGERATES. uncontrolled/irrational RAGE MACABRE thoughts mental MASOCHISM NERVOUS-BREAKDOWN.Cherry Plum Emotional Patterns fear of mental ABNORMALITY ABUSIVE due to uncontrolled rage ACCUSING due to irrational fears irrationally AFRAID. of mind giving way/loss of control yearning desire for FREEDOM (from torment) uncontrollable FRUSTRATION HALLUCINATES HYPERACTIVE HYSTERIA over-zealous. generally. uncontrolled OUTBURST.

" Positive qualities Capacity to process experience  Clarity of vision before one's in a constructive way own errors and negative Acquires knowledge and experiences. learning difficulties) Wisdom "For those who do not take full advantage of observation and experience. In daily life. and all pathological conditions related to carelessness.... such people find it necessary to have more. to their regret.. and who take a longer time than others to learn the lessons L of daily life... Blome Affirmations: "." ". Alternate Point. SP). learning disabilities.Not Sufficient Interest in Present Circumstances Aquarius / Leo 7.I am learning something new from every experience. (SP) Anxiety / Clarity (ST) Obsessive worry / Tranquility "Chestnut Bud is used to treat learning difficulties." "." – G." ". Whereas one experience would be enough for some.I release the need to repeat the same patterns." . in order to avoid wisdom from experience their repetition Learning from mistakes    . used to treat carelessness and absentmindedness. sometimes several. or pathological distracted and absentminded behavior.Dr.I will recognize and be able to let go of old patterns.I choose to be open to new potential and possibility. Edward Bach EFT points: right underarm (SP).. or observation of others could have spared them even that one fault. Therefore. before the lesson is learnt. 4 finger widths above both kneecaps (ST.. they find themselves having to make the same error on different occasions when once would have been enough. CHESTNUT BUD (inattentiveness. undeveloped awareness.

ADDICTIONS.Chestnut Bud Emotional Patterns to break HABITS. ALCOHOL. from experience Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . repeated hangovers AVOIDANCE of confronting reality BLOCKAGE due to failure to learn recurring DREAMS does not learn from EXPERIENCE/mistakes lack of OBSERVATION RELAPSE into old unproductive habits needs to be REMINDED repeatedly REPEATS same mistakes SLOW in learning/correcting past mistakes STAGNATION due to inability to learn from experience VULNERABILITY lacks WISDOM helps learn WITHDRAWAL from drugs/alcohol/tobacco etc.

" ".. In daily life. a tendency toward inflicting emotional tyranny and terror on others. excessive mothering and coddling) Selflessness "Those who are very mindful of the needs of others they tend to be overfull of care for children. (B) Futility / Hope Edward Bach (GB) Rage / Tolerance EFT points: right eyebrow (B) and side of (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration. without any demands.. always finding something L that should be put right. and self-pity..I resolve to give my love freely. TW).I choose to love and nurture myself. excessive greed. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to an unusually strong need for love or self-pity. (HT) Anger / Forgiveness (TW) Fight. They desire that those for whom they care should be near them" . SI). readiness to take offense. They are continually correcting what they consider wrong. flight or freeze / Safety ''Chicory is used as a basic treatment (SI) Sorrow. selfish jealousy. TW. Blome Affirmations: ". worry / Decisiveness for conditional love and attention. used to treat excessive (insincere) caring for others. mothering." – G. in-spirited) (LI) Controlling (holding on) / Releasing eye (GB. and exaggerated sympathy and self-pity. selfish self-sacrifice.Over-care for Welfare of Others Cancer 8.. LI. an excessive need for emotional relationships.." Positive qualities    Unconditional love Giving without any thought of return Archetypal motherhood   Protection and security to others Respect for others' freedom .I will respect the freedom and individuality of those I love." ". CHICORY (jealousy. and enjoy doing so. HT. helpless child feelings.. universal love. excessive devotion. friends...Dr. relatives." ". egotism. inside wrist on both hands (PC) Self-absorption / Love (LU. PC.I live in unconditional.

BITTERNESS no sense of BELONGING and feels bitter/pities self. MOODY self-pitying. DOMINATION generally DEMONSTRATIVE DEPENDENT on people to fuss over DIRECTS affairs of others DISAPPROVING . feels unwanted/ostracized BLABBER for attentive company. power/ control and love allows GRIEVANCE to fester inwardly HOUSE-PROUD simulated ILLNESS high opinion of ones' own IMAGE tries to make IMPRESSION for sympathy INSECURITY and clings to others. PETTY. SELF MARTYRDOM TIRESOME due to nagging lack of TOLERANCE saps VITALITY of other Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . intense EYE-CONTACT FABRICATION to get attention FAULT-FINDING with others FRETFUL. selfish NERVY. self pity self ABSORPTION ABUSIVE with selfish possessiveness eager to give ADVICE. to manipulate others KNOWS BEST LECTURES to get own way MISERY with self pity MOAN. POUTING. INQUISITIVE GREEDY for sympathy. SELFINDULGENT. COMPULSIVE talker BLAME others. NOSEY. SELF-PITY. OSTENTATIOUS . CRITICAL of others BLOCKAGE of ability to give love BOISTEROUS as a means of seeking attention/showing off BOSSY. INDIGNANT. PRIDEFUL PROTECTIVE. MOPES. IMPUDENT. DISGRUNTLED EXAGGERATES for sympathy and attention powerful. CHATTER-BOX. hurt if not taken AFFECTIONATE ALIENATION due to suffocating possessiveness dislike of being ALONE malicious/spiteful sense of AMUSEMENT ARGUMENTATIVE. PRETENTIOUS. SELF-INTEREST. others' possessions. PROUD. COVETOUS mental CONGESTION through selfish absorption enjoys and seeks CONSOLATION strong sense of CONVICTION wishes to CORRECT generally CRIES EASILY DEFIANT. BITCHINESS . PLAYACT PRESUMPTUOUS. QUARRELSOME REFUSAL TO BE CONSOLED yet manipulates consolation and sympathy through self-pity SARCASTIC . OBSESSIVE with selfrighteousness takes OFFENSE easily with introspection OPINIONATED. needs to be loved/protected INSENSITIVE INVOKES ILLNESS to obtain sympathy.Chicory Emotional Patterns ABRASIVE and critical with resentment. VAIN SELF-IMPORTANT.

L living more in the future than in the present. deteriorating consciousness. or the wish to die. no great interest in life. Edward Bach EFT points: under right eye (ST. In illness some make little or no effort to get well. or maybe. and a susceptibility to fainting.I recognize the present is my point of power. illusions and fantasies. and in certain cases may even look forward to death. LIV).I will be inspired to manifest my ideals." .. living in hopes of happier times when their ideals may come true.." ". sleepiness." ". not really happy in their present circumstances. drowsy. In daily life.Not Sufficient Interest in Present Circumstances 9. CLEMATIS (unrealistic fantasies) Pisces Grounded "Those who are dreamy." – G. Quiet people. a tendency to fainting or unconsciousness.Dr. daydreaming.. Blome Affirmations: ". under right arm (SP). in the hope of better times. (SP) Anxiety / Clarity (ST) Obsessive worry / Tranquility (LIV) Unhappiness / Happiness "Clematis is used as a basic treatment for a disjointed relationship to reality. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to absentmindedness or unconsciousness.I choose to be Present right now in this Beautiful World. used to treat inattentiveness. not fully awake. Alternate Points: three fingers width above navel and to the right (ST). meeting again some beloved one whom they have lost.." Positive qualities     Grounded in life Sensitive to inspiration Concrete actualization Anchored in the present   Harmony of life in the present Expression of one's perceptions in the material world . uncritical optimism...

DISTANT. generally BORED succumb to/influenced by BRAINWASHING BROODY and DISTRACTED about future CARELESS due to boredom bad MEMORY due to lack of CONCENTRATION avoids CONFRONTATION DAY-DREAMING. DETACHED. ROMANTIC METABOLISM (of mental energy) slow. INQUISITIVE can't wait for things to HAPPEN creative. vivid IMAGINATION IMPULSIVE: acts out imaginary fantasy INDIFFERENCE to life sense of INSANITY INTROVERTED due to dreaminess INVOKES ILLNESS to escape from reality no attachment to KEEPSAKES loss of interest in LIFE. VAGUE. BLASE. futuristic tendencies UNOBSERVANT. looking forward to TOMORROW seeks LONELINESS as an escape as though lost in MAZE MEDITATIVE. jet lag generally APATHETIC avoids ARGUMENTS and confronting reality longing for one's own death BEWILDERED. SPACED-OUT bemused and distracted by AIR TRAVEL. UNPREDICTABLE. VACANT EXPRESSION VITALITY sapped by others ZOMBIE-LIKE as in dream state Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . IMPARTIAL. PACIFISTIC. SCATTER-BRAINED. DROWSY EXAGGERATES due to imagination EXHAUSTION through lack of vitality EYE-CONTACT: stares dreamily/looks through subject FABRICATION due to over-active imagination FLOATING sensation FORGETFUL due to lack of concentration looks forward to FUTURE GULLIBLE. DAZED.Clematis Emotional Patterns creative (positive) ABILITY ABSENT MINDED due to drifting thoughts ABSTRACT ideas and fantasies ACCIDENT PRONE due to lack of concentration ADAPTABLE ADDICTION used as means of escape ADRIFT desire for ADVENTURE AIR-HEAD. dreamy aversion to/peace disturbed by NOISE desires OBLIVION no interest in PAST generally PHILOSOPHICAL by nature no sense of REALITY. ungrounded REFUSAL to conform due to unconventional ides RUNS AWAY from problems SPIRITLESS due to disinterest seeks companionship with SUPERNATURAL UNCONVENTIONAL due to creative.

I cleanse myself of any toxicity or inharmonious energy." .. In both types they are anxious to be free from the one particular thing which is greatest in their minds and which seems so essential to them that it should be cured. Being a cleanser. compulsive obsession with character. (B) Futility / Hope "Crab Apple is used for the basic treatment of compulsive cleanliness. impurity.I release myself to accept my imperfections. external or internal toxic damage.I accept the reality of an imperfect world.Dr.For Despondency or Despair Libra 10... morality." – G. infections. Often it is something of R apparently little importance: in others there may be more serious disease which is almost disregarded compared to the one thing on which they concentrate. Edward Bach EFT points: left eyebrow (B). skin conditions. " Positive qualities     Purification Order Self acceptance Acceptance of the imperfect   Inner cleanliness The cleansing remedy for body and mind . and chronic illness. or poisoning. Blome Affirmations: ". For those who feel as if they have something not quite clean about themselves. CRAB APPLE (obsessive. nausea. In daily life. used to treat pettiness in matters of cleanliness.. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to a pathological need for cleanliness or order.." ". compulsive cleanliness) Perspective "This is the remedy of cleansing. and skin conditions. this remedy purifies wounds if the patient has reason to believe that some poison has entered which must be drawn out.." ". They become despondent if treatment fails.

looks PREOCCUPATION with self. trivialities and cleanliness self-righteous fear of GOD obsessive HAND-WASHING due to sense of uncleanliness HOUSE-PROUD HYPOCHONDRIA feels unclean during ILLNESS INDULGENCE in food. cleanliness and detail/trivialities self condemnation/disgust as a result of REBIRTHING RECLUSIVE by preference due to fear of contamination from outside SECRETIVE due to shame generally SICKLY STRUGGLES to please self obsessed with details of SYMPTOMS fear and disgust of VOMIT Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . with cleanliness FUSSINESS about detail. BLEMISH ABSORPTION with details sense of contamination by ABUSE no ADMIRATION or ADORATION for self dislike of look of self for AGEING AGITATED with detail obsessed with and feels unclean due to AILMENTS sickened by ALCOHOL AWKWARDNESS due to dislike of self no sense of BELONGING. contamination. DISDAINFUL.Crab Apple Emotional Patterns ABHORRENCE. feels unwanted/ostracized BLAMES self poor sense of BODY IMAGE due to selfdislike CLEANSER. disgust ABNORMALITY. LOATHSOME of self repulsed by (sexual) DESIRE no sense of DESIRABILITY due to poor image of self DESPISES oneself DESTRUCTIVE dislike of EATING EMBARRASSMENT EXCESSIVE avoids EYE-CONTACT due to embarrassment FIXATION with self. DISLIKE. with detail. obsessed with personal defect. obsessed with HYGIENE COMPULSIVE habits (eating) CONCERNED about details mental CONGESTION through concern over trivialities CONTAMINATION self-CONTEMPT CRITICAL. then feels disgusted over influenced by/feels controlled by KARMA disgusted by OBESITY PAST regrets PEACE OF MIND disturbed by obsession PETTY PHOBIAS about dirt.

R (ST) Obsessive worry / Tranquility (SP) Anxiety / Clarity (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration." – G.." ". Blome Affirmations: ".. ELM (sudden feeling of stress and overwork) Self-assurance "Those who are doing good work. In daily life." ". and acute illnesses. inappropriate behavior due to stress. uncontrollable ambition. SP).I will have faith in my abilities. At times there may be periods of depression when they feel that the task they have undertaken is too difficult. sudden feelings of stress and overwork.. efficient and intuitive ." Positive qualities     Responsibility Self-confidence Leadership abilities Capacity to handle situations   Faith that help will come at the right moment A sense of being reliable. Edward Bach EFT points: N/A.I choose to welcome the help I need. in-spirited) "Elm is used for the basic treatment of an acute crisis related to achievement and goals.. and this often for the benefit of humanity.." . Used to treat all pathological conditions related to sudden fear of failure or acute feelings of stress and overwork. 4 finger widths above left kneecap (ST. capable.Dr. impending breakdown. and acute illness.I am confident and capable of meeting my responsibilities. used to treat work-related stress. Alternate Points: At shoulder below clavicle on both sides (LU)..For Despondency or Despair External Influence 11. and not within the power of a human being. full sequence with affirmation. are following the calling of their life and who hope to do something of importance.

due to pressure/responsibility ABSENTEEISM to avoid responsibilities mental BREAKDOWN due to overwork/burn-out BURDENED with responsibility.Elm Emotional Patterns ABILITY. through over-work DISCOURAGEMENT temporary feeling of FAILURE lacks FAITH in oneself desires FREEDOM from responsibility sense of being HARASSED due to responsibility OVERWHELMED by responsibility/pressure OVERWROUGHT with anxiety about how to cope RESPONSIBILITY: feels overwhelmed by. momentarily. lack of confidence. with mental pressure CAPABLE but doubtful when under pressure INADEQUACY through lack of CONFIDENCE COPES well until under pressure feels a failure if has to DELEGATE DESPONDENCY through feeling of inadequacy. despondency due to and loss of confidence due to RUNS AWAY FROM responsibility lack of SELF-ESTEEM SHATTERED by stress SUICIDE considered due to being overburdened by responsibility or pressure Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen .

Used to treat all pathological conditions related to a weak will or a tendency to be easily discouraged." ". Alternate Points: Inside fold of both elbows (HT). full sequence with affirmation.." – G. lack of endurance." . depression caused by failure and difficulties.I will persevere in the face of difficulty. but any small delay or hindrance to progress causes doubt and soon disheartens them. and a tendency toward relapse. and relapses in the healing process. insufficient determination. Blome Affirmations: ".I choose to realize that everything has a deeper meaning.Dr. giving up prematurely.. used to treat discouragement.." ". B (HT) Anger / Forgiveness "Gentian is used to treat weak will. reactive depression. pessimism. GENTIAN (weak willed. In daily life.For Those Who Suffer Uncertainty 12..I choose to nurture the faith that lives inside me.I will put profound trust in my potential. easily discouraged) Taurus Perseverance "Those who are easily discouraged.. an inward belief .. Edward Bach EFT points: N/A.." Positive qualities      Perseverance Ability to overcome adversity Trust in life Optimism Confidence     Confidence in one's own actions Dissolution of doubts Not effected by setbacks Faith." ".. illuminating the darkened path before me. They may be progressing well in illness or in the affairs of their daily life.

due to set-back materialistic DESPAIR DISAPPOINTED. DISCOURAGED. DOWNCAST despondent over EXAMINATIONS lost FAITH INFLUENCED by delay and hindrance negative about INTERVIEW LOW in spirits MISERY with pessimism/doubt loses OPPORTUNITY through doubt PESSIMISM set-back during RECOVERY depressed by RELAPSE/REGRESSION REMINDERS which cause set-back RETICENCE due to doubt despondency due to RIDICULE needs SOLACE after disappointment STAGNATION due to despondency lack of STAMINA pessimistic about SUCCESS UNCERTAINTY through lack of faith sense of USELESSNESS WANDER AIMLESSLY in life due to disappointing set-backs/hopelessness lack of ZEST through depression Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . DISHEARTENED.Gentian Emotional Patterns depressed by ADVERSITY delayed/disappointed about AMBITION due to set-back ANTI-CLIMAX APPREHENSIVE and doubtful/despondent BROODY about future CAUTIOUS due to DOUBT DEPRESSION for known reason.

at the same time assuring those around that there is so little hope of relief. willing to take on the struggles of life..For Those Who Suffer Uncertainty 13." "." Positive qualities     Hope and faith Renewed sense of possibility Rekindled desire to wrestle with life Balanced soul within the polarities of life     Restored life purpose Refusal to give up Perseverance through hardship Shielded from influence of opinions of others . (SI) Sorrow.I choose to be born anew.I choose to have faith in life...I will recognize that every new day is a new opportunity. "Gorse is used as the basic treatment for a pessimistic attitude. In daily life. they have given up belief that more can be done for them.. and serious illnesses with negative prognosis. Under persuasion or to please others they may try different treatments." – G. GORSE (hopelessness) External Influence Optimism "Very great hopelessness. loss of hope. full sequence with affirmation..Dr. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to hopelessness. worry / Decisiveness Alternate Points: Left hand." "." ".. Blome Affirmations: ".I free Hope and joy to flow into me." .. used to treat pessimism.. Edward Bach R EFT points: N/A. little finger half way between wrist and first knuckle (SI): side of left neck between ear and shoulder (SI).

GLOOM lost FAITH disbelief in GOD pessimistic HOPELESSNESS lacks sense of HUMOR lacks IMAGINATION INFLUENCED by decision of others lack of INTEREST due to desperation LASSITUDE due to depression loss of interest in LIFE. MOPES OBESITY as crutch PESSIMISTIC. RESIGNATION.Gorse Emotional Patterns depressed by ADVERSITY lack of AMBITION no sense of AMUSEMENT APATHY due to depression no sense of BELONGING. DESPAIR DISINCLINATION due to depression lacks emotional EXCITEMENT glum EXPRESSION. RETROSPECTION depressed RECOVERY. seems a drudgery MISERY with pessimism/doubt MOANS. feels unwanted/ostracized BLOCKAGE of progression in life due to frustrated ambition CAPITULATION COMPLAINS when ill lack of CURIOSITY pessimistic. MONOTONE. weepy during (if due to poor prognosis) sense of being in RUT SCEPTICAL prefers SCRUFFINESS lack of SELF-CONFIDENCE through feeling of hopelessness gives in to SET-BACKS SHRUGS with despondency finds it hard to SMILE (depressed) SPIRITLESS due to depression STAGNATION due to disinterest lack of STAMINA pessimistic about SUCCESS SULLEN miserable THOUGHTS UNCERTAINTY through lack of hope WANDER AIMLESSLY in life due to disappointing set-backs/hopelessness WITHDRAWN having lost all hope lack of ZEST through depression ZOMBIE-LIKE through depression Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . hopeless DEPRESSION.

vanity. Alternate Points: left forehead between eyebrow and hairline (GB). Blome Affirmations: ".Dr.Loneliness 14. no matter who it may be. talkativeness.. used to treat boasting. full sequence with affirmation. or an abnormal need to be in the company of others.I free myself to listen to the voice of my inner self." ". In daily life. HEATHER (showing off. and fear of being alone. an inferiority complex.I will identify with others and learn how to listen." . fear of not being acknowledged.. Edward Bach EFT points: N/A." Positive qualities     Participation Identification with others Willing to listen and help others Tolerance    Less talkative w/ability to listen to others Empathy Ability to listen to the inner self . talkativeness. need for attention. need for recognition) Capricorn Empathy "Those who are always seeking the companionship of anyone who may be available." – G. R (GB) Rage / Tolerance (K) Indecision / Confidence "Heather is used as the basic treatment for egotism. feeling left out.. as they find it necessary to discuss their own affairs with others. They are very unhappy if they have to be alone for any length of time. pathological self-love. brought about by humiliation or rejection.. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to severe egocentrism.. just above right inner ankle (K)..I choose to be secure within myself ". craving for recognition. and loneliness.

EXCITABLE. DOMINATING DEPENDENT on people to talk to EXAGGERATES for sympathy and attention seeks. for attention TALKS QUICKLY THEATRICAL. GREGARIOUS HAUGHTY through vanity/self obsessed HYPOCHONDRIA simulated ILLNESS high opinion of one's own IMAGE INSECURE and clings to others lack of INTEREST due to self-absorption INTERFERENCE by talking of self INTROSPECTION INVOKES ILLNESS to obtain sympathy LUST MARTYR for affection/attention MISBEHAVIOR to gain attention NOSY OSTRASISED due to unrelenting talkativeness OVERANXIOUS for self OVER-INDULGENT generally PONDERS on self POSSESSIVENESS PRE-OCCUPATION with self REJECTION with overconcern/possessiveness REPEAT oneself verbally seeks (emotional) SECURITY SELF-CENTERED. SELF-INDULGENT possesses STAMINA searches out STRANGERS wish for SYMPATHY generally TALKATIVE: about self. SELFIMPORTANT. self-indulgent/attention seeking saps others VITALITY Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . desires.close to face. direct FEAR of losing friends FEAR for oneself if ill FIXATION with self GARRULOUS. anxious for EXCITEMENT EXTROVERT by nature EYE-CONTACT .Heather Emotional Patterns self ABSORPTION self ADORATION self ADULATION desire to reverse AGING AGGRAVATING due to persistence obsessed with and enjoys talking in detail about AILMENTS ALIENATION due to over-talkativeness dislike of being ALONE seeks ATTENTION no sense of BELONGING due to loneliness talkative BORE BUBBLY. CHATTERBOX COMPULSIVE talker COMPULSIVE liar for attention CONCERNED about self mental CONGESTION through selfish absorption enjoys CONVERSATION DEMANDING.

Over-sensitive to Influences and Ideas 15. HOLLY (unfriendliness, aggressiveness)
"For those who are sometimes attacked by thoughts of such kind as jealousy, envy, revenge, suspicion. For the different forms of vexation. Within themselves they may suffer much, often when there is no real cause for their unhappiness." - Dr. Edward Bach EFT points: side of right eye (GB, TW); both wrists (LU, LI, PC, HT, TW, SI) and chin (CV).

Virgo Love


"Holly is used for the basic treatment of aggression, choleric or sanguine temperament, lovelessness, negative or destructive attitude, violence, and lust for revenge. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to irritability or aggression. In daily life, used to treat unfriendliness, rage, irritability, envy, hate, mistrust, and jealousy." – G. Blome

(GB) Rage / Tolerance (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration, in-spirited) (LI) Controlling (holding on) / Releasing (PC) Self-absorption / Love (HT) Anger / Forgiveness (TW) Fight, flight or freeze / Safety (SI) Sorrow, worry / Decisiveness (CV) Confusion / Certainty

Affirmations: "...I will feel united with all life." "...I choose to explore and express all the potential resources of my love." "...I free myself to live in unity with the cosmos, participating freely and radiating joy." Positive qualities

 

Unconditional, disinterested, transpersonal love Feelings of connection Verbal and physical expression of empathy

 

Divine love Comprehension of the world of human feelings A generous mind. Ability to share

Holly Emotional Patterns abrasive, short tempered, angry, hateful, jealous, envious ABSORPTION with vengeance/jealous/hatred ABUSIVE due to vexation ACID-TONGUED due to spitefulness/hatred ADMIRATION with envy/jealousy AGGRESSION spiteful malicious/spiteful sense of AMUSEMENT ARGUMENTATIVE BITCHINESS BLOCKAGE of ability to give love CAUTIOUS due to suspicion COMPLAINS about others suspicious of CONSPIRACY COVETOUS CYNICISM DEFENSIVE generally DEMONSTRATIVE DESPISES others DESTRUCTIVE DEVIOUS lack of DIPLOMACY DISTRUSTFUL generally ENRAGED ENVIOUS malicious FABRICATION FAULT-FINDING with others anger/hatred of GOD INDIFFERENCE toward needs of others IRRITABILITY due to ill temper hateful desire to KILL LONGS FOR release from envy, jealousy lack of LOVE for others LOVE-STRUCK but jealous MALICIOUS tendencies MERCILESS PARANOIA with suspicion of PERSECUTION vengeful RESENTMENT spitefully inflicting RIDICULE SADISTIC SCEPTICAL SECRETIVE out of others' motives lack of SELF-CONTROL SMUG suspicious of STRANGERS TANTRUMS quick, fiery TEMPER THOUGHTS of revenge UNHAPPY due to jealousy VINDICTIVE satisfaction from being/desire to be VIOLENT WICKEDNESS

Twelve Healers

Seven Helpers

Second Nineteen

Not Sufficient Interest in Present Circumstances 16. HONEYSUCKLE (homesickness, grieving)


Letting Go

"Those who live much in the past, perhaps a time of great happiness, or memories of a lost friend, or ambitions which have not come true. They do not expect further happiness such as they have had." - Dr. Edward Bach


EFT points: N/A; full sequence with (ST) Obsessive worry / Tranquility affirmation. Alternate Points: right abdominal zone between ribcage and navel (ST). "Honeysuckle is used for the basic treatment of disruption in the relationship to reality, flight from reality, lack of interest in the present, melancholia, and excessive nostalgia. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to melancholic memories. In daily life, used to treat memories, homesickness, and sadness caused by loss." – G. Blome

Affirmations: "...I let go of the past and embrace the present." "...I move forward in life with joy and ease." "...I will be self-aware in the present, conscious of the flow of time." Positive qualities

The past is an experience that can be laid to rest so that one can progress mentally and spiritually Ability to learn from past mistakes

   

Freedom in life from the bonds of the past Maturity Communion Inner softness Ability to relinquish what has been much beloved

Honeysuckle Emotional Patterns ABSORPTION with memories clings to ACQUISITIONS and (comforted by) KEEPSAKES due to sentimental attachment desire to reverse AGEING AVOIDANCE of confronting reality BEREAVEMENT thoughts filled with past memories DAY-DREAMING, recurring DREAMS EMPTY due to lack of interest mental ESCAPISM GRIEF with longing for the past suffers HAUNTING THOUGHTS HOME-SICKNESS INATTENTIVE lack of INTEREST due to distant thoughts LONGS FOR home and loved ones bad MEMORY due to lack of concentration MOURNING with memories/regrets NOSTALGIC, PINES, PONDERS on past PEACE OF MIND disturbed by grief PREOCCUPIED with past REGRESSION with thoughts of past REGRETS, REMINISCENCE, SENTIMENTAL, WISTFUL REMINDED and saddened by memories REMOTENESS due to absorption with past SLEEPLESSNESS through grief SORROWFUL remembering past/good old days, easily effected by sentiment SPIRITLESS due to disinterest STAGNATION due to disinterest rationally considers SUICIDE to join loved one TALKATIVE about the past TEARFULNESS through sentimentality UNHAPPY due to longing for past YEARNING for past, youthfulness

Twelve Healers

Seven Helpers

Second Nineteen

." ".” morning frustration. In daily life. needs to be strengthened before they can easily fulfill their work. to carry the burden of life placed upon them. a chronic feeling of being overwhelmed. full sequence with affirmation.For Those Who Suffer Uncertainty 17..I will perceive inner strength as an ocean of energy. though they generally succeed in fulfilling their task. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to a constant feeling of overwork or exertion.." Dr. of mind or body.. HORNBEAM (groundless feelings of stress) Leo Vitality "For those who feel that they have not sufficient strength. used to treat “blue Mondays.I have the willpower to initiate projects and bring them to conclusion. (HT) Anger / Forgiveness (PC) Self-absorption / Love "Hornbeam is used as the basic treatment for fear of failure. lack of interest in work.." ". bringing them into my point of power.I reintegrate my skills and abilities. Blome Affirmations: "." – G. mentally or physically. weakness. groundless pessimism. For those who believe that some part. PC). and frustration." Positive qualities       Vitality Strength and energy Inner vivacity Renewal of spiritual qualities Stress reduction Mental clarity     Mental energy Motivation Diminution of procrastination Certainty about own ability and strength to face problems . Edward Bach EFT points: N/A. the affairs of L every day seem too much for them to accomplish.. and flight into illness. Alternate Points: inner right arm below or above elbow (HT.

mental weariness/procrastination INERTIA. doubt of mental strength WEARINESS through listlessness WITHDRAWAL-helps strengthen will to resist lack of ZEST through listlessness Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen .Hornbeam Emotional Patterns ABSENTEEISM due to lack of interest/escapism generally APATHETIC fatigue during CONVALESCENCE DEPLETED of energy lack of DESIRE DESPONDENCY through tiredness DISINCLINATION due to tiredness lack of EFFORT due to exhaustion lack of ENERGY lacks emotional EXCITEMENT EXHAUSTION. generally LETHARGIC lack of INTEREST due to fatigue JADED work seems LABORIOUS lethargic METABOLISM (of mental energy) lack of MOTIVATION through listlessness RELAXATION easy due to apathy/lethargy lack of SATISFACTION with life prefers SCRUFFINESS SEDATE due to listlessness and drowsiness SHRUGS with disinterest unrefreshing SLEEP SLOW to get started lack of STAMINA life/work etc. LAX. seems full of TEDIUM generally TIRED UNCERTAINTY through lack of strength WEAKNESS. LAZY.

itchiness. Edward Bach EFT points: top of head (GV). Blome Affirmations: ".. side of left eye (GB." “.I free myself to accept the flow of life and the pace of others. IMPATIENS (impatience. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to restlessness or nervousness. flight or freeze / Safety (LIV) Unhappiness / Happiness "Impatiens are used for the basic treatment of excessively “driven” behavior... They find it very difficult to be patient with people who are slow as they consider it wrong and a waste of time. used to treat impatience. so that they can do everything at their own speed. sleeplessness. When ill they are anxious for a R hasty recovery." . TW). restlessness.Dr." Positive qualities Patience  Tolerance Considerate and thoughtful of  Recognition of other people's others rhythms Acceptance of what is  Freedom from tension    . and overactive metabolism.. sleep disorders.Loneliness 18. and fidgetiness. restlessness) Aries / Cancer Patience "Those who are quick in thought and action and who wish all things to be done without hesitation or delay. and they will Endeavour to make such people quicker in all ways.. (GV) Shame / Self-empowerment (GB) Rage / Tolerance (TW) Fight. LIV).I choose to be calm and serene within myself." ". Alternate Points: left forehead between eyebrow and hairline (GB. superficiality. restlessness. In daily life. They often prefer to work and think alone. excessive haste." – G.I will allow the process of life to gently unfold.. nervous temperament.

Impatiens Emotional Patterns ABRUPT. feeling of having excess ADRENALINE INDEPENDENCE (emotional) can't wait for things to HAPPEN AGGRAVATING due to impatience HARD TASK-MASTER to others ANGERED. CONTEMPT for NUISANCE others PASSIONATE with enthusiasm finds CONVERSATION difficult. VIVACIOUS ALONE to work at own pace. does job impatience/cannot slow down oneself irritated at being REMINDED of shortgenerally DEMONSTRATIVE comings excessive DESIRE REPEATS oneself repeatedly DESPISES others for slowness over-excited about SEX DETERMINATION. TONGUE-TIED through . quickly EXTROVERT by nature Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . but ABUSIVE due to slowness agitated due to nervous energy ACCIDENT PRONE. CARELESS due to FAULT-FINDING with others impatience/nervous tension FIERY. BUBBLY generally IRRITABLE BOISTEROUS due to excitement JUMPY. because of DISSATISFACTION due to fear/anxiety frustration/restriction irritated by TEDIUM DISTRACTED with flitting thoughts impatient with and over concerned with over-EFFORT. STRANGE SENSATION. as though on a HASTY knifes edge lack of DIPLOMACY TALKS QUICKLY by nature. IMPETUOUS. excessively ACTIVE due to INQUISITIVE impatience/hastiness feels claustrophobic without FREEDOM. EXCESSIVE. IMPATIENT ARGUMENTATIVE. AGGRAVATED by the sense of being or irritated by slowness of others HARASSMENT ALIENATION due to irritation HIGHLY STRUNG . BOSSY. EAGERNESS. high ideals matters demands IMMEDIACY. DISCONTENTMENT. aversion to HYPERACTIVE METABOLISM (of COMPANY mental energy) ANNOYANCE with others over trivial IDEALISTIC. AVOIDANCE of INDIFFERENCE towards needs of others people sense of INSANITY due to frustration nervous BLABBER . EXPECTANT. TACTLESS powerful.trying to talk too EXCITABLE. SKITTISH. REBELLIOUSNESS mundane/trivial chatter RELAXATION difficult due to finds it hard to DELEGATE. intense EYE-CONTACT. LIVELY BOREDOM through impatient expectation irritated by KEEPSAKES mental BREAKDOWN due to mental high degree of MOTIVATION torment/restlessness intolerant of/agitated by NOISE. FLIPPANT. excess of ENERGY TIME EXASPERATION.

flight or freeze / Safety (SI) Sorrow." "." – G. tendency toward unnecessary self-denial. worry / Decisiveness Affirmations: ". TW. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to a lack of self-confidence or feelings of inferiority. In daily life. LARCH (feelings of inferiority) Root Issue Self-confidence "For those who do not consider themselves as good or capable as those around them....Dr. PC. who feel that they will never be a success. who expect failure.. and an inclination to give up hastily. an so do not venture or make a strong enough attempt to succeed.I leave my limitations behind and proceed with certainty. in-spirited) (LI) Controlling (holding on) / Releasing (PC) Self-absorption / Love (HT) Anger / Forgiveness (TW) Fight. Edward Bach EFT points: right wrist (LU.I will accept challenges with boldness and courage. HT. Blome (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration." ... used to treat shyness and timidity.For Despondency or Despair 19." Positive qualities    Confidence in one's own capacities Not fearful of failure or success Conviction in one's own actions     Stimulation of latent expressivity Courage Tenacity Perseverance . gamut point on right hand (TW). L "Larch is used as the basic treatment for lack of self-confidence and problems with self-worth." ". LI. SI).I choose to act with confidence and express myself creatively.

entertaining EMBARRASSMENT avoids EYE-CONTACT due to embarrassment expects/fears FAILURE lacks FAITH in oneself FOLLOWS others due to lack of selfconfidence GIGGLES nervously Twelve Healers doesn't complain about GRIEVANCES HESITANCY through lack of confidence INADEQUACY through lack of confidence generally INSECURE INVOKES ILLNESS due to lack of confidence comforted by KEEPSAKES MEEK. WEAK-WILLED due to lack of confidence UNHAPPY with self VITALITY sapped by others Seven Helpers Second Nineteen .. performing.Larch Emotional Patterns lack of confidence/belief/trust in own ABILITY ABSENTEEISM due to fear ACCOMPLISHMENT: doubt of one's ability doubt of one's ability to ACHIEVE ACQUIESCENCE due to fear ALCOHOL used as a 'crutch'. UNASSUMING takes OFFENSE easily due to uncertainty loses OPPORTUNITY through lack of confidence needs REASSURANCE to encourage REJECTION with no confidence and sense of vulnerability REMOTENESS suffered by sensitive people affected by RIDICULE lack of SELF-ESTEEM STAGE-FRIGHT due to lack of confidence fear of and pessimistic about SUCCESS SUICIDE considered due to being overburdened by responsibility or pressures TENTATIVE. TIMID seeks TRANQUILITY due to fear of others and forced situations UNCERTAINTY.g. attending interviews. to provide courage ANTICIPATION of failure ANTI-SOCIAL due to lack of CONFIDENCE APPREHENSIVE about possible failure AWKWARDNESS due to lack of confidence no sense of BELONGING due to uncertainty BLUSHES EASILY CAPABLE but has no confidence aversion to COMPANY finds CONVERSATION difficult DESPONDENCY through lack of confidence DISDAIN of oneself submits to DOGMA DREAD of known event e. MODEST.

and shyness. used to treat groundless fear. accidents." Positive qualities    Courage Trust Security   Dissolution of anxiety Release from the phantom of fear . of being alone. The fears of everyday life. Alternate Points: front of both shoulders where they meet with the pectoral muscles (LU). Used to treat all pathological conditions related to fears and anxieties. in-spirited) EFT points: N/A.. full sequence with (PC) Self-absorption / Love affirmation..I accept the manifestations of the world and open myself in the certitude of safety. "Mimulus is used as the basic treatment for a tendency to fear excessively and too easily." – G. MIMULUS (excessive timidity or anxiety. on or around inner fold of left elbow (PC)." ". shyness) Courage "Fear of worldly things. pain.." ". of misfortune.. Edward Bach R (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration. poverty. In daily life.For Those Who Have Fear Capricorn 20. they do not freely speak of it to others..I choose to see the universe as a safe place. illness.. These people quietly and secretly bear their dread. Blome Affirmations: ". of dark." . timidity. anxiety.I will recognize each problem as an opportunity for growth. fear.Dr.

PHOBIAS: known causes (illness. entertaining EMBARRASSMENT FEAR. NERVOUS NAUSEOUS with fear OBEDIENT out of fear OVERWHELMED by demands of others afraid of PERSECUTION fear of POLLUTION QUIET and SHY needs REASSURANCE to encourage RECLUSIVE. of darkness. UNASSUMING. to provide courage fear of being ALONE APPREHENSIVE through fear AWKWARDNESS due to shyness no sense of BELONGING due to loneliness. of losing friends. STANDOFFISH RELAXATION difficult due to fear/anxiety generally SCARED SECRETIVE due to fear SELF-CONSCIOUS SPIRITLESS due to fear frightened of STRANGERS SUDDEN confrontation. MODEST. nervous chatter aversion to COMPANY finds CONVERSATION difficult lack of COURAGE due to fear COY. pain etc. UNNERVED enjoys/needs TRANQUILLITY TREMBLES with fear UNEASINESS in company of others UNRELIABLE because easily influenced VITALITY sapped by others Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . TIMID. of God. performing. attending interviews. DEMURE. poverty.g. INTIMIDATED. secret JUMPY. causing fear considers SUICIDE to escape from fear defined fear of SUPERNATURAL generally SUPERSTITIOUS SYMPTOMS: obsessed with consequences of nervously TALKATIVE about fears TALKS QUICKLY because of fear/anxiety TENTATIVE. DOMINATED CRIES EASILY because highly sensitive fear of DEATH avoids DISCUSSION due to shyness DREAD of known event e. SKITTISH. PASSIVE. DIFFIDENT. of death. of future. feeling unwanted/ostracized BLABBER. INTROVERTED INADEQUACY through fear/shyness/timidity INSECURITY through fear INVOKES ILLNESS to escape fear comforted by KEEPSAKES MEEK.).Mimulus Emotional Patterns fear of being ABANDONED ABSENTEEISM due to fear fear of ABUSE ACCIDENT PRONE due to fearful nervousness fear of AGING afraid of AILMENTS fear of AIR TRAVEL ALCOHOL used as a 'crutch'. for oneself when ill/for ones health. SQUEAMISH.

TW..I will shine with the light and strength of the spirit. Under these conditions it is almost impossible to appear happy or cheerful. It may not be possible to give any reason or explanation for such attacks.Not Sufficient Interest in Present Circumstances Cancer / Capricorn 21.. as though a cold dark cloud overshadowed them and hid the light and the joy of L life. PC. bad moods of any kind. (PC) Self-absorption / Love HT. groundless depression." "." "." Positive qualities     Joy and peace Illumination of sadness Inner serenity Emotional stability    Clarity in interior darkness Antidote to misery Gaiety .I choose for my heart to feel light and happy. MUSTARD (depression) Joy "Those who are liable to times of gloom or even despair." – G.." . and periodic worldweariness. Blome Affirmations: ". dejection. (PC) Self-absorption / Love (ST) Obsessive worry / Tranquility "Mustard is used for the basic treatment (SP) Anxiety / Clarity of endogenous depression. SP).. (HT) Anger / Forgiveness Alternate Points: inner fold of either elbow (TW) Fight." ". and sadness. flight or freeze / Safety (PC). lack of joy and humor. in-spirited) (LI) Controlling (holding on) / Releasing EFT points: inside both wrists (LU.. four finger width above left kneecap (SI) Sorrow. Edward Bach (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration. melancholia.I open my heart to divine love.. In daily life.. worry / Decisiveness (ST. SI). used to treat lack of enthusiasm. pessimism. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to sadness or depression. LI..I free myself to be filled with the joy of life.Dr.

DESPONDENCY DISINCLINATION due to depression DOWNCAST. descends suddenly. like dark cloud unknown cause for DESPAIR. MORBID THOUGHTS MOODY (depression comes and goes) depressed/weepy during RECOVERY SADNESS finds it hard to SMILE (depressed) SORROWFUL for no known reason SPIRITLESS due to depression STAGNATION due to disinterest UNHAPPY for no reason VOLATILE lack of ZEST through disinterest ZOMBIE-LIKE through depression Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen .Mustard Emotional Patterns ABSENTEEISM due to lack of interest/escapism no desire for ADVENTURE BABY BLUES for no apparent reason believes one is a BURDEN to others undefined depression during CONVALESCENCE morbid obsession with DEATH unknown cause for DEPRESSION. MOPES. GLOOMY lacks emotional EXCITEMENT lacks sense of HUMOR INDIFFERENCE to life INERTIA through depression lack of INTEREST due to desperation LASSITUDE due to depression no PLEASURE in LIFE LOW in spirits MACABRE thoughts MANIC depression MELANCHOLIA with no known reason slow METABOLISM (of mental energy) through depression MISERY with cloud of depression MONOTONE.

For Despondency or Despair Aries 22. strain.I choose to experience renewed strength and stability. patient and full of common sense Tenacity Reliability Courage in the face of adversity    Reestablishment of equilibrium through rest Playful flexibility in work and commitments Perseverance . SI). excessive ambition) Stability "For those who are struggling and fighting strongly to get well. TW. PC. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to unyieldingness or a compulsion to achieve.. and long-term stress. Blome Affirmations: "." .. uncompromising and unyielding behavior. fighting against great difficulties. LI. excessive responsibility. They will go on trying one R thing after another.. used to treat obstinacy. or in connection with the affairs of their daily life. In daily life. a compulsive sense of obligation. Edward Bach (LIV) Unhappiness / Happiness (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration. a compulsive sense of self-sacrifice. They are brave people.I will persevere with tenacity yet understand the desire for rest.. obsessiveness. and ambition. They will fight on. in-spirited) EFT points: under left eye (ST. though their case may seem hopeless." Positive qualities     Strong. KC point (PC) Self-absorption / Love on left hand (SI). (HT) Anger / Forgiveness (TW) Fight. HT.I accept that energy and strength are my spiritual inheritance. OAK (uncompromising behavior.Dr.. flight or freeze / Safety "Oak is used for the basic treatment of (SI) Sorrow.. both (LI) Controlling (holding on) / Releasing wrists (LU." – G." ". worry / Decisiveness pigheadedness. without loss of hope of (ST) Obsessive worry / Tranquility effort. They are discontented with themselves if illness interferes with their duties or helping others. LIV)." ".

ENDURANCE struggles on in spite of EXHAUSTION FEARLESS FIGHTING SPIRIT. DETERMINED. PERSISTENT PHILOSOPHICAL by nature PLODDERS. DILIGENT DESPONDENCY through limitations of illness or over-work DISCONTENTMENT with self EFFICIENCY.Oak Emotional Patterns struggles on in spite of or unaffected by ADVERSITY ALTRUISTIC ANNOYANCE due to physical restrictions of illness or frustration mental BREAKDOWN due to overwork/burn-out CAPABLE and reliable CAUTIOUS by nature good COMMUNICATOR never COMPLAINS COMPOSURE CONCEALMENT of emotions CONCERNED about others COPES well. FORTITUDE. takes it in stride PROTECTIVE firm sense of REALITY REFUSAL TO BE CONSOLED. WORKAHOLIC by nature PRAGMATIC unaffected by PRESSURE. WISE possesses STAMINA STEADFAST STRENGTH of character STRENGTH in illness/maintains against adversity SURE OF THEMSELVES controlled TEMPER but frustrated annoyance due to restriction or incapacity TOUGH WARY through reasonable caution WILL. SELFSUFFICIENT enjoys giving SERVICE SINCERE. even under pressure COURAGEOUS by nature no desire to DELEGATE DEPENDABLE. strength of character Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . PLACID. TIRELESS calmly HELPFUL without question frustrated by ILLNESS INDEPENDENCE METHODICAL hidden MISERY NERVOUS BREAKDOWN tendency to OVERWORK PACIFIST. RESILIENT copes unflustered with RESPONSIBILITY ROCK-SOLID and dependable possesses SELF-CONTROL by nature SELF-DETERMINATION. has innate courage to face adversity RELENTLESS.

Not Sufficient Interest in Present Circumstances 23. without pleasure. strength and interest Tranquility Balance Effective for convalescence . generally after a great exertion or serious illness.. L (GB) Rage / Tolerance (CV) Confusion / Certainty "Olive is used for the basic treatment of general weakness and impaired ability to perform. OLIVE (general exhaustion) Aries Rejuvenation "Those who have suffered much mentally or physically and are so exhausted and weary that they feel they have no more strength to make any effort. Daily life is hard work for them. In daily life. full sequence with affirmation. Edward Bach EFT points: N/A." – G." "..I free myself to find the strength for self-regeneration within me. Alternate Points: forehead above outer half of right eyebrow (GB). Blome Affirmations: "..." ".. center of sternum (CV).I choose to feel revitalized in mind and body." Positive qualities     Awareness of one's own limits Regeneration from the spiritual source Renewal Inner peace     To restore vitality. anemia and heart insufficiency. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to exhaustion." ..Dr.I will tap into an unlimited energy source within me. used to treat physical and/or spiritual exhaustion.

jet lag APATHY due to lack of energy/exhaustion BURN-OUT CARELESS due to tiredness fatigue during CONVALESCENCE DEPLETED of energy lack of DESIRE DESPONDENCY through tiredness DISINCLINATION due to tiredness DROWSINESS due to exhaustion lack of EFFORT due to exhaustion physical and mental EXHAUSTION lack of INTEREST due to fatigue JADED depletion of energy during RECOVERY easy RELAXATION. exhausted ZOMBIE-LIKE through exhaustion Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . SEDATE due to drowsiness disinterested in SEX SLEEPLESSNESS through over-exhaustion lack of STAMINA TEARFULNESS through utter exhaustion UNHAPPY due to exhaustion drained of VITALITY.Olive Emotional Patterns ABSENT MINDED due to tiredness no desire for ADVENTURE exhausted/drained by AILMENTS exhausted by AIR TRAVEL.

For Despondency or Despair 24.. full sequence with (LI) Controlling (holding on) / Releasing affirmation. and are never satisfied with the decisions they make.. Edward Bach B (CV) Confusion / Certainty EFT points: N/A. Would this remedy help me to stop blaming myself for everything?" ." ". In daily life. (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration. moralistic compulsions and drives..I accept my mistakes as expressions of life on the spiritual path.. front or back. used to treat unwarranted pangs of conscience and finickiness. Blome Affirmations: ". PINE (guilt complex) Virgo Gratitude/Self-acceptance "For those who blame themselves.Dr. lower ridge of the clavicle (LU) on both sides of body. Even when successful they think they could have done better. just below outer." ". self-judgement. midline back of head (GV)." – G. "Pine is used for the basic treatment of guilt feelings. in-spirited) Alternate Points: three inches below (GV) Shame / Self-empowerment bottom of sternum (CV). self-rejection. anywhere on right shoulder (LI)." Positive qualities      Dissolution of guilt Forgiveness Compassion True regret Relinquishment of remorse   Comprehension of error as life's greatest teacher Takes responsibility with fair and balanced attitude .. enslavement to authority.I dissolve my sense of guilt with the light of love.I release my shortcomings to be a part of me. and pathological perfectionism.. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to guilt.

then feels guilty SENTIMENTAL believes one has committed SIN SORRY STRUGGLES to please self rationally considers SUICIDE for self reproach sense of USELESSNESS Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . DISLIKE and DISDAIN for oneself recurring DREAMS avoids EYE-CONTACT due to embarrassment FAILURE to others FAULT-FINDING with self readily FORGIVING of others as blames self fear of GOD due to guilt GUILT dislikes own IMAGE INADEQUACY through guilt INTROSPECTION through guilt over-concerned about accidental KILLING of insects blames self for MISTAKES of others feels under OBLIGATION due to sense of duty PANGS OF GUILT PEACE OF MIND disturbed by guilt REMORSE REPENTING REPRESSED EMOTIONS of guilt inclined to SELF-DENIAL by nature lack of SELF-ESTEEM SELF-INDULGENT.Pine Emotional Patterns ABASHED with guilt or self-reproach no ADMIRATION for self AFFECTIONATE APOLOGETIC BEREAVEMENT with sense of guilt/selfreproach BLUSHES EASILY believes one is a BURDEN to others CONTEMPT for and CRITICAL of self DESPAIR through self-blame/guilt DESPISES oneself DISCONTENTMENT.

in-spirited) affirmation. Blome Affirmations: ".I trust in the unfolding of life." "..I will have a healthy detachment from the problems of others.. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to altruistic concerns.." – G. Edward Bach L EFT points: N/A. "Red Chestnut is used as the treatment for pathological worrying over others and neurotic sympathy." "... RED CHESTNUT (excessive worry and concern) Objectivity* "For those who find it difficult not to be anxious for other people. full sequence with (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration. used to treat oppressive sympathy or pathogenic worry about others and excessive caring for others." Positive qualities       Devotion Service Neighborly help Supportive love Nourishment and support of others Healing through positive thought * ob·jec·tiv·i·ty    Transmission of spiritual aid Profound connection with oneself Ability to care for others with compassion but without anxiety ability to view things objectively: the ability to perceive or describe something without being influenced by personal emotions or prejudices . Often they have ceased to worry about themselves. In daily life. Alternate Points: outer lower edges of collarbone on both sides (LU).Dr.For Those Who Have Fear Scorpio 25.I choose to remain calm despite my concern for others." ..

accidental KILLING of insects LONGS FOR loved ones selflessly anxious MOTHER PEACE OF MIND disturbed by fear for others PITY for others agitated by POLLUTION for fear of harm to others PROTECTIVE RECEPTIVE to other peoples needs RELAXATION difficult due to fear for others SACRIFICE self SCARED for others inclined to SELF-DENIAL by nature SENTIMENTAL enjoys giving SERVICE SORROWFUL :easily affected by sentiment TEARFULNESS due to sensitivity TENSION through concerned fretfulness over others YEARNING for loved ones Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen .Red Chestnut Emotional Patterns AFFECTIONATE AFRAID for welfare of others ALTRUISTIC ANTICIPATION of trouble for others ANXIETY for welfare of others APPREHENSIVE for others BLAMES self mental CONGESTION through anxiousness for others DEMENTED with fear over others DISTRAUGHT with fear over others over concerned with FAMILY absence of FEAR for self FRANTIC with worry/anxiety over others FRETFUL over-concerned about slaughter of animals.

B "Rock Rose is used as the basic treatment for a tendency toward panic." . knowing I am in control. Edward Bach EFT points: inside either wrist (LU. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to psychic shock or panic. and losing one's head. and latent anxiety." ". loss of presence of mind." ".I will be calm and serene in the face of all terror and panic. PC.Dr.. LI. or if the condition is serious enough to cause great fear to those around. HT. or when the patient is very frightened or terrified." – G. in-spirited) (LI) Controlling (holding on) / Releasing (PC) Self-absorption / Love (HT) Anger / Forgiveness (TW) Fight... Blome (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration. In daily life." Positive qualities     Transcendence of one's own small world Great courage Harmony Integration     Connection with the energies of nature Perseverance and bravery Dissolution of the sensations of terror and panic Tranquility and inner peace . TW.. psychic instability.. ROCK ROSE (panic) Scorpio Bravery "The remedy of emergency for cases where there even appears no hope.I acknowledge I am immortal spirit and I am in God’s hands. flight or freeze / Safety (SI) Sorrow. fear “blanking out” during exams. Alternate Points: outer lower edges of collarbone on both sides (LU). SI). In accident serious or sudden illness. used for emergencies shocking experiences.I free myself to open to and accept the courage that lies deep within me. If the patient is not conscious the lips may be moistened with the remedy.. worry / Decisiveness Affirmations: ".For Those Who Have Fear 26.

nightmares FEAR: of death. TERROR known PHOBIAS. UNREST through fear STAGE-FRIGHT due to panic SUDDEN terror/panic considers SUICIDE to escape from fear defined. of fear FRIGHT. generally RECLUSE due to fear RECOIL through fear.Rock Rose Emotional Patterns ABSENTEEISM due to fear fear of ABUSE feeling of having excess ADRENALINE AFRAID desperate/panic stricken fear of AGING fear of AIR TRAVEL APPREHENSIVE through fear finds it hard to be BRAVE through fear lack of COURAGE due to fear fear of DEATH DESPAIR due to terror DITHER due to fear apprehensive/terrifying DREAD DREAMS: night terrors. SPOOKED. uncontrolled fear of SUPERNATURAL generally SUPERSTITIOUS nervously TALKATIVE about fears TENSION through fear TREMBLE with fear Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . HORRIFIED HALLUCINATE overzealous IMAGINATION afraid of JUDGEMENTS afraid of consequences of KARMA MISBEHAVIOR due to fear NAUSEOUS with fear NEUROSIS OBSESSIVE fear generally PANICKY PEACE OF MIND disturbed by fear PETRIFIED. horror RELAXATION difficult due to fear/anxiety REPULSION through horror generally SCARED SECRETIVE due to fear SLEEPLESSNESS.

Dr." ".. they deny themselves many of the joys and pleasures of life because they consider it might L interfere with their work.. Edward Bach EFT points: eyebrow (B) and side of right eye (GB. and fear of emotions. self-abuse with lack of joy. They wish to be well and strong and active.I am safe to be flexible and relaxed..I allow the joy of life to flow freely through me." Positive qualities      Inner freedom Adaptability Dissolution of inner dogmatism Idealism with a flexible mind Flexibility     Moderation of discipline Renewal of playfulness Malleability Complete openness . (B) Futility / Hope (GB) Rage / Tolerance (TW) Fight.." ". They are hard masters to themselves. TW)." ". compulsive fanaticism and dogmatism. used to treat excessive self-discipline. and will do anything which they believe will keep them so. self-torment.." . flight or freeze / Safety "Rock Water is used to treat ascetic.I release my hardness to be transformed into tenderness. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to obsessive/compulsive behavior or self-abuse. excessive need for planning and control. excessive self-discipline and self-control. Blome Affirmations: ". fanatical dieting. ascetic behavior) Libra Flexibility "Those who are very strict in their way of living. martyr like behavior. ROCK WATER (self-abuse. TW): side of left eye (GB.I will dissolve perfectionism through inner elasticity.Over-care for Welfare of Others 27. selfimposed self-denial. and strictness with oneself. They hope to be examples which will appeal to others who may then follow their ideas and be better as a result." – G.... In daily life.

DISAGREEABLE. SMUG. REFORMER. DISAPPROVING. imposing strict regime for living mental BREAKDOWN due to overwork/burnout COMPETITIVE. CRITICAL of self DEFINITE sense of purpose feels it a failure if has to DELEGATE DELUSIONS of grandeur denial/suppression of DESIRE DETERMINED. PRECISE. ADULATION of self desire to reverse AGEING ANGER with self for failure BLUNT. PIOUS. SURE OF THEMSELVES overly concerned with TIME TIRELESS.Rock Water Emotional Patterns ABSTINENCE: self-righteous/extreme self control ACCUSING due to desire for perfection overly ACTIVE as HARD TASKMASTER to self ADORATION. as an example to others mental MASOCHISM MEGALOMANIA. PRIDEFUL. METHODICAL. PURIST tendency to PREACH RECLUSE as mark of self-martyrdom/selfperfectionism RECTITUDE. DEVOUT. DOGMATIC great sense of DUTY ENDURANCE. METICULOUS MORALITY for self perfectionism religiously OBSESSIVE with selfrighteousness PATRONIZING/condescending PERSISTENT. PERFECTIONIST appearance of DISDAIN rigidly follows DOGMA. STARCHY SUPERIORITY COMPLEX. COMPOSURE. EXACTITUDE would like to set EXAMPLE FIXED IDEAS AND OPINIONS FUSSINESS about correctness HIGH STRUNG. SEVERE. UPTIGHT. straightforward excessively high regard for BODY IMAGE. HOUSE-PROUD refrains from INDULGENCE through selfrestraint INTOLERANCE of inaccuracy KNOWS BEST MARTYR to own ideals. VAIN UNHAPPY with self unable to WEEP due to self-denial WORKAHOLIC by nature Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . CONCEIT CONDESCENDING fond of CONVENTIONS (tradition) desire to CONVERT strong sense of CONVICTION DISCONTENT. RENUNCIATION REFUSAL TO BE CONSOLED as shows sign of weakness RELAXATION difficult due to tension SANCTIMONIOUS.

and illness with changeable symptoms. as they are not inclined to discuss it with others. indecisiveness." ". Used to treat all pathological conditions related to indecisiveness or mutability. and bear their difficulty alone. absentmindedness.." – G." ".. full sequence with affirmation.. In daily life... lack of concentration. and lack of concentration. LIV)..I free myself to be decisive in thought and action.. They are usually quiet people.. distracted behavior." ". inconsistency.For Those Who Suffer Uncertainty 28." . SCLERANTHUS (indecisiveness. Edward Bach EFT points: N/A. erratic and unreliable behavior.I release myself to see what I must do with extreme clarity. moodiness. used to treat scatterbrained behavior. instability. inner turmoil.Dr." Positive qualities    Clarity Synthesis between thought and action Takes prompt action    Inner stability Keeps poise and balance on all occasions Concentration .I choose to trust that each decision is a seed for the future.I will feel the inward communion of body and spirit. Alternate Points: left forehead between eyebrow and hairline (GB. Blome Affirmations: ". first one seeming right then the other. R (GB) Rage / Tolerance (LIV) Unhappiness / Happiness "Scleranthus is used as the basic treatment for indecisiveness. flightiness) Libra Resolution "Those who suffer much from being unable to decide between two things.

SKITTISH. VOLATILE NERVOUS BREAKDOWN loses OPPORTUNITY through indecision undecided when faced with OPTIONS doubtful of own mind PEACE OF MIND disturbed by indecision lack of POISE PROCRASTINATION through uncertainty generally QUIET by nature REPRESSED EMOTIONS of indecision RESTLESSNESS through indecision affected by RIDICULE SCATTERBRAINED. INDECISIVE. IMPARTIALITY INADEQUACY through self-distrust distrusts INSTINCTS INTROVERTED through indecision MANIC depressive as though lost in MAZE MOOD swings. DILEMMA lack of CONCENTRATION through indecision lack of CONFIDENCE CRIES EASILY due to mood changes unable to make DECISION DEMENTED with confusion/indecision avoids DISCUSSION due to uncertainty of opinion DISTRACTED by flitting thoughts DITHER due to uncertainty/indecision FICKLE. VAGUE SECRETIVE due to indecision lack of SELF-CONFIDENCE through indecision TRAVEL SICKNESS unstable TEMPER seeks TRANQUILITY due to troubled thoughts UNRELIABLE because of UNCERTAINTY UNHAPPY with self VULNERABILITY Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . CONFUSION. LAX HESITANCY through uncertainty HYPOCRISY.Scleranthus Emotional Patterns ADDLED AGGRAVATING due to indecision AIRSICKNESS AMBIVALENCE ANGER with self for hesitancy/indecision AWKWARDNESS due to hesitancy/indecision no sense of BELONGING due to uncertainty finds it hard to be BRAVE through lack of confidence/uncertainty BROODY about making decisions CHANGEABLE. TENTATIVE.

" ". both wrists (LU.. For those who for a time refuse to be consoled. SI). inability to forget or let go. this remedy brings comfort. seemingly unbearable life situations. Edward Bach EFT points: right eyebrow (B). TW. the loss of someone dear. worry / Decisiveness Affirmations: ". Used to treat all pathological conditions related to injuries or psychic trauma and shock. psychic shock.. used to treat unhappiness." ". and injuries." – G.. and consequences of accidents. R "Star of Bethlehem is used for basic treatment of unprocessed or unresolved psychic or physical trauma. in-spirited) (LI) Controlling (holding on) / Releasing (PC) Self-absorption / Love (HT) Anger / Forgiveness (TW) Fight. The shock of serious news. the fright following an accident." Positive qualities    Release from traumatic influences originating in the past Reorientation after shock Peace and serenity in the midst of chaos    Rebirth Inner healing Dissolution of pain linked to physical and psychic traumas . flight or freeze / Safety (SI) Sorrow. oversensitive) Inner-Healing "For those in great distress under conditions which for a time produce great unhappiness.For Despondency or Despair External Influence 29. HT. excessive need for comfort.in interior peace I reorient myself toward the light. left eyebrow (B). neuroses. In daily life." .. Blome (B) Futility / Hope (GB) Rage / Tolerance (TW) Fight. LI. STAR OF BETHLEHEM (easily insulted. nightmares.. PC. TW)... flight or freeze / Safety (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration." "..I release myself from the trauma of my past.I choose to remember who I am and my purpose in life.Dr. and such like.I release my stagnant energy and allow it to circulate freely. side of eye (GB. grief.

through grief MOURNING in grief PEACE OF MIND disturbed by grief REALIZATION (sudden) shock. SHOCK SHATTERED by news SLEEPLESSNESS through grief SORROWFUL due to grief/loss SPIRITLESS due to deep sadness SPOOKED.Star of Bethlehem Emotional Patterns shock of ABUSE AFTERSHOCK AGONY (emotional) of grief BAD NEWS initial shock/numbness of BEREAVEMENT DAZED. bad news DISTRAUGHT due to shock/bad news DREAMS . mentally stunned. through shock Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . as result of REBIRTHING. heartache longs for HAPPINESS HORRIFIED heartbreaking LONELINESS sense of LOSS e. STUNNED SUDDEN alarm SUPPRESSED EMOTION due to shock TENSION due to shock TRANSFIXED after shock TRAUMA unable to WEEP due to numbness (e. grief/sadness uncovered by RECOIL through shock shock to the system during RECOVERY REFUSAL TO BE CONSOLED after shocking news shocked/saddened by REGRESSION REMINDERS which provoke sadness/grief REMOTENESS due to grief/shock SADNESS.g.g.nightmares FRIGHT sudden GRIEF. following serious news) ZOMBIE-LIKE. DEVASTATED DESPAIR due to shock DESPONDENCY from shock. shock. STARTLED.

" Positive qualities     Full control of emotions Certainty of success in difficult situations Enlivened faith and selfconfidence Liberation      Illumination on the path Emergence from utter despair Renewed joy in living Perception of one's bond with the Divine Inner clarity .. When the mind or body feels as if R it had borne to the uttermost limit of its endurance. When it seems there is nothing but destruction and annihilation left to face. in-spirited) (LI) Controlling (holding on) / Releasing EFT points: left eyebrow (B). Sweet Chestnut is seldom needed—only if we are at the end of our rope and don't know how to proceed. worry / Decisiveness treatment of desperation..I can believe in myself." ". mental anguish. In daily life." ". Edward (B) Futility / Hope Bach (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration." . and mental or physical breakdown.. extreme spiritual suffering. LI.I choose to have faith that I will move through this experience. acute hopelessness.I free myself to follow the light of spirit on my path. flight or freeze / Safety "Sweet Chestnut is used for the basic (SI) Sorrow. PC. and that now it must give way.. SWEET CHESTNUT (desperation) Sagittarius Liberation "For those moments which happen to some people when the anguish is so great as to seem to be unbearable. (HT) Anger / Forgiveness (TW) Fight. in others and in the Divine Principle. HT.. SI).Dr. extreme depression. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to desperation.. TW." – G. Blome Affirmations: ".For Despondency or Despair 30. left wrist (PC) Self-absorption / Love toward forearm (LU.

Sweet Chestnut Emotional Patterns ABANDONED without hope AGONY (emotional) of grief ANGUISH. utter DESPAIR DESPONDENCY. DESTITUTE. ostracized BEREAVEMENT. WEEPINESS with utter despair lack of ZEST through depression Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . emptiness BLOCKAGE of progression in life due to frustrated ambition BROODY about misfortune DEMENTED with despair DEPLETED of energy DEPRESSION. dejection. utterly forlorn/dejected SPIRITLESS due to deep sadness rationally considers SUICIDE to escape deep depression TEARFULNESS through despair TORMENTED by anguish WAIL. DEJECTION no sense of BELONGING due to loneliness. heartbroken. utter dejection helpless. heartache longs for HAPPINESS HELPLESSNESS extreme HOPELESSNESS desire for LIBERATION despaired of LIFE LOW in spirits MELANCHOLIA slow METABOLISM (of mental energy) through depression MISERY with bleak despair MOURNING with bleak despair desires OBLIVION OVERWROUGHT with despair REMOTENESS due to utter dejection/emptiness SADNESS lack of SATISFACTION with life SORROWFUL. complete anguish DESPERATION. DEVASTATED DISINCLINATION due to depression DISTRAUGHT with events of life EMPTY due to utter dejection EXHAUSTION with extreme helplessness/despair lost FAITH yearning desire for FREEDOM (from torment) loss of faith in GOD GRIEF: chronic grieving despair.

They are strong of will and have much courage when they are convinced of those things that they wish to teach. Edward Bach EFT points: N/A. used to treat pushiness. fixed ideas.Dr.I free my mental rigidity to melt in the rhythmic flow of existence.. and which they very rarely change.Over-care for Welfare of Others 31." ". "Vervain is used for the basic treatment of missionary tendencies. full sequence with (ST) Obsessive worry / Tranquility affirmation. preconceptions." . stress. which they are confident are right. and blindly zealous beliefs. one-sidedness." Positive qualities     Ability to listen Flexibility of mind Ability to allow others personal space Capacity to be oneself     Respect for the feelings and opinions of others Dissolution of fanaticism Ability to relax Acceptance of life's rhythms .. a need to improve the world... fanaticism. excessive enthusiasm. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to excessive zeal or missionary tendencies that are pushy or insistent. In illness they struggle on long after many would have given up their duties. inflexible beliefs and convictions..I will practice moderation in thought and action." ". VERVAIN (missionary zeal) Sagittarius Moderation "Those with fixed principles and ideas. In daily life. Blome Affirmations: ".. nervousness." – G. lack of sense of proportion.I realize my ideals become real when others hearts are left free. and tension. intolerant idealism. Alternate Points: right cheek two finger widths below 'under the eye' point (ST). They have a great wish to B convert all around them to their own views of life.


dogmatism.. VINE (closed-mindedness. mental inflexibility. Being so assured. L "Vine is used for the basic treatment of obstinacy... gamut point of both hands (TW).. and the domestic tyrant. intolerance. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to mental inflexibility or intolerant domination and a need to impose one's will.. Alternate Points: KC of right hand (SI). In daily life." Positive qualities    Understanding Service to one's fellow human beings Wisdom in the guidance of others    Gentleness and kindness Natural authority Respect . in-spirited) (LI) Controlling (holding on) / Releasing (PC) Self-absorption / Love (HT) Anger / Forgiveness (TW) Fight. Even in illness they will direct their attendants. certain of their own ability. dogmatism) Gemini Humility "Very Capable people.Over-care for Welfare of Others 32. and fanaticism. PC. inflexible convictions. worry / Decisiveness Affirmations: ". HT.I will respect others and will develop a comprehension of their needs.Dr. confident of success." ". flight or freeze / Safety (SI) Sorrow.I choose to be tolerant and respectful of the individuality of others. TW." "." . dominating behavior. Blome (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration. Edward Bach EFT points: both wrists (LU. They may be of great value in emergency. used to treat pedantry. superiority (the know-it-all). the perpetual teacher.. LI. SI). they think that it would be for the benefit of others if they could be persuaded to do things as they themselves do. or as they are certain is right. a need to dominate." – G. I place myself at the service of others in humility and understanding.

bitingly accusative ACRIMONIOUS. AUTHORITARIAN. DETERMINED generally DEMONSTRATIVE lack of DIPLOMACY DIRECTS affairs of others (illness etc. demanding/dominant strong sense of AMBITION ANALYTICAL ANSWERS BACK in defiance ANTI-SOCIAL due to selfopinionated/pretentiousness ARROGANT. BOSSY AGGRAVATED by the weakness of others AGGRESSIVE. SADISTIC and vindictive. highly MOTIVATED OBSTINATE. CONDESCENDING enjoys CONFRONTATION CONTEMPT for and desire to CONTROL others strong sense of CONVICTION good at making DECISIONS DEMANDING. INTIMIDATING INTERFERES by dominating irritated by KEEPSAKES LEADERSHIP. MERCILESS. DEFIANT BRAVE by nature. SNOBBISH. ADAMANT. THICK SKINNED SUPERIORITY COMPLEX irritated by TEDIUM suffers TENSION by nature VIOLENT to show superiority Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . SELF-RELIANT. AUTOCRATIC BOISTEROUS and disobedient. SELFDETERMINED. BLUNT due to intolerance ABUSIVE due to aggressive dominance ambitious desire to ACHIEVE ACID-TONGUED. INSENSITIVE. SNOOTY STEADFAST. critical.) DISSATISFACTION with others rebels against DOGMA DOGMATIC. DOMINEERING EFFICIENT EGOTISTIC. CONCEITED. BIGHEADED. LECTURES to dominate/control MASTERFUL. REFUSAL to conform due to own strength of character demands RESPECT ROCK-SOLID and convincingly determined mental RIGIDITY RUTHLESS. with desire to control. CAPABLE and reliable COMPETITIVE. SELF-SUFFICIENT. FORCEFUL. HEADSTRONG powerful. OPINIONATED PATRONIZING/condescending firm sense of REALITY REBELLIOUS.Vine Emotional Patterns aggressively certain of one's own ABILITY ABRUPT. SMUG. intense EYE-CONTACT GREEDY for power/control not afraid to voice their GRIEVANCES gives GUIDANCE HARD TASKMASTERS to others INDIFFERENCE towards needs of others INFURIATED. OBSTRUCTIVE.

.I choose to loosen my ties with the past and turn toward the new." . sensitivity to outside influences.I free myself to banish limiting beliefs.." – G." ". personal crisis... used to combat being too easily influenced. Blome Affirmations: ". The remedy gives constancy and protection from outside influences.I open myself to freeing the strength to follow my inner guidance.Over-sensitive to Influences and Ideas External Influence Transitions 33. WALNUT (easily-influenced." ". teething (or losing the first teeth). Edward Bach EFT points: right and left eyebrow (B)." ". a trusting innocence. frailness. changes in life. and birth.Dr. B (B) Futility / Hope "Walnut is used as the treatment for weak personality. In daily life. excessive need to conform.I will listen to the inner voice of renewal.. but on rare occasions are tempted to be led away from their own ideas. dependence.." Positive qualities    Freedom from external influences Shattering of the chains that bind one Ability to adjust during transition stages in life     Change and transformation Fulfillment Willingness to face circumstances Clarity regarding change undertaken . Used to treat all pathological conditions related to physical or motional defenses or a lack of inner stability. lack of self-assertiveness. self-alienation) "For those who have definite ideals and ambitions in life and are fulfilling them. death. and bad habits. aims and work by the enthusiasm convictions or strong opinions of others. lack of self-confidence. menopause. puberty...

g. acting as crutch TO BREAK OLD TIES help in breaking habit of OVERINDULGENCE OVERSENSITIVITY to strong influences to let go of PAST PROTECTION from disturbing outside influences protection from influence of RIDICULE SPIRITLESS due to lost direction to regain sense of SPIRITUALITY help to move on from STAGNATION strong but unwanted influence of SUPERNATURAL influenced by SUPERSTITION frustrated THOUGHTS TRANSITION.Walnut Emotional Patterns adjustment to ABSTINENCE after e. jet lag AIRSICK. alcoholism helps to ADAPT to break habit of ADDICTION influenced by and follows ADVICE withholds ADVICE until requested to give adjustment following AIR TRAVEL. BURNOUT ALIENATION due to influence/persuasive control of others definite AMBITION but sidetracked for protection and adjustment during BEREAVEMENT succumb to/influenced by BRAINWASHING CAPABLE but easily influenced to assist in adjustment of CONVALESCENCE to break old CONVENTIONS CRIES EASILY because highly sensitive DISSATISFACTION due to frustration/restriction protection from HAUNTING THOUGHTS influenced by IMAGINATION becoming a slave to IMPULSES needs protection from INDULGENCE INFLUENCED from path in life INTIMIDATED over influenced by/feels controlled by KARMA helps during METAMORPHOSIS MISBEHAVIOR due to being misled by stronger personality OBESITY due to overindulgence. UNNERVED. UNSETTLED VULNERABILITY Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen .

. worry / Decisiveness (GV) Shame / Self-empowerment (CV) Confusion / Certainty Affirmations: ". and being a loner. LI. being a “loner.. Their peace and calmness is a blessing to those around them. between bottom of sternum and navel (CV). and pride." ". Used to treat all pathological conditions related to human contact problems. Alternate Points: midline from nose just below hairline on forehead (GV). SI). contempt. In daily life.. TW. being unapproachable.I open myself to love and to giving love to others. R "Water Violet is used for the treatment of problems with human contact. who move about without noise.” arrogance. PC.Loneliness 34.. Blome (B) Futility / Hope (K) Indecision / Confidence (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration.." ." Positive qualities       Communication Humility Integration with others Sympathy Serenity Service      Amiability Dissolution of superiority complex Inner balance Openness Capacity to share with joy .. used to treat shyness." – G. reserved behavior. flight or freeze / Safety (SI) Sorrow. they are aloof. HT. both wrists (LU.I will nourish in myself a spirit of communion with the cosmos. Edward Bach EFT points: right eyebrow (B). leave people alone and go their own way. Very quiet people." ". in-spirited) (LI) Controlling (holding on) / Releasing (PC) Self-absorption / Love (HT) Anger / Forgiveness (TW) Fight. coldness of emotions. fear of attachment. Often clever and talented. shyness. reserved behavior.Dr.I will safely share my world with others. both collar bones (K). WATER VIOLET (human contact problems) Aquarius Sharing "For those who in health or illness like to be alone. disapproval of others.

DETACHED CONCEALMENT of emotions finds CONVERSATION difficult with mundane/trivial chatter good at making DECISIONS not inclined to be DEMONSTRATIVE denial/suppression of DESIRE DIGNITY. DEMURE. SNOOTY. PRIDE LEADERSHIP enjoys LONELINESS hidden MISERY aversion to/peace disturbed by NOISE enjoys/needs PRIVACY PHILOSOPHICAL by nature REFUSAL TO BE CONSOLED. cries alone enjoys/needs TRANQUILITY WISE Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen .Water Violet Emotional Patterns ALIENATION due to aloof distancing preference for being ALONE ALOOFNESS appears to be ANTISOCIAL avoids ARGUMENTS dislikes ATTENTION AVOIDANCE of arguments. wishes to be left alone to grieve/reflect in peace and silence REPRESSED EMOTIONS carries RESPONSIBILITY with quiet dignified pride SECRETIVE due to desire for privacy SELF-SUFFICIENT. EFFICIENCY may appear DISDAINFUL hides EMOTION avoids EXPRESSION feels claustrophobic without FREEDOM HELPFUL but maintains discreet distance INDEPENDENCE refrains from INDULGENCE through politeness appears to be INTROVERTED due to dignified aloofness enjoys ISOLATION KNOWS BEST. STEADFAST enjoys SILENCE self-disciplined STRENGTH of character SUPERIORITY COMPLEX hidden TEARFULNESS. straightforward CAPABLE and reliable CAUTIOUS by nature good COMMUNICATOR aversion to COMPANY COMPOSED. of people BLUNT.

" ".Dr.I will become quiet within and allow the clarity I seek to emerge. I choose to calm the storm of my thoughts. arguments which they do not desire from entering their minds. jumbled thoughts. Usually at such times when L the interest of the moment is not strong enough to keep the mind full.. Edward Bach EFT points: right underarm (SP). (SP) Anxiety / Clarity "White Chestnut is used for the basic treatment of compulsive thoughts. ideas. The presence of such unpleasant thoughts drives out peace and interferes with being able to think only of the work or pleasure of the day." Positive qualities      Peace and inner tranquility Mental freedom Diminution of obsessive thinking Dissolution of redundancy Interest in the present situation     Appropriate focus on thinking Capacity to direct thought Mental clarity A calm mind. difficulties with concentration. Thoughts which worry and still remain. WHITE CHESTNUT (tyrannized by mental arguments) Tranquility "For those who cannot prevent thoughts..Not Sufficient Interest in Present Circumstances External Influence 35." . “wired” behavior.. Blome Affirmations: "." ". or if for a time thrown out.. used to treat sleep disorders.. and headaches due to excessive mental and emotional stress." – G. Quiet mental balance .I free my mind to grow calm and peaceful. In daily life. will return. fixations and mental and emotional overstimulation. They seem to circle round and round and cause mental torture.. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to compulsive thoughts or fixations.

mental arguments MANIC thoughts mental MASOCHISM bad MEMORY due to mind full of other things NERVOUS BREAKDOWN lack of OBSERVATION OVERWROUGHT with worry PEACE OF MIND disturbed by thoughts/worry/mental arguments PHOBIAS known. generally PONDER on worries/mental arguments thoughts tend to RACE AHEAD needs to be REMINDED due to full mind obsessed with details and consequences of SYMPTOMS worried about TOMORROW unspoken fear of SYMPTOMS TORMENTED by persistent thoughts TURBULENT THOUGHTS UNREST due to mental arguments/worry lack of ZEST through worry Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen .White Chestnut Emotional Patterns ABSORPTION with worries AGITATED AGONY of mental arguments worried about AIR TRAVEL ANXIETY with worrying thoughts mental ARGUMENTS BROODY about misfortune BURDENED with mental torment and mental pressure lack of CONCENTRATION mental CONGESTION through worry DISTRACTED with worries FORGETFUL due to mental turmoil FRANTIC with worry FRETFUL worries about FUTURE allows GRIEVANCE to fester sense of being HARASSED due to responsibility suffers HAUNTING THOUGHTS INATTENTIVE INTROVERTED through worry MACABRE thoughts MALICIOUS thoughts.

indecisiveness. Their difficulty is to determine what occupation to follow. This may cause delay and dissatisfaction." . and depression caused by lack of purpose in life. SP).I will express my soul’s purpose in my life’s activities. Blome Affirmations: ".. who wish to have much experience.." ". to take life to the full.. Alternate Points: right side 'sore spot' (ST)." Positive qualities     Clarity of decision Determination Clear goals. talents and ambitions Perseverance     Lives a life filled with usefulness and happiness Lucidity Self-confidence Rootedness .Dr. self-alienation. lack of goals. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to frustration and a lack of purpose. they have calling which appeals to them above all others. Edward Bach EFT points: right underarm (SP)..For Those Who Suffer Uncertainty 36.. used to treat discontent and frustration with our daily lives. B no (SP) Anxiety / Clarity (ST) Obsessive worry / Tranquility "Wild Oat is used as the basic treatment for a feeling of pointlessness." – G. WILD OAT (restlessness. as although their ambitions are strong. life crises.." ". lack of goals) Gemini Certainty "Those who have ambitions to do something of prominence in life. lack of clarity. and to enjoy all that which is possible for them. and a lack of clarity.I free myself to be clear about my life’s direction. In daily life. left thigh four finger widths above kneecap (ST.I choose mold my purpose in life with determination. crises related to new beginnings.

DILEMMA uncertainty at CROSSROADS of life unable to make DECISION DRIFTING in life with dissatisfaction due to lack of direction IDEALISTIC. unable to realize ambitions INDECISION about life's direction INFLUENCED from path in life as though lost in MAZE loses OPPORTUNITY through uncertainty of vocational path RETIREMENT causing uncertainty about future/feels lost lack of SATISFACTION with ambitions SPIRITLESS due to lost direction TRUTH seeking UNCERTAINTY of ambitions UNCONVENTIONAL due to creative.Wild Oat Emotional Patterns AIMLESS ill-defined AMBITION BLOCKAGE of progression in life due to frustrated ambition BOREDOM. CONFUSION. futuristic tendencies WANDER AIMLESSLY in life due to unfulfilled ambitions Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen .

I choose to acknowledge innumerable reasons for living in harmony with the cosmos.. for humanity and life.. HT. pathological resignations. without any effort to improve things and find some joy. worry / Decisiveness Affirmations: ". Used to treat all pathological conditions related to a lack of drive. resignation. convalescence. or illnesses that sap the energy. WILD ROSE (resignation. used to treat lack of interest and enthusiasm.Dr. Edward Bach EFT points: left and right eyebrows (B). In daily life. resignation. and just glide through life. TW. Blome (B) Futility / Hope (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration. in-spirited) (LI) Controlling (holding on) / Releasing (PC) Self-absorption / Love (HT) Anger / Forgiveness (TW) Fight.I give myself freedom to feel enthusiasm for the beauty of the earth. or a lack of willpower. Taurus Zest B ''Wild Rose is used as the basic treatment for apathy. They have surrendered to the struggle of life without complaint.. lack of enthusiasm) "Those who without apparently sufficient reason become resigned to all that happens.. SI). PC.." ".. LI. both wrists (LU." ".Not Sufficient Interest in Present Circumstances 37. flight or freeze / Safety (SI) Sorrow." Positive qualities      Renewed interest in life Motivation Ambition Lively curiosity Vitality     Ability to solve problems Strength to begin living again Dissolution of apathy and indifference Creativity . take it as it is." . lack of drive.I give myself permission to develop new and positive life goals." – G.

seems full of TEDIUM careless with/no sense of TIME TIRESOME due to apathetic lack of interest enjoys/needs TRANQUILITY by nature UNAWARE. COMPLACENCY. LAZY. VAGUE VACANT EXPRESSION Twelve Healers Seven Helpers Second Nineteen . LETHARGIC (generally) MALINGERS due to laziness METHODICAL lack of MOTIVATION through listlessness OBESITY due to over indulgence. acting as a crutch lack of OBSERVATION PASSIVE. lack of ENERGY lack of EFFORT or INTEREST due to apathetic resignation flat/apparent absence of EMOTION lacks emotional EXCITEMENT EXHAUSTION through lack of vitality lacks EXPRESSION FORGETFUL due to apathy lacks IMAGINATION INDIFFERENCE to life. UNCOMPLAINING through resignation avoids QUARRELS sense of being in a RUT lack of SATISFACTION with life prefers SCRUFFINESS SEDATE due to listlessness disinterested in SEX unrefreshed SLEEP SPIRITLESS due to apathy STAGNATION due to listlessness lack of STAMINA life. work etc. lacking in ambition ACCEPTANCE. WANDERS AIMLESSLY by nature due to apathy unquestioned acceptance of KARMA work seems LABORIOUS LASSITUDE (generally). LAX. IMPARTIALITY submits to DOGMA DRIFTING IN LIFE due to lack of ambition DROWSINESS due to apathy.Wild Rose Emotional Patterns ABSENTEEISM due to lack of interest/escapism ABSTRACT. INERTIA fond of CONVENTIONS (of thought) lack of CURIOSITY and DESIRE happy to be relieved of DELEGATED duty DISPASSIONATE. resigned to the inevitable generally ACQUIESCENT ADAPTABLE. AIMLESS no desire for ADVENTURE unaffected by ADVERSITY AGREES to keep peace lack of AMBITION avoids ARGUMENTS succumbs to/influenced by BRAINWASHING CAPITULATION.

worry / Decisiveness revenge. Blome Affirmations: ".I choose to guide my life with certainty and firmness." Positive qualities      Relinquishment of rancor Positive view of life.. HT. resentment and envy Mastery of one's own destiny Desire for transformation Relinquishment of the role of victim .For Despondency or Despair 38. flight or freeze / Safety of bitterness. a need for (SI) Sorrow. (LI) Controlling (holding on) / Releasing (PC) Self-absorption / Love (HT) Anger / Forgiveness "Willow is used for the basic treatment (TW) Fight. LIV). as they judge life R much by the success which it brings. In daily life..I release all bitterness and envy I keep stored within me..I will accept responsibility for my life situation. and being at odds with fate. Alternate Points: behind left ear (TW). Optimism and faith Freedom from guilt Self-responsibility Self-respect     Dissolution of bitterness. in-spirited) wrists (LU.. SI). PC. Used to treat all pathological conditions related to disappointment or bitterness. LI. an inability to reconcile. both (LU) Grief / Faith (inspiration. TW. WILLOW (bitter and unforgiving) Taurus Forgiveness "For those who have suffered adversity or misfortune and find these difficult to accept. used to treat disappointment or feeling offended or slighted..Dr." – G. resentment." ". Edward Bach (GV) Shame / Self-empowerment (LIV) Unhappiness / Happiness EFT points: under nose (GV. without complaint or resentment. and they become embittered. They feel that they have not deserved so great a trial that it was unjust.." ". They often take less interest and are less active in those things of life which they had previously enjoyed." .

self-pity ACID-TONGUED and bitter/selfish. mental arguments MARTYR to resentment MISBEHAVIOUR to gain attention general MISERY in outlook. BITTERNESS AGGRIEVED and resentful ANTI-SOCIAL due to sulkiness ARGUMENTATIVE seeks ATTENTION no sense of BELONGING and feels bitter/pities self. due to resentment depressed/weepy during RECOVERY REFUSAL TO BE CONSOLED yet manipulates consolation and sympathy through self-pity REJECTION with resentment/bitterness REPRESSED EMOTIONS of resentment/bitterness RESENTMENT when unappreciated REVOLT at injustice. DEFENSIVE. by preference. for sympathy lack of INTEREST through embitterment INTROVERTED due to sulkiness/self-pity INVOKES ILLNESS through resentment/self-pity IRRITABILITY due to ill temper MALICIOUS thoughts. DESTRUCTIVE introspective DEPRESSION DESPONDENCY due to embitterment DISCONTENTMENT/FAULTFINDING with others DISGRUNTLED. SARCASTIC ACRIMONIOUS. MOPES. unfairness SELF-ABSORBED. self-indulgent/attention seeking TIRESOME due to negative outlook feels USED by others . self-pitying. unwanted/ostracized BEREAVEMENT with resentment/selfpity BLAMES others BROODY about misfortune COMPLAINS about others and when ill enjoys and seeks CONSOLATION CYNICISM. selfish intolerant of/annoyed with NOISE takes OFFENSE easily with introspection OSTRASISED due to angry attitude OVERACTS for sympathy or attention OVER-ANXIOUS for self PEACE OF MIND disturbed by resentment POUTS with resentment and self pity inability to forgive uncovered by REBIRTHING RECLUSE. MOANS. SULKINESS. SELF-CENTERED SENSITIVITY to criticism finds it hard to SMILE (depressed) SOLACE: wants to be left alone to brood SPIRITLESS due to self-pity THEATRICAL. with self pity MOODY. SULLEN bitterness/resentment of GOD GRUDGE bearing GRUMBLES.Willow Emotional Patterns ABRASIVE with resentment. lacks sense of HUMOR tries to make IMPRESSION. DOWNCAST GLOOM.

85 .

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