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Alternative Medication Method (for Breast Cancer Treatment)

Alternative Medication Method (for Breast Cancer Treatment)

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Published by Dzamiri Jahaya
An Insight into Alternative Medication Method (for Breast Cancer Treatment). Afflicted patients are advised to seek professional advice prior to using any recommended cancer treatment.
An Insight into Alternative Medication Method (for Breast Cancer Treatment). Afflicted patients are advised to seek professional advice prior to using any recommended cancer treatment.

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Published by: Dzamiri Jahaya on Apr 24, 2013
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Sabaryah @ Sabariah binti Shafiee UPM Matrix No.




Assalamualaikum and a good day to my friend and everyone of us  Today, I will bring to you a topic about „Alternative Medication‟  This topic will mainly relate to alternative breast cancer treatment  In specific the title I am going to present is “Majority of Malay Breast Cancer Patients used Alternative Medication”



 Until today. chemotherapy. we must seek an alternative or other means to recover beside conventional treatment which is done by surgery. there is no one single cure method to fight cancer  Thus. radiotherapy or hormone therapy 5 .

inside organ and tissues 6 . Mastectomy (full removal) • Removal of breast and under armpit thyroid gland • Putting liquid into patients veins • Attack cancer cells in blood stream Surgery Chemo Therapy Hormone Therapy • Given only after chemo and radiation • To repair damage cells (implantation) Radiation • Also called radio therapy (costly than chemo) • Attack static cancer cells on bones.• Eg.

alternative medication means using diet or supplements and traditional or ancient treatment  For easier understanding. I will be talking about 1.Vitamin C and 4.Traditional Herbs  7 .Multivitamins 2. I have classified this alternative medication treatments into 2 categories: (A) Modern Alternative Medication Method (B) Traditional/Ancient Medication Method  Today.In general terms.Spirulina 3.

Herbs 8 .1. Vitamin C 4. Spirulina Alternative Medication Method (B) Traditional or Ancient Method 3. Multivitamin (A) Modern Alternative Method 2.

(sources inferred from the article)  [slide presentation – to show “Alternative Medication Preferred”]  9 . 2012)  The graph shown here on the white board has been extracted from the data made by the previous PPUKM and HKL team on 116 Malay breast cancer patients.A recent study conducted by PPUKM and HKL unit showed that a majority of Malay breast cancer survivors used alternative medication (Abdul Ghani Nasir.

10 .

powder and liquids  Usually consumed orally  Also taken by injections  Seldom administered rectally (not like drugs)  11 .Modern alternative medicine usually exists in processed form  Examples: tablets. pastilles. capsules.

12 .

D. E. Vitamins .vitamins and dietary minerals Eg. Mineral .calcium is for good for bones (in metastatic bone cancer case)  Nutrition experts advise to take multivitamins in the form of raw. herbs or hormones It is a dietary supplement Combination of more than 3 vitamins Contains micronutrient . 2013) Not drugs. healthy and balance diet (DuPree.Recognized under UN Codex as food (Wikipedia. 2012)  Through correct daily food intake – mostly veges and fruits  However. and Beta Carotena Eg. tablet is recommended for instant effect to those who have very poor nutrients        13 .A.

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            Spirulina grows in alkaline warm water lakes (Veracity.will release free radicals Act as antioxidants – trap free radicals inside blood Spirulina contains vitamins.35) Too much acid is a sign of toxicity . 2005) The reason our body is sick and infected is because we have too much acid inside our body (healthy advice for pH is at 7. minerals and enzymes Promote DNA repair – after Chemotherapy and Radiation Effect It boosts immune system Spirulina stimulates natural killer cells Spirulina has anti cancer and other anti-virals effect Detoxify bloods Maintain energy level by regulating blood sugar levels Others which is equivalent to spirulina is blue green algae and chlorella 17 .

18 .

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21 .

http://www.edu/bacteria/cyanointro.ucmp.html 22 http://chlorella.berkeley.ch/page.joyau-vert.html?language=en&id=10 .

bluebery. all the beries family (Ever. oranges. 2012) Anti oxidants which attract free radicals It can do cleansing for the body system by cleaning blood system (blood detoxification) It clears blockage of blood vessels eg. blood clot. strawbery. this what makes us unhealthy and sick Healthy blood function will increase immune system Act as antibody because it has anti cancer ingredients This is highlighted according to the study (result which is shown by the patients preferences) 23 . cranbery.        Other name is ascorbic acid Vitamin C can be found in many fruits eg. redbery. apple.

24 .

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26 .

apply on skins. and daun duri tujuh were previously used examples by our ancestor to treat cancer  27 .Usually exist in fresh form – like leaves & roots (Traditional Herbs – usually not in process form)  To chew. crush or blend and mix with drink as a healing beverage  It is found that foods and herbs that contain high level of chlorophyll show pharmacological evidence of cancer prevention (Veracity. belalai gajah. 2005)  Rumput jarum emas.

28 .

[Slide on Rumput Emas] + explanation  Scientific name is Striga Asiatica  Exists in 4 colours  yellow. pinkish red. white purple flower and white  Must be boiled first  Used as beverage  29 .

30 .

31 .

       The only herbs compound known that can differentiate good cells and bad cell (cancer cell) Recent studies found that turmeric contains curcumin (Friend2Humanity. 2009) Curcumin is the yellow pigment It attacks only cancer cells and produce cell death to cancer This process is called apoptosis It also promotes health to noncancerous cells It can also do cell transcriptions (turning bad cells into good cells) 32 .

33 .

34 .

[Slide on Belalai Gajah] + explanation  What we have here is the extract (powder form) of Snake Grass (scientific name)  It has been used by many people including celebrity to treat cancer  Fresh leaves can be consumed orally when eating food  The extract is mixed into drink  35 .

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38 .

most ingenious and if not taken care off. 2009) 39 . we must first understand the disease very well. to fight any disease. then it is a little easier for us to battle the disease Cancer is a very chronic. will be a deadly disease Doctors are only trained to treat sick patients and diseases but not trained in dietary nutrition or healthy food intake and how the food can positively or negatively affect our body structure (metabolism effect) Nutrition is the other field of expertise. It is made known as a fact by nutritionist that the fastest and quickest way to affect our biochemistry or body molecular structure is by food intake (Block.    In conclusion. Once we comprehend.

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I have summed up alternative medications to complement the standard medication for breast cancer treatment  The truth is sometimes the cure is just in front of our very own eyes and the real truth is you always have to search for it  42 .Good food intake will bring you well and bad food intake will bring you hell  Good food have 1 thing in common. mostly all of them are naturally alkali  For this reason.

(C)Standard or Conventional Medication Method (A)Modern Alternative Medication Method (B) Traditional or Ancient Alternative Medication Method 43 .

html   44 . Keith I. Extracted on 1st April 2013 from http://www.html  Block. Bantam Books: New York DuPree. Breast Cancer. (2012).com/034663_IV_vitamin_c_cancer_treatment. Beth Baughman. Extracted on 1st April 2013 from http://www.com website: Treat cancer with IV vitamin C Recent clinical success. Ethan (2012).naturalnews. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia: UKM News Portal: Majoriti Pesakit Barah Payudara Melayu yang Terselamat Gunakan Perubatan Alternatif.ukm.Org website: July 2007: Vitamins and Herbal Supplements: Ask-the-Expert Online Conference. (2009). Natural News. Life Over Cancer: The Block Center Program for Integrative Cancer Treatment.php/ms/berita-penyelidikan/1170-majority-ofmalay-breast-cancer-survivors-use-complementary-and-alternative-medicine. Abdul Ghani Nasir (2012).my/news/index. Extracted on 17th March 2013 from http://www.breastcancer.org/tips/nutrition/ask_expert/2007_07 Ever.

Natural News.org/wiki/Multivitamin Friend2Humanity (2009). Veracity.youtube.com website: Spirulina shown to prevent and treat cancers while boosting immune system function. The Free Encyclopedia: Multivitamins.a. Extracted on 1st April 2013 from http://www.w.html  Wikipedia (2013).com/watch?v=GIQ_9lnNlyc Sabda Nabi Muhammad s. Extracted on 8th April 2013 from http://www. Dani (2005).com/008421_spirulina_cancer.naturalnews. yang bermaksud “Berubatlah kamu dengan 2 perkara iaitu: madu dan Al-Quran” Hadis riwayat Ibnu Majah”  45 . Extracted on 8th April 2013 from http://en.wikipedia. YouTube: Cancer Cure: Tumeric.

Tullio Simoncini. Italy” 46 .“Cancer is Fungus: Dr.

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