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Bid Docs Cladding Works

Bid Docs Cladding Works

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Published by: Vholts Villa Vitug on Apr 24, 2013
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26 Apfl2012


You are hereby invited to submit a sealed bid for the execution of the project as described below:

Project Owner

: :

Asian CP Hangar Project- Supplemental Cladding Works On Building Facade
Asian CP Hangar Corporation

Location :

DMIA, Clark, Pampanga

Plans, outline specifications, and other related documents are attached for reference.

The sealed proposals shall be submitted in three (3) sets hard copy or emailed to

Address : '

SYDNEY S. LACONICO TCGI f,ngineers 9th Floor, FelizaBuilding, 108 V.A. Rufino St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
E-mail Address: sslaconico@tcgiengineers.com

not later than April 28,2012. Should a bidder find discrepancies or omissions in the drawings, outline specifications, or other tender documents or should he be in doubt as to their meanings, he should promptly notifu TCGI Engineers on or before the scheduled proposal submittal so that necessary clarifying information could be issued. Questions and clarifications will be entertained until 1700 hrs., Apnl27,20l2 only. No oral interpretation shall be made by any bidder as to the meaning of any of the drawings or the contract documents, or modifies the provisions of the Tender Documents. Any and all Bid Bulletins issued before bid submittal should be covered in the proposal and in closing shall be part of the Contract. The Owner or its authorized Representatives reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive any informality or inegularities herein, or to accept such proposal as may be considered most advantageous to the Owner. The Owner's decision is final and shall not be questioned by
any ofthe bidder.

I FI I ., "'".iril

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Jlr,ilr, Pwu,


Kindly signifu your intention to bid by signing on the space provided and send this back to us thru fax not later than 1700 hours of April 26.2012. LACONICO iect Director INVITATION TO BID RECEIYED AND ACCEPTED BY: (Name of Person) (Position) . Very truly yours.

34 including comumables/accessories. as required. Supply and installation of cladding for canopy as shown in Section lD Drawing sheet No. Prefened treatment is aluminum cladding. Provide/maintain safety and related requirements during the entire course cons&rctisn in ttte project alea. Supply and application of paint finish to installed metal treatments (prepainted finish is preferred) as per color schedule or as approve* Uy the OwnerlDesigner Restoration of displaced edge flashing of exising building resulting from the installation of new wall panels at building faqade. Scope shall include supply and installation of consumables and falseworks. Notes: l) Contractor shall provide the necessary slope on top guide rail cover (preferably towards the canspy) to prevent water logging in the area.A. maybe necessaty. 24 comrgated galvanized iron (GI) wall panel for the building faqade as shown in Section 18 Elevation at Grid Line 1. This shall include consumables and falseworks necessary to complete the work. This shall include scaffolding works.2012. . Conductquality tests. Conduct proper housekeeping during project execution including stockpile and disposal of construction debris associated with the work. Note: Strpply and installation of maincnopystructural frarnirg is by others. Provide its power supply system for usage in-excess of 100 arnperes. to complete the project. (Note: Supply and installation of structural fiaming is by others). Supply and installation of metal cladding/covering for the top rail guide of the sliding door (W : 1. if rcquired. Scope shall include seconday support system. but Bidder may propose altemative cladding system which will best satisfy the completion time line of May 49.1 General Requirement a) b) Secure all necessary permits as required by authorities including access pass to project site. of c) d) e) 0 a) elevated working platforms and PPE's. Supply and installation edge flashings for the fagade wall with the top rail guide cover and at the canopy side. specifically on welding works. 1. Bid Scope should include secondary support system for the proposed b) c) d) e) f) g) cladding solution. This shall inehde r+' painting works of newly welded areas. Specified material supplier of GI panel is Puyat Steel.0 The Contractor shall undertake and complete the work based on but not limited to the following Scope of Work: 1. Miscellaneous works.2 MetzlWorks Supply and installation of pre-painted Ga. S4.0 Scope of Work 1.396 m) as shown in Setion lD Drawing sheet No. Prepare working/shop drawings necessary to execute the work "As-built " drawing submittal shall be submitted upon completion/and before acceptange of the work.

Sydney S. Bid must be signed in ink b5' the audrorized representafive of theBidder. Rufino St. Bid Bill of Quantities reflecting the Item of Works. item quantity.0 Conditions of Contract a) TimeforCompletion b) Advance Payment c) Defects Liability Period d) Liquidated Ten(10)CalendarDays Thirty Percent (30yr) of Contract Cost One Damages (l) year from the date of Acceptance By 0wner 0.001 of the Total Confiact Cost per day of Delay. Bidder may modiff/and the bid format to reflect additional wor* items necessary to complete the worli. Please see attached format. l.A. 4. Feliza Building 108 V. co tt' C. If Bidder shall offer a discotint or altemative offer. 2Al2 b: Mr. Bid must be submitted/emailed not later than 1700 hours. Legaspi Village Makati City E-mail Address: sr laco n i coiit' tc si ea s ir t ce rs. April 28. ttre sarne rnust be indicated trnd the total separately signed by its authorized representative. .0 Bid Preparation/ resentation a) The proposal shall cornprise of the following.2) Canopy cladding shall include the underside of the overhang either in the form of ceiling panel or as an integral part of the cladding. 3) Contractor to coordinate utility provision including installation of Metrojet logo- 8. 2. unit cost and cmt. All bids must be VAT Exclusive. Laconico TCGI Engineers 9e Floor. Maximum amount of liquidared damage is 10% sf total contract price. 3.

.SE *1....*_i 'igl ''-e tt '---Sl keE !-- -. P :to !if:9 .t .. ... 5-9 t.3 :5q FE i! t .. rf.e-TJl-_ -.-'- f Y i(a Flp "lB ! li l+t I _.i.6 . r ' E. ii.. iE: li 9i E u g: i -Sa t.$i: $g:. !i E .. * i=reX ei.M :I4 iid irE.ie i. Fgi --q .\? sE :6 IT\ Ht= t IC' {3i _"lC d:E:: .-i 6< 3 t I 'E: retE F. lEl t=l icr le 8i(J .?-r _!0-.r I .I ei --1!o-. F.J --. E .! lE inl t=) lc lcl tu x: te s J. Eil H 'i F x.--. eE t= :iFi si =t .i9 E€ :9i ' _ l= g= :i P- ad i f \-ilo' r:y Elr : l-\ ! .E EEe au €E 3Es d g qg sq :€: . ts l.EU 4rE . ! E iel . *i" i f+o gE..F T i pi 9 fn HgF p€ 5Y.i li .F E g : T' g5+* fi s E - -r g= c :tEe EIE.! : a isl tu.: zTlr ..i\ -i! tTi-l \l_z/ *1.r'o :.t 5Et f-r]ei tE '.rar li !9 l.152r6 5116 3S@s6 s /a-.-. r'r i: 'rF : ..ltir i*{.-l :@ EF6 E6 s -. cE: E I : 'iE tg to l= lr | .i: i---i - .:.-:.l! lp5: :gv:rr!= EB gH E! E E*. ri . xc -?!c-:g_ :.: : .. .'{i r -: 3: 3: : rr gBi '---:r 'ii ' :5 n: _ =::' qB t l::ffi t ! ip rl E ul 'E -l a: i9i iie g:' 5 .! I B FI ! a l'€) .tc E rl E.. i.6gd iH C' is C =) . -Xf. .H* :o= t88 iiE 8€e < .-- -. :'I * : itm :r@ .Y-/ eE i6 eie Ea . gi:rt g. E !c -4 t' F. g*l sa eT = tE. l€) i {r|} i' itr to l= iE /6T\ _-l : lc iE l le rfl@l *r 'I t '-.F E' ! -l I I lGl I i$l lHl E€ ZE I 6 a -.

.1 t Y bs E =a &9 =e i Ht3! C: e': t: G t F.c E s:if! .!lir cEgE!! ' =.ii EEgI g€g g !E r e eg: !es i- ::q:E q ssi EEI 4 iEeYe r. fE a7 =l ill:ril -.SE5 F !3..i.Ei": "!eE =i -:B E+d pli un ts ruu !:13.5?i rEs53 i P" .i e E o E I .i Yrt ffi. cF 3 i: Eg.i.i s: FE Isg n It c EE "-a E3 it le .i e-.:E:6: r r Ft 59 E: lEiiii r. g EI Hi di lq -l =i -l !21 iEl' tnr . E.* " rE: 5-' trri ('|: gii H.lnl-l i-t c: al€l rl =t H t-iE Fl= I ai -ri al EI 3l =t 0l -l bl NI ti !tl 5t .l -! =l bl EI fl 6l -l FI Hl' g. al icilEr IlStra Esi . {l 6h \lel @.

Asian CP Hansar Corooration LOCATTON DATE PREPARED: :DMtA.CladcParnwup ESTIMATE SUMMARY SHEET CODE/DTVISION NUMBER t DESCRJPTION TOTALCOST .nes{ri*Wer4er RII|I}En/(]f}NTRA(:T()R NAI\r{E OF REPRESENTATM : DESIGNATION STGNATURE DATE REMARKS: : : .Supplernenal Cladding Works On Building Facade CLIENT CONTRACTOR . 21102 lsue No 2 FORMATA BILL OF QUANTITIES Asian CP Hangar Project .€) TGcr EncfilEERs Std Fom COE-22 Dated: February 2 1.lt {.

3 1. inddry dl lduling allseconfuy suppod lot secondary support system and attadtment accessoies. Shop Drawings. I.0 2.7 1.4 Fidd O. Scffidirys Otrcrs.p 1.1 THERilAL AND TOISTURE PROTECTP}I Prefomed.s. Fees (Pasamd.6 1 ad Testing dMaHials Prcvisim fc Saftfy ad Seotrity Sample Personnd Protec'tiw Equipm€nb and Parafrremalias Staffand Worke/s Drug Test Ls.4 Aluminum Ceiling Claddirg accessorie6 fa he Canopy induding all attadrmant 2.0 GEI{ERAL REQUIREtrENTS i.3 Aluminum Roof Claddirg systern brhe Ganopy ad athdment acoessdies ld lot lot 2. l. deaespecf Sub$bl 1.8 1.s. Cbararc tcn CDC. 2. Ga. l.tlotrilization / Demobilizaltorl .s.2 Mdd Clddrg fote toprail guide dslidrq dmr. AsAuih plans (SQned ild Seled) and Ofiter Project 1.s. -t 1. DMIA ild otrE s 6 rqruircd l.!.9 t. Cla* IndustialAea Cotpoatim Vdrifu and l.6 Resbratkn of exislirp flshings deded &ring in$dlatiln of new mdal sidinos {indude oainfino uorfts) Ohers.2 1. l. DESCRIPTION UNIT QUANTTTY TJNIT COST TOTALCOST 1.s. Prc{ainted lvldal Siding.ED COST TSTIMATT CODE/ITEMNO.FORMATA BILL OF QUANTITIES PROJECT LOCATION DATEPREPARED :AsimC"gmgrProjeci-&mlErmialCladdingWqts0trBuildingF&ad6 :DMIAClaLPampanga C1IENT CONTRACTO :AsimCPHaagrQqp.efiesd Pemib and Lic€nses.0 TOTAL II€TROJET Cladding Bld Sdred U 26 12 / Debils Page 1 of 1 . DETAII. deasespecfi SubtobLl2. 1.s.24 induding flashings and all atladrment acceesodes lot 2.5 1.5 2.1 l.0 2.s.

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