Voice Benchmarking Report
(Nemo driving test analysis – After optimization)

HaiDuong Optimization
April 2011

1. Measurement methodology:
Measurement devices: Nemo5.0 (software and hardware), Laptop, GPS … Measurements are performed in cyclic mode, in which multiple calls are made automatically during entire drive test routes. The calls are defined with auto-sequence: Call duration: 120 seconds Idle time: 10 seconds

Using four test mobiles equipment: MS1 (Call Origination) and MS2 (Call Termination) used for Vinaphone network. MS3 (Call Origination) and MS4 (Call Termination) used for Viettel network.

Mobiles equipment work in Dedicated Mode which are set to be synchronized to make the dial-up at the same time.

2. Quality of service Percentage of frequency band in network .

- Serving Rx Level Sub coverage (RxLevSub): Vinaphone Serving RxLevSub: .

Viettel Serving RxLevSub: .

Vinaphone vs Viettel RxLevSub chart comparison: Vinaphone vs Viettel Serving cell Rx Level Sub chart: .

- Rx Quality Sub coverage (RxQualSub): Vinaphone RxQualSub: .

Viettel RxQualSub: .

Vinaphone vs Viettel RxQualSub: .

- About MOS (Mean Opinion Score) Vinaphone MOS coverage: .

Viettel MOS coverage: .

Vinaphone vs Viettel MOS chart: .


- Traffic channel type (AMR codec):  Vinaphone Network .

 Viettel Network .


- Timing Advance .

- C/I (Carrier per Interference) Channel C/I (dB): .

- Handover statistics .

- Call Statistics .

Voice Call Setup Time: .

Observation : .3.

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