We, the undersigned, object to the current proposal to construct a three-story multi-building apartment complex on Redding Ave

in Tahoe Park for the reasons stated below and then some.  The current building plans as proposed intend to attract 600 residents, specifically students who are currently enrolled at Sacramento State University, but the developer has no intentions of entering into a partnership with the campus officially. Each tenant will only rent their own room, not the entire dwelling. Because of Fair Housing laws, this means that technically anyone could rent a single bed, regards of enrollment status. Parking spillover from apartment visitors means that the surrounding residents will be competing for the same on-street parking spaces, and may require the city to enact a residential parking permit program in the area around Redding Ave. The current design submitted by the developer call for the parking spaces to encircle the perimeter of the property, causing an eyesore for the neighborhood. While the developer claims that most residents will walk or use bicycles to get to campus, the area between the apartment site and Sacramento State currently suffers from massive pedestrian related shortfalls. These shortfalls should be remedied before the apartment building is allowed to be occupied. The sidewalks and pedestrian thoroughfares between the campus and the apartment complex need to be brought to ADA standards before occupancy. The bicycle lanes between the campus and the apartment complex need to be improved to prevent accidents which could result in injury or death. The street lighting between the campus and apartment complex need to be made complete for the safety of the residents. A review study should be conducted to discover if Mae Fong Park will need bathrooms because of the influx of residents. Additional crosswalks on Folsom Blvd are needed to ensure resident safety. The entire scope of the project should be reduced to diminish the impact to the community.

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