Andrew M.

 Cuomo  Governor 

Benjamin M. Lawsky    Superintendent 

T O: H e alth In sur e r s FRO M: B e njamin M . L aw s ky , Sup e rint e nd e nt of F inan c ial Se rvi ces DAT E: A pril 24, 2013 RE: M e ningitis V a cc in e ______________________________________________________________________________ Recent news reports have brought heightened attention to the fact that a new strain of meningitis – one which predominantly affects men who have sex with men – is especially lethal, killing one out every three people who are infected.  Public health officials have grown increasingly concerned that there could be a major outbreak if steps are not taken to control the spread of the disease. Fortunately, standard meningococcal vaccines have proven effective against the strain. And under governing New York law, health insurance plans must cover such immunizations. Nonetheless, too many health providers are unaware that insurance coverage is available for the meningitis vaccine. Accordingly, we strongly advise you to inform health providers and members of the public immediately – via email, newsletters, postings to your company’s website, and other means – that insurance coverage is available for the meningitis vaccine. We very much appreciate your cooperation and responsiveness to this important public health issue.