Product Life Cycle? Product life cycle management (or PLCM) is the succession of strategies used by business management as a product goes through its life.

Questions 1. What is Sting?
Sting is an Energy Drink which is launched by PepsiCo in March, 2010.

2. How Sting get success in market? This is the first Energy drink which is available in glass bottle 240ml is only 20Rs.
3. What flavors Sting is giving to its customers?  Berry Blast  Gold Rush 4. With what slogan Sting enter in market?

“Extremely Ultimate Taste”
5. How Sting is doing advertisement?    

road advertising TV commercials Sting Truck travel Free energy drink to the people on road.

6. How Sting get competitive edge? Because it is highly affordable energy drink in overall market. Also they have very few competitors.

7. How company is making availability of sting?

Wherever the chillers of Pepsi are available in the market sting is also available there, the sting availability in the market is up to 85%.

like Facebook. How product promotion at different places?  Creating awareness about product at university & colleges. 12. 11.20. Where is Sting market? The target customer of sting is students. 10.  With every 2 Sting 1 Aquafina is free of cost.8. Innovative Idea?  Giving shirts to customers to attract their consideration. and sportsman because they should have lot of energy to perform their actions.100.  Campaign on social websites. 9. How Sting attain Competitive advantage on the basis of price? The price of red bull is above the Rs. athletes. singers. How Sting cover every class of customer? By giving low prices it makes reach to every class. . On the other hand the price of sting is only Rs.  Also giving their printed key chains to customers.