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System x3550 M2 Problem Determination and Service Guide

System x3550 M2 Problem Determination and Service Guide

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Published by: Lukas Beeler on Mar 30, 2009
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The light path diagnostics panel is located on the top of the operator information

Note: The system service label on the underside of the cover also provides
information about the location of the light path diagnostics LEDs.

To access the light path diagnostics panel, slide the blue release latch on the
operator panel to the left. Pull forward on the panel until the hinge of the operator
panel is free of the server chassis. Then pull down on the panel, so that you can
view the light path diagnostics panel information.

Note: When you slide the light path diagnostics panel out of the server to check
the LEDs or checkpoint codes, do not run the server continuously with light path
diagnostics panel outside of the server. The panel should only be outside of the
server a short time. The light path diagnostics panel must remain in the server
when the server is running to ensure proper cooling.

The following illustration shows the LEDs and controls on the light path diagnostics

v Remind button: This button places the system-error LED on the front panel into
Remind mode. In Remind mode, the system-error LED flashes every 2 seconds
until the problem is corrected, the system is restarted, or a new problem occurs.

By placing the system-error LED indicator in Remind mode, you acknowledge
that you are aware of the last failure but will not take immediate action to correct
the problem. The remind function is controlled by the IMM.

Chapter 2. Introduction 11

v NMI button: Press this button to force a nonmaskable interrupt to the
microprocessor. It allows you to blue screen the server and take a memory dump
(use this button only when directed by the IBM service support).
v Checkpoint code display: This display provides a checkpoint code that
indicates the point at which the system stopped during the boot block and POST.
A checkpoint code is either a byte or a word value that is produced by UEFI. The
display does not provide error codes or suggest components to be replaced.
Checkpoint codes can be used by IBM service and support for more in-depth
troubleshooting. For more detail information and checkpoint codes, see
“Checkpoint codes (trained service technician only)” on page 38 for more
v Reset button: Press this button to reset the server and run the power-on
self-test (POST). You might have to use a pen or the end of a straightened paper
clip to press the button. The Reset button is in the lower right-hand corner of the
light path diagnostics panel.

For additional information about the light path diagnostics panel LEDs, see “Light
path diagnostics LEDs” on page 58.

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