Jordan Welch

Masanobu Yoshioka, et al. "Using Fractal Music As Sound Therapy In TRT Treatment." Audiology Online (2013): 1. Academic Search Complete. Web. 8 Apr. 2013.

The article that I found does not necessarily relate to a mental illness but a sound illness. It is called tinnitus. It is a high-pitched ringing in the ears that never stops. It doesn’t really affect anything but your hearing so it is not a mental illness but it is created with your mind. In the article people with tinnitus are examined when using regular treatment for tinnitus and treatment involving music. There is not any kind of medicine that can cure tinnitus, so the researchers decided to try musical therapy. For the experiment the participants listened to certain types of music picked by the researchers through a hearing aid device. By the end of the experiments it was about half and half that said it helped versus it didn’t help. The participants not only suffered from tinnitus but from other hearing disorders as stated in the article, “Tinnitus was the primary motivation for seeking treatment, but many of the patients also had sufficient hearing loss to warrant amplification.” The authors are credible because they are all well know Japanese physicians or professors. If they were not credible they would not be in these positions. I enjoyed this article because someone tried something new. They tried to combat a hearing disorder with sound. It sounds dumb but it just may have

Jordan Welch worked. It did work on about half of the patients. Even though it shows the results I am still skeptical to whether or not the people wanted to think it helped so there mind made it seem like it did help.

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