Cathro, Murray, and Adam Devine. "Music Therapy And Social Inclusion." Mental Health Practice 16.1 (2012): 33-36.

Academic Search Complete. Web. 8 Apr. 2013.

The contents of this article were describing Dr. Cathro and Dr. Devine’s attempts at creating a musical therapy class for those people with severe mental illness to not only help them with their illness but to help them socially. They founded the classes on emotion, not actually learning about the music. Those with mental illness suffer from little to no emotions. The researchers hopes were to trigger these emotions with music. Emotions are what make humans human, and you cannot be socially accepted fully by humans unless you are full human. With the mentally ill being able to connect with the new learned emotions they will be seen as more socially acceptable. This is a reliable source simple because I found it in the libraries databases. I think this article will help with my paper because it gives a reason of why to try musical therapy. Not to heal the people with mental illness but to help them or trigger certain functions.

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