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Annotated Bib 4

Annotated Bib 4

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Published by: Jordan Welch on Apr 25, 2013
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KOLMAN, BARRY. "Easing Autism With Music." Education Digest 78.8 (2013): 6668. Academic Search Complete. Web.

8 Apr. 2013.

The article starts by describing a situation of a father daughter clarinet duo and then it drops the bomb…the daughter is autistic. It then states how most people with autism can only play the piano somewhat due to hitting a not and a chord playing. The clarinet has a lot of things going on at once and is extremely difficult for those with autism. The daughter was selected for the band at school and her father, a music teacher at Washington and Lee university, started giving her lessons at home. He tried anew style of teaching with her to see if it would work at to further his own teaching abilities. After she learned her parents noticed she was less emotional and more interactive. She no longer felt alone since she was in a group, the band. This article will definitely help with my thesis since it shown positive results and a new learning for an autistic child through music.

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