Spending a period of Eight weeks with the project “THE MOBILE STORE AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION under THE MOBILE STORE, ATLANTIS MALL, ALLAHABAD was really a very interesting time for me. The way I received the sample of product made me to realize that practical experience is much different from theoretical knowledge. I am saying this because even though I was associated with a brand, sometimes it was difficult to convince the custom The Mobile Store has a quality management system which is demonstrated through its ability to consistently provide product and services that meets customer and applicable regulatory requirements. It aims to enhance customer satisfaction through its effective services. The Mobile Store was born free, a force unleashed into the market with a relentless and unwavering determination to succeed. A spirit charged with energy and creativity and a team driven “to seize the day” with an ambition to become the most globally admired service provider The Mobile Store after just few years, has risen to the pinnacle of achievement.

The businss sector is witnessing a tough competition, with every major players having a range of products. Despite of various difficulties and limitations faced during my summer training project I tried myself to gain as much experience of marketing because Marketing is a very crucial activity in every business organization. Every product and service produced within an industry has to be marketed otherwise it will remain as unsold stock, which will be of no value.


About The Mobile Store:The MobileStore, promoted by the Essar Group, is a one stop mobile solution shop which offers Telecom Products like Mobiles, Mobile Accessories, Mobile Connections & Recharges, Mobile Bill Payments, Value Added Services, Mobile Repairs, Mobile Exchange, Music & Gaming Devices and DTH, all under one roof, in a world class shopping ambience. The Mobile Store, leads as India's first countrywide chain of telecom retail outlets. The format is that of a one stop mobile solution shop that provides complete telecom solutions, offering a wide range of multi brand Mobiles (GSM & CDMA), Mobile Accessories, Connections (Prepaid and

Postpaid), Mobile Repairs, Mobile Exchange, Bill Collections,

Due to the increasing penetration of cell phones. According to Rajiv Agarwal. video. the coming years will witness tremendous growth in mobile commerce. CEO and director of The MobileStore Limited. anywhere. The next generation payment solutions will allow customers to pay for their purchases.” in more than 200 cities.VAS which include downloads of latest ring tones. PayMate's mobile payment platform . The Mobile Store caters to the Indian consumer choice of the widest and most comprehensive range of mobile phones with special offers from all the key brands available across the globe. or “E-POS. Our consumers can avail of After Sales Services not only in the city of purchase but at any of The Mobile Store outlets across the country. The MobileStore has partnered with PayMate to offer comprehensive Point of Sale solutions. wallpapers. The MobileStore is constantly innovating and concentrating efforts to enhance the shopping experience for its customers. This essentially turns the customer’s mobile phone into a secure payment tool to be used anytime. recharge talk-time and even buy or send gift vouchers instantly and securely via the mobile. PayMate’s mobile payment solutions link a customer’s mobile phone to any financial instrument like an existing bank account. etc all under one roof. credit card or a prepaid account.

After this step. This essentially means that PayMate registered users and GiftMate users will be able to top-up their pre-paid mobile anywhere. The MobileStore currently has more than 1050 outlets and the vision is to have a network of 2500 stores by 2010 across 650 cities. Competitive Prices and Handset Repairs. online purchases and utility bill payments at more than 15. anytime over an instant auto-IVR call back.will enable customers shopping at The MobileStore to link their credit card to their mobile phone. The MobileStore will also sell GiftMate vouchers – PayMate's pre-paid mobile voucher – and remote mobile top-up through PayMate's consolidated interface. In addition. The MobileStore caters to the Indian consumer's choice of the widest and most comprehensive range of mobile phones with special offers from all the key brands available across the . Once a customer is registered on PayMate.000 PayMate accredited merchants through the mobile. he or she can do retail shopping. customers will be able to make payments on their mobile over an instant auto-IVR call-back without having to share any further details. thus covering virtually every major town in every state across India. Key thrust areas for the retail format are: Comprehensive Product Range. Knowledgeable Store Staff & Interactive Environment.

Fly. MTNL/BSNL and Reliance. discounts and budget phones. Motorola. Emails. Samsung. Tata Indicom. Sagem. camera. wacky ring tones and wallpapers. wallpapers and gaming and prompt after sales service. The MobileStore has also tied up with all leading operators including Airtel.Special offers. The MobileStore offers complete telecom solutions right from handset purchase to the choice of service operator and miscellaneous services like monthly bill collections etc. Vodafone. data transfer etc. The unique segments available in The MobileStore The MobileStore are: Business PDA & Smartphones. The MobileStore has categorized its mobile device offerings into consumer segments keeping in mind the profiles and needs of different consumers. LG.. The MobileStore has undertaken an extensive training program to equip all its employees with in-depth knowledge of the products and brands available at the store. BPL. HP. accessories and VAS including the latest ring tones. Lifestyle Fashion phones. Dopod. the stores also offer connections (pre paid and post paid). iMate. HTC and Blackberry are available at the store. Fun . Value for Money . . All major handset brands like Nokia.Multimedia & music. Look and elegance. Sony Ericsson.globe. thereby allowing them to provide the right kind of guidance to the customer.. Idea. available not only in the city of purchase but in all The MobileStore outlets across the country. games.

iMate. . Tata Indicom. with smaller format located primarily located in large malls. which will only take effect when the mobile store have total control over operations.All major handset brands like Nokia. The mobile store believe in consistently maintaining high level of customer service. Dopod. Medium. Fly. According to Ajay Adiseshann. Store Format:The Mobile Store outlets are in three formats: Large 1000-1500 square feet. LG. Currently our model is solely company owned and company operated. The MobileStore has also tied up with all leading operators including Airtel. The Mobile Store also has its presence in the Shop-In-Shop format. this is probably the largest deployment of mobile payments at a retail level and will provide customers unmatched convenience and security while transacting at The MobileStore. Samsung. In addition. MTNL/BSNL and Reliance. Idea. founder and managing director of PayMate. The MobileStore’s reach across 200 cities will act as a catalyst to help PayMate popularize mobile payments rapidly and effectively. BPL. Sony Ericsson. HP. Sagem. Motorola.800-1000 square feet and express / corners 150-200 square feet. Vodafone. HTC and Blackberry are available at the store.

It have aggressively introduced a pan-India network with a world class shopping environment. .The Mobile Store Presence:"The Mobile Store" had its commercial launch in April 2007. The Mobile Store plans to extend its presence to over 2500 stores in the next 2 years across 600 cities. all for an unmatched customer experience. offering state of art technology in telecom solutions and a host of unique value-added services. Currently it has over 600 stores across the country's major metros and tier I cities and II cities. thus covering virtually every major town in every state across India.

different brand. different quality at a reasonable price to the in front of the customer. The company pay attention about ethical value and don’t cheat the customer. The main objective of the mobile store is that provide latest model and at a reasonable price with different verities. the mobile store can say that in other word represent a new model.OBJECTIVE OF THE MOBILE STORE The Mobile Store is a latest idea of the ESSAR Company. Company always survey need and purchasing pothe mobile storer of the customer .

Marketing Plan made by the Marketing Manager and guidance by the M. of the company. It is made on the basis of the market opportunity and competition in the market. Without proper marketing planning marketing manager: Cannot do the future prediction about the company’s profit. Objective 3. TYPES OF PLAN 1. The main motive of this is to satisfy the customer. Marketing Plan made up for future prediction and on the basis of the plan activity being done by the management of the company to achieve the targets which are made by the plan. Strategy . “Profitability through costumer satisfaction .  There are various problem of managing in the design.WHAT IS MARKETING PLAN Marketing plan is a systematic anticipation and analysis of future change.  Manager cannot know the correct production of the Company during the year ending. Mission 2.D.” NEED FOR MARKETING PLAN The Marketing Plan is most important for the company to continue growth and profit in future.

Schedule 9. Budget 10. Mission can be known when the answer of the question correctly identifies:  What is our business?  What will our business be?  What should be our business?  Who is our Customer?  What does he buy?  What does he expect from the product?  What does he look for when he buy our products? If you have correct answer of these questions you can define your mission of the business. Procedure 6. Policies 5.4. Programmes 7. 2. Project 8. Plans are most successful when . Standard 1. MISSION:The mission indicates the primary belief and the Central purpose of the business. Objective shows that where we want to go. They provide the direction for the company. OBJECTIVE:Objective is the main thing of the company it means that the aim and the goal which are achieved by the Enterprise.

PROGRAMMES:Programmes are a series of necessary activities and resources that are guided by the corporate objectives planes and strategies. Strategies are planned responses to external changes. STRATEGY:R. PROCEDURE:Procedures are a series of function or steps of performance to achieve a specific task or undertaking. 6. 5. objective and the goal of the company. Anthony has defined strategic planning as – “the process of deciding the objectives of the organization on the changes in these objectives and the policy that are to govern the acquisitions on us and disposition of these resources. . 4. Strategies are made by the company’s management. For example change in the customer tastes and preference. POLICIES:Policies are the principles and consequence rules of action of achieving specific organization objective or goal. 3. change in the production and distribution.” The strategies are based on the mission.the objective of the company is clear and the activities have been done by the employee.

Budgets are of various types like Sales Budget. BUDGET:Budget is also a part of marketing plan. Purchase Budget. time and cost. A standard is an integral part of control. There for standards. This shows the time of all programs according to the programming.quality. STANDARD:A standard is a selected criterion against which actual result can be measured to evaluate performance. 9. etc. 8. SCHEDULE:Schedule is a precise timetable of a series of action. PROJECT:Project is schemes which are made by the management of the company. Budget discloses the position of production. . quantity.7. Production Budget. 10. How much time and what is financial requirement of the Project. It means when the plan is made it is necessary to know about the plan could be fulfilled or not. It can be said work plan. It is a part of program. Capital Budget. It means how to invest and how much on the Projects and what profit is earned from the Project.

7. Planning helps to identify the potential market of purpose. 6. it is change. values and sense growth. 2. Precise plan can achieve a correct balance among:  Corporate resources. Planning assures effective management of change and thereby survival and growth of the enterprise. 3. Change implies progress. Planning enables the organization to tune its business with the environment and establish a profitable relationship with the environment.  Corporate efforts and  The market potential. If there s anything constant. Planning focuses on the future direction. 5. Planning offers standards of performance for comparison and evaluation of actual performance. 4. .IMPORTANCE OF PLANNING There are following importance of planning to Management of Business: 1. Planning provides a unifying decision making framework and facilitates integration of efforts. basic objective tells the direction of opportunities and threats. Change is manageable only through conscious planning.

convert difficulty into opportunity and meet the challenge of change (resistance to change) with reasonable success. . planning can reveal future threats and uncertainties or probable changes n the national economy. Management can be prepared to face the change.For instance.

India (40) Delhi Area.COMPANY PROFILE Top Locations • • Bombay Area.themobilestore. Headquarters Industry Type Status Company Size The mobile storebsite Common Job Titles Store Manager Manager Duty Manager Area Operations Manager 18 % 16 % 15 % 7% .000 employees http://www. India Retail Privately Held Operating 4... India (6) : : : : : : Bombay Area.

.. After: • • Wadhawan. Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya Osmania Univ... Univ.. . Bharti Airtel. Future axiom. of Lucknow 7% 5% 5% 5% 5% Median Age 28 years Male Female 84% 16% Companies related to The MobileStore Limited Parent Company • Essar Career path for The MobileStore Limited employees before: • • Reliance. of Pune Bangalore Univ..Top Schools Univ...

STORE CONCEPT The idea is to be near our customer and hence. The format helps the consumer in getting consistent experience.PDA & Smart phones. deals and an assurance of life-time engagement through customer service and loyalty programs . Customers are provided with a fun atmosphere and great shopping experience at the store. the look and feel. Emails. across all our stores in the country. . the format of a neighborhood store with numerous consumer touch points. Consumers are provided value for money through better offers. The unique segments available at The Mobile Store are: Business . The format is an open format where the consumer can see and touch the products before purchase. The Mobile Store has categorized its mobile device offerings into consumer segments keeping in mind the profiles and needs of different consumers.

The mobile store run innovative schemes to provide value to the numbers hereby driving our footfall. games. our tone of communication has been fun. Fun . Customer experience is enhanced with the ambience that the store provides.data transfer etc Lifestyle .Special offers. Look and elegance. .Fashion phones. wacky ring tones and wallpapers. Value for Money .Multimedia & music. discounts and budget phones. camera. Also.

gives information.The experience of shopping at our stores. keeping • • • promises & being honest. gives information.Place where questions are ansthe mobile storered. standard/good quality.BRAND VALUES • Trustworthy / Credible . a helpful friend. driving offers & deals The brand delivers trust by being clear & simple. innovative. .More value for same price or less price. educated & creates awareness. educated & creates awareness. communication delivery Value for Money . solves difficult problems. transparent pricing-no tricks or hidden charges. being a place where questions are ansthe mobile storered.Being clear & simple. Customers are assured of the right advice by store staff hence. legal merchandize Curious / Inquisitive . transparent pricing-no tricks or hidden charges. competitive pricing & consumer promotion. solves difficult problems. standard/good quality merchandize. a helpful friend Fun . keeping promises & being honest. delivery of customer service.

outlining possible alternate career paths.PEOPLE At The MobileStore. the mobile store draw career maps for each employee. and it link both career growth and rewards directly to merit and achievement. Right from the entry level. . which could include planned job rotations betthe mobile storeen functions or even group companies. Focus On Building Careers The MobileStore has a high emphasis on performance. It customise career paths and retention plans according to the unique needs of an individual. That's why the mobile store designs its human resource initiatives such that they unlock the full potential of every employee. understand that excellent people deserve excellent people practices.

thereby allowing them to provide the right kind of guidance to the customer. Over 600 stores within a year ii.'The Mobile Store' has over 4000 employees and has undertaken an extensive training program to equip all its employees with in-depth knowledge of the products and brands available at the store. More than a million loyal customers Presence in over 76 cities 6 Awards within a short span of few months . Key Achievements:i. iii. iv.

6000 018 . India. Contact center . 6.in Retail offices-North 304. Mumbai . K. Tothe mobile storer A. Kolkata .122002 Retail offices-East Kolkata Ideal Plaza Building 4th Floor.60006363 Toll-free -1800-425-6363 Email ID : mobicares@themobilestore. Marge. K. 1st Floor.400 070. 5th Floor. Mumbai . Swan Mill Compound. 11. Building 'B'. Gurgaon. 11/1. Sarat Bose Road. Chennai .700017 Retail offices-The mobile storest Mumbai Essar House. South Block. Pyramid InfoTech Park.400034 Retail offices-South Chennai Chennai house. Minto Park. Esplanade. Mahalaxmi.CONTACT Corporate Office The Mobile Store Limited Essar Techno Park. South City. Signature Tothe mobile storers. LBS Marge. Haryana . Karla (W).

14 Bangalore 471. North Railway Station. Beam Path. C -19.Mather Square. Varun Tothe mobile storers II. 2nd Floor.6th Block. Cochin . 80 Feet Peripheral Road. Opp. Koramangala. Quantum International Building.560095 Cochin 41/256. Bangalore . 2nd Floor.Hyderabad 5th Floor.682018 . Hyderabad .

so the mobile store have established the following terms and conditions so that the mobile store (the mobile store and you) know what to expect from each other. Your continued access or use of the Site shall be deemed your acceptance of these changes and the reasonableness of these standards for notice of changes. us. The mobile store encourage you to review the Site and these terms periodically for any updates or changes. . By using the Site you agree to be bound by the terms set forth herein. our") want each visitor to the Site ("you") to have a safe. The mobile store may make changes to the Site. these Terms of Use. or the policies and conditions that govern the use of the Site at any time.COPYRIGHT TERMS OF USE The mobile store in and its subsidiaries and affiliates ("the mobile store. pleasurable visit.

. You agree that all agreements.ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS When you visit the Site or send e-mails to us. you are communicating with us electronically. The mobile store will communicate with you by e-mail or by posting notices on this site. disclosures and other communications the mobile store provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing has been charged. notices. You consent to receive communications from us electronically.

In the event that the mobile store in accepts your order the same shall be debited to your credit card account and duly notify to you that the payment has been processed. In the event that an item is mis-priced. themobilestore. In the event that a product is listed at an incorrect price or with incorrect information due to an error in pricing or product information.in may. at our sole discretion. unless the product has already been dispatched. If the mobile store have to cancel the order after the mobile store have processed the payment. the said amount will be reversed back to your credit card account. at its discretion. themobilestore. your offer will not be deemed accepted and the mobile store in will have the right to modify the price of the product and contact you for further instructions using the e-mail address provided by you during the time of submission of your shipping details.PRICING INFORMATION While The mobile store in strives to provide accurate product and pricing information. pricing or typographical errors may occur. or cancel the order and notify you of such cancellation.in shall have the right. to refuse or cancel any orders placed for that product. The payment may be processed prior to the mobile store in dispatch of the product that you have ordered. either contact you for instructions or cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation. Unless the product ordered by you has been dispatched. .

ORDER CANCELLATION BY THEMOBILESTORE there may be certain orders that the mobile store are unable to accept and must cancel. or problems identified by our credit and fraud avoidance department. to refuse or cancel any order for any reason. the said amount will be reversed back in your Card Account. The mobile store reserve the right. The mobile store will contact you if all or any portion of your order is cancelled or if additional information is required to accept your order. . inaccuracies or errors in product or pricing information. at our sole discretion. Some situations that may result in your order being cancelled include limitations on quantities available for purchase. If your order is cancelled after your credit card.

in a credit card transaction. Further the said information will not be utilized and shared by themobilestore. understand and confirm that the credit card details provided by you for availing of services on themobilestore. .e. The liability for use of credit card fraudulently will solely be incurred by you and the onus to 'prove otherwise' shall exclusively rest upon you.CREDIT CARD You agree.in. you must use your own credit card.in will be correct and accurate and you shall not use the credit card which does not lawfully belong to you i.in will not be liable for any credit card fraud. Themobilestore.in with any third parties unless required by law. regulation or court order. You further agree and undertake to provide the correct and valid credit card details to themobilestore.

themobilestore.in reserves the right to recover the cost of goods. can lead to cancellation of the order. Failure to provide the same to either The Mobile Store or any of its associates.in reserves the right to ask for defined proof of identification at the time of delivery.PRAUDULENT / DECLINED TRANSACTIONS:themobilestore.in reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings against such persons for fraudulent use of the Site and any other unlawful acts or omissions in breach of these terms and conditions.50/. collection charges and lawyers fees from persons using the Site fraudulently. DELIVERY TIME:Orders will be delivered within 3 working days. PROOF OF IDENTIFICATION:themobilestore.will be charged a shipping fee of Rs.and will be debited along with the total cost of your Purchase. SHIPPING CHARGES:All orders below Rs.1000/. .

The MobileStore has 77 walk-in Repair Centres across India. The repair charges. You can also avail of our 'Fixed Price' Repair. All 'Fixed Price' Repairs come with a 30-day warranty. where our engineers repair mobile phones onsite. The mobile store in touch with all the important Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and ensure end-to-end service management systems for our customers. would depend on the handset model and the type of fault. If the fault is complex.all under one roof! Keeping customers? convenience as our primary concern. from new connections to the latest ringtones . please check with one of our Sales Consultants whether you are eligible for an upgrade. in this case. the mobile store provide complete repair services for all major mobile phones. the phone may need to be sent to the manufacturer or to our central workshop. If our . you can book your phone for repair at any of our collection centres and it will be sent to our central repair workshop. You can take your phone to any of our Collection Centres or Repair Centres where our consultant will assess the fault and tell you the cost of repair. sit back and relax as your handset will be in safe hands. Accidental Damage and 'Out-of-Warranty' Repairs If you have accidentally damaged your phone or it is more than a year old. So. Alternatively.REPAIRS & SERVICES The MobileStore is a One Stop Shopconcept where all your mobile phone needs will be taken care of. Right from selecting the perfect handset to jazzing it up with funky accessories.

and will not charge for it. the mobile store will return it immediately. dining table etc. Buy Back At The MobileStore. kitchen. you can exchange your old handset for a new one of your choice. You may also consider purchasing a protective case or hands free unit that offer limited protection. To protect your phone from moisture damage. you should use leather cases and hands-free units. Our technical expert will assist you. Customer Service Walk-in to any of our stores for: • Queries related to handsets and service operators .engineer detects that your phone is beyond repair. Please avoid using your phone in the rain or keeping it in moist conditions like in bathroom. Moisture Damage Over 10% of phone damages happen due to moisture and they are not covered by the manufacturer warranty. The MobileStore reserves the right to dispose it off to recover the repair charges. Uncollected Repairs If you do not collect your repaired handset within 60 days. You can choose from the wide variety available at The MobileStore.

• • • Requests related to subscription and VAS of operators Complaints related to services sold at The MobileStore Basic troubleshooting .

in for re-delivery shall be recovered from you.in due to delay or loss which is beyond their control.e.in will not be held liable for any delay or loss of ordered shipment. You also hereby agree to state that you will not instruct the Credit Card Companies or any other Monetary Transaction authorities advising them to obtain any refund from themobilestore.in will be shipping the products to you at the address registered in your order. wrong name or address or any other wrong information) any extra cost incurred by themobilestore.IN AGREEMENT 1. . In the event that a non-delivery occurs on account of a mistake by you (i. themobilestore. 4. 3. 2. themobilestore.

always check that it is not in contact with any sharp/hard object. one must use mobile pouches or covers. Every mobile handset has an IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity). It's advisable to use pouches or mobile phone covers to avoid LCD damage. Mobile phones are susceptible to liquid logging and there are chances that water / oil / milk / tea / cold drink / curry / shaving foam may get in and damage it. The plastic cosmetic parts lose their glare/color due to heavy exposure to sun light. 2. The manufacturer does not give any warranty for such cases. The manufacturer does not give any warranty for such cases.6 meters) and a small impact / shock / jerk may displace the components or break the tracks. 5.MOBILE PHONE TIPS 1. The contact of such Integrated Circuits and components on PCB are in microns (µm) (10^ . The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) may get damaged in case pressure is applied on the surface. Please ensure you keep your phone away from all such things. To avoid direct sun exposure. which is a unique number and one can . Modern mobile phones are designed to squeeze in loads of features in a compact size. The phone can not be repaired if it's undergone moisture damage. Mobile phone pouches or covers are of great help in avoiding such damages. 4. The Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are multi-layered and are mounted with surface-mounted devices. While keeping the phone in the pocket or while seated. 3.

To activate. dial 112 and the mobile will search any existing network. 9. Your car will unlock. The use of the pouches or mobile phone covers shall be useful to keep your mobile phone free from dust. This reserve will get charged when you charge the cell next time. Always track the battery charge indicator. There are many authorized sources that provide entertainment software etc. and carry mobile charger in purse/bag/car to avoid the contingency of battery discharge. This number 112 can be dialed even while the keypad is locked. Hold your cell phone about a foot from your car door and have the other person at your home press the unlock button. press the keys *3370#. Mobile phones should not be frequently charged. it may reduce the battery life. 11. The Emergency Number worldwide for Mobile is 112. If you lock your keys in the car and the spare keys are at home. 10. and it's also useful in the event of theft. holding it near the phone on their end. call someone on your cell phone. Nokia handset comes with a reserve battery. 8. . The cell will restart with this reserve and will show a 50% increase in battery. The mobile warranty is attached to the IMEI number. Electronic items have deteriorative effect if contaminated with dust. 6. If you are out of coverage area.access this number by pressing *#06#. 7.

Use fingers while pressing the keys. Keeping Bluetooth on unnecessarily makes your phone open to malicious viruses. Bluetooth should be turned on only when it is required. 16. 19. remove the battery and keep it separately. Make the best use of the user manual. 13. Always use accessories recommended by the manufacturer. While removing the battery. 20. 17. When your phone is out of network coverage. switch off the handset or else the battery may get drained. It's always advisable to install antivirus software on your mobile phone. . When your mobile phone is not used for a long duration. it should be unwound and disentangled. 14. 18. To enhance the life of your charger.12. Finger nails or sharp objects may damage the keypad. 15. it's advisable to first switch the handset off.

duplicate. resell or exploit for any commercial purposes. racially. including but not limited to any material that encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense. profane. give rise to civil liability. harmful. fraudulent. defamatory. or otherwise violate any applicable local. YOUR CONDUCT Any conduct by you that in our sole discretion restricts or inhibits any other user from using or enjoying the Site will not be permitted. harassing. obscene. You agree not to access the Site by any means other than through the interface that is provided by us for use in accessing the Site. threatening. state. national. vulgar. All other trademarks. You agree to use the Site only for lawful purposes. use of the Site. You agree not to reproduce. is trademarks and service mark. sexually explicit. .in.TRADEMARKS The mobilestore. copy. product names. You are prohibited from posting on or transmitting through the Site any unlawful. abusive. hateful. or access to the Site. any portion of the Site. and company names and logos appearing on the Site are the property of their respective owners. or international law. ethnically. sell. or otherwise objectionable material of any kind.

publish. and other material (collectively "Content") that are protected by copyrights. or other proprietary rights notices. create derivative works from. add to. trademark legends. remove. graphics. coordination. software. typefaces. provided that the copies are made only for your personal. If no specific restrictions are displayed. arrangement. data. All Content is copyrighted as a collective work under the Indian. You may not modify. use of any software Content shall be governed by the software license agreement accompanying such software.SITE CONTENT You acknowledge that the Site contains information. participate in the transfer or sale of. images. text. and maintain any notices contained in the Content. or other proprietary rights. Copyright laws and the mobile store own a copyright in the selection. trademarks. photographs. you may make copies of select portions of the Content. In addition to the foregoing. and enhancement of such Content. . media and technologies existing now or hereinafter developed. or in any way exploit any of the Content. videos. information and non-commercial use and that you do not alter or modify the Content in any way. delete. in whole or in part. transmit. and that these rights are valid and protected in all forms. augment. such as all copyright notices. sounds. if any.

the mobile store cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any color will be accurate. or error-free. reliable. Hothe mobile storever. current. your sole remedy is to return it in unused condition. The mobile store have attempted to be as accurate as possible. If a product offered by the Site is not as described.COLOR/PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The mobile store have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors of products that appear at the Site. as the actual colors you see will depend on your monitor. complete. the mobile store do not warrant that the product descriptions are accurate. Hothe mobile storever. .

good will. (ii) the cost of procurement of substitute goods and services resulting from . indirect. use. or consequential damages for loss of profits.LIMITATION OF LIABILITY Under no circumstances shall the mobile store or any other party involved in creating. incidental. or distributing the site be liable for any direct. data or other intangible losses (even if the mobile store have been advised of the possibility of such damages) that result from (i) the use of or inability to use the site. producing. special.

Credit cards.Mobile Connections The Mobile Store offers the best of connections with the option of either choosing for a prepaid plan or for a postpaid plan. Electricity bill • Benefits of Postpaid :• Use first pay later concept.g. The mobile store have all the major operators on offer at our store. Postpaid • • The customer first uses the service At the end of the billing period the subscriber pays for the service E. this gives you a duration of approximately 45 to 60 days to pay your bills (depending on operator) Rate per minute is less as compared to prepaid Use of a wide spectrum of Call management services as compared to prepaid (Call conference. Voice mail etc) • • .

• Roaming rates are considerably cheaper as compared to prepaid Documents required for Postpaid connection The customer needs to fill the following documents when subscribing to a Postpaid connection? 1. • • Documents required for Prepaid connection:- .g. Copy of Pan Card or Form 60 5. Coin box MTNL phones or PCO • Benefits of Prepaid :• Use according to convenience . Tariff enrollment form 6. Submits the POI & POA documents 3. no need to pay a fixed rental per month. Submits a latest photograph 4. Customer fills in the Application or Enrollment form 2. Deposits if any (dependant on the operator) Prepaid • • The customer first pays for the service After the payment is received the subscriber can use the services of the operator E. you can extend validity or the top up based on your specific requirement STD and ISD services are available by default on a prepaid connection Cheaper cost of ownership.

Submits the POI & POA documents 3.The customer needs to fill the following documents when subscribing to a Postpaid connection? 1. Customer fills in the Application or Enrollment form 2. • Prepaid Recharge / Top Up for all operators across various circles • Recharge of your DTH monthly subscription • Purchase of calling card options • National Calling Cards • International Calling Cards • SMS Pack • Tariff Voucher . Submits a latest photograph • Copy of Pan Card or Form 60 Recharge The MobileStore offers you options to recharge a variety of services at all the stores .

You can also search for products within a category. you can type Nokia N72 in the Search Box). . Step 1: Search There are 2 ways by which you can locate products on the mobile store site.ONLINE SHOPPING Select a hip handset and jazz it up with the coolest accessories. Before you dash to stuff your shopping bag. take the quick Shopping Tour. Do all at the speed of thought! BUY ONLINE. Add some spice with funky ringtones. Stay connected with talktime deals. RIGHT NOW. right here. 1. Taste thrill on game gadgets. The next page will display the Search Results with suitable Products for you to choose from. Keyword Search There is a Search Box in the header * Enter the product/item that you want to locate for in the Search Box (Eg: If you want to buy Nokia N72. * Then Click on the Go Button. at The MobileStore.

themobilestore. easy and totally FREE!. Click on the Sign in link on the top right corner in the header part of every Page. Category/Sub-Category Search Products at www. Once you have entered the appropriate Shipping Address you can choose to pay for the product using your credit card. which can be edited. if necessary. Please follow the steps to Register with themobilestore.in to be able to BUY online. you will be taken to the Shipment Details page where your Shipping Address will be Pre-populated from your Registration Address. Step 2: Register Registering on themobilestore.in You must be a registered user of themobilestore. . displayed in the category list at left and the top navigation bar.in Step 3: Buy Buying on themobilestore.2.in are divided in Categories and Sub-Categories with further sub-division.in Once you Click on the proceed to the Checkout Button on the Shopping Cart page. You can browse through each of these Category until you find your desired product type. The Registration process is fast.

9 Sony Ericsson S312 690 MRP: Rs. 9 .VERITY OF MOBILES Nokia E71 (Black) 2294 MRP: Rs. 9 1555 Price Now:Rs. 0 481 Price Now:Rs.

Nokia 6303 783 MRP: Rs. 9 1262 Price Now:Rs. 9 . 9 Nokia 6700 1546 MRP: Rs. 9 681 Price Now:Rs.

801 Sony Ericsson G700 MRP Rs. 3699 You Save: Rs.10959 You Save: Rs.16549 Price Now:Rs. 4500 Price Now: Rs.Nokia E63 MRP: Rs. 16995 Our Price Rs:15839 .5590 Nokia E63 MRP: Rs.

Cookie MRP: Rs.2511 .5671 Samsung Star 5233 1110 MRP: Rs.8589 Now: You Save: Rs. 1399 0 Price Rs. 0 Price Rs.8319 Now: You Save: Rs.

Samsung Corby S3653 MRP: Rs. 9600 Price Now: Rs. 4600 . 8999 Price Now: Rs. 4399 You Save: Rs. 7799 You Save: Rs. 1801 Ray T65 MRP: Rs.

1700 Our Price Rs:1590 Spectrum Handsfree Dual (Nokia 6610 Series) MRP Rs. 2365 Our Price Rs:390 Gift Voucher 2500 MRP Rs.MOBILE ACCESSERIES aqua BHS 333 Bluetooth MRP Rs. 1800 Our Price Rs:1690 . 199 Our Price Rs:149 Jabra Bluetooth BT135 MRP Rs. 2500 Our Price Rs:2500 Gift Voucher 500 MRP Rs. 250 Our Price Rs:250 Jabra Bluetooth BT125 MRP Rs. 2500 Our Price Rs:1390 Sandisk Micro SD Card 1GB MRP Rs. 500 Our Price Rs:500 Gift Voucher 250 MRP Rs. 199 Our Price Rs:149 Spectrum Handsfree Dual (Nokia 3310-6600 Series) MRP Rs.

 Training enables employees to develop and rise within the organization and increase their learning capacity. USEFULNESS AND IMPORTANCE OF STUDY (A) THE IMPORTANCE OF TRAINING ARE Training enables the management to face the pressure of changing environments.  Training moulds the employee’s attitudes and helps them to achieve better co-operation with the organization. .3.  Trained workers enable the enterprise to face competition from rival organization.  Trained workers need lesser supervision.  Trained employees make better economic use of materials and equipment resulting in the reduction of wastage and spoilage.  Training results in the increase of quantity and quality of output.  Training leads to job satisfaction and higher morale of employee.

A whole range of information based industries and application has come up. Social attention must be focused on strengthening the regulatory framework and improving IT business. Already IT sector improving opportunities for the people across different social strata. Vision 2020 conceives of India as evolving into an information society knowledge economy. In other words. with the right environment for infrastructure development .(B) SCOPE OF THE STUDY Scope of the study means the area of the study to which this project is limited. An efficient and rapid of the information is the catalyst for economic and social development. Information Technology sector will be the springboard of growth. According to the study the business sector is emerging sector in Indian industry. Creating new sources of employment and earning. Scope means the length and breadth of the study.

rates and charges levied by the producers/ manufacturers. an attempt will be made to study the ground for marketing the service in the block.(C) OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The objectives of this project are as under: The summer training is an opportunity to all of the students to get the feel of the corporate world and to know the practical approaches of the organization in solving the business problems. Marketing in business area is a subject. With some exceptions. which is largely discussed. . The marketing of services in corporate area is a matter of interest for the researcher. The main objective of the project is “The Mobile Store and customer satisfaction. As the marketing depends upon the factors like: (1) Economic development/ financial position of the people in the target area.” To get the technical and practical knowledge to know about the procedures. (2) Price of the articles. processes and systems of the organization. In the present study.

This can be contributed as micro level study. • To know the customers awareness about The Mobile Store • To know the satisfaction of customer about the mobile store . In order to study it more systematically. the present study depends upon the following objectives.(3) Simplicity of the process of getting and using.

In these days of specialization. Marketing research starfish the informant required to identify and define marketing opportunities and problem generated. Refine and evaluate marketing action monitor marketing performance of company design the method of collection information manages a implement the data collection process analyses the result the communicate the finding their implication Marketing research is the systematic gathering. Type of Market Research Marketing research is now placed under the control of some staff Executive to provide adequate information to the line of management. recording and analysis of data about marketing problems to facilitate decision-making. . various types of marketing research are adopted. analysis and Reporting of data and finding relevant to a specific marketing situation facing the company.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Marketing Research – It is faction to which links to consumers and public to the marketer through information. Marketing research is the systematic design. collection.

“Price”. “Promotion” or “Place” science every other business organization that they constancy monitor their product performance at marketing product against certain present norms. Hence main two resign for research are as under. As company grow and starts distributed its product in a number of different markets the management of the company find themselves become more separate from the final costumer of the product.  Marketing performance research  Product research  Promotion research  Distribution research  Pricing research Need for ResearcherThe dynamic of today research company it adopt its certain strategies which can glue con summer continuously to their product.There are five major types of marketing research with several sub Types. The suppliers of produced and service need to have information about the final costumer in order to market their product and services more effectively. The strategies adopted can be relation to “Product “. . A.

Research Process To understand the research & to make it effective. it is necessary to have an over view of the research process followed: Define the Problem and Research Objective Develop the Research Plan Collect the Information Analyses the Problem Present the Finding Report writing .

they refer to the data which have already been collected and analyzed by someone else and which have already been passed through the statistical process. collected a fresh and for the first time and thus happen to be original in character. The accuracy of the collected data is of great importance for drawing correct and valid conclusions from the detailed investigations. particularly in survey and descriptive researches. There are several methods of collecting primary data. . Secondary data may be either published data or unpublished data. There are two types of data primary and secondary Primary data The primary data are those. Some important methods of collecting primary data are: • Observation Method • Interview Method • Questionnaire • Schedules Secondary data Secondary data are used means that are already available i.METHODS OF DATA COLLECTION The key for useful systems is the selection of the method for collecting data and linking it to analysis and decision issue of the action to be taken. which are.e.

typed in a definite order on a form or set of forms. Through our personal observation the mobile store have observed the respondents. In this method. In this method I have taken the sample of 100 Respondents. It is being adopt by private individual research workers. Questionnaires are sent to the person concerned with the request to ansthe mobile storer the question and return the questionnaires. A questionnaire consist of a number of questions printed. private and public organization. . The respondents have to answer the Question on their own. particularly in case of big enquires. COLLECTION OF DATA THROUGH OBSERVATION I also use this method for the purpose of data collection. and even by government.COLLECTION OF DATA THROUGH QUESTIONNAIRES This method of data collection is quite popular.

To whom I filled my questionnaire are respondents who were coming for visiting the mobile store to purchase the mobile and accessories Research Design The preparation of design for the research project is properly known as the research design. Decisions regarding what. . how much. where. by what means concerning and inquiry or a research study constitutes the research design.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY APPLIED IN THE PRESENT STUDY Sample Size – 100 Sampling Technique – Convenience Convenience sampling is a type of nonprobability sampling which involves the sample being drawn from that part of the population which is close to hand. That is. a sample population selected because it is readily available and convenient. The researcher using such a sample cannot scientifically make generalizations about the total population from this sample because it would not be representative enough. when.

Often the best approach. where one variable affects another. Thus. accurate and systematic. Although the data description is factual. describes data and characteristics about the population or phenomenon being studied. descriptive research can be said to have a low requirement for internal validity. what.” For the purpose of collecting telecom information. also known as statistical research.“A research design is the arrangements of conditions for selection and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in problems. For this method I make a list of mix questionnaire (having open & close ended question) which is designed by me on the basis of guidelines provided by the faculty. averages and other statistical calculations. Descriptive research. In other words. prior to . PROJECT RESEARCH DESIGN I have followed Descriptive Research Design. the research cannot describe what caused a situation. when and how. descriptive research cannot be used to create a causal relationship. The description is used for frequencies. I conduct an interview method. where. Descriptive research answers the questions who.

Qualitative research often has the aim of description and researchers may follow-up with examinations of why the observations exist and what the implications of the findings are. existing working people Experience of . AGM Report.writing descriptive research. DATA & DATA COLLECTION: 1. is to conduct a survey investigation. Primary Data • Collected through questionnaire. 2. Secondary Data • Collected through. Magazine etc.Internet.

Question No. 1-: Do you aware about the mobile store?

Yes No

15 85

Interpretation: mobile store

Out of 100 respondents 85 are aware about

the mobile store and 15 respondents are not aware about the

Question No. 2-: Did you earlier visited to any mobile store?

Yes No

76 24

Interpretation: Out of 85 respondents who are aware about the mobile store 76% respondents are earlier visited to the mobile store and 24 % of respondents are not earlier visited to any mobile store.

Question No. 3-: Do you think that the mobile store is the good option to purchase the mobile and accessories?

Yes No

71 29

Interpretation: Out of 85 respondents who are aware about the mobile store 71% respondents think that mobile store is the good option to purchase mobiles and accessories and 29 % of respondents are not think like that.

4-: What features do you like most in the mobile store? Availability of all brands mobile Fixed Price Service given by the mobile store 70 % 20 % 10 % Interpretation: 70% respondents like the feature of availability of all brands mobile in the mobile store. .Question No. 20% respondents are like the fixed price and 10 % of respondents like the services given by the mobile store.

Question No. 5-: Are you satisfied with the services given by the mobile store? Satisfied Not satisfied 67 % 33 % Interpretation: 67% respondents are satisfied with the services given by the mobile store and 33 % respondents are not satisfied with the services provide by the mobile store. .

.Question No. 6-: Are you satisfied with the prices charged by the mobile store? Satisfied Not satisfied 65 % 35 % Interpretation: 65% respondents are satisfied with the prices charged by the mobile store and 35 % respondents are not satisfied with the prices charged by the mobile store.

. 22% respondents are think that no bargaining is the main problem. 7-: What is the main problem you faced in the mobile store? Query not satisfied No bargaining Behavior of the employee Others 52 % 22 % 18 % 8% Interpretation: 52% respondents faced the problem of query not satisfied.Question No. 18% respondents think that behavior of the employees is the main problem and 8% think other problem.

following conclusion have been drawn: 1. Provide better quality to the customer. . 2. Provide attracting offer to the customer. Mobile Store available different branded verities to the customer under a roof at a reasonable price. 4. Mobile Store play very important role in the Mobile market. 3.COCLUSION After analyzing & interpreting the data received from the respondents.

• 71% Respondent think that mobile store is the good option to purchase mobile & accessories • Satisfaction level of respondents as to Mobile Store is high. . following findings have been drawn: • Majority of respondents aware about the mobile store.FINDINGS After analyzing & interpreting the data received from the respondents.

Active product diversification which reverses losses. Creating highly aggressive marketing cell which is keen for acquiring orders for the organization. Delay in Purchase and Delivery Time. The behavior of the employee & the quality of service should be good 8. There should be proper training program of employee to handle the query of customer 7. 11. .RECOMMENDATIONS & SUGGESTIONS 1. Company should do more promotional activity for awareness about the mobile store 4. Making a new attracting offer to the customer. 2. Selecting a new area and open new Mobile Store. 10. 3. 6. High Overhead Cost. Price of mobile should be reasonable. 12. 5. Creating anticipatory design cell. Survey need of person and purchasing pothe mobile storer of customer. 9.

13. Managerial authority should formulate the marketing strategy. banks. Financial help for technological up gradation from govt. 14. Seminars and conferences should be done from time to time . which curtail the competitor strategy. 15.

few of them hasitant in answering the questionnair.LIMITATION OF THE STUDY Limitation of the study means those problems and those barriers which precise my field work and stopped me to know more. • Some of the respondent were given enough time to answer to questionnaire but still they were not able to do the required. • Study is only limited to the ATLANTIS MALL of Allahabad. • As the questionnaire was distributed amongest various respondents. • Some respondents did not respond few questions because they were not sure about the answer as the questionair was in the objective form. .

REFERENCE  Marketing Management – Kotler Philip  Research Methodology – Kothari C.  www.R.in  Some materials are also obtained from The Mobile Store of Atlantis moll.  Some personal experience obtained during course of this summer training. .themobilestore.

Do you aware about the mobile store? Ans. Fixed Price 3.yes [ ] no [ ] Q-2.yes [ ] no [ ] Q-3.yes [ ] no [ ] . Q-1. Do you think that the mobile store is the good option to purchase the mobile phone and accessories ? Ans .APPENDIX QUESTIONNAIRE Name……………………………contact no……………………… Address…………………………………………………………….. Did you visited earlier any mobile store? Ans . Availability of all brands mobile in one roof 2.1. Services given by the mobile store Q-5.yes [ ] no [ ] Q-4. What feature you like most in the mobile store? Ans. are you satisfied with the services given by the mobile store? Ans.

behavior of the employee 4.Q-6 are you satisfied with the prices charged by the mobile store? A.other Q-8 what are your suggestions to improve the sale of mobile in the mobile store? Ans-…………………………………………………………………… …………………………………………………………………… .No bargaining 2.1.query did not satisfied 3.yes[ ] no[ ] Q-7 what is the main problem you faced in the mobile store? Ans.

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