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unfortunately is not the existing condition. sge and birth place" from a glance at one's practice of The hand. hand reading as a profession is one which should be ranked among the most honorable of callings. Why tion. teachers and parents. capabilities I and faults of children. as an invaluable aid in diagnosing hereditary disease. and its teachers and exponents should be men and women of the highest intellectual and moral attainments. who can scarcely write their own names and who claim to tell one's "name." he will probably find himself approached by a class whose wealth they seem to think ample atonement for their lack of culture.P^EFACK. does this state of things exist? Because the American public have actually no discrimina- Not that they lack the requisite mentality — they simscientific ply haven't the necessary time. America is flooded with "palmists" who do not know one line of the hand from another. These people will doubtless assure him 9 that "they do not . This. talents. however. The man less of birth and education who essays the practice of palmistry will find his path beset with thorns — un- he be a stoic or a philosopher. I desire to recom- mend it particularly to physicians. temperament. Palmistry being regarded of persons at the present time as something of a "fad. do not feel that I can conscientiously recommend the study as a profession — in America at least. In advocating the study of the hand.

waiter's disgust at the low order of wit and humor displayed in nine-tenths of the farce comedies was shared by every one certain farce present. in that most beautiful of pure comedies. When the put to the affair.55 and that a reliable and efficient cheiromant could hardly be tea. expected to read hands at an afternoon he would probably lovely fortunes? cast off clothing or be informed that "old Aunt Dinah. of course. read before a woman's club. of the The paper was directed "McGinty the Sport" The absurdity of chiefly against a order. on the degrading character of The paper was very clever." had played test. "The New Dominion." Newspapers have a way of giving encouragement to ignor- ant charlatans in this line. and its sarcasm was well directed.10 believe in it. who tells will gladly officiate at the function for some cold victuals. and the stage productions. Clay Clement. I was much amused not long since in listening to a paper. and then attacking the science beas a cloak to hide their real pro- cause the said charlatans use ceedings. the discussion lay in the fact that the filled said farce had recently the theatre to overflowing. to vacant chairs on the night previous. it It would be quite as sensible to denounce surgery because some one had mistaken a butcher for a surgeon. while the clever actor. "McGinty" every woman present had patronized and not one of them had witnessed "The . but will he 'tell come to their 'At home' on the following Tuesday and the fortunes' of their guests?" The remuneration be the munificent noon. Preface. offered for this delightful task will probably sum of ten or fifteen dollars for the after- Should he protest that he is not a "fortune-teller.

ponent of this science. It is significant that Cheiro." The truth line.Preface. 11 Kew Dominion. finds it necessary to assume a "Comte de Hamong. r> . the famous American extitle. the public get that which they encourage in whatever tious Whenever they demand methods scientific knowledge and conscien- in their exponents of the science of palmistry they will find the demand complied with. is." in order to receive the recognition which his ability alone should bring him.


however. investigation and re- Everything which appears worthy of serious consideraclaims its now share of attention. Nowhere is a knowledge of true psychology more needed than in the study and practice of medicine. The Twentieth will be — one of thought. medical science is still largely in its experimental stage. with a decreasing possibility of reducing to an exact sci- ence under its presents methods. 13 . music. but greater in their power to elevate mankind philosophy. tion is pre eminently an age of study. The Ninea new cycle teenth Century has been one of action. electrical and material sciences. but it is somewhat surprising that the same can not be said of those branches of intellectuality lesser perhaps in direct utility. It is a significant fact that after all the years that have elapsed since the days of — — — A — — Hippocrates. Wonderful indeed has been the advance in the mechanical. literature and change is coming.INTRODUCTION. art. and from the study of psychic phenomena must come a realization of the spiritual law which governs material forces a law of which the phenomena are but a comparatively unimportant effect. Eminent men of the world those who live in advance of the age are devoting their attention to what may be termed the occult. All advanced thinkers of the present day are unanimous in the belief that the close of this century marks the beginning of ushering in a new phase of thought. This search. with the result that much which has hitherto been shrouded in ignorance and superstition is at present viewed in the light of reason and of science.

At the present time Osteopathy country. indeed. because the public are always anxious to take up with something "new"— but solely because the old has been found inadequate and unsatIndeed. Certainly. we are quite too prone to cling to our old ideas isfying. to the else to habit of paying surely. can some one do our thinking is for us. is known as rapidly usurping the place is of Medicine in this This not. but out our earth lives in the same old way. fundamentally. that I venture to predict an early annihilation of the old theories of medical practice. to old traditions." the Science. When shall change in the ethics of medical practice —a change which will be of inestimable benefit to the profession and the world alike.14 It is Introduction. hate. with the same emotions of joy and sorrow. hope." "Christian "Suggestive Therapeutics" "music cure" and a host of other "cures?" If — Cure" and not to mention the "water cure. fear. and which numbers among its members some of the noblest men I have known. entirely without any desire to disparage the profession for which I was educated. faith. What has given rise to the various methods of alleviating pain and disease. psychological Even now the physician who bases symptoms of his patient his is diagnosis upon the the physician who is have befact instead of disputed acknowledged a theory that come an thought is a cqntrolling force in the world there will come a it the most successful in treating disease. We we are slaves to custom. to the analytical student of life. as is often asserted. since the beginning of history. symDathy and stupidity as in the days of pagan Rome. and beliefs. known respectively as "The Faith Cure. it would seem that we have changed very that little. be justly accused of being anxious to take Never up with something "new" — it anything really new. But we live ." "Mental Science. which my father has followed with honor these many years. love." "Magnetic medical science had been found efficacious and reliable a branch of the profession there would be no attempt at other methods.

an era of faith follows one of unbenatural sequence. practised As far back as we can trace history we find it by the men of India — the country from which springs the high- form of religious thought and spiritual development. npDsiag silence upon our upon our upon . In an ancient Indian drama. palmistry reliable is entitled to first rank as being far more accurate. physiognomy. of all the frozen North to the Antipodes. spirit. The study cli of the hand has been known in all ages and all nes from the time of the ancients to the present day and from Emphatically. And so and hide the most turbulent fact. In the battle of life one learns to school one's features to il passivity. Again. such etc. cheirography. as phrenology. we live and learn and pass on life in — to graduate perhaps into the higher school of some other world. a philosopher is summoned before the ruler and asked to read the hands of infants in order that a worthy successor to the throne may be appointed. the hand alone will betray the Bilzac in his "Comedie faculty of i Humane" says: lips. the hand) one of the most important branches of education in "which the priests and philosophers were expected to be proficient. impassive "comme face may faut" to betray emotion. literature. when Greece led the world in art.Introduction. An And age of intellectual development so follows that of materialism. like its all else. is not new. The learned est science of palmistry. with every forward swing of the pendulum of in 15 coming a God. we find the science of cheiromancy (from cheir. the studies relating to character. It is not the calm. more and more comprehensive. little closer to the ideal Time we succeed of perfection which we call We lief in move in cycles. bearing the date 400 B.. "We acquire the eyes. knowledge and refinement. C.

let remain I for the present unsolved. "His only begotten son. a subtle form of electricity." We see about us the grass. according to His pleasure or wrath. as so all take to be literally true. give I will now my individual theory for that which. used to con- vey the impressions of the brain to the nerves. Why it is thus we may never know or at least not until such time as our souls. a being who doomed one of His children. indeed. It is to is the effect that a nervous fluid. powerful many apman sitting upon a lofcy throne. the mind must directly affect the hand in various directions. freed from the nar- row confines of the body. the hand alone does not dissemble. and as medical science has demonstrated that there are more nerves connecting the brain with the hand than with any other portion of the anatomy it is not strange that the hand more than any other member betrays the order of the owner's mentality. ruling by right of superior strength and dealing reward or punishment." Such teachings are . the sea. that out to his victims God is a great." we are we must be content to The teachings that we are "made in His image and likeNot. may join the Infinite. our eyebrows and upon our foreheads. pear to believe." to torture and death in order to "redeem" a world which — alas! — is not "redeemed." that ness. the one con- veys the action of the brain to the part. One theory put forward by various scientists affords at least a partial explanation of the apparent mystery. the myriads of forms of life.16 Introduction. for facts on the subject. We "live a question which may never be posand move and have our being. and solve it all. "children of God. So much all. the woods." Why acter Nature has chosen the hand as the index to the charlife and of its owner is itively answered. after with the mysteries of Life and Death. the other conveys the From this it is easy to see that action of the part to the brain. It is a well known medical fact that in every apparent single nerve is in reality two nerve cords one sheath. the blue ether.

"Attacking Christianity!" says some one." and to which we have given the name God. through the medium of the nerves connecting the brain . wherein the soul lay imprisoned in the earth until the Judgment Day. I review before the Great Judge to receive their senprotesting I could scarcely refrain from then and there against training such a man for the profession of a clergyman. I trust. through the medium of the sensitive brain. Here and there were people wearing signs Nearly -every one in that large congregation had of mourning. sents We all are a part of the great Universal Mind which repre- knowledge. of years of how on that great day life. premonition and Is it sometimes dreams." We are more. It is 17 indeed wonderful that in this so- called enlightened age there are found people who will listen to such a d3ctrine. then. This soul knowledge manifests itself in various ways. Only last Easter I heard an Episcopalian clergyman preach to a large congregation of the wrath of God. but I do emphatically deny the exclusive right to the name of "Christian" to those who. subscribe themselves believers in an orthodox creed. to which there can be no such thing as "past" or "future. then unreasonable to suppose that this spiritual knowledge. I that I will not be accused of adherence to orthodoxy when state that I believe we are literally "children of God. sacrilegious. from varying motives. being made in God's image and likeness. Nothing can be more remote from my intentions. some loved one who had passed from this life to the Great Beyond. which is eternal and omnipresent. I believe that the spirit within each and every one of us. must know all things from life to lite.Introduction baroirous. all who — have passed from earth in shall rise for thousands from their tombs — and pass tence. looked about me. The principles of Christ are creedless. of death. the more com- mon forms of this manifestation being intuition.

to our names and there we are a living monument to some other person's ideas. C. no "defense" of the science of palmistry..D. I may differ from many in my idea of what con- stitutes intelligence. all who dares life gainsay our right to determine matters pertaining to or Some time ago. with the hand. From that he proceeded to dispose of the ancient science of . under the mistaken impression that they are our own. in one of the smaller American far forget I cities. And if the recitation has been satisfactorily performed. D. can trace on the sensitive palm the story of the life in the language of the hand? This.18 Introduction. True. to pass but these surely will not presume judgment upon that of which they are confessedly ignorant. He did not believe in it. I am making is believe none needed. we are allowed the blessed privilege of prefixing Rev. Intelligence and education are by no means synonymous. or Prof. Many there are no doubt who have had neither the opportunity nor the desire to investigate the subject. This death? much striven for position once gained. to himself as to publicly attack the science of palmistry. And show the good people of his congregation how easily they could be deceived by "such things. to me. or Q. materialistic is borne out by the fact that and primitive natures possess palms which are comparatively unlined. need not state that he knew noth- Certainly not. I heard a clergyman so ing of the study. or LL. logical theory stolid. Education seems to be a parrot-like ability to learn and recite the thoughts and experiences of others. or of affixing M." he performed a few old familiar tricks in legerdemain so clumsily as to make his illustration valueless in point of deception. I I do not think there is to be found a person of intelligence who will deny its claims. while the sensitive spiritualized na- ture has a palm literally covered with fine lines.

highest medical authorities of the day. 19 palmistry with that assurance which ignorance alone can breed. The inconsistency of that "never would be. a society votarie and a working man to disprove such a And then this eminently educated man. for instance. The plauded incident for the fact that his would not be worthy of mention were it not congregation listened to. fant. that theory was not to be considered. ''The lines are made by age and work. dismissed the subject by saying that as there was absolutely no nerve communication between the brain and the hands. He hurled it at his congregation with a decision which left no room for doubt or argument. by predicting that never would be fore- That part of the science of cheiromancy being disposed he proposed an explanation of the presence of the lines on the palm which I dare say he believed had been left these hundreds of years for his original brain to discover. We would not think of accepting as final and conclusive a lawyer's opinion of medicine. the special study is man who has attained pre-eminence some the less fitted to pass judgment upon a subject of general interest. neither would we . of. did not occur to him it that he was calmly deciding the future told.Introduction." of course It did not impress him. and he was weighed down with the importance of the discovery. never had been and never would be foretold. Regarding the claims of palmistry to read future tendencies." My readers can judge of the utter absurdity of such a He need only have examined the hands of an instatement. that a prefix or an affix to a When will we name does not presuppose in learn to its bearer the possession of superior knowledge? Indeed. for the very material reason that his mental faculties to make him have baen so concentrated upon his chosen subject as incapable of viewing an unfamiliar one unbiased by the influence of his own special study. the future he declared. before his name. approved and ap- the Rev. in face of the theory.

you damned. not alone of this life. Not the least illogical feature of the affair the fact that the Bible to be in- — the one subject upon which the man was supposed formed — nothing but a record of prophecies. consult a physician on a matter of law. but for eternity. But its in behalf of palmistry. before his name. revela- tions and interpretations of signs. will be you do not believe or do thus and so. Of course there are persons who will "palmist" purchase a cheap book on the science or consult a cheap and straight-way decide that there is nothing in the I study beyond a society "fad. Y"et if the dis- is the medical expert is not necessarily . I hold that anyone who gives of the subject intelligent study will readily become convinced accuracy and importance.20 Introduction. Orthodox ministers and teachers base nearly the future life. And yet there was a congregation of presumably thinking people actually listening to a most wretchedly was illogical attack on a science of which he sole claim to recog- knew nition absolutely nothing from a man whose is his privilege of writing Rev. future then surely If that is not taking a liberty with the modest claims of palmistry do not include prediction. Clairvoyance and mediumship are indisputable facts. all their ser- mons on They dogmatically If predict the future. Palmistry is a^science based upon a thorough knowledge oi the shape and lines of the hand. The medicarexpert is enabled through a knowledge of his profession to note symptoms of disease years in advance of its development and to predict with a fair degree of certainty how many ease years the patient can reasonbly expect to live not arrested. but they have nothing to do with palmistry and should not be confounded withjthe science." depending upon some and mysterious power possessed by the palm reader. the. is visions." cannot impress too forcibly that palmistry is not in any intangible sense mere "fortune telling.

is is based upon study. It requires. a logical thorough understanding of its themind and the power of anal- ysis and deduction. a week or even a year. also.Introduction. a retentive memory. he is able the shapeand markings of the hand the character and . But although palmistry is an acquired science and not a special gift its — secrets cannot be learned in a single day. study and observation. It requires first of all a ories. a liberal is once the study to read in life mind and deep sympathy but thoroughly mastered by the student. of his fellow beings. . tion 21 His prediction facts. a fortune teller. observa- and recorded Palmistry based upon exactly the same principles recorded facts.


the hand. is the reading as a whole. of hands.. CHAPTER The Seven Types I. I consider these observations most important as the full meaning of the lines depends largely upon It also includes the texture nails. PART TIRST. the type of the hand. handFor the sake of more readily understandto the science of name given ing the study however. it has been divided into two classificanamely cheirognomy and cheiromancy. the shape and the thickness or suppleness of the palm and fingers. or Palmistry. tions. from cheir. from the Greek word palma. and formation of the the type of hand. CHEIROGNOMY. cheirosophy. Cheirognomy treats of the shape of the palm and fingers.McIvor-Tyndall's Revelations of the Hand. Most writers on the science of palmistry recognize seven 23 . and color of the skin. the character. disposition and tem- perament.

The number seven has played an important part in the history of the world and I confess to a belief in its occult significance. 7. The Philosophic type. : The seven types are variously designated as The Primitive or Elementary type 1. The Mixed type. types of hands. ignore the use of the mystical six.24 McIvor-Tyndall's .Revelations of the Hand. to their . These types must be subdivided according blendinsr. 5. A few I believe. 6. The Square type. The Conic type. The Psychic type. 3. number seven and claim only Personally I prefer to consider seven types. The Spatulate type: 4. 2.

PLATE 1. . — The Primitive or Elementary Type of Hand.


thumb trol. The Primitive hand indicates a very low order The. The Primitive or Elementary Type of Hand. and set close to the hand. They are indifferent to their art surroundings and have absolutely no conception of or beauty. They must be governed and guided. having no self-conthick. This type. They are violent in their passions. the skin coarse and and the fingers short and stiff. The is short and heavy. Persons possessing this type of hand have little reasoning power.CHAPTER II. They have no ambitions or aspirations and are content with the most primitive existence. palm is very broad and heavy. driven cattle " of humanity. countries. lest their They are the " dumb hand will The palm unmodified. is of such a have few lines. fortunately rarely found in English speaking 27 . with short nails. lack of self-control lead them into crime. of mental- ity.

28 . They are careful in dress. They are intol- what they consider the short-comings of others. They have no imagination ble things in life is with those characteristics in others. It will among the "respectable law-abiding citizens. punctilious in manner and erant of respectful to those whom they consider their social superiors.CHAPTER The Square Type The It HI. having little originality of thought or action. perfect type of the square hand would naturally mean tips. the palm square and the fingers square at the sides and can also be said to belong to the "square" man as men They possessing this type of hand will be found honest and upright in business dealings. punctual. Although honest and truthful themselves they are inclined to be suspicious and distrustful. the case of a boy whose father's hand belongs to remain forever as far apart as the poles The square hand is conscientious and 'to most deplorahand They must the square type. of anything or intuition. is not given "moods" and can be depended upon be found to be always the same. They look with disapproving eyes upon everything which does not appeal to their practical nature. are extremely practical." as they never question established conditions. plication They have an enviable faculty of perseverance and apand thus make a fair success at least. of hand. of the a One with psychic reliable. and have no patience within their scope. orderly and methodical.

PLATE 2. — The Square Type of Hand. .


The modifications 31 of this type will be readily recognized. will give to Thus the spatuits owner the characteristics of both types. show a person whose inventive faculties will be directed along the most practical lines. . in the influence of the characteristics of the various other types. late fingers. For instance a square palm with spatulate fingers. This combination produces good mechanics and engineers. it will difficult to easily determine which type predominates in the hand under consideration. in conjunction with the square palm.The Square Type of Hand. By not be noting the characteristics of the different types. Their work will always be of a useful nature. denoting originality and inventive talent.

is The purely spat- ulate spatulate in the palm as well as the finger tips. resemble the chemists spatulaIt called the "spatulate" broad at the top. originality and it is independence of thought and action. will think He and act for himself and whether it be curing disease or putting up a stove he will find some new and better way of doing it. whatever vocation found.CHAPTER IV. The palm which broadens base of the fingers is visibly at the wrist or at the spatulate in formation. Some works on palmistry do not mention palm that of the hand. methods. the hand of the greatest inventors the qualities of the type will be the same in is and discoverers. the owner of the He spatulate hand will manifest independence and energy. will not follow preconceived ideas or established. of Hand. Thus whether in a profession or a trade. often causes the person with the spatulate hand to be 32 . spatulate type of is hand is less common because the tips presumably of the lingers. This peculiar characteristic of originality and independence. the hand which is much depends upon hand therefore. of The While it principal characteristics the spatulate type are energy. The Spatulate Type The unmodified than the square. the type of the fingers to depending entirely upon the formation of the determine the type to which the hand belongs. I find the shape of the palm.

J) '' J I PL A TE \ 3. .— The Spatulate Type of Hand.


which is the square formation in the fingers or somewhat modified by palm denotes the person use. of course.The Spatulate Type called eccentric of Hand. Thus the spatulate hand . The fied peculiarities of the spatulate type are. 35 and "cranky." So jealous are we of any viola- tion of our established rules of conduct. whose energy and originality will be put into practical while the spatulate hand with the artistic modification belong to the erature. it is modi- by the characteristics of the type with which blended. will lit- man or woman of original ideas in art or .

They dislike exertion." and one writer on palmistry so in far as to "woman's hand" a of its own a chapter devoted to the primitive hand. and the murderer's. the woman's hand. warm-hearted and affectionate. tile and clever in conversation. and for matters of this they appear changeable in friendship and love. Temperament 8(> is sexless and the . This type is called "conic" from the tapering shape of the palm and from the lingers which are formed like a cone full ' at the base and tapering toward a semi -point at the tips. especially full. They are versaquick. ease spatulate type they are not as successful. They are impulsive. of Hand. I cannot agree with this. bright aud emotional in temperament. because they lack the qualities of application and continuity of purpose. brilliant and witty. They are given to "moods" and when inspired can be most and been type eloquent and magnetic. They if the hand be soft and They are not energetic but they are and luxury.CHAPTER The Conic Type V. goes The conic give the hair I has often designated as the "woman's hand. from a painting to a bonnet or gown. — It is also called the artistic type because people possessing this shape of hand have an intense love of the beautiful and love the artistic. They reason are very impressionable and sympathetic. they are very fond of pleasure they are not fond of work. Although much quicker in ideas than those of the purely beautiful surroundings and.

PLATE 4.— The Conic or Artistic Type of Hand. .


impulse. the character of the fingers and the flexibility of the palm. will belong to the sensualist. laziness and love of will pleasure. If this type of hand is accompanied by a small thumb. fingers on the conic hand give originality and spatulate the characteristics of both types. same difference exists 39 ideas between the thoughts and fingers. sympathy. cheerfulness. The conic hand with square as v naturally gives to its Thus the impulse and owner changeableness of the conic hand will be modified by the exactThe ness. its owner will be the victim of every caprice. . energy to the artistic tastes. without the power to reason or to resist his animal nature. method and perseverance of the square finger tips. of the conic hand are love of art. beauty and luxury. These qualities predominate according to the texture of the skin. The characteristic points therefore. hand of the purely conic type. the selfish ease-loving nature which revels in the pleasures of the senses. with short and much developed mounts of Venus and Luna.The Conic Type of Hand. the size of the thumb. A large soft fingers full at the base. of women between those of men. imagination.

denote thought reflection. calculation. is it not strange that the philosophic type of hand does not apply to the itself accumulation of material things. particularly with a very slopinghead line and a heavy finger of Saturn. the lover of nature. on whatever type of hand. the triviality of earthly possessions. The Philosophic Type This is of Hand. Realizing. wherein the importance of the individual immensity of the whole and the accumulation of the centuries is as but a day in the process of evolution. thin and bony. order. The hand is rather large. 40 . the palm somewhat broad. perhaps. from the point of view of the student of is lost life. This type of hand belongs to the philosophers and savants who look at life in an impersonal way. indicates the religious store fanatic. It prefers to up knowledge instead of wealth. The extreme of this type. the searcher after causes. the scientific investigator. and the lingers long and "knotted" at the joints. Knotted joints.CHAPTER VI. while the long phalanges and "knotted" joints tell of a temperament in which reasou. analysis and calculation in the predominate. pre-eminently the hand of the profound thinker. The somewhat round linger tips betray a natural love of beauty and art.

.— The Philosophic Type of Hand.PL A TE 5.


practicality. they shrink more and more within themselves. the beautiful and the soul. In appearance the psychic hand more slender and delicate than the conic." that they see with the eyes of the spirit and scorn the eternal world-struggle for wealth. The skin is fine and white and It is the most beautiful of the the fingers long and pointed. in all things. Instead of becoming more practical and worldly by contact with harsher natures. become 43 . tremely sensitive and confiding. lime.CHAPTER VI . the suba deeply reverential nature. It belongs to They are expeople of an idealistic. good They judge by intuition rather than reason and shrink instinctively from strife or contention. they generally go under in the fight. since it possesses its many is of the character- type without any of sensuality and worldliness. fame and empty honors. longer. possessors of the psychic type of hand are useless since they are members of a material world. music. They are so spiritualized toward men. They love the highest ideals They are fond of poetry. Their mission "peace on earth. seven types and also the most unpractical. wanting in method. They have They worship the ideal. harmony of is color will and perfume. From the objective point of the square. energy and If pushed into the struggle for success by circumstances and environment. romantic temperament. The Psychic Type of Hand. a spiritualized The psychic hand might be considered of the conic istics of that form type.

imaginative natures. nor must suffer at the hands of who do ever can. depressed and melancholy. often brooding over what they feel to be their failure in life. nnderstanl their sensitive. .J4 McIyok-Tyndall's Revelations of the Hand. What parents children of this type not. only the pitying angels can know.

.PL A TE r 6 — The Psychic Type of Hand.


speculative and sociable. can be classed as the mixed This should not be confounded with a hand which repre- For instance a hand which shows a distinctly spatulate palm with two or more lingers spatulate -tipped. the mixed type is The character represented by the several types. itself neither distinctly square. and at perhaps the most a common the same time the most varied. and of which the fingers are of varying types. When it the hand cannot be said to belong to any distinct type hand.CHAPTER The AAixed Type This is VIII. By the purely is mixed type I mean the hand in which the palm conic." They are undoubtedly clever and versatile in ideas. the or less "many is sided" one. of Handtype of hand. As owner the hand a combination of in naturally possesses greater types. degree the is characteristics represented by those The mixed type quite readily recognized. ingratiate themselves with all sorts and conditions of people and easily adapt themselves to their surroundings. even though one or perhaps two of the sents a distinct type only slightly modified. fingers be conic or square. must be regarded as belonging to the spatulate type. nor spatulate. They possess a vast fund of general information. Their versatility makes them lacking in continuity of purpose but much depends upon the Naturally the mixed 47 . diplomatic. hand belongs to people whose character is "mixed.

logic and faults common sense can do much toward overcoming and compelling success.4S size McIvoe-Tyndall's Revelations of the Hand. Will. and shape of the thumb and the order of brain power indi- cated by the line of mentality. thus overcoming the tendency to dilettantism. . Children with the distinctly mixed type of hand should be early trained to fixedness of purpose along some chosen line.

PLATE 7..— The Mixed Type of Hand. .


They have three phalanges. Heavy FingersThick heavy Stiff fingers fingers show animalism and selfishness. but observe only as a whole. are smooth or knotted. reserved and secre- tive nature. fingers are generally admitted to denote intellectu- Their length must of course be considered comparatively with the length of the hand. 51 . pointed or cording to the type of hand of whieh they are a part. Long ringers. They or slenfirst der and supple. They are often blunt and outspoken in speech Thick. They do not trouble about details. betray an excessively cautious. Short fingers belong to people of impulse and action. the second or middle phalange. Long fingers are more cautious. more observant of details and more exacting in small matters than short fingers. Long ality. conic. Thus they arrive at their conclusions without due reflection They with the result that they often "change their minds. long or short." are indifferent to appearances and impatient of the restraints of conventionality. thick or clumsy. Short ringers.CHAPTER The IX- ringersspatnlate ac- Fingers are square tipped. and the third phalange connecting the fingers with the palm. The or nail phalange.

it the second finger. rather than physical. Pull. is When excess. but perfectly honest nature. denotes great the finger is and ambition. When the mount below much developed also. Pleshy Pingers. They are fond of luxurious living and are inclined to the pleasures of the senses. On a bad hand crooked fingers undoubtedly accentuate the bad qualities. enjoyment. Relative Length of Pingers. tact and a lively interest in everything. Thin. in which event I have found their owners possessed of a fussy. When pride the first finger. autocratic spirit. however. Fingers which are flexible show cleverness. Waist-shaped Pingers When the fingers are thin at the third phalange or base. they denote curiosity and the desire to pry into the affairs of others." This interpretation. it is very long in proportion to the length of the others. called the finger of Jupiter. I have found that an otherwise good hand may have distorted or twisted fingers. Crooked Tingers. Crooked fingers are supposed to belong to persons whose principles and methods are sometimes designated as "crooked. very full Fingers which are selfish and fleshy at the base are as regards their material comfort. Supple Tingers. has to be taken with extreme caution. it denotes unselfishness and a nature devoted to mental. irritable. ": in denotes a thoughtful.52 McIvor-Tyndall's Revelations of the Hand. called the finger of Saturn. studious the mount . it reveals a dictatorial. When they are wide apart and the tips curve backward.

it 53 to shows a tendency is melan- cholia and pessimism. Strangely enough hard work has nothing to do with producing this formation. In connection with a long linger of Jupi- ter. shows eloquence. it denotes the gambler. smooth fingers the fingers of impulse. quick-witted person. They may be found on every type of hand. it denotes an independent. wealth or distinctlinger is ion. A kind. it gives to owner that power of "twisting people around their little finger" which is so great a factor in the attainment of worldly with a good its success.- The Fingers. as it is more generally found in the hands of men who do only mental work. Whether card gambling propensities field or will be displayed in the room. is "on Change" depends upon the character A It long well-shaped little finger a fortunate possession. rather than forcible or logical. power of expression. Knotted fingers are those with developed joints. in conjunction thumb and a clear straight head line. the reverse of Knots indicate — . and. it betrays ambition for fame. on the battle of the hand. witty and brilliant. although they belong naturally to the philosophic type. They denote care and method in work. the linger of Apollo. whether mental or manual. power. relatively short little finger shows cleverness of another When it it sets out from the hand showing a wide space between and the finger of Apollo. Knotted and Smooth ringers. below this linger is large also. quick of thought and action. The writer with knotted joints will be painstaking and accurate in the accumulation and reflection. in argument. emotional. When long the third finger. When this equal the in length to the second. unusually it shows that love of the beautiful and the artistic will dominate the life.

smooth fingers on the square or spatulate type of hand. Smooth fingers show impulse and intuition. hand on which they are found greatly modifies For instance. patience man will give a sense of and exactness in carrying out instructions or arranging the details of his work. logical in his conclusions. above all. . Knotted fingers on the laboring responsibility. represents the mental endowments. fingers represents the or nail phalange of the intuitive faculties — the domain of the spirit. The third phalange represents the material nature.5-t McIyor-Tyndall's Revelations o* the Hand. They are more impulsive and accept existing conditions without argument. arrangement of his ideas and information. Thus if the other fingers incline toward a long finger of Jupiter. The second phalange intellect. Knotted fingers show order and philosophy. of The type the characteristics of the fingers. These observations are important in determining temperament. have not the same degree of significance as on the conic and psychic hands. one another the it When fingers naturally lean toward shows the influence of the qualities represented by finger. tical He will be analy- and. the qualities represented by Jupiter will predominate in the char- acter of th 9 person. Tingers Leaning Toward Each Other. Smooth joints are naturally the opposite of the knotted. The Three Phalanges The first of the Tingers.



The Chinese. intellect and of love. It is inferable therefore. Much interesting. have found in my experience as a physician that in the case of the dying. and the will no longer asserts itself. of his essays. in Volume ter to the II. upon the shape.CHAPTER X. life. that as the thumb represents the will and the intellect. and its is Among the records of the ancient wars. firm and well -shaped thumb denotes refinement and the ability to carry out successfully the ideas of logic its owner. undeveloped thumbs. the thumb turns in toward the palm. the person with a short." said to represent the character and life hand can be thumb is unquestionably the man. small thumb set close to the hand will be weak and cowardly. we read 57 . power. through force of history and will-power. for it repre- sents the three great elements in his will. size and position of the thumb. Japanese and Persian students of the science palmistry base their conclusions as to character. as the hold upon life weakens. has been written of the thumb. devotes a chap- thumb is is in which he says: of "Physicians say that the thumb If the the master-finger the hand and that their Latin etymology of a man. while a long. almost exclusively. I which they hide instinctively beneath their fingers. Idiots have insignificant. the derived from pollere (to be powerful). The ThumbMontaigne.

the magistrates and barons were accustomed to sign all necessary documents by making their u thumb-mark" in ink. each phalange being proportionately developed. one to go extremes in its independence. thumb sets far out from the hand at shows exaggeration of these qualities: a nature which will that will not brook restraint or opposition. So true an index is the thumb that no two marks are alike. he was priests to die. The thumb reason. If they reversed them. determined spirit. The first or nail phalange represents the second phalange indicates logic or The third phalange forms part of the hand and is called the mount of Venus. is divided into three parts. one phalange being the characteristics naturally denotes an excess of which that phalange represents. when the trouble of learning to During the middle ages read and write was left to the and hermits. the person will reason logically and well. Life or death for combatants in the arena. When this type of it right angles. in the days of Ancient Rome. the Italian Biting the thumb is way of expressing contempt. but lacking in logic and reason. will. to render them incapable of carrying arms. is When in excess. plan wisely. If the spectators raised their thumbs. When the thumb is properly balanced. that captors used to cut off the thumbs of their prisoners. and the thumb is firm with a slope toward the fingers.58 McIyor-Tyndall's Revelations of the Hand. it shows a nature in which will power giving character and is coupled with judgment and logic — dignity to an independent. but fail . When the second phalange is much longer than the first. the person will be strong willed. it the thumb unevenly balanced. it signified that their will was to grant the life of the gladiator. was determined by the upward or downward motion of the thumb. Thus when the first phalange is extremely long in proportion to the thumb. representing love.

PLATE 9— The Thumbs. .


If this phalange be also clubbed in formation and stiffjointed. 61 He lacks the determination and continuity of purpose necessary to carry out his clever ideas. the person will be ruled almost wholly by his desires. extravagance in all things Persons with this type of dress. keenness of intellect. When formed with a narrow center it shows tact. is representing its the judgment and very important in significance. reasoning power. with a short second phalange it shows brutality and murderous instincts. it shows exaggeration and prodigality. the first When excess of the Supple and Stiff Thumbs. in execution. — cautious and secretive. and which gives adaptathe sympathy generosity thumb have — bility to people and place. the first. When the thumb is supple and can be bent backward. which is an ungovernable temper *and stubbornness.jointed type.The Thumb. art. The full formation of this phalange.thumbed people do not easily adapt themselves new surroundings and new They are not broad in their sympathies. They keep a firm control over their feelings and may be relied upon to do what they consider their duty. stiff the opposite of the supple. diplomacy and finesse. shows the blunt reason untempered by tact. appetites and passions. Stiff. as they understand justice. the third phalange. if at all. is large and heavy as well as shows the extreme of will power and unyielding determination. but they are just. The thumb to tells of an unyielding. or nail phalange. determined nature friends. mount of Venus. is far in and second phalanges. words and enterprises. The denotes stiff-jointed thumb which bends very little. They are staunch and true but undemonstrative. . stiff it When The second phalange.

which one writer on the science assigns It shows a nervous. Figures 1 and 2. I do not maintain as do some writers on point that "the person trusted. especially when blue and the accompaniment to cold hands. show weak circu(Plate 9. when thin." or in level. Flat nails denote 02 . are indications of phyto weakness vitality When curved or fluted they show a tendency weak and lung trouble. Long in tint lation. although the person has the unfortunate habit of biting the nails.consciousness and like any other habit when not corrected at once it may become what we call is The habit often contracted in childhood second nature. Long sical nails. which widen at the top.) nervousness and anaemia. from sheer diffidence and nervous self. Nails- of the nails is important chiefly in its relation to disease.CHAPTER The The study to XI. any sense be compared to morphinomania. nails Short Short red nails Nails. to it. denote obstinancy. especially Long Nails. impatient nature and one that will not brook restraint but the principles may be of the highest." who to bites his or her nails is not to be Neither do 1 consider the habit "filthy or degrad- ing. These characteristics in excess indicate consumption. the morals unquestionable. although this point must also be considered in regard this temperament. the mentality of the brightest.












The Nails.
general organic weakness.


If well colored, however, the


energetic and ambitious. and impulsive people. On

Short nails belong to quick, active

weak hand they further accentuShort,
small, thin

ate the indications of a

frivolous nature.

show heart


Short nails, narrow at the base and wide at the top, triangular shaped, show a tendency to paralysis.
ures 3 and




General Characteristics.

The general conclusion


be deduced from


study of




long nails




reasonable and less critical nature than short nails, and a predisposition to anaemia,

pulmonary troubles and general weakcritical,

ness of the physical system.

People with short nails are more
nate and
less gentle

impulsive, obsti-

natured than those with




short nails


tendency to heart disease, apoplexy

and paralysis.
Fine, broad, delicate nails

show relinement,
to the primitive




Thick coarse nails belong




show weak


Bright, pink colored nails show good circulation and an
active cheerful temperment.

Yellow colored nails show nervousness and biliousness.
Dull, greyish colored nails show a depressed, morbid condition.

White spots on the





acidity in the

Short, irregular shaped nails

a deceitful person.



Large and Small, Hard and Soft hands.
In noticing the hand and thumb, the relative size of the hand must be considered, as well as the texture of the hand.

As long


are found

to denote intellectuality, so too, I

have found that

long palm,


correspondingly long

and refined tastes. One of the rules of gypsy palmistry was that persons whose palms were equal in length or longer than the fingers resembled their father in temperament, and that where the fingers were relatively the longer, thepeison inherited from the
lingers, indicates literary ability



In the cases where I have tested this theory, I

have found

it true.


convinced that the fingers need not

be longer than the palm to denote intellectuality.

Larqe Hands.
Large hands are fond of detail; are very particular in matters of etiquette and are more easily annoyed by trifling
matters than by great troubles.

Large hands do the
methodical and are


work, are more painstaking and

less critical

than small hands. Large hands

generally accompany diffident, self -deprecatory natures.

Small hands.
Small hands have large

ideas, great






only from


standpoint of



Large and Small. love of ease and pleasure. thick palm shows coarseness. Thus. misfor- tune in social and business affairs will be the result. That hand show A A thin dry hand betrays a nervous irritable temperament. the hollow inclines toward the line of life —domestic trouble the hollow is is foreshadowed. Hollow Pa ms. easily depressed and ever conscious of the tragedies of They are deeply thoughtful it is and sympathetic. Hard hands show excessive energy. is invariably considered unfortunate in Cheiro's observations have convinced him of the that the hollow always inclines more toward one portion hand than another and it it signi es misfortune for whatever line if inclines toward. hardened and brutal nature. deepest under the line of fate. When getic the hand is dry and hard it shows a severe. sensuality. An exceedingly hard hand shows a calous. under the heart it tells of unhappiness in love Personally I have observed that hollow.not '•hold on to money." hard and Soft hands. ener- and worrying nature. This of course does not allude to the will which has been hardened by manual labor. Soft hands denote indolence. life. Small hands are seldom lacking in self confidence and the j are often extremely conceited. When When affairs. They are pessimistic. and . A money hollow palm matters.palmed people are not happy. but probably due to their keen sympathies that they do. Hard and Soft Hands. They have excellent executive ability. for itself. * (u ensemble.

dissipation. toward laziness and selfishness.68 McIvor-Tyndall's Revelations of the Hand. . ' a disposition When thick as well as soft. Firm. elastic without soft. elastic hands is show intelligence and a well-balanced mind. A being good hand firm without being hard.

intensity of passion. as well as the temperament. are shown by a pal m very red in color. cheerful. palm quite white in color indicates an anaemic. materalism.CHAPTER The Color The color of the XIII. A A A A bright. 4 69 . and an inclination to apoplexy or heart disease. palm yellow in color indicates liver and kidney trouble. indiference. its palm is important in relation to the health of the individual. of the Palm. contented nature and good health are indicated by a firm. hasty temper. pink colored palm. as well as coldness. and a lack of sympathy. neural- gic condition.

It Tne absence not favorable. shows want of dignity and self respect —weakness of character. Mars. no one who has given the subject even the slightest attention. Saturn. the base of each finger. This is the development found at the base of the second . belongs to the domain of astrology. 70 /Hount of Saturn. It would be impossible to say. Venus. and love of display of Jupiter is —braggadocio. That we are more or less directly by the seven planets. religious fervor. which of the seven most influences the subject. in excess it gives over-bearing pride.CHAPTER XIV. will feel disposed to deny. The /nounts. When spirit. Jupiter. The development found at the base of the first finger is mount of Jupiter. Mercury. a student of the science of palmistry by an examination of the hand. enthusiasm. A\ount of called the cJupiter. and along the sides of the hand. a domineering arrogance. however. which are found at have descended to us from Astrological Palmistry. When well developed it denotes pride. ambition. That. the Sun and the Moon. a knowledge of which is not necessary in the study of palmistry. lofty aspirations. without going into the subject deeply. can tell planets. So also by observation. and love of power. just to the protuberances The name given what connection there influenced may be between the planets and the nerve centers of the hand.

In excess. haughtifrivolity. and the noble There are two mounts of fighting spirit of the soldier. sociability. a leaning toward the cccult and heart. It ature. brutality. The second mount of Mars is found below the mount of Mercury. base of the third finger.The Mounts. 71 love of study and investigation. business ability. thought. and denotes wisdom. found at the When liter- gives a love of the beautiful. versatility of ideas. gloomy nature silent and melancholy. sciences. finger. Mount of Mars- The first is found this name. resolution. mount it the development found at the base of the fourth separated from the of Mars by the line of shows aptitude for science. recklessness. shows an exaggeration of these qualities which If lacking it shows an absence of these qualities. music. Mount The mount which of Luna. patience. a desire for genius. eloquence. and resistance against misfortune. separated from it by the heart line. When normally developed. terminates the hand proper. cheerfulness. selfcontrol. glory. vanity. changeability of mood. of art. When firm and well developed it gives courage. it denotes extravagance. beneath the mount of Jupiter. — it Mount This mount well developed is of Apollo. and subtlety. It shows the courage that belongs to resolution. beauty and graciousness. In excess is it not lavorable. envy and Mount This finger is is of Mercury. profundity. activity. In excess ness. forbearance. and in a bad hand. riches. opposite the . fame. quarrelsome nature. gives hope. sadness and In excess it shows a morose. inside the life line. it shows an aggressive.

mount leans toward another. indicates violent An a cold. passion. sympathy. betrays the quality and extent of the love nature. thin mount of Venus shows nature. The development found ing its at the base of the thumb. love of beauty love and selfish and harmony. or the Moon. . most important blood well developed as under this mount situated one of the its vessels in the hand. is the mount of Venus. love of poetry. is the Luna. it indicates discontent. Thus if the mount of Apollo (the Sun) leans toward Mercury. the love of art and fame indicated by a qualities of the When that mount. sadness. and form It is third phalange. and poor vitality. When normally developed. • Blending of the Mounts. indicating the difference between deep A Venus small. upon development life. superstition. mystery and sentiment. modifying the characteristics of each. will be influenced by the commercial and scientific tendency of Mercury. largely depends the depth and color of the line of A firm mount It of Venus shows a full-blooded. harmony. healthy physique. high ideals.72 McIvor-Tyndall's Revelations of the Hand. of of mount mount Venus and below the second mount of Mars. unsympathetic abnormally developed mount of and brutal passions. In excess. romance. it blends with the mount toward which it leans. A\ount of Venus. and a tendency to morbid fancies. t shows imagination. It also shows -affection. is encircled by the line of life and.

.— The Mounts.PL A TE 11.


In instances where great changes have been brought about in ideas. It is also worthy of note that in rare cases where a person has been the "power behind the throne. for future tendencies. depending more upon the right than the hand. 75 . character and right active. The left hand can be said to be passive. environment and so forth. the right hand will be found very unlike the left. however. left hand in interpreting- on the principle that it] is nearer the heart. In an interesting book on this subject published in England in 1 5 3 1 the line of heart is given as the "Vital line. and possibilities.CHAPTER XV. while the right hand registers the effect of training. locality. the left hand will show success where the right does not. talents. has proven that the left hand indicates the natural or inherited tendencies. Right and Left HandsEarly disciples of the science of cheirosophy were accus- tomed to depend entirely upon the events. by managing their affairs. and the forecasting . social conditions or aspirations. It is therefore necessary to arriving at a left examine both hands before conclusion." Later observation. experience. the mainspring of life." and has attained success through some one else.

he should be able with the faculty of deduction. As in the study of music one pupil may far out dis taace another. ally long if the student should observe a person with an abnorm- first that he or she nate. volume of this size. the space between the fingers. their and some of their modifications: In arriving at it a definite conclusion. essential. the length and shape of the fingers. In the preceeding chapters are set forth. the texture of the skin. and the depth and character of the lines of mentality. he must not decide hastily is recklessly determined. the various types of hands. He phalange of the thumb. over-bearing and obstimust consider the type of hand. is A thorough knowledge of cheirognomy study of cheiromancy. of Cheirognomy. The although science I of palmistry can not be learned in a day ''seven lessons. so in the study of palmistry one may. before attempting a Thus. heart and life. all will be necessary to consider carefully points in connection with the various types. Thus according as the different characteristics indicated are blended and modified. whether the thumb itself is stiff or supple.CHAPTER Resume XVI. or upon the phenominal aptitude of his pupils. by ready 76 . to form a just conclusion. as clearly as possible in a characteristics. Certainly much depends upon the adaptability of the student." have seen advertisements guaranteeing to teach it in I am not advised as to whether the "teacher" depended upon some mystical power in the number seven.

finally "it. 77 comprehension and assimilation of the principles of the science.Resume of Cheirognomy. master in a comparatively short time what another may never be able to understand. But not in seven lessons. . declared that was quite too gift intricate for her. On the other hand. I have in mind a certain estimable woman who." Not all indeed. after devoting several years to the study of palmistry. are blessed with that of spiritual perception which makes the acquisition of knowledge merely absorptive.


of Heart. or the Sun. it will be found necessary to have made a thorough examination of the cheirognomy of the hand. The second part of the study of Palmistry is devoted to the interpretation of the lines and markings of the palm. advisable to divide them The seven principle lines are: The The The The The The The Line Line Line Line Line of Life. In it is treating of the lines of the hand. CHEIROMANCY. of Fate. of Mentality.PART SECOND. of Apollo. The Lines of the Hand. or Head. Girdle of Venus. 79 . Line of Health. Before forming an opinion of the exact meaning of this or that line or marking. CHAPTER I. into sevens.

learned by study- Map of the Hand. The locations of these lines can readily be ing Plate 12. The seven lesser lines are called: The Line of Mars. The Three Bracelets. . The Via Lascivia.80 McIvok-Tyndall's Revelations of the Hand. The Line of Intuition. The Line of Marriage.

(vlftRRIfter £ 2 Lit** Of /YaA? 12 -The Lines of the Hand. .


Plate 13— Seven Principal Lines .


however. again. the length and termination of the line of mentality must be considered in determining the length of life. This is the most important line of the hand and is never absent. the earlier in life will begin the self-reliance and in- dependence of the subject. It will be found to relate to all things touching the life of the subject such as health. Generally speaking. or it may may be long in one hand and be cut by the line of health. is. and continues it narrow. it is a positive indication ol closer to the health throughout the mount of Jupiter the starting point of the life. will prove very unsatisfactory and puzzling. deaths.CHAPTER The Line The II- of Life- line outside the mount of Mars. as the line or it may be broken. under the mount of and circling the mount of Venus. the line is irregular. indi- cates a long When and good health. that in others. a long line of life. deep and clear in some and pale and broad nate good and ill health. 85 . life life. life. Whenever in a the line of life is clear and deep. indicates a short line of life indicates a short a long This rule taken literally. duration of life. accidents. unbroken line around the mount of Venus. short in the other. is called the line of life. life it indicates feeble health ? and a weak nature. illnesses. etc. When parts. it indicates periods of alter- When The line of the line is made up ill of little links like a chain. losses Jupiter. changes. the line is pale and broad.

Fig. but clear and unbroken in the right. (Plate 14. Fig. heart and mentality are joined together under the (Plate 31.) Lines rising from the life line are favorable. Fig. (Plate 14. the indicates a When islands. (Plate 14.) A line rising from the line of life and ascending to the mount of Jupiter. there it is a slight space between the lines of self-reliant life and shows a nature. an independent move at that point of life. shows extreme sensitiveness. it it is found in both hands presages a violent death. (when too wide) the lines of in recklessness which logicand conceit. hand of J. 4. If life. They signify gain at the age at which they are marked. at the age at which they sudden death. (Plate 14. mount B. When mentality. 1. fate line and going to the mount of shows gain in wealth through line A line rising from the life and going direct to the . gratified ambition. A line rising from the life line Saturn along with the individual effort. When the line is connected with the line of mentality it shows a cautious. They signify loss of health or wealth. dif- fidence and self-consciousness. 3. shows success. 5.) of Saturn.86 McIvor-Tynd all's Revelations of the Hand. it life line ends abruptly without branch lines or This will be verified by the and mentality. Fig. When the line is broken in the left hand. prudent nature with a degree of sensitiveness. lines of fate appear. some dangerous illness is threatened which may be avoided.) Fine lines drooping from the life line are unfavorable. The wider ally results the space the more self-confidence. (Plate 14.) is When the line closely connected with the it mental line for a considerable distance.) plans. a very unfavorable When sign. one that will his not be be easily deterred from carrying out Fig. 2.

Plate 14— Life Lines. .


An its island on the Its life line shows an illness at the time of appearance. life. A square ness. generally an inherited disease. denotes celebrity in accordance with the type line crossing of the hand. Spots on the line are indications of weak vitality usually nervous diseases. duration can be ascertained by the length of the island. A from the line of life to the mount of Mer- cury. 89 of the Sun. When trouble and nifies the line ill of life is tasseled life. .The Line of mount Life. on the line of life denotes preservation from illfrom accidental death if the life line be broken within the life square. signifies success in business. If it signifies it health at the end of merely forked sig- death while away from home. island at the commencement of the line of shows unfavorable conditions at the time of birth. at the end. Signs on the Life Line- A cross An on the line of life indicates an accident. or scientific persuits accord- ing to the type of hand.

starting point the line of heart. the mental line rises from the just touches the line of life down mount of Jupiter. etc. a shrinking from publicity and a tendency to keep a firm check on line of mentality It is The found. He over-enthusiastic. tactful and cautious. but is not connected with the line of life. and the condition it mind. on the mount of Mars.CHAPTER III. the character and quality of the talent. The person be over cautious. largely of the health as affects the determines the intellect of the subject. When sloping the hand. When the mental line rises on the mount of Jupiter. will be somewhat impetuous. or from the mount of Jupiter. the subject will have the foregoing characteristics. and hasty. When life the mental line is closely connected with the line of it for a considerable distance. yet careful. The character and position of the line of mentality. or head. of the mental line denotes a sensitive. indicates the extreme will of the foregoing characteristics. over sensitive. on the normal hand. conscientious nature. It is more commonly found This position to rise from the commencement of the life line. and and continues across it shows an extremely ambitious nature with great pride and intellect. Line of Mentality. but will lack tact and self-control. When the space between the lines of life and mentality is ex- 90 . under on the side of the hand. determination and brain power. may have its the emotions. from the beginning of the life line.

clear and straight it denotes a practical. An abnormally short mental hand presages an early death. if 91 the When mount person the mental line starts from inside the it life line. in accordance with the type ot hand.Line of Mentality. When upward an extremely long straight of the line of mentality tends in the direction mount financial success in business. wanting. Fig. but practical.) (Plate 15. — shows a nervous. materialistic nature. The general characteristics of the line of mentality with- out regard to the type of hand are: Long. Fig. tremely wide.in intelligence. Fig. on the of Mars. (Plate 15. When and fate.) and a disposition neuralgic When deep line the line extends straight across the palm in a it indicates an unusual intellect. A short. it shows a lack of mentality. it promises literary talent. uncharitable2. 4. the person will be reckless. irritable and changeable inconstant and unstable in thought and action. and. on an otherwise brainy it the mental line ends abruptly. indicates a sudden life death at the age which will be indicated on the lines of When the line of mentality is broKen under the mount of . conceited. or Head. while the yearly deep and clear line of mentality shows the line profits net a million. that of Mercury. clearheaded person. 1. it denotes overwhelming business ability which pays its workers eighty cents a day. Fig. weak and short. Narrow. clear it of concentration (Plate 15. but. — When the mental line is chained and broad to it shows a lack headaches. 3.) When the line of mentality slopes toward the mount of Luna. a frivolous "empty-headed" person. line of mentality be also short. line. it also shows coldness. unless be balanced by the heart ness and selfishness. ending in two branches. but with (Plate 15.) a tendency toward aggressiveness.

If toward Mercury. tions mental line. partakes of the qual- solemnity. scientific investi- gation. shows preservation from an In determining the qualities indicated by the various posiof the mental lines it is very important that the type of hand should be carefully considered. Thus the natural mental line on the primitive hand is short. useful type) is straight on the square and fairly long. McIvor-Tyndall's Revelations of the Hand. it of that mount —love of study. and the normal and abnormal character of the line in relation to the type of hand be noted. I An mind. the person's mental energies will be directed toward the study of art or the attainment of celebrity. hand of J. commerce and science will claim the mind.92 Saturn. all denotes wonderful success in things. it is both hands (Plate 31. If the ities branch extend toward Saturn. deep and red. religion. ity. it is a positive indication of sudden death through some When nate sign. illness have always found to denote brain fever. it the line of mentality sends a branch to the mount of indicates that the mentality of the subject will be in- fluenced by ambition and desire for power. island on the line of mentality. B. fatality. mentality and heart are joined it is an extremely unforan invariable sign of some fatal- together under the if in mount of Saturn. the lines of life. If toward the Sun (Apollo). { •***. . for the line of mentality The normal hand (the position practical.) When Jupiter. or some temporarily affecting the A square on the injury to the head. It line on such a hand would give tion of the artistic type therefore follows that a long sloping head in place of the poetical imagina- —an element of fear and superstition. If the it mental line runs into a star on the mount of Jupiter.

Plate\15— Lines of Mentality. .


Any unnatural position or formation of the shows some characteristic out of keeping with the type of hand. char- Abnormal Characteristics Shown by the Line of Mentality. very sloping and connected with the line of idealistic. — slightly sloping to the mount of Luna. The is natural position of the mental line on the psychic hand life. The normal head line on the philosophic type of hand is long. It shows imagination combined with a practical nature and the - owner of such a hand would be sure to put to some practical use. visionary character.Line of Mentality. inspiration and love of the artistic and the beautiful. would simply modify in some degree the natural acteristics of the type. his power of imagination. found on the this type hand. Thus by logical deduction it is possible to account for and understand the combinations and modifications of the various characteristics shown by the lines. The psychic The of straight line of mentality therefore. sloping close to the line of life. The owner of such a hand can be either practical or imaginative. and set far down on the hand. The conic hand rep- resents impulse. of analysis and reflection which characterizes the philosophic type. gives to the natural love of study. an almost double nature. Thus. 95 Any significance tendency therefore to a sloping head line is of far more than if found on the psychic or conic types. or Head. an unnaturally sloping line of . It therefore follows that a straight head line on the conic type of hand adds to the natural talent the desire to practical use of his artistic abilities make and this element of "coma successful mon sense" turns the ease-loving dilettante into worker. He is will The be sure to be coldly analytical mercilessly critical. lines. The unnatural position therefore would be found in a This at once line of head which was straight across the palm. if type represents the sensitive. natural position of the mental line on the conic hand.

hand George Kelly. shows an abnormal imagination an unbalanced mentality. morose and is always melancholy nature. result in insanity. mentality. of Plate 29. by the line of mentality. The upper half represents intellect. The rising other abnormal position of the line of mentality. which may at any time.) Some lower that if palmists divide the hand into two hemispheres. its course — causing its death The strongest plea that can be is made in favor of the study of the science of palmistry. the coarser life. to murder will not be found in the hand save in some warning sign that the violence of the temper. depressed.{ . (the Moon). that by disclosures aware of the dangers which threaten us them. in a In the latter case the tendency fit of rage kills his enemy. just as a rushing torrent if unstemmed and de- sweeps everything from struction. If this division be admitted as reliable.)Q McIvob-Tynd all's Revelations of the Hand. if uncontrolled. half. is high on the hand and running into the line of heart v This formation indicates murderous tendencies. "This" one writer on the study remarks. in order that we are made we may avert . particularly where they have been murder- instincts of the subject will rule the ous in their instincts. must inevitably cause trouble." But there are various causes which lead to the taking of life and the man who commits crime for the sake of crime will have a far different hand to the man who. extending far down on the mount of Luna. This is all the more possible if the mount of Saturn be — also much developed. it naturally follows the line of mentality be set high on the hand. has been a mply proven by the hands ofthose who have led a life of crime. under a severe mental strain. the materialism. as a very full mount of Saturn indicative of a gloomy.

indicates a lowT er type of son will be selfish and rising high more animal in his love. quiet and lasting affection without the intensity and jealousy of the preceeding type. When it Saturn.CHAPTER The Line To tell IV. The The perline upon Saturn. position of the heart line on a normal hand is rising from the mount of Jupiter. it shows the highest type of love. the line rises between the mounts of Jupiter and shows a deep. . of Heartfor those signs the line of heart we look not only which us of the quality and quantity of the subject's affection. The either When tion. demanding perfec- When the line rises far up on the mount. of Saturn. under the love. sometimes 97 to the base of the fingers. but also for the condition of the health as shown by the circulation of the blood. It the line rises from the mount of Jupiter. strength. When mount the line it rises low down in the hand. ideality and constancy in affecalso exacts much from those loved. or between the mounts of Jupiter and Saturn and sweeping in a slight curve across the palm to the side of the percussion under the mount of Mercury. tion. characteristics denotes the excess of the foregoing — intensity of feeling and jealousy. even to the root it of the finger of Jupiter.

broken tells what brought about the trouble. When When the line is chained and rising from under Saturn(Plate 16. improper blood circulation. Fig. When the heart line lies down close to the head line. Thus. shows an utter lack of affection and sympathy.) This broken condition of the heart line would naturally be found only where the broken attachment had seriously affected the health. if the line be broken under Saturn. it occurred through caprice. in shows the excess of the foregoing characteristics culminating gross sensuality. Fig. the heart line is 1. line lies close up to it. it. pale and broa I When it indicates. Fig. Excess of affection straight across the is indicated by a heart side to side. 3. 2.) broken signifies great disappoint- The mount under which it is ment through the affections. it — cold-hearted indifferent nature. If under Mercury. the head Lines rising from the line of head to the heart line denote affections which have influencel the subject more or If the less. the heart line is in the normal position high on the hand and the head will rule the heart.98 McIvor-Tyndall's Revelations of the Hand. through financial considerations. line lying- hand from This formation will almost in- without a good line of mentality to balance (Plate 16. When however. and the line of mentality be long and straight. the heart will rule the head. fate was responsible for the affair. .) evitably lead the subject into folly through excess of feeling. heart line be almost it absent. Fig. A deep red line of heart indicates violent passion. 4. (Plate 1(3. A short thin line of heart shows an absence of deep affec- tion as well as a lack of vitality.) When the heart line rises abruptly without branches. If under Apollo. first of all. (Plate 10.

"F^v Plate 16 - Heart Lines. .


can be relied upon to mean a fatality.The Line of Heart. it is a most unfortunate sign. When the lines of heart. usually through an affair of the heart. under Saturn. lines of fate must be looked on the . it 101 presages sudden death. confirmation of which for and life. life and mentality are joined together under the mount of Saturn. and if found in both hands.

presence insure it. not at least. changes of circumstance. others are the children of destiny. force alters the life's course and sends it irresist- some unforeseen ibly in another direction. pected. V. or not there be a "destiny which shapes our ends rough-hew then how we long been a subject for Personally. This is sub- stantiated istry 1 by the fact that in the study of the science of palm- have found that a distinct fate line does not always mean world considers success. It is this: Some persons shape own fate. to order their lives in accordance They are victims or victors of the unex- Struggle and plan as they will in a given direction. I have a theory which observation has con- vinced their me is at least possible. the line of fate or destiny-. as the have further noticed that' persons whose line of fate is strongly marked. uals have the ordering of their "why should some individown lives. environment of material I do not hold as do other students of the Neither does will.CHAPTER The Line To dents. Whether dispute. etc. we and downs" of life. while others are at we call fate?" To me. it is sometimes called. admit their inability with their plans. for accitroubles. of Tate. success." has its science that the absence of a fate line precludes the probability success. absolutely convinced of the principle of re-incarna- 102 . as look for evidences of the "ups obstacles. I success. Naturally the question the mercy of a power arises.

103 T the answer is logical enough. there will be times when they will be conscious of their They will tell you that they are "lucky" or "unlucky" as the case may be. all The object of earth life the development of the consciousness that a part of the Great we are each and Whole. and however materialistic and practispiritual entity. Application of this theory to the facts of palmistry therefore.The Line of Fate. Of what benefit to the world is goodness only through experience. the presence of a distinct line . Their spiritual more acute. if it does not help? sympathize or understand? have never felt? And how can we And how we cannot help can when we can not we understand if we the If realize motives which prompt sinner? to sin. since the object of earth life must be progression. This knowledge can be gained The perfection of character does not mean the walling ourselves about with so-called virtue and abhorrence of error. tion. From my point of view. environment. would indicate that the instead of promising worldly success. fate line. must be the growth the soul. simply proves the spiritual growth viduality of the subject. is The ego previous to re-birth recognizes that which needed for spiritual growth of and chooses its own environment. and governing material forces there must be a The object of this law must be the attainment of the highest good. which embra3es infinite wisdom and in- Back of finite love —-the attributes of God. The pri- mitive hand never shows a fate line and yet I have seen hands closely bordering on the primitive type in possession of a great deal of wealth. what right have we to pronounce against the spiritual law. while — the indi- the line of the Sun (Apollo) shows the direction of that individuality. It is a peculiar fact that people with a distinct line of fate are always impressionable perception cal their is and intuitive.

although may men- from the line of life. Rising from the wrist and ascending in a straight." When early life. un- broken line to the mount of Saturn.101 McIvor-Tyndall's Revelations of the Hand. Just what environment we have chosen. shows unhappiness in early ambitions thwarted. a youth spent in subjuga- tion to the will of others. Fig. ject it shows that the sub- must struggle through early life. (Plate 17. can be very accurately seen by an examination of the line of fate. the line of heart. Rising from the mount of Luna. the line of fate is uneven.) When the fate line ascends to the mount of Jupiter. (Plate 17. etc. the be influenced by imagination and caprice. politicians. or the line of tality. 1. The rise line of fate usually rises either from the wrist. This position of the fate line is frequently fonnd on the hands of those who are constantly before the public — actors. it indicates that through generosity. orators. energy and personal effort Rising from the line of mentality. it the plain of Mars. line of heart. life. Fig.) it foreshadows a smooth life will and happy life. chained or formed in it a series of crosses at the commencement. kindness of heart and good deeds. it . Rising from the hope for his success. of fate does mean success. 2. or from the mount of Luna. Rising from the line of will be a factor in life. shows the person under the guidance power —the invisible influence which is erroneously styled "luck. learning the lessons of perseverance. the subject may the When mount of spiritual the line of fate it is joined by a ray line from to be of Luna. and reaping the reward of steady application and good judgment. as it proves the individual's attain- ment to a certain plane of development.

ftyV* Plate 17— Lines of Fate. .


When Jupiter it the line of fate sends an or branch toward shows a the rise in life at that age —an of increase of influ- ence and power. crossed and changes. Fig. environment. denotes the person's acquisition of 107 power and influence. comwill claim the attention. accident. straight to the mount denotes success in music or literature according to the type of hand. continues in its course. 3. (Plate 17. business. ambition and for power will rule the life. it shows that the troubles will be overcome. but broken. (Plate 17. merce or science Complete breaks in the line of fate show troubles and If the ends of the broken line overlap and the line losses. it line of fate is long life. fate line the ascends art. desire desire by the qualities of whatever mount it Thus if directed toward Jupiter.) in Crosses on the line of fate show the changes the life.) A^square on the line of fate shows protection from adversity. Fig. it its course on the mount to any of the other will indicates that the efforts of the subject be governed seeks. is a An island on tue fate line sign of misfortune. of good shows an eventful full and bad fortune.The Line of Fate. toward Mercury. denotes success in business. pride. the off. it the fate line ascends in a straight line to the it mount of of Mercury.shoot ability as well as the desire to rule. The natural termination of the fate line Therefore when this line directs mounts. if toward the Sun (Apollo. 4. . is of Saturn. A double line of fate promises a public career. When When Apollo. etc. When irregular.) for fame and an artistic career. etc.

Revelations Absence of a fate line o* the Hand. insignifi- by no means indicates an cant or obscure life. simply belong little to Hands in which there is no line of fate. people who are materialistic and practical with or no faculty of intuition. .108 McIyor-Tyndall's .

in several little shows diversity of success seldom attends any of them. unless the other signs on the hand are most the line ends on the parallel lines. When the line of the Sun rises from the Jife line. the plain of Mars. fame. If the other signs in the hand are favorable. A the desire clear. promises wealth and distinction through the talents. is variously the line rising in the lower half of the to the line of fate running parallel — hand and ending on the mount of from the life (Plate 13. It represents love of art and beauty. according to the type of hand. the or mount of Luna. the line of mentality. VI. talents and success. it favorable.CHAPTER The Line The termed. Apollo. a fame. it enhances the success 109 . well-formed line of Apollo on the spatulate hand conic types. while on psychic and for it may be only a love of art. it Like the line of may rise line. wealth.) fate. the line of heart. talent. When mount of the Sun (Apollo). or Fortune. the seven principal lines. Rising from a good line of fate. or Sunas it is line of the Sun. it shows a life governed by a love of the artistic and the beautiful. of Apollo. it means success in a good line of the A Sun with a chosen career. Apollo. but dominant mount of Jupiter indicates the favor of persons of distinction and influence.

line. it (Plate 18. or histrionic ability. it denotes wealth. promised by the fate wealth according to and indicates fame. 1. after a denotes success won hard struggle. A person cultivating the type of hand. Fig 2. Rising from the plain of Mars. and a fair degree of success late in When talent the line of the in three deep lines to Sim forms three branches which ascend the mount of Apollo. 3. and in matters of dress. On a practical taste hand this talent may show originality etc.) denotes life. 4. distinction. on the artistic or the literary type of hand. Fig. (Plate 13. beauty. shows success won love of art and through brain power and judgment.110 McIvor-Tyndall's Revelations of the Hand.) A chained line of Sun. house decoration. shows lack of continuity of purpose.) with a good line of the Sun. broken line of Sun. and fame. shows success won through some attribute of that mount literary talent. or it the desires. shows ability and talent without A success.) A branch from the mount of Lima joining the line of the Sim. Fig. millinery The absence success. it Rising from the line of mentality. possess artistic itself in talent. even though never will art. Rising from the line of heart. denotes obstacles in the way of (Plate 18. (Plate 18. of a line of the Sun in both hands. according to —imagination. Fig. .

. Plate 18— Lines of Apollo .

The Line of
Tins line
panied by a


Health, or Liver-

also called the Hepatica,
line, called the


and is often accomVia Lascivia. Most writers







lower part



hand, either the rascette or the
of the health line,

life line,

as the starting point

and the mount of Mercury as its terminaof the Hand.) Cheiro, the most eminent of the American exponents of this science, places the beginning of the line of health on the face of the mount of Mercury, taking its course down the hand.

(Plate 12,


This theory I




the correct one.


logic of

this theory is not

hard to



been clearly demon-

strated that the life line shows the natural duration of the life;

marked on the life line, by a break or which it occurs. It therefore follows that the point at which the life line is cut by the line of health, marks the climax of whatever disease is indicated by the health line, the beginning of which is noticed farther up on the palm.
death from accident

cut at the point of

life at


also, it logically follows that the

absence of this line





promising continued good


A straight, clear line of health going straight down the hand without touching the line of life, promises a long life and A rather weak line of life will be strengtha good digestion. ened by a health line of this character. When the health line is uneven and broken it indicates.


McIvor-Tyndall's Revelations of the Hand.

poor digestion which


lead to bad circulation, anaemia,


weak lungs.




accompanied by a

chained heart-line.


the health line


very red in color, especially at the

line of heart,

indicates a tendency to heart disease.


very red and broken,

of anger, brutality


the line

joins the lines

it shows a nature much given and excesses. of health is absent from the hand, save where, it of heart and mentality, it indicates brain fever.

When When

formed with small red
the health line



shows a feverish

condition of the physical system.

broken and very red where

crosses the line of mentality, it indicates a

to apoplexy.


sister line, the


is accompanied (not too close) by the Yia Lascivia -which should terminate at the gives force and strength to the vital energies.

the health line



Girdle of Venus-

This line must not be confounded with the ring of Saturn,

although some writers erroneously make no distinction between
the two.


girdle of



between the mounts of Jupiter

and Saturn, thus forming a circle between the fingers of Apollo and Mercury, enclosing the mounts of Apollo (the Sun) and (Plate 13, the Seven Principal Lines.) Saturn. I have invariably found the girdle upon the hands of people possessing the most refined, artistic and gifted natures, and I am at a loss to account for the disfavor with which it has been regarded by writers on the science. When extending in a clear unbroken circle it denotes a highly emotional, impressionable temperament extremely nervous and excitable.





suppose then, that these characteristics

added to an otherwise bad hand, would be unfavorable. This may have given rise to the almost universally accepted idea

among cheiromants


the girdle of



a bad indica-


However sign upon
it is



varied observations, I have never found


bad hand.


although I do not maintain

never to be found on a bad hand, I unhesitatingly place


most favorable indications of character
that during


found in the palm.



first visit to





As his own hand was marked with a clear unbroken circle. It was with evident reluctance that he showed me his palms.116 certain McIvor-Tyndall's Revelations of the Hand. he knew to be an inaccuracy. all of which united in regarding the girdle of Yenus in a most unfavorable light. and expressed my satisfaction that my own palms bear the same sign of intuition. he was quite unable to account for what. famous pianist whose inspirational playing was the wonder and delight of his audiences. I reassured him. in his case at least. inspiration and aptitude for mysticism. I found that he had become much interested in the study of palmistry and that he had purchased several works on the science. .

On the square and primitive hands. the Line of A\ars tuition. Via. office of of life. it shows lawlessness. The Line first of A\arsrising on the inside the line The line of Mars is a clearly denned line. mount of Mars. intemperance and disposition to engage in wild adventure. the presence of the line of an aggressive. close to and (Plate 12. If also well developed. civia. the health line indicates robust vitality. Lascivia is and the Line of In- a line running parallel to the line of (Plate 12.) It bears the same relation to the line of health that the line of Mars does to the life line. Lascivia. Map of the Hand. the presence of a strong Yia Lascivia denotes excess of passion. as the life line on these types as strong as on the preceeding types. is never When found beside a weak 117 .) is The energy the the line of Mars to strengthen and give if to the life line. quarrelsome spirit. strong appetites and a tendency toward dissipation. IX. and running. Mars shows the mount of Luna be a The line of Mars on the psychic and the philosophic hand has a far different meaning. When the line of health shows weakness. Map of the Hand. it is strengthened by the presence of the Via Las- When however. life line is strong.CHAPTER The Via The health.

It is (Plate 12. sition to bear uncomplainingly the "ills we have. ion is to others." Such a person will endure through sheer nerve force and will. of Intuition. It may also be found on the The position of this line is rising on the mount of Mercury and descending in a semi-circle to the mount of Luna. and the dispolife line.) impressionIt indicates a delicately poised temperament able and sensitive. it denotes the power of divination — — ance. of the Hand.118 McIvor-Tyndall's Revelations of the Hand. The Line Some this line. . writers on the science of palmistry. Map also called by some writers the line of Luna. In conjunction with the "mystic cross" in clairvoythe quadrangle. pain and ill-health which would kill another. philosophic and the conic types. the line of life line therefore. even line of intuition be absent. Where though the the psychic. does not foreshadow death as in the case of a life line not thus reinforced. Mars strengthens and repairs the It shows the power to fight disease. philosophic or conic hand has a very full percussion I find the faculty of intuition pronounced. Thus a bad break in a life line which is strengthened by a line of Mars. This gift of perception in its highest development is found is to on the psychic type of hand. I consider it make no note of very important. as the faculty of intu- ition some persons what the power of analysis and deductIt might be called unconscious reasoning.

for the exact year. (Plate 12. Children. can be very accurately life determined from the marriage line alone. to lines directly relating marriage are those transof Mercury. above the verse lines to be found on the heart line. The date of marriage or marriages. and in cases where the marriage relationship has been sustained for any length of time the markings will be the same as in the case of a legal union. when near the base of the alliance will occur after middle age. and environment. The The rule to follow in determining the marriage lines is to regard the deep long lines as relating to marriage. although the and fate lines should always be looked to. of AAarriage. about half way up the mount. short lines relate to affairs of the heart. Thus by a little observation of the position of these lines 119 . the marriage will take place about the age of twenty-five. mount Map of the Hand. or contem- plated marriage.) heart which These lines relate to affairs' of the have en- dured for some time or which have greatly affected the life.CHAPTER The Line The X. A marriage lasting any length of time will lines be found corroborated by influence life near the lines of and fate. and little finger. the marriage will be early in —before the age of twenty. Nature does not recognize the marriage ceremony. When When the the marriage line life is very close to the heart line. Where it is the marriage involves change of position easily traced.

it the line droops gradually. a lack of harmony line in the married life.) When the line abruptly broken. (Plate 19. the married for the time is it endures. 1.120 McIvor-Tyndall's Revelations of the Hand. Fig. of trie per- son's wife or husband. it (Plate 19. A drooping marriage line. the marriage line ends abruptly in a cross. A from the marriage if line to the mount of Apollo. An island on the marriage line denotes serious trouble in life. 3. one of which inclines toward the center of the hand. denotes separation usually divorce. line. with fine lines falling from signifies illness and the gradual decline of life. Fig. Fig. although no separation takes place. a in comparison with the length of the life very accurate estimate may be made of the age at which engagements or the heart line. and continuing beside it. deis notes marriage with a person of distinction. the my observation. A short fine line rising from the marriage line. Fig. a misalliance riage cutting the line of Apollo. This all the more pronounced the line of Apollo (the Sun) end in a star. inhere man refused to con- . ending in two branches. shows an estrangement.. 2. When it is the line of marriage droops toward a sure sign of widowhood. it When de^ notes the sudden termination of the marriage bond —-usually by (Plate 19.) When it. (Plate 19. is an indication of a happy and contented union. 4. accidental death to the person's wife or husband.) So the opposite. A clear well-formed marriage without breaks or crosses. is an indication of trouble and separation.) line. a drifting apart. is shown by the line of mar- In a certain case which came under a marriage ceremony' was performed. * marriages occur.

Plate 19— Marriage Lines. .


The Line of Marriage. or chained lines show delicate children while a deep line suddenly broken or ending in a cross. Some hands show these lines very distinctly. This I think is due to whether the person feels the responsibility of children. 123 The girl's health was seriously tinue the marriage relation. Children. 1 observed this formation on one occasion in the hand of a woman whose only son was detimes disgrace A line — — formed. undermined through grief over the trouble and I was not surprised to see a short marriage line formed in a heavy cross. The perpendicular The deeper children. at lines relating to children finer the end of the marriage line.. lines under the finger of Mercury. Children. are the lines are the male and the lines the female The weak of a child. . while in other hands they are scarcely discernible. or not. The lines are naturally more distinct in the hands of mother^ than of fathers. shows the death formed in an island shows great misfortune somethrough a child.

) denotes the qualities implied by the name given to it — natural wisdom. chained or wavy rascette. wealth and happiness. belong to people who speculate a great deal on the mysteries of life. The same rules that apply to the other lines are also applicable to these. the same as in the lines of life and heart. The Rascette and Minor The "base Lines. forms called the "magic bracelet. of name given to the circle enclosing the mount (Plate Jupiter and is not commonly found on the palm. as in a hand showing robust health. The Ring of Solomon. a Thus. the rascette will be found more clearly marked than in the weak constitution. Thev are much interested in occult subjects. I have found it relating to health alone. This is the 12. I have always found that hands showing this line.) it When the what is three lines are found clearly marked. rascette is the name given to the is three lines drawn at the of the hand forming what (Plate 12. shows weak heart action. The Ring The ring of of Saturn. a Saturn is enclosing the circle c mount of 124 .CHAPTER XI. Map sometimes called the three of the Hand. Map It of the Hand. Personally. bracelets." said by the gypsies to mean health. intuitive knowledge.

. 125 When sometimes confounded with the girdle of Venus. it ambitions. It is Lines.The Rascette and Minor Saturn. unbroken. it indicates a life of hard work and thwarted a well-balanced hand. When broken. but only after a severe struggle with adversity.. and in cess shows that suc- maybe won.

they show persons a line crosses the line of life it who will influence our affections. A little care will readily enable the student lines with to avoid conthe founding these ray fine lines the line of Mars. inside the life are shorter than the line of Mars. life When When Line c. (Plate 20.CHAPTER XII.) these lines cross the only. denotes brain trouble. it mentality be also chained or dotted.) a favorable influence over the (Plate 20. which rise and droop from the Lines of influence on the line. mount of Venus and cutting the line life show obstacles and worries. They rise and end to somewhat abruptly. denotes a. Lines of Influence and Travel Lines.) life line to they cross the the line of mentality. 126 . they indicate domestic troubles. Line Lines rising on the line. of life. denotes mental tiouble. line rising on the mount of Venus. they (Plate 20. touching the line of indicates marriage at that age. When When When line they cross the line of fate. they cut the line of heart. show an influence over our ideas and judgment. When line the influence line it is clear and runs parallel the life. or with line of life. Line b. and just reaches the If the line of of mentality. A life. mount of Venus. they denote interference in our success and worldly interests.

Plate 20— Lines of Influence .


) some fatality.) latter relate to the longer lines from the rascette These neys. The cross on a travel line presages misfortune. Line b — b. it indicates great gain in power and influence in connection with a journey. according as the lines show. Line d. it signifies (Plate 21. Line line cross the hand to Jupiter. show successful journeys. betrays an impression- nature. 129 A line cutting the line of life line of marriage. it indicates some injury affecting the head through the journey. Should such a (Plate 21. a person dependent upon others in matters of affection or business. relate to short and less important journeys. these lines cross each other.) Travel lines slanting upward. (Plate 21. and will be corroborated and more important jourby changes on the lines of life and fate.) The short horizontal lines on Luna. If to Mercury. Lines of Travel. If it goes to Saturn. Line c — c. celebrity. and reaching across ^o the (Plate 20.) If to Apollo. a—a. denote disappointments. signifies divorce. and end in a cross or break. it shows repeated jour- Should a travel line cross the hand to the line of mentality. those curving downward. it is suppose that a hand showing many lines of influence. unexpected wealth. Line d. (Plate 21.Lines of Influence and Travel Lines.) logical to From able these observations. the square . (Plate 21. Lines of travel are those horizontal lines found on the mount to the of Luna and the perpendicular mount of Luna. When neys.

McIvor-Tyndall's Revelations of the Hand. and their disappearance proves that the tendency has been changed. from threatened danis (Plate 21.130 on a ger.) An important fact to be remembered that lines appear and disappear in a short time. . line of travel indicates preservation . Line e. Their appearance indicates a tendency in certain directions.

.Plate 21— Lines of Travel.


A A lines. lines are neither pale nor broad. fairly deep and evenly formed. Lines activity.CHAPTER XIII. sister line strengthens the character of the line. indecision and lack of concentration. chained nor They are clear. gives increased brain power. A forked power line. Character of the Lines. and wasted nerve -force. evil or disaster before 133 . Lines pale and broad indicate weak vitality. energy and Tasseled lines show weakness and a qualities indicated breaking up of the Wavy by the line. Breaks in the lines are danger signals. excepting the line of life. Well formed wavy. and chained lines show hesitation. show robust health. often uniting the literary or artistic temperament. a sister line tection. forked line of mentality. It is always well to look for more than one indication of deciding so important a point. the if protects break and the threatened misfortune is averted or at least lessened. Thus. running along by the side of any of the main and denotes proa break be found in the fate line. red in color. gives increased to the line. with practical ability.

Worry Lines. . nervous temperament. On These the hands of highly nervous. worrying natures will be little found numerous lines fine lines running in all directions. have no other significance than that they betray a worrying.134 McIvor-Tyndall's Revelations of the Hand.

N 2} 31 O ! N N o 6a ! / / i K o 2 I / \ 0> * .


Star. The star on the mount of Jupiter promises honors. indicating the acquisition of these things through a happy a this sign On woman's hand often marriage. according to the portion of the hand on which they are found. Fig. promises wealth without — — happiness. the signs of the different planets are sometimes found. power and distinction. (Plate 24. although rarely. the grille. the triangle. (Plate 23. A on Saturn denotes an unenviable distinction some Some writers regard this as denoting parI have never seen it verified.) When found end of the line of the Sun (Apollo). the dot. (Plate 24. A alysis. to be found in the palm of the hand are the cross. star is a mark of distinction. 1 b. the the half circle. The signs have a different meaning. The marks circle. is 1 gratified ambition. Fig. at the 1 — c. Whether for good or depends upon the other points of the hand and the position of the star.) In addition to these.CHAPTER XIV- Signs round on the Palm. the star. The The evil. (Plate 24. — a.) found joined to a cross. Fig. star disgrace or fatality. the square. the island.) star on the mount of Apollo. how- 137 .

Fig. A star on — g. i--h. science.) the mount it of Luna.) The square on the line of fate shows preservation from social (Plate 24. Fig. Fig 1 — d. — c. business or political life. 2 a. 1 e. (Plate 24. 1 tary honors and distinction. The star on Venus.) in affairs of other signs in the hand. imaginative may be insanity or suicide.. 2 the line of mentality shows preservation from disaster to the mind.) denotes mili(Plate 24. or again may be poetry. the mount of Mars. or through dishonesty. according to the (Plate 24. it McIvor-Tynd all's Revelations of the Hand. 2 affections. literature.) denotes the attainment of success through patient endurance. Fig. (Plate 24. . — The Square. of Venus marks preservation from (Plate 24. To the person possessing this sign will come no sorrow through i. is a sign of protection It is and preservation from also indicative of calmness and presence life The square on the line of shows preservation from death age at which it appears. 2 — e.) unrequited affection. denotes distinction (Plate 24. Fig.) A star on the mount of Mars. Fig. art. according to the character of the hand.) on Mercury promises success in literature. scheming. Fig.) A star on . Fig. Fig. The square on themount through the passions. 2 — or financial ruin. 1 — f. promises celebrity and social distinction. fortitude and A — self-control.) The square on (Plate 24. Fig. either through accident or mental strain. — c. (under Jupiter. The square danger and of mind. (Plate 24. at the evil. denotes distinction through It the faculties of that mount. 1 the heart. — a.) The square on through the evil the heart line shows preservation from sorrow (Plate 24. etc. Fig. (Plate 24. as the result of ability and star talent. (under Mercury.138 ever.

?fc ccr 1 g rKX 40 1 .


often threatens sudden or accidental death. indicates disappointment in the 3—b.) it On the mount of Apollo pursuit of fame or success. (Plate 24. of the two can be determined by the lines of (Plate 24. (Plate 24. (Plate 24. life Which Apollo. The marriage. find the 3— a.) On Mars (under Mercury) it tells of constant opposition and struggle against adverse circumstances. Fig. 3— f. Fig.g. 3 — and i. and excesses gers The square on Saturn denotes preservation from the dangers of that mount or from some fatality. unfavorable influences.Signs Found on the Palm.) The cross on Venus love. 141 protection from the danof that mount.3.) The prises. (Plate 24. (Plate person. quadrangle. (Plate the battle-field or in a quarrel. between the lines of heart . indicates a great disappointment in Crosses on the line of fate show changes in the life or losses. Fig.) On Saturn. This can always be verified by other signs. Fig. Fig. 24.) The square on any mount denotes — The Cross. The person with such a mark must always fight hard in the battle of life. except Jupiter. 3 — a. cross indicates obstacles or changes. on the mount of when it is when found one of the signs of a happy it (Plate 24.Fig. 24. Fig. 3 — c. Fig.) cross on the The mount of Mars (under Jupiter) indicates danger of death on according to the type of hand on which it is found.) The The cross above the line of heart shows the death of cross in the some loved one. cross on It is I Mercury denotes failure in business enterconsidered by some to be the mark of a dishonest former interpretation the correct one. 2 f.

the island shows severe illness.) line of heart weakness of the heart.) shows financial loss. (Plate 24. (Plate 24. unhappy attachment. (Plate 24. a sign of misfortune either in health. financial its affairs. (Plate 24. on a good mount and a good hand it circle or the crescent a favorable sign. great loss of vitality for the time it lasts. indicates misfortune and obscurity through lack of ambition and pride. Fig. or temporary obscurity.142 McIvok-Tyndall's Kevelations o* the Hand.) On the line of Apollo. On any of the important lines. signifies a lean- and mentality. an island on a full mount of Jupiter indicates weakness brought on by excessive ambition over-work.) An island on the line of mentality. denotes misfortune. where the health had been impaired by the worry incident to it." and ing toward mysticism. is called the "mystic cross.) On the line of health. according to life location. (Plate 24. (Plate 24. with a poor line of mentality and a generally weak hand. 4 a. When . if long and distinct conIf small and the line of mentality stitutional mental weakness. — On the line of fate. the island — — — f. 4-) The The is Circle and the Crescent. The island on a weak mount of Jupiter. Fig. Fig. affection or reputation. — Fig. 4 island — a. 4 d. nervous prostration. 4 e. The The island is Island. Thus. Fig. An An island on the line of indicates a severe illness. Fig. some severe mental 4 c. it denotes brain fever. 4 I have also found it in cases of financial failure. (Plate 24. on the — — — otherwise good. the island shows loss of social position. Fig. or strain. An island formed on any of the mounts shows misfortune or weakness through the qualities of that mount.

jfrw$fer. 4L P<£4AQ>. The Cross.{Z—t At-TUfsJU^. vfy Plate 24.The Star. The Square. The Island .


Fig. pessimism. (success) fies trouble and anxiety through an error in judgment —a which spoils the life. If Dot. will result in too much pride or ambition. Fig. dot on the line of marriage. do not regard the it grille as a very it is important sign. stance. on the head line it indicates a mental shock. found on the line of life it indicates a nervous ill- A A red dot on the line of health. mount of Saturn it will result in restlessness. The desire for never a full satisfied. it 145 signifalse unites the lines of fate. when found on the heart line. The circle on the line of mentality. mentality and Apollo. Thus the grille on a mount able indication.Signs it Found on the Palm. The person will be too serious and thoughtful On — even melarOn a 1 -- 1 we Apollo it shows a constant longing for . indicates a fever. When When ness.) is an indication of domestic (Plate 25. worry. (Plate 25. the is It chiefly denotes activity. and as generally found upon the mounts. step The The system. simply denotes activity it is in the qualities of flat mount a favor- on which found. Peris said by some cheiromants to indicate loss of eyesight. 1. 2. The [ Grille. black grief.) sonally I have never been able to verify this. while on a full mount it exaggerates the qualities for in- of the mount. The power is grille on a well developed mount of Jupiter. of a dot is an indication shock to the nervous red it shows a tendency to heart failure.

On Mars general in planning and management. On Saturn it denotes ability and science found subjects.) The The triangle is Triangle. imaginative to a degree.146 McIvor -Tyndall's Revelations of the Hand. Fig. On Luna the grille indicates a romantic. dishonest nature. On business the mount of Mercury the man or the clever politician who uses shows the shrewd method and sci- ence in gaining his end. under Mercury. presence of . When management of found on Jupiter it denotes ability and science in the affairs. A science in winning the affections of those person possessing this sign will use whom he desires. is wealth. laws of things. the insignia of science wherever found. of a general shows a (under Jupiter) the triangle gives the ability of a This sign on the hand man who will it On Mars. investigation. It should be in the found on the hand of diplomats." (Plate 25. fame. On Luna intuition. in the pursuit of fame. On ful. a much developed mount of Mercury it shows a deceit- avaricious. diplomacy and triangle sci- ence. dissatisfied temIt perament. according as the hand strong or weak. have an instinctive knowledge of the the faculty of seeing below the surface of will On Venus the triangle shows calmness and self-restraint in matters of affection. conduct a scientific warfare denotes calmness. produces that condition which Ella Wheeler Wilcox so aptly describes as "A homesick longing of the soul which can not find its satisfaction here. the triangle unites science with imagination and Such people life. art or pleasure. position. in study of pro- the reading of character and in scientific On the line of Apollo it shows method. 3. people and government.

7 he Triangle. The Dot. .Plate 25— The Circle. The Gt tile.


4. lines of 149 life. mind and is strategy. mentality or fate to signify a surgical operation. but one which I have never seen recorded elsehave had an opportunity of verifying many times. This an observation which I where. (Plate 25. I have found this sign on the health.) .Signs Found on the Palm. Fig.

When unlined it is well colored and shows a calm. 1. unsettled life. This space includes the upper. ac- cording to the type of hand.) through their very lack of independence may win them friends. (Plate 26.CHAPTER XV- The Great Triangle and the Quadrangle. The quadrangle mentality. it shows worry. When this space is broad and well formed it shows quick intelligence. contented nature and a smooth.) When very narrow denotes extreme diffidence and self consciousness. lower and middle angles. self-reliance and tolerance lor (Plate 26. breadth of mind. even the space enclosed in this triangle existence. Their attitude of acquiescence 2. mentality and health. When irritability the space is much lined and crossed and a changeful. The Quadrangle. cowardice and want of intellect. will Persons with a narrow triangle never assert themselves either actively or mentally. Its best is the space between the lines of heart and is formation wide at both ends and not nar- 150 . Fig. or meanness. The great triangle is the space formed by the lines of life. Fig. and encloses the plain of Mars. it the opinions of others. although they may succeed in life and liberality.

.Plate 26— The Great Triangle and the Quadrangle.


Fig.The Great Triangle and the Quadrangle.) Too much space in the quadrangle with a long and deep heart line indicates a want of discretion — reckless indifference to the opinion of the world. although he may prefer Such some pre- other name for his views. 3. it shows lack of sympabe narrow-minded. Fig. row at the center. a person will be at heart a socialist. The person will (Plate 26.) When intellect. a brilliant generosity and great sympathy with humanity. prejudiced and bigoted. When the quadrangle narrows in the center. thy and understanding. 4. thus formed shows a well balanced mind. so that it sents the appearance of an hour glass. 26. . 153 (Plate showing the space it clear and unlined.

is accurate settling of dates for past or future events in the one of the greatest stumbling blocks of palmistry. although some persons claim to be able to tell one's "lucky days. I way of the student have never had any difficulty in correctly estimating the time of an event in the past and as far as I know in the future also. If there is difficulty at first in determining the date of an isin- event which I is marked. if the intricacies of the study were not lost. It is impossible to estimate the day or the week or even the month of an event. some scientific theory of reckoning dates must be learned. the entire system undergoes a change every seven years. Since hand reading is an acquired science and not an innate gift.CHAPTER how The to XVI. The year is the most that can be There are no "lucky days" in Palmistry. would recommend the use of a piece of transparent 154 . as medical science teaches. Only the approximate time can be relied upon." This might be possible by astrological calculation. expected. System of Seven. Reckon Time. But there is cerno marK or sign upon the hand to designate one day as more fortunate than another. practice soon brings proficiency. as the position of the planets undoubt- edly affect the earth and everything upon tainly it. Personally. In this chapter are recorded both systems for the student's selection. In plates 27 and 28 will be found the systems of seven for the reason and ten respectively. mind although the system ©f seven recommends itself to my that.

Plate 27— System of Seven. .


Plate 28 — System of Ten. .




Reckon Time.

System of Ten.


glass shaped to the average sized hand, which will be found to measure about seven inches from the first line of the rascette to and the same distance from the the tip of the finger of Saturn thumb to the finger of Mercury when the hand is spread as in reaching an octave on the piano,

— —



transparency can be printed the figures dividing the

lines of fate





the plates 27 and 28.

be of

by allowing

for the difference in the size of the hand, the transin position

parency time system placed
(Plate 27.)

over the hand


The System

of Ten.

point of a pair of compasses resting in the middle of

the root of the finger of Jupiter, the other extended to the middle of the root of the finger of Apollo, then turned on to the

marks the period of ten years. The latter, lengthened by extension exactly between the fingers of Apollo and Mercury, marks the twentieth year. Extension to middle of root of finger of Mercury marks the Extension to outside of finger of Mercury marks thirtieth year. the age of forty. Another extension equal to latter marks the fiftieth year. The remaining periods of ten years each up to one hundred years are lessened by one-third the former.
(Plate 28.)



Abnormal Tendencies.


far is the individual responsible for his virtues or his


slight Variation in the shape of the face;

the character

of a nose; a scarcely perceptible deficiency in the breadth of a

line is

and the drawn which marks the difference between the honest man and the criminal. Most modern students of criminology agree that crime is largely the result of physical discrepancies. Whether, or not
forehead; an added thickness in the lobe of the ear
this be true, certain it

that criminal

instincts are discover-

able through physical abnormalities.




evident in the shape and lines of the


it is

these physical signs be the cause or the effect of

criminal tendencies,

a question for dispute.

I recognize the influence

of heredity, I maintain

not a law.



were a law

would be inviolable



hold that everything

subject to the influence of thought


but a reflection of thought.

To quote that Wheeler Wilcox:






Our thoughts

And with

are moulding unseen spheres, a blessin : or a curse,


They thunder down the formless years And ring- throughout the universe. claim, therefore, that if abnormal tendencies were recog160


29— Hand

of Geo

Kelly, a murderer.

From earliest infancy children are put through such a memory-cramming that there is no room left in their brains They are taught much that is useless. the plea I While earnestly for a to "higher education" lift is being so made. there is almost no line of mentality. showing a violent nature. he must delve kito the dark recesses of his memory and drag out some quotation from the dim past with which to answer his interrogator. nized in 163 early life. Elementary type. and the mount of Venus thick rather than wide. not the mere book memorizing a truism so generally mistaken for education. The self fact is. and should some one ask him for his individual opinion. June The hand belongs to the 1897. of "The proper study is mankind man" is which often quoted but seldom considered seriously. irrelevant by the manner of teaching and absolutely that is made — nothing. the only true education is that which teaches knowledge. capabilities and tendencies are an unknown quality. desire my voice in advocating a broader and a deeper education — an is education that embraces text some knowledge process which is of self. enabling us to foster and cultivate our talents to evil. The average student leaves college without even the His own vaguest idea of what is meant by mental science. It is . for the murder of his wife. The thumb is short and heavy.Abnormal Tendencies. What training and environment might have done toward it is lessening these unfavorable traits impossible to say. systematic and judicious training could effectually overcome them. of The hand brutal murderer. talents. of themselves. Lastly. much more for thought. and crush out the tendencies which lead George Kelly (plate 29) shows the type of the Kelly was executed in Minneapolis.

into his L. in a moment woman. (Plate 31) represent the victims of a dreadful tragedy enacted at Tacoma. thus depressed and the Financial disaster. E. full mount of Venus. the manner of death is no less distinctly marked. the thick. that it is a demonstrable fact impossible to find such a hand on an educated or refined person. The impressions were taken facts of the tragedy are these: death and the be. lines are therefore coarser than they otherwise would The J. C. tell a story of . C. proved too heavy a burden for a nature man deliberately chose to end this life. This hand shows a naturally gloomy. and the of insane jealousy shot and killed the man. with strong determination. The hand ever examined. is one of the most extraordinary of life. The suicide is not necessarily insane —-except as any abnormal condition of the mind is a species of insanity. the heart line lying straight across the palm and the stubborn will and absence of reason shown by the thumb. after 1898. coupled with domestic troubles. The. I have The lines heart and mentality are joined under Saturn. The hands in of L. sudden and violent death. with the bar across the life line and the lines of head and heart connected. and then emptied the pistol own brain. the mental line sloping far down on an exaggerated mount of Luna. B. B. C. of J. Wash. (hand of L. The hands of the two victims are remarkable only for the very distinct way in which they show the manner of death.161 McIvor-Tyndall's Revelations of the Hand. indicate disaster and death through an affair of the heart.) are infallible signs of broken under Saturn. The hand shown in (Plate 30) represents a type of the suicide. In the hand of C. E. and J. despondent temperament. E. The abrupt termination of the lines of mentality and fate. C. sudden termination of the life line with the line of mentality C.. B.

Plate 30— A Suicide's Hand. .


Plate 31— Abnormal Tendencies. B. . Hand of C.Hand of J. E.


169 unrestrained violence which could hardlj result otherwise than in insane jealousy. fate. This mental line furnishes the key to the boy's tendency It is the mental line of the natural lunatic. recklessness and impulse are pro- noun3ed. and what little line of mentality there is. it is scarcely discernible. the fingers short. is The hand of the conic type. (Plate characteristics despite the fact that he arrest for stage robbing. while misdirected ambition. The hand of "Kid" Adams. The heart line however is in excess and joined under Saturn to the lines of life. As these signs were written in but one hand. There is nothing of the brutal or the gross in the type of hand and there is an unusual degree of ambition and determination. Indeed. it is quite probable that the proper training and environment might have overcome them. It is to crime.Abnormal Tendencies. 31) shows some fine was shot while resisting showing impulse and a certain degree of refinement in tastes. . thin and irregular.



the eminent lawyer and statesman. and the spatulate types. an excellent type of the characteristics The hand shows magnetism. generosity. Itjis a combination of the square a frank. showing independence of thought and Determination. eloquence and wit. necessary to a leader of men. conscientious nature. The hand of Sir Charles is Hibbert Tupper. prudence and excellent which can not judgment go to make up fail to win success.Sir Charles Mibbert Tupper. a combination of qualities .

C.Plate 32— Hand of Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper. R. . M. G.

hand of my father. who is' a member it is of the a per- Royal College of Surgeons. careful and scientific. Eng. The successful surgeon.Dr. because of Venus are indicative of kindness of heart scientific. fect type of the characteristics essential in the practice of the The hand is philosophic and spatnlate. The the wide mount and deep sympathy. . tleness Surely in no profession gen- and compassion more needed than in the practice of surgery. because science of surgery. studious.. The line of mentality shows heart line and the power of concentration and analysis. London. is not necessarily is cold blooded or unsympathetic. It is thoughtful. I present the Alexander Aclvor-Tyndall.

x\^k Plate 33— Hand of Alexander Mclvor-Tyndall. t C. M. S. . R. M. D.

independence of thought and inventive The mentality is clear. whose contributions to the principal medcountry are attracting such wide attention ical journals of the for their originality and cleverness. The hand represents a combination of the spatulate and the philosophic types talent. Few members so eminently fitted this of the medical profession in this country are by nature for their chosen profession as is young physician. . analytical and deducand the power of concentration strong. cautious. Hamilton Fish. — show- ing love of science. tive.Dr.

Plate 34 -Hand of Hamilto?i Fish. D. M. .

. a C. cautious is nature go to make up a personality eminently fitted for the practice of medicine. cheerful temperament. Wm. strong vitality and magnetism. This hand shows good health. Love of science. sympathetic. Riddell.Dr. an excellent memory and which a careful. combined with .

. D.Plate 35— Hand of William C Riddell. M.

inventive ability and the philosopher's sight into human nature are prominent. In addition to these qualities the line of mentality deep and sloping. The enport's characteristics of the spatulate type naturally inate. energy. concentration. only slightly modified by the artistic type in some of the finger tips and by the philoso- phic joints.Homer Davenport. is clear. show- ing imagination. Homer Davenport. keenness of intellect and excellent judgment. Originality. strength. . as those who are familiar — and who is not? — predomwith Davin- cartoons might expect. has a distinctly spatulate type of palm. the New York Journal cartoonist. independence.

.Plate 36— Hand of Homer Davenport.

late in the Originality. observation and the power of concentration are some of the qualities absolutely necessary.A- W. the Denver Post cartoonist. Mere artistic talent is by no means the only requisite for He expresses by means of pictures the successful cartoonist. constructive and inventive ability. Steele- The hand of Steele. is spatupalm with artistic fingers. independence of thought. as regards the type and the . what the clever writer expresses in words. imagination. the hands of Steele and Davenport are remarkably alike mentality. As one might expect from men who are acknowledged the two greatest cartoonists in the world.

Plate 37— Hand of A. . Steele. W.

sympathetic temindependent. inordinate ambition. "the American Bernhardt. keen judgment.Blanche Walsh." a combination of the psychic. . perament the — might well be envied by a statesman. an intuitive faculty that might almost be called clairvoyance and a quickness of intellect that Withal. is and the marvelous ability of perse- verance. late of Blanche Walsh. shows an intensely emotional. the spatuIt betrays a shows every element necessary to the successful presentation of The type artistic. The palm tragedy. if the warning given by somewhat frail line of life be heeded. It is a hand that -self-reliant and it promises almost everything desired.

.Plate 38— Hand of Blanche Walsh.

somewhat modified by the charthe fingers. a ble . imaginative and impressionatemperament is influenced by a strong will. repre- sents the artistic type of hand.Aliss Burroughs. The hand acteristics is. of Marie Burroughs. the famous in the philosophic joints of actress. a love of study and a profound reverence for the higher truths. It shown hand in which the emotional.

Plate 39— Hand of Marie Burroughs. .

and marks the distinct difference between the wit and the humorist. Mr. reflective mentality shown in this style. Russell is a humorist of Sol The hand because he to pathos. Russell's peculiar though it may seem. the keen insight into human sensitive.Sol Smith Russell. pardoxical . hand are essentials in Mr. Smith Russell. is a philosopher. belongs to the philosophic type. the eminent humorist. It is a humor that is very close nature and the The ready sympathy.

.Plate 40— Hand of Sol Smith Russell.

talent — . The hand is a combination of the spatnlate and the conic types. and the full mount of Luna indicate the order of the inventive poetry and imagination. with origiThe forked and sloping head line nality and inventive talent.dames Barton Adams. giving inspiration. Adams enjoys the distinction of being the most extensively quoted newspaper verse writer in the world. His work is noted for its individuality and originality of theme. artistic sense and quickness of intellect. the palm being spatnlate and the fingers conic. Mr.

Plate 41— Hand of James Barton Adams .

clear line almost straight across the palm without touching the line of life." judgment and brain power.S. The mental line rises close to the mount of Jupiter and extends in a deep. Such a mentality will win through sheer "long-headedness. while the adaptability shown by the type of hand makes such a man's compan- ionship pleasant even to his opponents. . Senator Carter- The hand of Senator Carter of Montana belongs to the mixed type.U. It is remarkable chiefly for the fine line of mentality and the shrewdness and versatility it displays.

Carter. .Plate 42— Hand of U. S. Senator 7 horn as H.

feeling. tirely upon and indeed have no tion of their own genius. an excellent example of the inspirabase. swayed by . of The fingers are full at the Luna and Venus are much developed and and impressionable. have often observed that intellectual concep- musicians and poets with this type of hand depend eninspiration. logically. the It is famous violinist. the tional musician. belongs to the distinctly conic type. I the line of mounts men- tality sensitive artists.Ysaye- The hand of Ysaye. Such persons are emotional. and.

Plate 43—Hand oj Ysaye. .

Mayo ("Pudd'nhead Wilson") a type of the mixed hand. and in the heart line. Magnetism and generosity are noticeable as shown in the wide mounts of Yenus and the Moon. and the turned back thumb. the life line and slopes to the a sensitive. betraying romantic temperament.Edwin The hand of P- Mayois Edwin F. which lies straight across the palm. imaginative and . The line of mentality is joined to mount of imagination. in which the characteristics of the conic are the most prominent.

Mayo. .Plate 44— Hand of Edwin F.

istics This combination of characterindividuality. and a touch of squareness about the palm. and the shape and position Mercury tell of an aggressive independence Reed would have been equally successful as . under Jupiter. wit. The hand of Roland Reed fingers is spatulate in formation. while the straight naturally gives a marked head line shows business ability and practical judgment. with the joints of the slightly developed. of the finger of and a ready a lawyer. full The mount of Mars.Roland Reed.


45— Hand


Roland Reed.

Plate 46 —Hand of Judge C. C. Goodwin.

The hand


Judge C. C. Goodwin,

the pioneer journalist

of the West, forms an interesting study.

Author, editor, statesman and miner,

it is

not strange that

hand shows


of ideas, generosity, individuality

and an adventurous


supple, independent thumb, although

somewhat exag-

gerated in the impression,
of a nature

yet flexible in the extreme, telling


charming in company, witty, adaptable and prodiThe long and forked line of mentality and the full mount Luna show literary talent of a high order.