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Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography

Goldin, Claudia. "The Role of World War II in the Rise of Women's Employment." The American Economic Review. 81. no. 4 (1991): 741-756. http://www.economics.harvard.edu/files/faculty/26_worldwarII.pdf (accessed February 22, 2013). This academic journal tells the reader about how women became an important part of the economy during World War Two. The author gives us a first-hand look into surveys and charts that show earnings, the economy, labor force participation and employment rates for women over the period of time during World War Two. These charts show us how much of an increase that the employment rates of women had during this time span. The author gave us great examples and proof of how truly important women became in America’s work force. This article helped the reader see the real stats that prove that women began to be treated with more responsibility in providing for the economy and how America might have collapsed economically with their work support. Goldin’s journal was exceptionally relevant to the topic I have chosen because it focused on the growth of women’s employment in America during World War Two. It gives me information that I have not yet found and was a great source for me to put into my project because of the statistics that were provided. Goldin gave great information about how much America relied on women during the war and how the economy greatly depended on the women on the home front. The author gave me a new prospective on how to approach my topic and how to explain to my readers that women were truly relied upon for success in America. This is a credible source because it is gives the reader the real stats of the economy during World War Two. The academic journal is sponsored by a reputable company and is written by a reputable author.

Summerfield, Penny. "'They didn't want women back in that job!': the Second World War and the construction of gendered work histories." Labour History Review (Maney Publishing) 63, no. 1 (Spring98 1998): 83-104. Historical Abstracts, EBSCOhost (accessed February 25, 2013). The academic journal written by Penny Summerfield talked about how women changed in society from World War One to World War Two and beyond. Within Summerfield’s article, she explained how women were classified as a separate female group in the early 19th century instead of being looked at as equal to society. Women were looked down on and were not given any opportunities to work the jobs that men usually had but all that changed at the start of World War Two. Summerfield interviewed 42 women in the article who were young adults back at the

time of the beginning of the war. These women shared their experiences with working certain jobs and some of the women were in the war. This journal was relevant to my topic in my eyes because it showed the differences of how women were treated in society from before World War Two and the end of World War Two. It was also very convincing because Summerfield interviewed real life women who were alive back when the War started and were in their early twenties so they could relate to being treated fairly in America. This article was not as useful as I wanted it to be because it did not focus entirely on the era that my project is focused on. It also was not entirely focused on women in America throughout the article but instead women in Great Britain. This source is a credible one because it is referring to real interviews with women who were later named in the references after the article. It has credible citations and the author has written more journals in her time.

Trueman, Chris. Chris Trueman, "History Learning Site." Last modified 2013. Accessed February 22, 2013. http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/women_WW2.htm. The article “Women in World War Two” informs the reader about women’s roles in World War Two. The article’s purpose is to show how women’s roles started to change during World War Two and how women had become more important to America’s society. Trueman proceeded to inform the reader of how important women were to winning the war and how they were finally treated like normal human beings instead of being looked down upon in society. Trueman’s article was a great source of information for the topic that I have chosen. The article focuses on what women’s roles were during World War Two and how women began to be treated differently in America’s society. The article explained how women not only took over jobs on the home front during the war but also how they were being accepted more in the military and gained the respect that they had been longing for. It was a huge help for me in my steps of researching my topic and I hope to find more articles written by Trueman. I know that this article is a credible source because it is on a good website that can’t be edited by anyone like the website Wikipedia. Yellin , Emily. Our Mothers' War. New York, NY: Free Press, 2004. In chapter five of Our Mothers’ War, Yellin discusses how women began to enter the military in amounts that had not ever been seen before. Women were finally being treated somewhat equally to men in America and men in the military. These women were not actually getting a chance to go overseas to fight but they were being able to volunteer for groups such as WAVES, SPARs, WASPs, and the Marines. These divisions of the military such as the Navy

and Air Force had been very reluctant in letting women into their services but this war was the turning point for the years to come. Yellin’s book really gives me a different aspect of how to go about presenting my topic because it focuses more on women in the military instead of women on the home front. The book gives outstanding background information of women in America and how World War Two had changed everything for women in the best of ways. I believe that this chapter is useful for me in my project because it gives me more directions of how to argue my topic. This source is a credible one because it is published by a reputable company and has an author that has been successful in writing novels. The book is also published in New York which has been a popular place to say the least with publishing books for centuries.

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