Chennai, September, 25: ACJ students continue to face trouble while carrying out bank transactions, even after promises

were made that a bank branch would be opened on campus. The problems are affecting not only the students, but some of the staff as well. The problem has arisen because of a lack of bank branches in proximity to the campus. The nearest bank branch is in the VHS hospital almost a kilometre away. The residents also face the problem of accessibility to these branches and it is extremely inconvenient to visit them at regular intervals. Students have also been facing problems with the ATMs around campus. There have been many cases of ATMs swallowing students’ cards, leaving them with no money and no way to get more. There is also a wait of upto two weeks before a new card is issued. The problem will be solved in the near future, according to college authorities. In fact, they have already received Expressions of Interest from Indian Overseas Bank as well as HDFC Bank, according to the warden, MS. Sailakshmi. IOB officials have also said that they will be setting up a branch on campus soon. However, the crux of the matter remains that the proposal is still in the initial stage and will not be implemented until next term. There seems to be no effective solution for the immediate future.

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