Why Support a FeelGood Chapter at Your School?

FeelGood chapters provide students with an innovative education on the root causes of hunger and our responsibility as global citizens, as well as applied business experience running on-campus FeelGood Delis. All deli profits are directly invested in organizations sustainably eradicating hunger. Since 2005, FeelGood chapters have helped to raise more than $1.4 million for smart development through their delis and other initiatives. An Enriching Opportunity for Your University

Create social entrepreneurs

With constant support and resources from FeelGood, your students will manage a successful non-profit deli, acquiring strong business skills and entrepreneurial experience. FeelGood is a leadership program in which students discover their potential as changemakers in their immediate community and in the world. Inspire the university community and beyond to learn about the issues of extreme global poverty and hunger in a friendly and meaningful environment. FeelGood’s education program is powerful because it engages youth in the complex issues of poverty and hunger through a friendly conversation that begins with a grilled-cheese sandwich. All deli profits are invested directly to the most effective organizations in the world that work with sustainable empowerment and gender-focused models of development. FeelGood World offers your students summer internships at to apply and foster their skills. FeelGood hosts two national conferences a year that promise to transform your students into passionate leaders for social change. FeelGood takes our top students from across the country on international trips to witness the hunger ending work in which they are investing.

Empower a new generation of leaders and changemakers Inspire global awareness

Help make a complex global issue actionable

Invest in the sustainable end of global hunger

Provide internship opportunities Attend national conferences

Join international trips

ENDING WORLD HUNGER, ONE GRILLED CHEESE AT A TIME. Leverage FeelGood The growing network of FeelGood4Life alumni will
alumni help your students’ transition into socially

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