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Wagner Monthly April 2013

Wagner Monthly April 2013

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Wagner Monthly April 2013
Wagner Monthly April 2013

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Published by: Aiken Standard on Apr 25, 2013
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War Eagle football starts on high note 9/11 | pgs. Celebrating Twelve Wonderful Years!

Wagener-Salley High commemorates | 14-15 pg. 16

K-9 unit joins Teacher of the Year Wagener police
Busbee Corbett honors Welcome back, students!

Aiken Standard covering wagener and eastern aiken county
Corbett. She has a profound love of teaching that is not always evident in teaching. Without a doubt, education is her true calling! Mrs. Driggers has a heart of gold! She has a way of bringing out the best in everyone, especially her students.

Wednesday, April 24,29, 2013 September 26, 2012 Wednesday ■ Xxxxx XX , 2004 Wednesday, August 2012

From the From the Happy Birthday mayor’s desk Wagener Monthly Mayor’s
by Dee Taylor

Twelve years! How did it go so by Mayor fast? I just seems like yesterday I was Mike Miller By TEDDy KULMALA wading through water on my kitchen tkulmala@aikenstandard.com Local governments produce a their best for Wagener. Your opinions floor on a cold don’t January morning. Mrs. Driggers shares her motivation and product, submitted photo they provide services. When are important to myself and the Council. Wait, what does a flooded kitchen The Wagener Police Department has a new ofcitizens interact with town employees – the Please feel free to contact us anytime passion for teaching… A dog leaves spay/neuter program sponsored have do with the twelve-year ficer patrolling the streets – on four legs. whether itto involves paying utility bills,and a Pawmetto with your suggestions. by FOTAS Lifeline. Xantos, a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois, was water service issue or being pulled over I ask you to join me in welcoming our anniversary of the Wagener Monthly? The factors which influenced me to become by a police officer – the response obtained by the town from the Columbia Police they MILLER Canine Officer Xantos to the Wagener By MIKE It has to do with it. Many a teacher include: parents’ support, faith, and receive Department and is Wagener’s first K-9 unit, accaneverything shape their entire outlook and Police Department. Xantos is a Belgian of you have heard the story many cording to Officer Jeremy Hill, who is Xantos’ opinion of the town government. imported from The Netherlands former chorus and band teachers. First, my This year’s WestMalinois Nile virus outbreak is on track to be the handler. I assure you we at Town Hall strive and will workingin with times, sothat I hate to bore you with these biggest since the virus firstbe appeared the Officer United Jeremy States parents’ support was unwavering throughout Hill spent eight weeks in school to learn how to to do our best to insure that employHill, who is certifiedAug. as a police canine inour 1999, U.S.with health officials reported 21. Unfortu details again, but please bear me. my educational journey. As parents of a child ees have everything needed be a handler and to be able to train other officers to doin fulfill handler Aiken and trainer. nately South Carolina, County is in the lead with In January of 2001, my icemaker with a learning disability, my mother and in handling. Xantos, he said, had already been their duties andnovit obligations to our cusThe presence of a K-9 officer deter photo by rob four confirmed cases of the West Nile as of Aug. will 24, ac hose had a very big leak, flooding my dealers Kalary Driggers, Busbee Elementary/Corbett drug by being inEnvironmental town and visible. through training with the Columbia department. tomers. We will expect employees take Laura Bacon, the new Busbee Corbett Elementary Middle principal, greets fifth-grader Benzel Heyward and his cording to the Department of Health and fatherSchool did not have low expectations for me. Middle Schools’ “For reasons specific to them, they requested K-9 officers are also valuable in assisting in9. their work and maintain high room mother, Cynthia Heyward, and other students and parents as they in arrived. See more photos on pages pride 5 and Control. kitchen and part of my family They believed me and encouraged, 2013-2014 Teacher the Year, Emphasizes and another dog. He just of didn’t fit that need,” Hill said. officers in detaining criminals, tracking standards of‘green integrity in cooperative ef- than Those older 50 are the most‘green likely to become sein our house’ in Wagener. We miss our house’ very supported, and participated in all of my Practices the ofMichael Education… According toABC’s Mayor Miller, Xantos was fleeing criminals and locating lost people. forts to achieve mutual goals andill exceed verely with West Nile and should take special care to much and miss Wagener very much! I digress, which I will most education experiences. This was evident to me expectations. brought to the United States from Holland, where will be working closely with other avoid mosquitoes,We according to the CDC. The most effeclikely do a good during this as there are many this twists and many police dogsand are bred. is the same breed law enforcement agencies through “mucustomers are notbit always right, but tive practices ofstory protecting yourself against disease when my mother took time with me every day Our The Faculty Staff He of Cyril B. Busbee as Cairo, the dog that served on the Navy SEALs tual assistance” agreements to assist a they are always the customer. Certainly may be simple but lifesaving. The first is to drain any turns! helping me to do my best on my Elementary/A.L. Corbett Middle Schools mission that killed Osama bin Laden. largea area of northeast Aiken we have a few problematic “frequent fli - water areas of of standing where mosquitoes like County. to breed. As part of the process replacing kitchen and living room homework. She pushed me to do my best, even ers” that constantly complain, proudly Driggers asthem our “A lot ofchose times,Mrs. you’llKalary hear people refer to Theand tornado sirenthat is scheduled can never Look about your home yardwarning for anything may flooring, course I called Hoover at Hoover’s Flooring. when she was exhausted from spending hours be satisfied as a souped-up German for completed installation Thursday, andof thrive on negativism, but as 2013-2014 Teacher ofshepherd,” the Year! Chief Jeff Key hold waterScott such flower pots, buckets, old kiddie pools Scott didof a the great of replacing my laminate and carpet but said. “Supposedly, they see a little better, they Sept. 27. will establish a protocol that’s just part job job we accept. and such. If your home hasWe gutters, make sure theyhe arefor Staff photome. by teddy Kulmala monitoring and encouraging My father smell a little better, they run a little faster.” its future use and provide this informaWe will be looking at ways to improve clear and free flowing as occluded gutters provide very also planted the seed of an idea about having a newspaper for was right there to offer encouragement too, Mrs. Driggers is the epitome of excellence Xantos is seen here with his handler, Officer to befor readily available for everyone our Wagener services and modify policies to opproductive breeding areas mosquitoes. Use mosquito that would focus just ontion Wagener happenings. He said even if I didn’t want it. As an adult, I have in teaching. ShePage is professional in every facet Jeremy Please see Xantos, 22 Hill. in our area. timize the ability of our personnel to do DEET, repellent with dress in long pants and long sleeves, if there was a paper, he would advertise. I took in the suggestion, often wondered what I would have become if I of the word. She is dedicated, hardworking, and be especially careful at dusk and dawn when mosquibut thought that there wouldn’t be enough advertising to support toes are most active. had not been encouraged by my parents. This supportive, talented, caring, prompt, and a We will be taking steps to aid in mosquito control and the paper. That same week I had a dentist appointment with Dr. influenced me to become a teacher, because I true team player. She genuinely cares about ask that you report any areas of stagnant water that cause Clarence Williams at Edisto Dental Associates. Dr. Williams was wanted to be the adult who could encourage every student in the school. She does all you concern. We are closely monitoring those “retention/ having one of those ‘dentist’pond conversations, I’m still not quite sure students to achieve their dreams no matter detention” areas but unfortunately cannot eliminate that she can to support district and school WAGENER-SALLEY 54, PELION how he understands my responses sometimes. We were of course STAff rEporTS Tucker said the Eagles on the at this point. These manmade breeding grounds26 are what Ken obstacles stood in War their way. he and the team need to keep focusing them initiatives, programs, and activities. She Head coach PELION High School will continue preparations the same way next game. mandated by some of — theWagener-Salley very folks charged with protectif talking business about the Aiken Standard and he said, you know Second, my faith in God influenced me to relentlessly supports the vision, mission, and It has been nearly a decade since the continued its torrid pace to open the 2012 they’ve done during the first 2-0 start for the “I’ve got to work hard. (Last week’s win) ing the citizens. I think the odds of a death resulting from we had a paper again in Wagener I would advertise. Many of you become a teacher because helpedisme to fundamental values of Busbee Elementary/ Wagener-Salley High School football team season on Friday night, using a strong second program since 2003. The War Eagles He hadn’t one step accomplished but now we have a mosquito-borne illness far exceeds that of being swept may remember that Charles Sharpe did outstanding job with have confidence in the abilities He gave me.on to next opened the season with consecutive victories. gone 3-0 half to blow Pelion High School, 54-26, since 1995. to move week,” said quarterback away and lost forever inout a an flash flood on Park Street. Corbett Middle Schools. a “The newspaper in Wagener at onepleased time. Many people missed that After some long years, the War Eagles have notching a win over its the Class AA rival for “We’ll just keep doing what we’re doing, Malcolm Stroman. season’s not over yet We are very to say that spay/neuter prothe by rob novit started this season off with back-to-back-to first time 1995. The War Eagles have trying to get better,” Tucker said. and we still havephoto to work hard.” gram sponsored by since FOTAS and Pawmetto Lifeline was paper. Mrs. Driggers uses every minute of the


War Eagles off to best start in recent history
back wins, including the 73-14 of paioni Quarterback Malcolm Stroman, the Aiken Here’s a look at theto games since last photo thrashing by tina chavious Mary and Jason Bevell accompany their excited son Jason his kinday to support the students of Busbee andStandard Please see birthday, Page 3 seePlease Please see teacher, Page 4Corbett see football, Page 17 Bethune-Bowman. Player of the at Week for Week 1, said month’sMiddle edition School. came out. Dr. Bacon, Becky and Lance Brown dergarten class Busbee Elementary Please MAYOR, Page 29

Remembering Virginia MillerWagener – ‘AaitMonthly Vedan’ Remembering the beginning: Memories
by LeMyra Young
when Rabbit heard Michael speak the total, continue my memories. sheAfter said you are not supposed haveto that my first two columns, Ito began write much money. had boiled the peanuts about the early(Rabbit days of Wagener. Mama and and helped bag Mrs. Virginia Daddy wereMichael both born in them.) Wagener; Mama questioned him, and he admitted that he had with her family later moved to New Holland put a nickel in the pinball machine. Mrs. Virwhere Rabbit Pa Fredand farmed; however, Mama and ginia, Michael immediately went Daddy both graduated from Wagener High to Jerry’s and made Michael return the $3, School in 1943. was living in Wagener and Jerry gave Mama him his nickel back. with her parents when she and Daddy married. I knew that Mrs. Virginia’s boys called Mama’ s family lived in the upstairs apartment Sharing Memories This past Oct. 31, Wagener lost one of her “Shah,” and so I questioned Michael as in the building where Wagener Town Hall is years ago Dee Taylor was working itsTwelve most beloved citizens, Virginia Bunto reference to Shah. It seems that when today, and Miller Daddy’boy s family livedwas in the upstairs in the advertising department of the Aiken drick Miller. Mrs. Virginia was born in the oldest “Buzz” just beginapartment over the Christ Central Rodman Standard; to She Scott Hunter Columbiashe oncommented Aug. 2, 1929. grew up in ning to speak he kept repeating “shah, shah, Building. Theadownstairs of this, that building was Aiken Standard publisher that more people the“Avenues” area of West Columbia andin shah.” After few days of Mrs. Virginia Charlie’s Market, my granddaddy Charlie and the Wagener areathe would advertise ifSouth there was graduated from University of realized that he was calling her “Shah,” Carolina. Shortly after graduation she met so she becamestore. ShahSo, to all her boys and then Tyler’ s grocery Mama lived on one a local paper. Scott suggested to Dee that she and married O’Nealone Miller Jr. and moved to to her side ofgrandchildren the traffic light,and andgreat-grandchild. Daddy lived on the would be the perfect to create a local paper Wagener (Mr. Neal’s hometown) reared Michael said, when he entered the other; however, at that time thereschool, was noall traffic for Wagener, and she did just that. Iand remember their three boys. recently Monthly had the pleasure students had mama, and told Shah light. Living right ina the middle ofhe Wagener reading in the firstIWagener Dee’s of other spending afternoon with her second son that he wanted to call her Mama, She had afforded them both a bird’ s eyetoo. view of the request forthe regular contributors; I had just beMichael as he shared with me so many wonexplained that she was his mama, but she was gun to do some writing for my family, especial- many happenings of Wagener. They shared derful stories of hiswould mother and his called Shah. with me which enabled me to their memories ly for Daddy. Daddy always tellfamily. us not that, city on girl, his Some time after living in Wagener, Mrs. share them with my readers. toMichael give himtells a gift, not being even aacard, a special mother was in culture shock upon moving to Virginia opened Miller’s Flower Shop. Inup I have written memories about growing occasion but to write something for him. The Wagener; however, one special person took her early childhood she acquired her love for would Christmas of 2000, I had written something for with the neighborhood children. We Mrs. Virginia under her wing. That person flowers helping her grandmother in her yard play for hours in the damp sand of the Daddy, and I prefaced it with “Memories are was Ruby Phillips, better know as “Rabbit.” and garden. Mrs. Virginia had no formal drivewayin toflower our house. We made “toad precious. ” I gave Dee a call and told her about Rabbit became a constant at the Miller house training arranging; her skillfrog” was houses by using our feet as the frame and my idea of writing a memories column; she as she helped Mrs. Virginia with her boys an innate talent as was proven by the many piling, then wet sand our feet and readily accepted my proposal. That was April and shared her cooking skills. Michael said awards she patting received for her over floral designs being extra careful to removethe oursoutheastern feet without 2001 and with theup printing this April 2013 his mother grew in theof Lutheran church demonstrations throughout cracking the “toad frog” house. We then broke Wagener Monthly, I have written 144 to Wabut became a Baptist upon moving United States. Mimosa tree leaves and flowers to decorate memories. gener; she made sure that her boys were in In 1979, Michael made friends with a the yards offrom our houses. When would My first “Memories” column was about church every Sunday and preached to them gentleman Holland whoDaddy was visiting come homeStates. for dinner, hemany would drive around midwife Josephine Matthews. One “Ma Jo” (as she about the evils of gambling. Saturday the United After trips to visit the little houses, we wouldin eventually was affectionately called) delivered When after Michael finished selling his me. boiled pea- with this friend which and his family Holland, stomp ourselves. We made all sort of Mama told Daddy that it was time for me to be nuts, he decided that he would make a detour Michael arranged for his mother to creatures visit with by Jerry’s gasfor station, which was housed in a them also. Michael flew to Belgium first, for from the May Pop fruit using broken twigs born, he went Dr. J.H. Brodie. Dr. Brodie building where thesmagistrate’s office in Wa- and his mother was to follow and meet him arms and legs. We looked for doodle bugs in was not only Mama’ doctor, he was also her gener His is today. Michael couldn’t resist dropin Holland. told me that and it was the the dry sandMichael under the shrubbery sang the uncle. wife Aunt Bessie was my Pa Fred’ s ping a nickel in the ball to machine first international fightDoodle for his mother, and old song, “Doodle Bug, Bug come out sister. Dr. Brodie toldpin Daddy get “Maeven Jo”, though he had been toldthought it was gambling. he arranged with her to have now; your house isthe on airlines fire and for your children which he did. Dr. Brodie that since I With that one nickel, he immediately won $3; special care. She was to disembark the plane will all burn up.” We sang this over and over was Mama’s first child that she would probably fortunately heawas smart to head for via a wheelchair; as Michael waited inhole. the as we twirled the twig in the doodle bug be in labor for while, and enough so he went to care home. Michael didAs not include the $3 in his handicap did not bug see his mother. He Finally an area ugly he little black would appear, for a drunken man. usual, I fooled them; peanut money for he knew the consequences found her in the customary waiting area rathand we would put the little bug into our own Mama was in labor for a short time, and “Ma of gambling. Later he was sitting at the kitcher miffed that he had thought she needed a container. When we grew tired of the doodle Jo” delivered me. Four years later she helped en table counting all of his savings. Rabbit bug, wewould count to see who had captured deliver my brother Charlie. My first column see MeMories, Page 3 and his mother were also in the kitchen, and, Please
was well received by the residence of the the most; then release our bugs in the hopes of

2 2

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wagener Monthly Wagener Monthly

Memories are precious. Memories are Memories something cannot beMemories taken away from Memoriesthat are precious. are you. Memories bring you greataway comfort and something that cannot be taken from you. bring you great joy. Memories can sustain you comfort throughand joy. Memories sustain allow you through difficult times.can Memories you to difficult times. Memories allow you to remember remember from where you came and look from where you came and look forward to forward to where you are going. Memories where you are going. Memories are God’s are from God’s gift from thepast for the future. gift the past for the future.

Wagener area; this gave me the confidence to

finding them again another day. We also played Hop Scotch, Simon Says, Red Rover, and games that we made up. I have also been able to share my memories of working in Mama and Daddy’s Red and White grocery store and teaching school for 29 years. I was very fortunate when I began to teach at A. L. Corbett Middle School in 1975, many of my students were the children of the customers that I had waited on in the store. I remember thefirst report card night, as I stood waiting at my classroom door; it would be instant recognition between the parents and me. The first words out of manyparents’ mouths were, “Aren’t you Mr. Gene Tyler’s daughter.” The last couple of years that I taught, I was teaching thechildren of some of my former students. I have been retired for fifteen years now, but I still see many of my middle school boys and girls and that is just how I remember them my boys and girls. Mama and Daddy’s love for family and family history and the memories they shared with me gave me the opportunity to share their storieswith you too. Many leisure Sunday afternoons were spent driving through the countryside of the Wagener area. Visiting the graves of loved ones and learning in what way I was related to each one. It was during these

times that I heard stories from Mama about my Pa Fred’s sisters: Carrie, Cora, Bessie, and Nig, and his brothers: Sammy, Allen, and George. Grandmama Leila was usually with us on these rides and she would tell about growing up with her brothers Owen and George and her sister Pearl. Daddy told me wonderful yarns about his coon hunting days, the many dove shoots he attended, and what a great shot Granddaddy Charlie was. Both Mama and Daddy shared with me their growing up years, Mama on the farm with her five brothers and Daddy and his brother “Shorty” right in the middle of Wagener. Many things have happened during these past twelve years; Daddy and my Aunt Charlotte have both passed away; both of them were my special champions. I cherish all of you my readers, and I covet your kind words and praise; without you I would have no one to share my memories. You the readers and you the advertisers are what make Wagener Monthly so special. We all owe Dee Taylor a great big thank you; she had a vision, and she made it work. Today, she is working harder than ever since her promotion as head of advertising for Aiken Standard. Wishing good memories to each one of you.

Wagener Monthly
birthday from Page 1
At that point I wondered if Scott Hoover and Dr. Williams were in cahoots together. They should have known me well enough that two potential advertisers would be enough to cause sleepless nights, I am a salesperson you know! My next conversation was with our publisher, Scott Hunter. My thought was that I would share the idea and then Scott would assign it to someone else or dismiss the idea altogether. I would sell the ads for the publication, but the news-gathering would have to happen another way. There was no time in my single mom schedule for gathering news for the publication. Scott thought it was a great idea! So I’m off the hook right? No chance, he said he knew the perfect person to head things up – a Wagener native with a strong love for the community – yep, you guessed it – me. So if you are following along this all happened early to mid February and you know that April is our anniversary – so yes, I turned it around in just 6 weeks from the start of the sales process to the gathering of news and layout and printing. There’s one thing about a monthly publication – the months roll by pretty quickly. We had some very important things happen in our good fortune. LeMyra Young being one – as you will read on page 2 you will see that she has written 144 of her Memories columns. That alone is amazing and I’m forever in her debt for providing such a service to the community. You have to know where you have been to appreciate where you are going. She lets us know how important it is to cherish memories and the people who help us make those memories. ‘Mrs. Young’ as I still call her, was my teacher in 8th grade. My claim to fame was misunderstanding the checks and balances of the government with bounced checks. Bless her heart, she loves all of her children. Her encouragement has been vital to me in continuing the Wagener Monthly when times were tough. Without our advertisers, we wouldn’t have a Wagener Monthly and we have had several who have been in each issue since the beginning – Hoover’s Flooring, Edisto Dental and Wagener Drug. Many others have advertised consistently and we appreciate you, too. Illness has prevented some from continuing in both news and advertising. No matter if you just advertised once, I do appreciate that very much. Many advertisers from larger areas in Aiken and Lexington understand the value of Wagener and choose to place ads with us too. Again, I know that it is hard in today’s economy to advertise. So please, I encourage you to shop with our advertisers. When we place news or contributions, we always try to keep it local. To be honest the Wagener Monthly is with few exceptions, totally generated by you – our citizen journalists, as I like to call our contributors. When I lived in Wagener it was hard to be at each event, but after my move to Aiken in 2005, it is virtually impossible. Without your cameras and emails, the Wagener Monthly wouldn’t exist. Until recently, our mission was to only provide good news – from birth announcements, to honor rolls and other good news about the community. However when you see the toll that crime and drugs have taken on our community you have to report on those things as well. It’s hard to have ‘hard news’ in a monthly publication but we will try to do our best. I appreciate your support and with the good Lord’s help we will celebrate our 13th year next year. It is our wish to continue to provide news and information for the Wagener, Salley and Perry communities. There’s a saying we have at home – “You can take the girl out of Wagener but you can’t take the Wagener out of the girl” and that’s the way I feel about our town, I love Wagener and miss being here so much. Here’s a chorus from a Carrie Underwood song called “Thank God for Hometowns”. I changed up things a little but here it is: Thank God for hometowns And all the love that makes them go round Thank God for the town limits that welcome you back in When you were thought you were dying to get out Thank God for Church pews And all the faces that won’t forget you And when you’re lost out in this crazy world You got somewhere to go and get found Thank God for hometowns I thank God For Wagener and all of the readers of the Wagener Monthly. If you would like to submit news or place ads please call or email me. My phone is 1.800.559.2311 ext. 2371 or dtaylor@aikenstandard.com. Our deadline is usually the 3rd Monday of each month for publication on the last Wednesday of the month.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This month in wagener’s history
By Cynthia Hardy Wagener Museum contributor liams? That story will be told in October.

Did you know Wagener has a connection to the first woman inducted into the SC Athletic Many towns have a story or two about a Hall of Fame? In April 1916, Mr. W.A. Godbold who had been proprietor of the Hotel Kirkland notorious outlaw in their early history that in McColl, SC moved to Wagener and became sounds like an old dime store novel. The Wagener area has Emmanuel Williams (1865- proprietor/manager of the Edisto Hotel. The Ed1895). On April 1, 1893 the body of Mitchell isto Hotel was located about mid-block of where Tyler Brothers Department Store is today. Mr. Poole was found near Horsey’s Bridge on the north fork of the Edisto River. One story Godbold’s daughter Lucille (1900-1981) became has Emmanuel and Mitchell preparing to rob the first South Carolinian to participate in and someone and as they where blackening their win an international track meet. Women were excluded from Olympic track and field competifaces Emmanuel shot Mitchell. He thought tions until 1928. In 1922, Ms. Godbold parthat Mitchell was going to turn him into the ticipated in the Federation Sportive Feminine law. Emmanuel was arrested and tried for the murder, but was acquitted to the surprise Internationale Games in Paris winning first place in the shot put. She also ran the women’s of many in June 1893. This was just one just of the many crimes that Emmanuel was sus- 800 meter run in world record time. After graduation from Winthrop, Ms. Godpected of having committed. He was once bold went on to teach physical education for the a town marshall (Salley and Springfield) as next 58 years at Columbia College. Her homewas Mitchell (Wagener) in their more “retown of Estill erected an historical marker in spectable days”. Emmanuel was wanted in Alabama for murder and more than one rob- 1982 in her honor. —Sources: — Wagener Museum, SC State Museum bery. He was also a suspect in the 1894 death website, Along the Track Vol. #3 “Manuel!” by Wilof Orangeburg Co. Treasurer Robert Copes. liam J. Buchner, Sr. What finally happened to Emmanuel Wil-




Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wagener Monthly
school is located. Every year, my chorus students participate in the Wagener Tree Lighting Ceremony. My elementary and middle school music students perform in a Winter Concert, Talent Show, and Spring Concert of which the community is invited to attend. Next year, I am planning to have the middle school chorus students sing at a nursing home or senior center in our community. I feel it is important to teach our students to “give back” to their community. As a musician, performer, and teacher I also love learning new techniques/methods to help the instruction come alive to each student. When I take a course, I incorporate something I learned into my teaching. I feel it is important to be willing to try new techniques/methods to give the students the best education possible. After taking a technology course, one of the new ideas I incorporated into my classes was the use of PhotoStory to create ‘Composer of the Month’ and Musical Time Period videos. This brings life into my instruction. I also use a variety of techniques/methods I learned in the Orff Level courses. Orff defined the ideal music for children as “never alone, but connected with movement, dance, and speech—not to be listened to, meaningful only in active participation.” Orff said, “Experience first, then intellectualize.” Based on this ideal, the Orff approach builds understanding of concepts and skills through connecting students with the music by experiencing it on all levels. These techniques and methods have fostered understanding of matching pitch, rhythm reading, and music composition. A teacher must be a lifelong learner to help his/ her students to reach their potential. As previously mentioned, I became a music teacher because my parent’s support, my faith, and my former chorus and band teachers. Their influence made my dream become reality. My greatest contributions and accomplishments in education, however, are not awards my students or I have received, but quality time spent with my students. When I take time to understand the struggles and the educational needs of my students, I feel my greatest contribution and accomplishments is in providing encouragement, support and participation to help them to achieve their goals. When a student knows a teacher cares about them, not just in music or chorus class, but everything that concerns them, they become eager to learn about any subject one is trying to teach them. I feel it is not only my job to make them better musicians, but to provide assistance when they are having difficulty in other classes. If I can compose a rap to help them learn difficult material, I do it. If they need a tutor, I find a teacher to give them additional assistance. My students are like my own children and I want them to succeed in life. When they succeed, that is my greatest accomplishment in education. I believe it takes a special person to be a teacher. A teacher not only has to be knowledgeable about his/her subject, but sometimes he/she has to be a parent, listening ear, and encourager. I believe education is one of the most important influences on today’s youth. Teachers are the ones who shape America’s future today. Teachers have the power to help students achieve their dreams or they can destroy their dreams by trampling on the self-esteem of students. I believe teaching is my calling and I strive to grow and learn through and with my students. I care about the whole student. When a child comes into my class and is having a bad day, I know they will not hear a word I say or learn anything in my class until the problem is resolved. Sometimes a student will come in my class, and for the time that I have them, they do their best and achieve even if they feel like a failure in their other classes. God has given me a spirit of discernment and the gift to encourage my students. I find it very rewarding when I see a smile on a student’s face because he/she is successful. I love building student’s self-confidence and seeing this self-confidence spread to their regular education classes as well. As Cyril B Busbee Elementary/ AL Corbett Middle Schools’ “2013-2014 Teacher of the Year,” my message refers to the “ABC’s of Education”: Accept challenges; Believe in yourself and others; and promote good Character. These three principles allow a teacher to influence and impact students to become productive, essential members of society, and to support parents as they raise their children to become future leaders. Accepting challenges is a vital part of everyone’s life. Being a person who can do this is a key to success in life. There are many challenges teachers, students and parents face every day. As a child, I faced the challenge of a learning disability. This not only affected me, but my parents and teachers. Luckily, I had parents who had faith in me, and a few teachers who looked deep inside and saw what I could become. I know those teachers probably had their doubts, but they never conveyed that message to me. As teachers, we must meet the challenges of our profession

teacher from Page 1
As a very small child, I began singing in church with my family. Then, I gained the confidence to perform solos in church. At the age of sixteen, I began leading worship and directing the church choir. If I would not have had these musical opportunities the Lord provided me, I don’t think I would have had enough confidence to become a teacher. God gave me leadership abilities, musical talent, and compassion for people while I grew up in church. I believe this is how my faith in God influenced me to become a music teacher and continue my avocation. Third, my former chorus and band teachers influenced me to become a music teacher because they were outstanding examples. My middle school chorus teacher taught me how to build a large chorus by showing a positive attitude in all situations. Students wanted to be in her class because she was cheerful, always willing to help, and encouraged everyone to do their best. My middle school band teacher had high expectations and believed all of her students could achieve them. My high school band director made mistakes, but was not afraid to admit them. He had high expectations not only for his students, but for himself. He was a risk taker. These attributes of my former teachers influenced me to become a music teacher. I wanted to be able to change lives in the same ways my life was changed by my teachers. Teaching is not confined to the walls of a school building. When someone is called by God to teach… there are no walls. I am currently involved in the Gilbert Community by being a Sunday School Teacher and the Music Director at my church. Even though both of these can be time consuming, it is a privilege which I don’t take lightly. Teaching Sunday School comes very naturally for me because I grew up in church and heard many Bible stories as a child. It feels great to be able to pass “life lessons” from these stories to the next generation. As the Music Director at my church, I incorporate computer graphic programs learned and used at school to create PowerPoint Presentations for the songs and choruses that are sung each Sunday. After prayerfully deciding which music would be best for each service - including any special songs that are sung, I use the artistic anointing God gave me to create visual presentations to enhance the atmosphere of worship. I feel it is important not only to be involved in my own community, but also in the Wagener-Salley community where my

with a smile on our face and determination in our purpose. We know when we accept challenges, there will be failures; but we must move past them to strive to become the educators we have the potential to be. One cannot accept challenges unless they believe in themselves and others. Teachers, students and parents must come to this realization. Teachers must believe in themselves, their peers, their students, the parents and the community. As someone once said, “It takes a village to raise a child.” This is true, but I believe it all starts with how one views him or herself. It takes someone with self-confidence to be able to encourage and reach out to others. One might ask, “How do you know this?’, because for a long time I was the person who lacked self-confidence. It took the support of my faith, parents, teachers and peers to help me gain the knowledge that I could become what I wanted to be. I could fulfill my dream of becoming a music teacher who could help other students with low self-esteem find their niche. This would not have been possible without me becoming more confident in my own abilities. We as teachers must be confident and have confidence in our students no matter how bleak their situation may seem. Most importantly, character must be modeled and developed. Students are bombarded with images and music of people with poor character. They display this in how they dress, talk, and the lyrics they sing. Sometimes, the only places students see good character displayed is in school. Teachers must not only display good character, but build the character of their students. One must remember that these students will be our leaders of tomorrow. They will be our politicians, doctors, lawyers, teachers, law enforcement, grocery store clerks, and baby sitters. They need good ethics to help our society to remain civilized. Teachers are at the forefront of shaping the character of tomorrow’s society today. Teachers emphasize and practice the “ABC’s of Education”: Accept challenges; Believe in yourself and others; and promote good Character. They need to accept this challenge, believe in themselves and others, and display good character at all times. I believe these principles can help any student achieve their dreams, guide each parent and community member when raising their child, and prevent every teacher from having any child left behind.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013



Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wagener Monthly

busbee k-kids
During the last meeting of the school year for the Busbee K-Kids, they had a pizza party. This has been a great group of children that provided service for others. They had a pet food drive for the Aiken County Animal Shelter, made Christmas cards for Veterans, rode in the Christmas parade, made puzzles for the Children’s Hospital, made cereal bird feeders for Wild Bird Month, and made special socks for the elderly for “Be A Bunny” baskets.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


ladies auxiliary to the VFW Post 6304
Please try to attend the next meeting, when scheduled, as there are many The April meeting was canceled due issues that need to be discussed and to the ladies’ commitment to running voted on. the concession stand at the Roy Warner The final design for the garden Park. marker to honor Mr. Charles Beam The season is half over and the ladies is now in the hands of the engraver. are doing well. However, they could Charles did such a fabulous and beauuse more help. tiful job of landscaping the VFW Please extend your helping hand to grounds. this important undertaking, as it benFew reminders: Volunteer report efits everyone. sheets are due this month. Please bring At present there are about 6 ladies it to the meeting or e-mail it to Pam. doing all the work and could sure use The upcoming yard sale will take some relief. It would be great if there place on May 4th, at the Courtney could be two shifts of workers rather Center. than one shift. It is just around the corner and the The auxiliary received a very gener- auxiliary needs lots of donations to ous, anonymous donation to cover the sell and lots of helpers to price, set up, cost of the insurance on the concession sit and wait for customers and finally stand. Thank you for your generosity. clean-up. Notification of the May meeting will The officers of the Ladies’ Auxiliary be e-mailed to members or a phone call are counting on you. Your input is to those who do not have e-mail. greatly needed. Submitted article

Spring Day

Photo by Sherry Miles

Aerilee Kirland-Pardue enjoys a beautiful spring day.

Looking for classmates of Wagener-Salley High School Class of 1993 for the class’s 20th reunion, which will be held in June. Contact Dawn Laudenslager Richbourg at 803-564-6599 or email her at dawn.richbourg@gmail.com.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wagener Monthly

S. Carolina Legislative Update
Dear Friends: A critical deadline is fast approaching for legislation to move from the House to the Senate and Senate to House if a bill is to be enacted this year. The ‘crossover’ deadline is May 1. Two major bills face critical floor debates this week.

by SC Rep. Bill Taylor, R-District 86
commercial airplanes over the next two decades. Since 2009, Boeing has invested more than $1 billion in land, facilities, infrastructure and tooling in South Carolina. The company initially promised 3800 jobs, but now more than 6,000 are employed. This latest expansion calls for 2,000 more jobs, but Boeing is renowned for under Ethics Reform promising and over delivering and many The House Judiciary Committee approved more jobs are anticipated.   a substantial ethics reform package that The success of Michelin, BMW, Bridgehas been the result of months of debate and stone and now Boeing has proven that our discussion between Republicans and Demo- state has the best workers in the world and crats, the House and the Senate, and the a government willing to work in a bipartiGovernor. Here are a few highlights:   san manner to support new business. PolitiAbolishes the State Ethics Commission cal leaders in South Carolina have fought and the House and Senate ethics committees tirelessly to improve South Carolina’s replacing them with a new commission that business climate as we compete against has the power to investigate and sanction the world for jobs. Our efforts are being both executive branch officers and lawmak- rewarded, and political leaders of both parers. ties realize the job creation knows no party Abolishes “Leadership PACs”. distinction. Requires lawmakers to disclose all sources The House finalized an incentive package of income in an attempt to root out conflicts in support of Boeing that will help fund of interest. infrastructure improvements for the comRequires lobbyists to register if they lobby pany’s planned expansion. We approved it local governments or school districts. with the stipulation that if Boeing does not Eliminates the “blackout period” right be- live up to the 2,000 jobs it promised to crefore an election when candidates do not have ate, the state will be repaid by the compato disclose donors. ny. This is a good deal for South Carolina Reorganizing State Government: The and makes our state a certified aerospace second major bill we are debating this week leader. is the Department of Administration restructuring bill. It eliminates the Budget and Gun Legislation The House unanimously approved a biControl Board and moves most of its duties directly under the Governor. It also cuts the partisan measure to add people who have been deemed mentally unstable by a judge to size of the government as we eliminate duplication of services. the federal gun background check registry. A similar bill is up for debate in the Senate. Day after Tax Day Meanwhile, the State Senate has delayed a I was pleased to address supporters of the vote on legislation to allow gun owners to S.C. Fair Tax Act gathered at the State House openly carry their weapons in public without April 16th for the ‘Tax Day Hangover’ event. a concealed weapons permit. The big news – House leadership has comAnimal Abuse Legislation to be mitted to hold Ways & Means Committee hearings to take testimony on the bill. I am Heard the primary sponsor of the Fair Tax and it has A hearing has been scheduled for Thursday 52 co-sponsors in the House. on legislation that would significantly inBoeing Gets Bigger crease penalties for animal abuse. South CarIt is very good news that Boeing will olina is ranked 48th in state animal protection invest another $1 billion and add at least laws. I’m the primary sponsor of the bill that 2,000 jobs at its North Charleston facilcame in response to the lenient punishment ity. The 787 Dreamliner is built there and handed down after a puppy mill was raided the company projects a steep demand for near Johnston last September and more than Tax Day Hangover event at the State House 250 animals were rescued.   My ‘State House to the School House’ tour continued at Oakwood-Windsor Elementary where I spoke to all the third graders. Since most Aiken County school children don’t have the opportunity to make a field trip to the Capitol, I bring it to them as part of their South Carolina government curriculum (see photo on page 9). Senators have given preliminary approval to create a special fund for South Carolinians victimized by the computer hacking at the state Department of Revenue. The legislation

Back to School

seeks to offer up to 10 years of free credit monitoring for 3.8 million taxpayers whose personal information was compromised in the hack. The House will debate the bill. Did you know that that charity raffles are considered illegal gambling in South Carolina? While enforcement is rare, raffles are still a crime. The House approved a measure that would allow voters to legalize charity raffles by asking voters in 2014 whether or not the state’s Constitution should be changed to allow it. The Senate has already approved the measure. Please see Update, Page 9

Legalizing Raffles

Hacking Help

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Update from Page 8

Visit to B&S Machine Tool

Goodbye Sweepstakes

The House passed a bill aimed at shutting down sweepstakes cafes by specifying that sweepstakes machines are considered illegal gambling under the state’s video poker law. That has been the position of state law enforcement officials, but several judges have ruled the games were allowed under a loophole in the law. The bill was quickly signed by the Governor, a day after passage.

Vets Tuition Break

The House unanimously approved legislation to allow veterans and their dependents to pay in-state college tuition rather than be treated as out-of-state students paying hefty tuition rates.

Visit to Oakwood-Windsor Elementary School I often team up with Congressman Joe Wilson to tour businesses large and small. We visited B&S Machine Tool on Old Wagener Road. President Bart Blackwell gave us a close-up tour of this highly specialized operation. Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy! Thank you for the privilege of serving you in Columbia. If I can ever be of assistance to you, or if you have ideas on issues you want me to share with the rest of the General Assembly, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

On The Job


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wagener Monthly

Lipscomb – Vine

Grace Katherine Lipscomb and Robert Michael Vine Mr. and Mrs. Dale R. Lipscomb of Aiken, SC, announce the engagement of their daughter, Grace Katherine Lipscomb of Greenville, SC, to Robert Michael Vine, Jr. of Columbia, SC, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Vine, Sr. of Aiken, SC. The wedding is planned for June 15, 2013, at Saint Thaddeus Episcopal Church in Aiken, South Carolina. The bride-elect is a maternal granddaughter of Mrs. Ann M. Thomasson and the late Mr. William C. Thomasson, Jr. of Aiken, SC, and a paternal granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Lipscomb of Marietta, Ohio. She is a 2007 graduate of Aiken High School. She is a graduate of Clemson University with a degree in Marketing. She is employed by the Gary Player Group. The bridegroom-elect is a maternal grandson of Mr. F. Laverne Gunter and Mrs. Brenda H. Gunter of Wagener, SC, and a paternal grandson of Mrs. Virginia A. Vine and the late Richard G. Vine of Aiken, SC. He is a 2007 graduate of Aiken High School. He is a graduate of Clemson University with a degree in Civil Engineering. He is employed by Chicago Bridge & Iron Co.

Olivia Hope Love born March 14, 2013, @ 6:58pm, 8 pounds 1oz, 22 1/2 inches. Parents are Lee & Michelle Love.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Dylan Douglas, Bryson Shealy, and Christian Miles among other young men and women were inducted into the National Junior Beta Club!

We invite you to the Community National Day of Prayer Service Thursday May 2nd at 7:00 pm at the Wagener Municipal Building. Please share this information with all you know. Let’s join together as The Church and pray. Our nation, our state, our community, our Leader, our Churches need our prayers. It starts with us - the Church. God bless you all, Churches Together for Kids Ministries


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wagener Monthly

Senior Day and Overnight Trips
Aiken County PRT offers senior day and overnight trips, if you are not travelling with us you are missing out! Come join the fun! Contact Carolyn Rushton at 654-5211 for more information on some of our up

coming trips such as the Lake Murray Puple Martin Boat Cruise, the Billy Graham Museum, and the Myrtle Beach Senior Retreat. Here are pictures from two of our recent trips.

Ladies have a blast on an overnight 3 day trip at Oconee State park, days were jam packed with tours, sights, shopping and great fun!

Ladies have a blast on an overnight 3 day trip at Oconee State park, days were jam packed with tours, sights, shopping and great fun!

The rich history in Barnwell, shopping & lunch sponsored by Kathy Rawls.

Mark your calendar for our 2nd annual yard/craft/bake sale Saturday May 4th at the Courtney Center. Call Carolyn at 564-5211 to reserve your table only $5.00

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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Christ Central Aiken GED program graduatees recognized
The Rabon family of Wagener turned out in force Sunday afternoon as Christ Central Aiken conducted the graduation ceremony for its GED program. With her three children and truck driver husband, Jonathan Sr. looking on, 30-year-old Amanda received her certificate at the River of Life Church on Columbia Highway North. One of Amanda’s nephews also showed up to celebrate her accomplishment. “I wanted to show my kids it was something they could do and that they shouldn’t ever give up,” said Amanda, who left high school after she became pregnant for the first time. A stay-at-home mom, Amanda graduated from the GED program with honors. She would like to continue her education by taking some online classes in either accounting or information technology through the University of Phoenix. “It was the best thing for my mom to go back to school and get her GED,” said 12-year-old Jonathan Jr. “She can get a job and get out of the house and do more stuff. I’m proud of her a lot. She does the impossible.” Christ Central Aiken started its GED program 1½ years ago and Amanda was among the 75 members of its fourth graduating class. “When you haven’t graduated from high school, to go back and finish your education is a major step, and they’ve done it,” said Linda Coffin, co-director of Christ Central Aiken’s GED program. “Their lives fell apart, basically, and other things got in the way. But now they’ve sorted it all out and they’re ready to go on.” A guidance counselor is available to help the Aiken program’s newest GED earners apply to college and get financial aid, according to Coffin. In addition to Amanda Rabon, the graduates included Sharita Martin, Terra Kitchings and Raymond Dye. Martin, 24, lives in Williston. She didn’t progress beyond the seventh grade level while being homeschooled. “There were nine kids in my family, so I pretty much had to work,” Martin said. “It got too hard to balance school with work.” She decided to resume her education after spotting one of Christ Central’s “Get Your GED Free” signs. Martin learned how to write essays for the first time in the GED program’s classes and she said she also picked up a lot of new knowledge about math, thanks to one of her teachers, Pastor Sonya Mazzell of Christ Central. “I have all kinds of dreams,” revealed Martin, who builds houses and barns with her father. She is interested in small business management and interior design. “I would like to go to college,” Martin added, “but if that doesn’t happen financially, at least I can get a better job.” Raymond Dye, a husky 19-year-old resident of Windsor, described himself as “very happy” prior to the GED graduation ceremony. His goal is to become a truck driver. Kitchings studied to get her GED because she wanted her 13-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter to be proud of her. “It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be,” said Kitchings, a 31-yearold resident of Aiken. A former cashier, she hopes to attend Aiken Technical College. Kitchings eventually would like to become a registered nurse. “I’m glad I did this,” she said. Christ Central has eight GED programs in South Carolina, according to Roger Floyd, who heads the ministry’s GED program at the state level. Christ Central’s headquarters is in Columbia. Read more: Christ Central Aiken GED program graduates recognized | Aiken Standard Follow us: @aikenstandard on Twitter | aikenstandard on Facebook

STAFF PHOTO BY DEDE BILES Linda Coffin, far right, co-director of the Christ Central Aiken GED program, tells graduates what they will be doing Sunday during the ceremony recognizing them at River of Life Church Sunday.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Congratulations to Wagener Salley High FFA – Haley Williamson was fifth high individual in the state top environmentalist overall and the team was first place Agriculture Mechanics team. Due to that win the team is bringing home a new welding machine to Wagener–Salley and headed to Louisville in November!

Find Inspiration
Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wagener Monthly

Mothers are Special

by Dr. Tommy Huddleston

When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw you hang my first painting on the refrigerator, and I wanted to paint another one. When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw you feed a stray cat, and I thought it was good to be kind to animals. When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw you make my favorite cake for me, and I knew that little things are special things. When you thought I wasn’t looking, I heard you say a prayer, and I believed there is a God I could always talk to. When you thought I wasn’t looking, I felt you kiss me goodnight, and I felt loved. When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw tears come from your eyes, and I learned that sometimes things hurt, but it’s all right to cry. When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw that you cared and I wanted to be everything that I could be. When you thought I wasn’t looking, I looked... and wanted to say thanks for all the things I saw when you thought I wasn’t looking. In closing, I would like to say that I am thankful for my deceased mother, Dot Hall, who, when my sister, brother and I were deserted by our biological mother, took us into her home and loved us as if we were her own. I am especially thankful for Lucy, the mother of our children, and for the positive spiritual role she has played in their lives.

When You Thought I Wasn’t Looking

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to honor that special lady in your life. Whether she is your biological mother who gave birth to you, or a mother-figure, thank her for making a difference in you and for going the extra mile. She does it because she loves you and because you have a Dr. Tommy Huddleston is transitional pastor of Berlin Baptist Church, located special place in her heart. Recognizing her is more than just a card or a gift. on Crossthorn Road. Dr. Huddleston can be reached via e-mail at It is an unselfish act of loving her for who she is and not just what she does. twhuddleston@hotmail.com or at the church office at (803) 564-6308. If you have had a Christian mother, you are truly blessed. However, you better watch out!! Chances are she has made a pact with God for Him to do whatever it takes, regardless of how uncomfortable it is, for you to become all God wants you to be! This means you will never be able to escape her love and prayers. The truth is she will never give up on you. I know many who are thankful for that experience. Mother’s Day is accepted as a day to honor, love and thank mothers for their investment in their children’s lives. There is no way I am minimizing that. Maybe what some of us need to do is to apologize for any heartache or pain we have caused in her life. It would be a Mother’s Day you would never forget. Mothers often think what they do go unnoticed. Children know that is not true. This simple poem captures this idea well.

The church and its place in the world

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


by Brian Watts
Little Time Left
April 25, 2008 It’s late April now, I don’t understand it, but I’ve written many rhymes Has to be God who gives me these words that I keep writing all the time It’s hard to explain but I think God talks to me while I toss and turn in bed It’s hard to sleep when your chasing words running through your head It’s early morning, He told me somehow to write of sin on earth The pain, hunger and self destruction, people losing their self-worth Rape and murder happens every day in this world we live in Drugs and addictions, Satan must be laughing, watching all the sin Fish in the sea, trees and plants, we the people are making them go away Animals going extinct, gas and food prices soar, wow man, listen to what I say If you ever read God’s Word in the Book of Revelation, it talks of the end of time Take a look at the Book, read the words, compare them with my rhyme If you see what I see, you’ll know that it’s real, many signs in the sky There’s a little time left, so change to God’s side, He, my friend, will help you get by He has saved my soul, He’ll save yours too, all you have to do is ask These words that He has sent me I’ve put on paper, I feel this is my task So read God’s book, study his words, just thoughts that he put in my brain Change your life, you still have time, to jump on God’s train

The church is called to confront the world with the reality of the coming judgment and the gospel of redemption through Jesus. Paul urges us in Romans 12: 2 not to be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. The church is a body of believers who is called out of a world hostile to the gospel of Jesus Christ. People of God should not let the world squeeze them into its mold. When the believer comes to the Kingdom of God, they should abandon the thought patterns and life styles of the world. When you come in the presents of Christ old things should past away and you become a new creature in Him. The world can mean a society or system that man built in order to make himself happy and do what he wants without God. There is a clear distinction between the two and saints of God should know the different. And if you don’t you might get caught up. One of Satan tactic is to attract and hold you capture through the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. He’s that same old devil with those same old tricks. You better recognize!!! The church and its place in the world. The body of Christ is to have no part of Satan’s system. When I use the word system I’m speaking of Satan’s world. The world has its own agenda and it seeks to get anyone and everyone it can to conform to their ways and of doing things. I Thess. chapter 5 and verse 22 tells us to abstain from every form of evil. That tells me any thing that’s not of God is evil. Jesus died to deliver us from this world. Although we live in the world we are not part of it. We have been crucified to the world and the world is crucified to us we are children of the light. Anyone who loves the world is an enemy of God’s and those who love sin hate’s the light in other words they hate God... In John 4:4 it says to be a friend of this system is to be an enemy of God, it was this world that crucified the Lord of life and glory. In fact, it was the religious world that played the major role in putting our Savior to death. One minute they were singing Hosea, Hosea and than they were saying crucified, crucified Him. The Christian enjoys a well-guarded life, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through sin. All because they have asked Jesus to be their guide. They perhaps have said or sung Guide me O thus great Jehovah pilgrim thro’ this barren land; I am weak, but thou art mighty, hold me with thy powerful hand. If you were to ask a senior, they would tell you; I have been young, and now I’m old, yet I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread. They know God’s holds them in His powerful hand. And we should know God will never leave us or forsake us. This He promised.

Nourish the “Roots” of your investment Strategy
FINANCIAL FOCUS Article 10 - April 22, 2013
On Arbor Day, which we celebrate this week, people across the country plant trees. Of course, trees provide us with many benefits, including beauty, fruit and oxygen, as well as protection against land erosion. But the act of planting and nurturing trees can also guide our behavior in other areas of life — such as investing. First of all, consider the vision and patience exhibited by tree growers when they plant their saplings. As an investor, you, too, need this type of perseverance and long-term outlook. When you invest, you should be focused on the long term yet be prepared for the inevitable short-term market downturns. How long is “long term”? Many investors hold quality investments for decades. It’s a long process, but the potential growth you seek will need this time. What else can you, as an investor, learn from tree planters? For one thing, be aware of how they keep their orchards healthy. By providing proper irrigation and disease-prevention measures, they help their trees stay on the long path toward maturity. Similarly, you need to nurture your investment portfolio by continually providing it with the financial resources it needs to stay “healthy.” During periods of market volatility, it can be tempting to take a “time out” from investing — but if you do, you’ll miss out on the potential growth opportunities that may follow. Since no one can really predict the beginnings and endings of either “up” or “down” markets, you’re better off by staying invested. Also, just as horticulturalists take steps to keep their trees from being subject to disease, you can keep your portfolio in good shape by periodically “pruning” it of investments that no longer meet your needs. Here’s something else that tree planters can teach us: diversification. Consider an orchard that contains several different fruit trees; its commercial benefits may be greater than a comparable orchard that only grows apples. Plus, the presence of a variety of trees can prove beneficial if disease strikes one type. In some areas of the country, for example, Dutch Elm Disease wiped out thousands of trees, leaving entire streets treeless. If some other species had also been planted, these streets would still have had the benefits provided by mature trees, even if the elms were gone. As an investor, you don’t want to own just one type of financial asset, such as growth stocks, because if a downturn hits this segment, your entire portfolio could take a big hit. A better strategy would be to populate your “financial orchard” with a variety of investments — such as stocks, bonds and government securities — that are suitable for your situation. (Keep in mind, though, that while diversification can help reduce the effects of volatility, it can’t guarantee a profit or protect against loss.) As an investor, you can learn some lessons from Arbor Day that could prove “tree-mendously” helpful to you as you chart your course for the future — and you won’t even have to “go out on a limb” to put these strategies in place. This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wagener Monthly

Wagener Garden Club News
The Wagener Garden Club met April 9th at Wagener Town Hall. The Club enjoyed delicious refreshments served by Nancy Ballew. Paul Greenway, Aiken Camellia Society, gave a very educational and interesting program on growing and grafting Camellias. Two lucky members won grafted Camellia plants. During the business meeting, Vernelle Casey reported that she had done pruning at Wagener Cemetery entrance. Bill Miller reported that there would be a May 4th litter pick-up and would welcome any help. The club gained a new member at the April meeting, Brenda Whittington. She loves flowers and loves to work in her yards. We are all looking forward to the May meeting. A plant exchange, Officer installation and a program on Roses.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013



Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wagener Monthly

Lady War Eagles storm the Triple Crown Classic April 5 and 6
The Lady War Eagles softball team took Aiken by storm – the team placed 8th of of 18 teams. Brielle Busbee received the $1000 Barry Johnson Memorial Tournament Scholarship due to her performance in the tournament. The scholarship is based on character, good attitude, GPA and community involvement. Photos taken by Jeremy Timmerman.

Brielle Busbee is safe! Morgan Foster pitches her fastball for the Lady War Eagles.

Brielle Busbee hitting hard.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Kimberly Ann Toole Cureton
May 21, 1970 – March 30, 2013 SWANSEA — Mrs. Kimberly Ann Toole Cureton, 42, went home to be with the Lord, Saturday, March 30, 2013. Kimberly is survived by her husband of 11 years, Robert D. Cureton; children, Tyler Daniel Harris, Briana N. Cureton, Deanna M. Moody, and Amanda M. Cureton, mothers; Freda H. Lester and Mary Lee Toole, mother-in-law; Maureen Moans; sisters, Rosalie Lester, Jennifer (Gary) Thomas, Jessica T. Perara, and Magdelina T. (David) Young; sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law, Chris (Billy) McCune, Andie (Jimmy Ortega) Seifert, and Jon Paul Cureton; and nieces and nephews, Anna Grace Thomas, Owen Thomas, Jayda M. Gary, Delaney McCune, Angel Jarrells, Ashley Edmiston, Jacob Seifert, Brenden Cureton and Matthew J. Perara, II. Kimberly was preceded in death by her fathers, Ott Lester and Laverne Toole, and son, Shawn Cureton. A Service to celebrate the life of Kimberly was held Thursday, April 4, at 4 p.m. at Providence Baptist Church, near Leesville, with burial in the church cemetery. November 1, 1936 – April 12, 2013 SALLEY — Mr. James “Cecil” Hallman, 76, departed his earthly home surrounded by his loving family Friday, April 12, 2013 to live eternally with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Mr. Hallman was the husband for 60 years of the Lillie Mae Hoover Hallman, the father and father-in-law of Wanda and Willie Hoffman, Cecilia and Steve Wade and the late Dennis J. Hallman, grandfather of Chris Sharpe and his wife Amanda, great-grandfather of Kaden Sharpe, and brother of Melba Jeffcoat, and the late Ferrell Hallman, Harry Hallman, Terrell Hallman, and J. B. Hallman. Mr. Hallman was born in Salley, SC, son of the late Jerue Burt and Zalie Polly Johnson Hallman. He was a member of Rocky Grove Baptist Church. In lieu of flowers, please make memorials to Ramp Ministry c/o Rocky Grove Baptist Church at P. O. Box 508 Salley, SC 29137, Blue Ridge Hospice at 110 Ministry Drive, Suite B Irmo, SC 29063 and/or Hollow Creek Fire Department at 858 Hollow Creek Road, Salley, SC 29137. The Funeral Service was held at 11:30 a.m. Monday, April 15 in the Rocky Grove Baptist Church with the Rev. John O’Cain officiating. Burial was in the church cemetery. The Hallman family expresses their grateful appreciation to the staff Blue Ridge Hospice, and their family and friends for the love and compassion given to them during the past years.

James Cecil Hallman

Russell Lee Koontz

April 22, 1940 – April 1, 2013 WAGENER — Mr. Russell Lee Koontz, 72, went home to be with his Lord and Savior Monday, April 1, 2013. Mr. Koontz is survived by his wife of 26 years, Peggy Koontz; children, Robert L. Koontz, Mike (Melissa) Koontz, David (Val) Roemer, Susan (Willis) Combs; grandchildren, Mikki (Rodel Velina) Koontz, Stephanie Koontz, Angel Koontz, Russell Koontz, Roscoe Koontz, Chad Elkins, Conner Elkins, Nickie Miller, Karen Roemer, Jake Hathaway, Patricia (Pete) Thompson, Victoria Balcom, Tammy Roemer, Sabrina (Eric) Chapman, Alex Roemer, Rabeccah Roemer, Nathan Roemer, and Forrest Roemer; great-grandchildren, Cameron Green, Montana Baldwin, Natasha Miller, Ryleigh Foret, Derek Miller, Andrew Thompson, Benjamin Thompson, and Mattia Koontz; brothers, Raymond and Randall (Marcella) Koontz of Missouri, and Richard Koontz of Sandy Run, SC; and nieces and nephews, Jacki (Bobby) Elsea, Jimmy, Joel, Terry, Daniel, Nick, Kelven, and Cheryl Koontz, Sadie Wagner, Sandie Hendren, and Marcie Murphy. Mr. Koontz was the son of the late Roth Roscoe and Gertrude Jackson Koontz. He was also preceded in death by his son, Bruce E. Roemer and sister, Eunice Barnnett. Mr. Koontz was a veteran of the U.S. Army and was a member of Perry First Assembly of God Church where he served as a deacon. The Funeral Service was held Saturday, April 6, at 2 p.m. in the Perry First Assembly of God Church in Perry, SC with Pastor Roger Hunnicutt officiating. Burial was in the church cemetery with military honors.

Sophia Holloway Kitchings

April 28, 1942 – April 14, 2013 BRONX, N.Y. — Sophia Holloway Kitchings was born to Eddie Lou Wallace Holloway and Howard Holloway on April 28. 1942, in Wagener, South Carolina. She married Curtis Kitchings and from this union was blessed with 5 children. She was predeceased by her husband, two children. Mrs. Kitchings, 70, departed this life for her heavenly home on April 14, 2013. She leaves to cherish her loving memory: 3 daughters: Chrystal Kitchings (Stephenson), Katrina Kitchings Ashley, and Sharon Kitchings; 2 brothers: James Holloway and Bernard Holloway; 2 sisters: Legetha Burris and Gloria Davenport; 5 grandchildren, and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, other relatives, and many friends. Funeral services will be held on Sunday, April 21, 2013, at 3:00 p.m. at the Baughmanville Baptist Church in Wagener, South Carolina; with burial.

Andrew Clinton Ford

November 30, 1998 – April 13, 2013 LEESVILLE — Andrew Clinton Ford, 14, entered into rest Saturday, April 13, 2013. Andrew was born in Pinellas County, Florida. He is the son of Clinton Wendell Ford and Brenda Jean Mellott Ford. He is the brother of David Seyler, Megan Seyler, Samantha Ford and Jami Ford. Andrew is the grandson of Carylene and Hampton Walker, Marvin Wendell and Mary Ford, Gloria and William Peterson, and Douglas and Penny Mellott. Andrew also has many aunts, uncles, and cousins. Andrew was loved deeply and will be greatly missed.

Dale Roger Baughman

August 17, 1950 – April 14, 2013 WAGENER — Mr. Dale Roger Baughman, 62, entered into rest Sunday afternoon, April 14, 2013. Dale is survived by his sons Roger (Jennifer) Baughman, Greg (Jennifer) Baughman and Tim (Jenene) Giaffis; grandchildren, Ray Lynn Baughman, Madison Giaffis and Mason Giaffis; sister-in-law, Juanita Baughman; and brothers-in-law, Johnny Rawls and Ray Preston. Dale was born in Aiken County, the son of the late Willie Albert and Evelyn Poole Baughman. He was also preceded in death by his wife of 28 years; Donna Jean Franklin Baughman, brother Laurie Baughman, and sisters; Edie Rawls and Debbie Preston. Funeral Services were held Thursday, April 18 at 4 p.m. in the New Holland Baptist Church with the Rev. Owen McAlister officiating. Burial was in the New Holland Baptist Church Cemetery.


Wednesday, April, 2013

Wagener Monthly

Wagener Monthly

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


August 11, 1960 – April 14, 2013 COLUMBIA — Arthur Paul Landy Jr., 52, was born on August 11, 1960 in Richland County, South Carolina. He was the beloved son of Arthur P. Sr. and Mae Belle Landy. Arthur entered into eternal rest on Sunday, April 14, 2013 while in the Palmetto Health Richland Hospital in Columbia, SC. Arthur was a graduate of Eau Claire High School, a member of Progressive Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ in Columbia, South Carolina and was employed with Hansen in Lexington. A loving brother, son, and a caring friend who cared for his family and who will be missed by his family and friends alike. Arthur has fulfilled his purpose and his family and friends, though they may weep a while, should rejoice with him and thank God for the life he shared with them. Those who will forever cherish his fond and precious memories are his loving parents; Arthur P. and Mae belle Landy; 8 sisters, Jacqueline D. (Rev Wayne) Abney of Gilbert, SC, Janice R. (Michael) Bannister, of Columbia, SC, Paula l. (Bernard) Glenn, Lithonia, GA., Cassandra l. (Maurice) Anderson, Columbia SC, Sharon M. Landy, Columbia, SC, Ruthie Landy, Ft. Campell, KY, Lanitta M. Landy, Columbia, SC and Joane E. Landy, Columbia, SC; 4 brothers, Harvey G. (Myrtice) Landy, Salisbury, NC, Calvin L. Landy, Columbia, SC, Benjamin C. Landy Columbia, SC and Nathan T. Landy Kennesaw GA; one great aunt, Lucille T. Green, and a host of aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews other relatives and friends. Funeral services were held on Saturday, April 20, 2013, at 1:30 p.m. at the Progressive Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, 527 Longtown Rd., Columbia, SC.

Arthur Paul Landy Jr.

AIKEN, S.C. – Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Giles Bryant, 39, of Aiken, SC, entered into rest on Wednesday, March 27th, 2013. Born in and a lifelong resident of Aiken County, SC, she was a daughter of the late William D. and Barbara Cox Giles. Jennifer was a graduate of South Aiken High School and was employed by SCE&G. In addition to her parents, family members include her husband, Shelton Bryant, Jr., North Augusta, SC; siblings, Sherry Marie Moats, Hartwell, SC, William Phillip Giles, Augusta, GA and the late Dawn Elizabeth Fogle and nephew, Franklin Cole Fogle, Wagener, SC. A Celebration of Life Service was held on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013, at 5 o’clock at Cedar Creek Church (Banks Mill Rd.) Hatcher Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Langley, SC. Memories of Jennifer may be shared by visiting www.hatcherfuneral home.com/

Jennifer Lynn Giles Bryant

WAGENER – Mr. Donald Veldman, 75, died Monday, April 8, 2013. A memorial service was held at 3:00 PM Monday, April 15, 2013 in the Shellhouse Funeral Home Chapel. Mr. Veldman was born in Chicago, IL, a son of the late Nick and Jennie Marchiando Veldman. He and his wife moved to Wagener 27 years ago. He was a former Engineer and Plant Manager for a nut and bolt manufacturer. He is survived by his loving wife, Dawn Pfleger Veldman; daughter, Denyse (Gary) Heitman, Palos Heights, IL; three sons, Dirk (Kari) Veldman, Mahomet, IL, Donald (Gina) Veldman, Mt. Pleasant, SC, David (Stacy) Veldman, Lexington, SC; grandchildren, Joshua, Jacob and Candice Heitman, Lexi, Tori and Jordan Veldman, Emma Lorlei and Nathan Veldman; great grandchildren, Ramona and Judah Heitman. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by a sister, Betty Goode. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be directed to River of Life Church, 1411 York St., NE, Aiken, SC 29801. SHELLHOUSE FUNERAL HOME, INC., 924 HAYNE AVE., AIKEN, SC Mr. Veldman’s online guest book may be signed at www.shellhousefuneralhome.com

Donald Veldman

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On March 18, 2013, Mr. Nero V. Johnson, formerly of Aiken, was called to his heavenly home. He was born on July 2, 1931, in Aiken, SC, to the late Will and Joanna Johnson. He attended Aiken County schools and then later enlisted as a PFC Army soldier in 1951. He was honorably discharged in 1953 and relocated to our nation’s capital of Washington D.C. While there, he worked as a mail carrier for a private U.S. branch of government for a number of years. Those he leaves to cherish his memories are: his two children, two grandchildren, his wife, one sister, nieces, nephews, cousins, other relatives, and many friends. Mr. Johnson’s final memorial services was held at Ocean Grove Baptist Church, Ocean Grove Road Aiken, SC 29805, on Sunday, March 24, 2013, at 2:00pm. Funeral Services are entrusted to the J.H. Robinson Funeral Home, 190 Railroad Avenue West Wagener, SC 29164. “When only memories remain, let them be beautiful.”

Nero V. Johnson

View obituaries at www.aikenstandard.com, www.blizzardfuneralhome.com and www. jhrobinsonfunerals.com

July 14, 1932 – March 31, 2013 SPRINGFIELD – Aseturel Haltingwenger, 79, was born to the late Aseturel Sr. and Ethel Mae Harley on July 14, 1932. He departed this life on March 25, 2013 and was funeralized on Sunday, March 31, at 2 pm at Chapel Hill Baptist Church, North, SC. Aseturel leaves behind one daughter, Ethel Houston, and a host of other family members and friends. Arrangements provided by the J. H. Robinson Funeral Home, Wagener, SC.

Aseturel ‘Hawk’ Haltingwenger Jr.

AIKEN, SC – George Michael Counts, 59, died suddenly Wednesday, April 17, 2013. Born in Newberry, SC, George was the son of George W. Counts and Bettie Corley Counts. He was a lifelong resident of Aiken and was a 31 year employee of the Savannah River Site. Survivors include his longtime companion and friend, Vickie Bryant; mother, Bettie Corley Counts; father and step-mother, George W. and Betty Counts, all of Aiken; daughter, Star Counts, Wagener, step-daughter, Traci Martin, Wagener;, three grandchildren, Haley Star Brock, Hunter James Brock and Ivy Alexandra Carver; step-grandchild, Hollis Poole and brother, Randy (Cherry) Counts, Simpsonville, SC. Funeral was held Saturday, April 20 at 3:00 PM at Shellhouse - Rivers Funeral Home chapel. Interment followed in Bethany Cemetery. Memorial contributions may be directed to Alzheimer’s Association, South Carolina Chapter, 4124 Clemson Blvd – Ste L, Anderson, SC 29621 (alz.org) SHELLHOUSE - RIVERS FUNERAL HOME, 715 EAST PINE LOG RD., AIKEN, SC Please visit the online guestbook at www.shellhouseriversfuneralhome.com

George Michael Counts


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wagener Monthly

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