Christina The Old Hag #710

As the old hag passes through the crowd in her cart, the woman catches the eyes of the town's people who are staring at her with a confused look. On her head is a raggedy, worn out dirt bonnet that is perched on top of her scraggly, stringy, grey hair. As her wrinkly, dirty old face is getting hit by the dirt blowing in the wind, she turns and watches the crowd. Her eyes, are red with exhaustion, and her left, lazy eye. Her nose which is smelling the blood coming off the heads from the guillotine is big wide and bony. Her mouth, muttering to herself “I love coming here” with her yellow teeth, her black hairy mole, and snarly grin and is now talking to the fellow women in her cart, gossiping. Her chin as she talks is ratted up and scarred and her fingers which are knitting away at the yarn \ are bony, dirty, and wrinkly. As she is sitting in her cart with her old nag resting, her posture is poor and bent over. She seems as if she is in her late 50’s or early 60’s. Her beaten down shawl is slowly giving away from the bad condition it has been in. When she fixes her greyish white skirt, she notices even more holes and rips and murmurs a few words to herself. But as the old hag leaves, nobody recognized that it was the great Scarlet Pimpernel in his own disguise.

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