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Dream Yoga

Dream Yoga, Which Dispels Mental Darkness This will be explained under two headings: the reason why the dream yoga follows the illusory body yoga and the actual dream yoga instruction. The Reason for the Order The Vajra Verses states, Whoever overpowers conceptual thought Should dedicate himself intensely to dream yoga, Which automatically purifies the darkness of confusion. The excellence gained by the illusory body training Then automatically arises, day and night. This is the purpose for the order of these yogas. As said earlier, the main force used in the dream yoga is the power of control over the vital energies which operate during sleep. Moreover, in the tradition of blending sleep with the tantric yogas, (the clear light that arises when) going to sleep is linked to the Dharmakaya, the dream state to the Sambhogakaya, and waking up to the Nirmanakaya. Therefore in this context the sleep yoga becomes an auxiliary branch of the illusory body yoga. treatise on the six yogas of niguma : 137 The Actual Dream Yoga Instruction

and (f) meditating on their thatness. (a) The first of these begins by meditating on guru yoga and making a prayer that one may be able to retain the dream and to practice the spiritual path within the context of the dream. �These objects are but dream experiences and I must recognize this dream as a dream. The manner of cultivating the power of intention in the dream yoga is explained in the oral tradition of the gurus under six headings: (a) recognizing dreams. the principal instruction becomes retaining the clear light of sleep.As said above. (d) emanating within the dream. In particular. One must think to oneself. (c) increasing dream objects. .� Practicing this mindfulness during the day will have the effect that at night when a dream occurs one will automatically think. Thus it becomes necessary to say something on the two subjects of dream yoga and clear light. (b) purifying them.� The stronger becomes the instinct of the training cultivated during the day. (e) being aware of the objects of perception. the stronger will become one�s ability to recognize the dream state when asleep. the main practice in the dream yoga is the control of the vital energies. The first of these involves regarding all objects perceived during the daytime as things of a dream. The method of training in retaining dreams is twofold: during the day practicing an appropriate mindfulness meditation and at night applying the forceful method of the oral instruction. �This is but a dream experience.

as in the practice of the inner fire explained earlier. which are the vajra posture. squatting.Secondly. which are predawn. At the base of the central channel 138 : the second dalai lama upon the navel chakra is the syllable AH and at the crown chakra the syllable HAM. three are to do with postures.� We bring the drops (as one) to the throat chakra and again make the above resolution. and the lion posture. the forceful method of the oral tradition to be applied at night is also twofold: the method that relies upon controlling the white and red drops and the method of the nine unfailing points. envisions the energy channels. From the HAM comes a small white drop and from the AH a red drop. visualizing as we go to sleep that the drops (as one) remain inside the central channel at the throat chakra. The first of these visualizations is as follows. and sunrise. They come to the heart and encircle it. The second forceful method is that of the nine unfailing points. making a firm resolution that. In the former of these one begins by visualizing oneself as the tantric deity and. at the center of the inner channel at one�s throat chakra is a moon disc. and three deal with visualizations to be performed. and upon it stands one�s root guru in the form . �I must recognize dreams as dreams. dawn. Visualizing oneself as the tantric deity. Both are in the nature of light and are radiantly bright. The nine points are constituted of three categories: three are to do with the times. We then prepare to go to sleep.

At his heart is a sun disc. Lights from the letter HUM cause the guru as Heruka to become extremely radiant. Inside the central channel at one�s throat is a tiny red lotus having four petals. The guru dissolves into the syllable HUM at his heart. This then disappears like a rainbow melting into space. The second visualization begins by dissolving the world and its inhabitants into oneself. sexually embracing a consort resembling himself. Lights then flood forth from the guru. make the firm resolution to recognize any dream as a dream.of Heruka. As before. exceedingly radiant and the size of a mustard seed. and upon this stands a blue syllable HUM. red in color. illuminating myself as the deity. and then into the tiny zig-zag of flame. and this dissolves into itself from the bottom upward and then into the halfmoon above it. dark red in color. At its center stands a letter AM. treatise on the six yogas of niguma : 139 The third visualization is as mentioned in the following passage from The Ocean of Wisdom:132 Generated at the throat of all beings Is the syllable AM. Fix the mind on this image single-pointedly and make the resolution as before. He has one face and two arms. This syllable is in the nature of light and is the size of a mustard seed. One then dissolves into the guru at one�s throat. .

Should you wake up in the middle of the dream. Rather. (b) Secondly follows the process of purifying dreams. whenever a dream arises. an arrow�s length in height. in reliance upon the visualizations one gains a special ability to recognize and retain the clear light of sleep. Think to yourself. The first of these is called �purifying the mind by means of the body. In the sky before you visualize that you as Heruka and Consort are in the air over the cliff. This helps in the practice of recognizing the dream state and strengthens the power of increasing the intensity of dreaming. to recognize whatever arises in the mind as a dream. You (as Heruka) then look over the cliff. do not open your eyes.Fix the mind on it and recollect the dream resolution as before. when we meditate on the above three visualization processes for retaining dreams the power of holding the dream state by means of controlling the vital energies gains a special strength. and a great fear of heights wells up within you.� One sits at the peak of a large cliff. Here it is very important to prevent the mind from wandering and to set a strong resolve not to become lost in sleep and. �This is . draw up the lower energies and recollect the dream. trying to keep the dream going again. From the point in training when one can bring the energies into the central channel by means of stimulating the mystic fire as explained earlier. In addition. Here there are four techniques to be mastered.

One recites the mantra OM AH SVAHA. It then melts into light like a rainbow disappearing into the sky. The fourth technique is called �purification by resolution.� consort of Hevajra.� Visualize that every pore of your body contains a blue letter HUM. The letters have the head inside the pores and are half submerged and half protruding. which fill one�s body and cause it to become empty and pure. The second technique is called �purifying the body by means of the mind. The third method is called �purification by means of Nairatmika. causing blue lights to radiate forth from her body. All becomes pristine emptiness.� and set the resolve as before to recognize any dream as a dream. She is blue in color and holds a curved knife and skull-cup. She melts into light. They enter one�s own body via one�s sexual organ. and one�s body becomes filled with a bluish radiance.� . These radiate forth blue lights.140 : the second dalai lama a dream. All the things now appearing in my field of perception are but the manifestations of a dream. �My ordinary body is asleep in bed and this thing appearing to me now is but a dream body. In the space before you visualize the dakini Nairatmika. the Egoless One. The Heruka and Consort are then visualized as falling over the cliff into nothingness.� When we recognize that we are dreaming we should think. and then the Egoless One herself enters one�s body via the same passage. the Egoless One.

Then manifest the two as four. Practice these and other such emanations. changing from earth to water. Send lights forth from the syllable HUM at . fire to air. and so forth. To overcome the effects of serpent spirits. it would seem that this practice and this ability are applicable only in the context of a particular level of the training. as described earlier. However. and so forth until eventually you have hundreds and thousands of bodies. and so forth. One can also emanate as the various coarse and subtle elements. or else determine to take birth consciously in the impure world in order to work for the benefit of the living beings. where one can see the faces of the buddhas and bodhisattvas and can hear their sacred teachings.Thinking in this way. the death and transmigration of living beings. determine to project yourself to a Pure Land such as Tushita or Sukhavati. (f) When you recognize the dream state. such as the ways of the sentient beings of the pure and impure worlds. water to fire. (c) To increase the dream objects. treatise on the six yogas of niguma : 141 (d) To eliminate death. emanate as Hayagriva. To subdue the kingly spirits. (e) If in this way one can gain proficiency in the dream yoga. In brief. one will achieve the ability to understand the phenomenal world that appears to us. meditate on yourself as Heruka with Consort. emanate as Garuda. emanate as whatever tantric deity is appropriate to the need. take the body that appears in the dream and manifest it as two. emanate in the form of Yamantaka.

even if one awakens. Finally. The third is to be disturbed in the dream by confusing factors such as lust caused by the drop moving to the lower chakras.your heart. The second is to wake up from the dream when the yoga is applied. Hold the mind here on the view of emptiness. This completes my elucidation of the dream yoga. the remedy to the fourth problem is to set a firm determination to dream many dreams and to recognize them when they occur. The remedy to the 142 : the second dalai lama second is not to open one�s eyes. The flame then dissolves into unapprehendable nothingness. but instead to think over and recapture the dream that was occurring. he into the HUM at his heart. and the HUM into itself from the bottom upward and eventually into the zig-zag of flame above. The remedy to the first problem is to set a firm resolution before going to sleep to recognize any dream that arises. The remedy to the third hindrance is to bring the mystic drop back up to the throat chakra. There are four hindrances to the practice of dream yoga. causing the world to melt into the mandala palace and the beings of the world to dissolve into the visualized deities of the mandala. Finally. the Consort dissolves into Heruka. These then dissolve into Heruka and Consort. The first is to not recognize a dream as a dream. the fourth is to not experience any dreams. Such are the teachings of the lineage gurus. .

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