Credits: 2 List of experiments 1. Tests on cement a) Fineness b) Normal consistency and Setting time c) Soundness d) Compressive strength 2. Test on bricks -a) Water absorption b) Efflorescence c) Compressive strength IS: 3495 (P-1-4)1992 3. Tests on aggregate for concrete a)Physical Properties i) Grain size distribution ii) Specific gravity iii) Density iv) Void ratio v) Bulking of sand b) Aggregate crushing value 4. Properties of fresh concrete– workability tests a)Flow& vee- bee tests b) Slump &Compaction factor test 5. Tests on Timber a)Compressive strength–parallel to grain & perpendicular to grain b) Bending tests 4. Test on tiles (i) Transverse strength, (ii) Water Absorption of a)Flooring tiles b) Roofing tiles. InternalContinuous Assessment (Maximum Marks-50) 60%-Laboratory practical and record 30%- Test/s 10%- Regularity in the class Semester End Examination (Maximum Marks-50) 3 hours practical per week

Viva voce 10% . results. and inference 20% .Procedure.70% . conducting experiment.Fair record CYCLE I 1. .Slump and compaction factor tests 2. tabulation. Workability tests of concrete:.

(III) Immerse completely dried specimen in clean water at a temperature of 27+2°C for 24 hours.1% of the mass of the specimen and ventilated oven Specimen Three numbers of whole bricks from samples collected for testing should be taken. ) specimen too warm .WATER ABSORPTION ON BRICKS Aim To determine the percentage of water absorption of bricks Apparatus A sensitive balance capable of weighing within 0. (II) Cool the specimen to room temperature and obtain its weight ( to touch shall not be used for this purpose . (IV) Remove the specimen and wipe out any traces of water with damp cloth and weigh the specimen after it has been removed from water ( ). Procedure (I) Dry the specimen in a ventilated oven at a temperature of 105 °C to 115°C till it attains substantially constant mass.

The average of result shall be reported. Result Water absorption of the given bricks = …………. .CALCULATIONS Water absorption. after 24 hours immersion in cold water in given by the formula. the average water absorption shall not be more than 20% by weight up to class 125 and 15% by weight for higher class.% Specification When tested as above. % by mass.

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