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In December of 2006, I was incarcerated in the State of Delaware following the nasty side effects of a prescribed medication. This medication was called interferon, and was prescribed in the treatment of Hepatitis C virus. To make a long story short, I suffered extreme neuro-psychiatric side effects from the medication, which triggered relapse of what I thought was a buried addiction to heroin. In any event, when I got to prison I was in a miserable condition. Suffering weight loss, swelling in the abdomen, and spiral numbers of blood screens, I assumed that my prison sentence would likely not be survived because of the progression of my illness. Fortunately for me I have always been closely associated with a gentleman by the name of Amir Fatir who began to instruct me on the Tao, including the Six Healing sounds. After several half hearted attempts to practice the Six Healing sounds, I eventually began to perform the exercises in earnest on a daily basis. After only six (6) months my viral load dropped from 7 million parts per milliliter of blood to 4 million. In another 3 months I saw my viral load go down to 750,000. In July, my numbers have reduced to 0. I have become a practitioner of the energy work taught by the Tao, and other meta-physical practices. I am overwhelmed that my health and fitness level is excellent.

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htm Because of my incarceration. DE 19977 Best Hospitals in India SafeMedTrip. My information is: Salih Hall SBI # 00104141 James for Kenya Patients.Free Opinion 2 of 2 3/23/2013 6:52 PM . Vaughn Correctional Center 1181 Paddock Road Smyrna. the results that I boast here are easily verifiable by any researcher.SUCCESS WITH SIX HEALING SOUNDS In December of 2006 http://amirfatir. If anyone is interested simply contact me for a medical release to obtain my prison medical High Quality Care.Low Cost Packages.tripod.

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