THE MESSAGE I can see you are interested in spiritual things, You have studied many of the world

religions, All the time you have been searching, For answers to life’s questions. You have sought happiness in material things, But found after a while so much emptiness, You have seen many wrongs done in the name of religion, And you wonder does anyone really know life’s meaning. My friend there is only one true God, God in a trinity, but only one God, Jesus the Son died so that your sins can be forgiven, And you can have a new destination of heaven. Now to God the Father you can be restored, He sent his son Jesus so that you could be saved, Today you the free gift of salvation you can accept, Or you can ignore this message and Christ Jesus reject. Choose Jesus, confess your sins, choose life, Reject Jesus and his forgiveness, choose death, If you want to have answered prayers, Be assured there is only one God who can answer prayers. Jesus who died is alive today, He says “I am the truth, the life and the way, I love you and I offer to you eternal life, Come to me, if you are seeking answers in life.”

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