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Your brain is like a muscle. If you want it to be strong, you got to work it out. (Dangerous Minds, 1995) My training and achievements as a Hall of Fame athlete has provided me with the insight on

preparation. Preparation is always vital in pursuit of success. Students are striving for success in achieving their educational goals and it is my responsibility, as an educator, to assist them in this pursuit. Teaching is an opportunity for me to impart into students the knowledge needed to be successful. It is my responsibility to teach with simplicity and understanding and maintain the engagement of my students. I believe that educators must create an environment that allows students to learn without barriers, giving them an opportunity to excel, while holding the student accountable for their education. Having been educated with a BBA in Marketing, MBA and a MS in Sports Management, my goal

as a Business Education teacher is to share my knowledge with students that infuse all three capacities. By generating a teaching environment that foster creativity and innovation, my primary focus would be learning my students through a series of evaluations that includes Howard Gardeners multiple intelligences, as well as a motivational gift survey that will assist me in communication with my student the best successful path for their future. With this information, I will generate a curriculum based on the standards that produces students engagement and imagination. In addition, as a Business Education teacher I will use real world scenarios and technological devices that will allow my student to be prepare in the 21st century. In summary, as a mentor and basketball coach, I have had the opportunity to develop and

maintain relationships with young adults that communicated my willingness to support them in personal areas. Being there to support students outside the classroom reinforces my commitment to excelling beyond the school wall and preparing them for success.