Reflection Paper on Gardenia Bakeries

Gardenia Bakeries is a leading bakery products ,specially bread, manufacturer of Philippines and part of Gardenia Corporation Singapore. Logoona Plant is state of art HVAC facility. Production factory is ISO and HCCP certified. Major product is white loaf bread but company produces variety of bakery product to cater to various needs of customer. Process followed at Manufacturing Plant: Ingredient Preparation (70 ton capacity) Sponge Mixing Fermentation Dough Mixing

Intermediate Proofing Rounding


Intermediate Proofing


Final Proofing

Depanning ,Cooling ,Slicing and Packing


Distribution Center

G-locking and Metal Detectors

Some Key takeaways: 1. Plants produces close to 6000 loafs of bread per day. Raw materials i.e Wheat flour, Sugar, Salt and fermentation agents are sourced from suppliers locally as per demand forecast by production plant. There are primarily two suppliers, domestic and international. 2. Forecasting of bread demand is done by distribution, marketing and sales department in collaboration with each other every Wednesday for next forthcoming week. 3. Production department then plan their production activity according to forecasted demand and raise requirement of raw material. 4. Peak demand season is in November, December and January months of every year sudden fluctuation of excess demand is met through Gardenia’s other factories. 5. Company distributes its products across entire country. Gardenia Bakeries actually have a huge distribution network as it covers the entire Luzon archipelago, Eastern and Western parts of Visayas and even in some parts of Mindanao. To ensure that their customers from the Visayas and Mindanao regions get freshly baked Gardenia breads too, they have opened a plant in Cebu to cover the market in Cebu, Bohol and in the northern parts of Mindanao. 6. Company recalls excess, leftover or damaged products (if any) from retailers and supply it to fisheries as part of contract.

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