Lesson Plan for Two Most Effective Sessions

CHAPTER II Accounting Standards

Lesson Plan
 Session-1

Accounting Standards

Objective: To Make the students understand about the importance of Accounting Standards and its role in presenting clear-cut accounts on a uniform basis. Explain the areas in which differing accounting policies are encountered


Lecture + Interaction The Session of 1.15mts is carried out as:5-10mts to motivate the students towards the concept with current examples of corporate accounting practices Next 20min to explain the Differing Accounting Policies like Depreciation methods, Valuation of Inventories, Treatment of Goodwill, Valuation of Fixed Assets, Treatment of Contingent Liabilities etc., Next 30min to Explain the Importance of Accounting Standards, Establishment of IASC, Partial List of ASB Accounting standards to the students Last 15min for Summarization of the concepts by

Lesson Plan

Session 2

   

Objective:- To make the students understand the Indian Accounting standards issued by ASB, and difference between AS & US GAAP Methodology:- Lecture + Interaction The session Schedule of 1.15mins has a break up with First 10min- To revise the concepts taught in the previous session Next 40min- To explain the remaining ASB Accounting Standards Next 20min- To explain the US GAAP & difference between AS & US GAAP Last 5min- To Summarize the concepts again

Impact and learning
 Students

at the end show a clear understanding of the concepts discussed  At this moment as a faculty I will be in a position to assess the students  Personal Experience:- When explaining the concepts with current corporate accounting practices the students are able to Interact and understand the concepts properly.