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Oct 4, 2011 Approved by Media and Technology Task Force / NCWO November 15, 2011 Approved by the National Council of Womens Organization

Necessity of Women's Voices in Media Justice

"If media is not your first issue, make it your second."
-Thenmozhi Soundararajan, media justice leader

There is more women-created media today than ever before. Yet this reality is not reflected in the dominant broadcast, print, film or internet media. The vast majority of women media owners are concentrated in small, severely undercapitalized enterprises. To continue advancing gender equity and breaking down harmful gender stereotypes in media, women's organizations need to elevate women-owned media to an issue of high importance in their work. NCWO and its member organizations and individuals are in a unique position to leverage women-created media to advance gender equity in three ways: 1. Increase Visibility, Purchases, and Use of Women-Centered Content 1.1 Exercise Power of the Purse: Buy women-created media products every opportunity 1.2 Recommend women-created media frequently via social media and public relations 2. Increase Investment in Women-Owned Media of all Types and Sizes 2.1 Be an Investor in and Donor to women-owned media ventures 2.2 Lobby funders to strongly support women-owned & created media 3. Press the FCC to enforce EEO policies and womens media ownership in broadcast 3.1 Commit to view/listen to womens radio and TV shows that air via broadcast 3.2 Attend Board Meetings of local PBS/public radio; urge more womens content

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Shireen Mitchell: 202.642.1881 Ariel Dougherty: 575.894.1844

The National Council of Women's Organizations (NCWO) is a non-partisan network of over 240 organizations representing more than 12 million women. Affiliates, which include America's leading women's research, service and advocacy groups, are diverse and their platforms vary. All, however, work for women's equal participation in the economic, social and political life of our country and the world. Our numbers are the critical force that gives NCWO its power and strength. In addition to organizational members, NCWO welcomes individual members.

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