Tragic Crane Accident in Vungtau, Vietnam

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Nov 222012

Demag CC6800 Tipped over Tragic Accident in Vungtau, Vietnam
Below a series of pictures of a Demag CC6800 which tipped over, while lifting a 350 Tons module. According to the information received, the crane was not supported by crane mats and the soil bearing pressure was apparently exceeded with this tragic incident which cost 5 workers their lives.

either with steel support mats or hard wood support mats in order to reduce the high local crawler track loading on the subsoil. Proper load spreading should have been done. .It is a shame that these accidents still happen and no proper precautions are taken to avoid the tipping over of such a large crane.

the worse part of this incident is that 5 persons lost their lives. .Causing a large project delay and a lot of equipment damage.

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