Schedule for Pentagames, April 26, 2013

8:30 am 9:00 9:30 Registration, Estimation Contest Welcome, Introductions RoundOne: CR Squared 35 Minus Solve That Problem RoundTwo: Solve That Problem Math Tac Toe CR Squared Break/Snacks RoundThree : Math Tac Toe CR Squared 35 Minus RoundFour: 35 Minus Solve That Problem Math Tac Toe Lunch TeamRelay 107 107




History of Pentagames
Pentagames was developed during the 1983-84 school year by representatives from seven MidWillamette Valley schools. Led by Cheryl Klampe-Van Hess (Stayton Middle School), this group adapted the concept of intra-school competition to math at the middle school level. Other members of the original committee included: Rhonda Boles (Yamhill Grade School), John Buckingham (LaCreole Junior High), Mary Langevin (Scio Middle School), Marge McDowell (Cascade Junior High), Jan Nelson (Talmadge Middle School), and Richard Pritchett (McMinnville Middle School). On May 4, 1984, Stayton Middle School hosted the first Pentagames competition. Nine schools participated. Pentagames has grown to include over 70 schools each year at up to ten locations.

7th 8th Open

241 234 119


7th 8th Open 109

119 235 241

11:00 11:15

7th 8th Open

235 241 234


7th 8th Open

234 119 235 109 104

12:45 1:15

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