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Fri June 29 3:30-5:30 @ Centennial Ballroom B. / Marriott

Media Equity Collaborative, in development, is a national networking and funding pool for hundreds of feminist / media justice organizations and producers across the U.S. As determined at Women, Action and the Media (!07) MEC should be sustaining and build up from existing productions and networks. At WAM we outlined these priorities and needs: + Training and Mentoring + Equipment, especially Multimedia + Networking & Collaborating + Document Our Work + Broaden Distribution thru Existing Networks - “Uprising” 1st step

MEC!s long term goal is to bring in a swath of new resources to support our media work which honor our core principles without compromise --- to racial and economic justice, grassroots political activism, women"s empowerment and human rights, and the evolution of a self-determined healthy environment and culture for all. As a new initiative we must be savvy and forthright in utilizing existing venues to meet to build our movement. At USSF join the MEC discussion @

o o o o o explore how we can collaborate create critical steps to build our movement savvy capitalization of existing venues build collaborative strategies toward sustainability devise a national action plan to interact in the global arena of feminist media organizations

Image from a flyer for Washington, DC screenings of International VIDEOLETTERS , a news & cultural exchange among 20 women’s media groups, 1975-1977, in 14 communities globally.

MEC recognizes that the severe lack of funds to do our critical organizing and production work constantly threatens our existence. Further, funding situations pit us against one another. MEC is committed to establishing a new model of funding that strengthens the entire field and broadens our collective reach.

@ USSF contact: Euneika Rogers, Green Lady Media,
at the Ida B. Wells Media Justice Center, office # 678-62--1050
Images are from the web, and reflect the variety of feminist / media justice organizations in the field

Media Equity Collaborative

coordinator , Ariel Dougherty

505. 894. 1844

fx 505. 894. 1845

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