Ladder of fall: When the ball bounces of the first step and falls, it is easy to catch it, but later

as it gains momentum and falls down fast, it becomes difficult to catch hold of it. Similarly, in our initial stages of doing mistakes, it is easy to correct us from our wrongdoings, but as the time progresses without taking care of our mistakes and it becomes extremely difficult to pull up ourselves to the original goodness. The steps are beautifully presented below: A. Brooding over the objects cause attachment. The attachment or Sanga gives rise to the desire. B. Having desire is not a problem as long as it is non-binding. But, repeatedly dwelling over the desire makes it binding desire. The desire makes us distracted in all our activities. C. The desire, which became a binding desire causes agitations and anger. We become busy in fulfilling our desires. In that process we get more frustrated and agitated and become angry if the desire is not fulfilled. D. We get deluded by the anger. In an angry person the Intellect gets bypassed and the mind takes over. The person has no control on his speech or on his actions. E. Delusion makes us to forget our past knowledge. We forget our values, our ethics and our common sense. The intellect becomes totally unavailable to us. F. When the past knowledge is forgotten, the intellect gets destroyed. The job of the intellect is to rationalize the present with help of past knowledge and to decide about the present situation. If the intellect is neither able to access the past knowledge nor able to act in the present, it shuts down totally. G.A destroyed intellect destroys the individual. We are civilized individuals because of our rational capacity of discriminating between good and bad, right and wrong etc. If this discriminatory power is destroyed, then we are equal to animals that have no choice except to act by basal urges. Lord Krishna explains this beautifully in Gita in the slokas 62,63 ch.2 DHYAYATO VISHAYAN PUMSAHA SANGASTESHOOPAJAYATE 

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