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An idea that stayed with me is the multiplicity of Stories we can tell about ourselves And how context/power/relation -ships help determine which we tell as we can’t easily tell more than one at a time. So we get reduced to being someone who is waiting for an ambula nce and the things about ut love, money, friendship go out of focus. This comes from Anup’s point about thequestion And equally the institutio imposing the discourse.


Cup of tea


Questions, answers = helix

Whose Utopia? Feast of Fools. Treat everyone the same Education Politics Answer question with question meiotic role of actor role of audience Meyerhold dance movement music mobility provocations and challenges spatial layout behind you! politics of design institutions out of the way of life turning tables hierarchy revelation transformation Talmud being moved moving internalisation going into real world condescension love money work old love disguise masks death as taboo ideals and illusion

Helix DNA

What it is To be Human

Hubs Hubs

This is a transcription of the brainstorm ….comments, please. It was made in the MS draw programme in Word. It may be more pretty than useful. Stuff about the bodies becoming inactive and the people disappearing behind the face/mask on screen stimulating and stimulated by condescension; moving all the internal into the realm of the political; collusion all round; Phil’s interventions providing a bridge between the theory and the practice; social spaces and structures are lethal and transmit oppression; theatre challenges and provokes everyone: treat everyone the same and leave age out of it. Look for creative projects, networks, movement, spaces internal and external, sources of life.