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Demonstration and assessment of economic viability of new energy efficient and less polluting brick-making technology (Vertical shaft brick kiln – VSBK) in tribal block of Konkan region in western Maharashtra (Sponsored Project)
The main objectives of the project include technology demonstration and establishment, local skills upgradation and field research and educational opportunities for IITB researchers. The project has received funding from the Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology Commission (Government of Maharashtra).

Role of Socio-economic and Behavioral Factors in the Success (or failure) of Community-based Biogas Plants in Rural India (Vaibhav - TDSL)
In spite of several advantages, community biogas plants in villages of India have not always succeeded. This study analyzes community-based and individually-owned biogas plants in rural India so as to understand the role of socio-economic and behavioral factors in their success (or failure).

Survey and Longevity Analysis of Household Biogas Plants in Thane District, Maharashtra (TDSL)
In our study, about 400 household biogas plants were surveyed in the Thane district of Maharashtra, India. Various reasons for the failure of the plants have been documented and analyzed

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All rights reserved.Comparison of Various Technologies for Generating Biogas and Assessment of Various Substrates for Biogas Production (Archana – MTP) A Decision Support System for Off Grid PV System Design Based on AHP Analysis (MTP – Vivek) Comparative assessment of Lighting alternatives (Kiran – MTP) Consumer choices in purchase and utilization of energy intensive appliances (Manisha – Ongoing PhD) Techno-economic assessment of pumping alternatives in Dimbhe area (Rakesh – Ongoing MTP) Carbon capture and storage: Review and relevance for Indian power plants (Piyush – Ongoing MTP) Techno-economic assessment of solar pumping alternatives (Amit – Ongoing MTP) Engineering Analysis of Clamp Type Brick Kilns in Karad Area (Nitin – Ongoing PhD) Copyright 2013 CTARA. IITB .

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