By Luisa Ramirez, Edrri Lima, Diana Rosas When one thinks of Ponyboy Curtis, one timing, the school has been able to beat its immediately has to ask, “Is that his real name?” The answer is yes, Ponyboy is his real name. But Pony boy does not just have a unique name, he is unique on the field as well. Ponyboy Curtis has been on Will Roger High School’s track team, the Road Runners since his senior year. The Road Runners has seen Ponyboy evolve from a mediocre athlete, to one of responsibility, dedication, and improvement on the field. He not only has greatly improved on the track course, but he is a leader among his team members by helping, participating, and motivating his team. During his freshman year, Ponyboy’s fastest time was 22:09, but now it is a whopping 12:08.When asked about his dramatic improvement, Ponyboy states: “I go to the gym every single day. With this great long-time rival, Wayne Tech High School in this year’s county meet, something that had not been accomplished in more than 3 years. Ponyboy’s goals do not just include winning on the track course, however. As a track member, Ponyboy hopes to be the fastest runner in high school. Ponyboy is not just a great runner, he comments that he is also a great writer. He likes to write about his brothers. He not only sets an example on the field, Ponyboy sets an example in his school work as well. Way to go Ponyboy!