Employee Benefits at Cadila Pharma. Ltd.

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Introduction about Cadila Pharma. Ltd.


What is employee benefits plan ?
Protects employees and their families from economic hardship brought about by sickness, disability, death or unemployment. Provides retirement income to employees and their families. Provides a system of leave or time off from work.

Employee benefits

“When employees and employers, have a commitment to one another, everyone benefits…!!”
Source: www.citehr.com

Types of employee benefits:
Mandated Benefits Optional Benefits  

Mandatory Benifits
Safety, Health and welfare programm Grant of leave with wages Help in solving of personal and family problems Apprenticeship training programmed Providing medical facility Providing protective clothes

Source: Guideline of cadila pharmaceutical ltd

Goal assignment matrix
 Organizational Goal  Departmental Goal Marketing, Finance, HR, Production etc. Individual Goal (Target) That are compared with which they have achieved and how much. If more than 85% then they are included in Class ‘A’ else in Class ‘B’. On this measurement they are get benefited as per their Class.

Optional Benifits
Company is providing ESIC scheme on the basis of following criteria, if the monthly salary is >= 10,000 contribution from the company is 4.75%, employee contribute 1.75% safety measure Canteen facility Accomodation Felicitation programme Transportation facility

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