Working with the I Ching

1. Imagine yourself on a little wooden boat, floating on a calm blue sea or seated in a peaceful place by a lake, or on top of a mountain. 2. Recognize that help is available from the Cosmos for every need and that it is given to those who are modest and sincere. 3. Say no to any ego element in yourself that is active in the situation and see the Helper of Transformation strengthening your true self. Use any image that works to remove from you whatever is false. Load onto the “wagon” whatever is bothering you at the moment and let it go. Turn over to this wagon and its driver: • Self-images that arise, including being the rescuer • Your intellect, its criticisms and analyses • Negative & positive emotions that interfere with the centering process • Fear that you might do something that will make you guilty • Ideas about how to meditate • Self-blame, guilt & blame of others. The idea of there being a culprit (yourself, others or anything, including the ego) • All ambition & the image of striving upward toward perfection • The idea that freeing your true self is hard work, spiritual or ascetic • Seeing your body in any kind of degraded way. 4. Imagine your inner space encircling you or as a room that is very clean and bright. Take possession of it as yours, not anyone else’s. Remain quietly there allowing the Sage to enter. 5. Consider, reflect on, and then formulate your question. Write it down paying careful attention to the wording. Not a yes or no question at this point. What will be the effect? What would happen if? What should be my attitude toward “X”? What is happening here…please give me an image of the situation? How can I best achieve “X”? 6. Create the lines of the Primary Figure, recording them from bottom to top. 7. If there are transforming lines, generate the Relating Figure and then look up the hexagram numbers & names. The more changing lines, the more changeable the situation. If there are no changing lines, it is a more stable situation. 8. Read the Judgment, then any of the changing lines. 9. Extract the Nuclear hexagram (the hexagram of Hidden Possibilities), the heart of the matter.

I Ching Worksheet The Primary Figure { { { { { { } } Exit /Limiit Outer Center 6{ 5 { 4 { 3 { 2 { 1 { } } } } } } Inner World Trigram Outer World Trigram The Relating Figure { { { { { { } } } } } } } Transition/ Threshold } Transition/Threshold } Inner Center } Entrance/Limit Hidden Possibility (Nuclear hexagram) Number ___________ Name _____________ Number ___________ Name _____________ transforms to Number _________ Name____________ Dynamics of the Pair Rotational Pair (Hua) Inspiration Manifestation Symmetrical Pair (Bian) Inspiration Manifestation WORKING DEFINITIONS CHINESE WORDS FOR CHANGE: Hua – Gradual change. over time. slow growth and manifestation of yin and yang . “normal” to the life process. slow. manifestation and evolution signified by a passage from one state to another.

Cosmic Blame is not permanent. Its purposes include: (1) compensation for damages done to the Cosmic Whole.incurred when a person has betrayed or compromised his true nature. but extraordinary. the conversion of yin and yang. In this case. When one is in harmony with the Cosmos. we also contribute to the evolution of the Cosmic Consciousness. Feelings – neither negative nor positive but simply express the inner truth of a person at a given moment. an automatic reaction of the Cosmos. a quantum change. or that a person is incorrectly blaming himself due to judging himself by the standards of the collective ego. but the fate has run out its time (like a prison sentence). Good Fortune – a standard term pointing to Cosmic blessings and gifts that are given to a person because he or she has a correct view toward possessions. Fate ends when it fulfills its purposes. The severity of Fate corresponds to the degree needed to wake us up. indicate a fate. The end can be reached in different ways: (1) by bringing one to the state of burnout (exhaustion of a deluded enthusiasm) in which one sees how mistaken ideas have led to a dead-end. Good fortune as an augury in a line means that harmony will be achieved through following the counsel given. Fate is that part of the Cosmic Harmonics that ensures the continuation of harmony. Destiny – The true purpose of an individual’s life in a body. conversion. to bring to maturation his true self. sudden. the person may not have corrected the viewpoint. the result of which is felt as harmony. Blame – Cosmic “Blame”. or possessions in the most literal sense. unexpected. (2) bringing the person back from one’s head to one’s senses. but can bwe extinguished at any time the person recognizes and rids himself of the mistaken idea that has caused the blame. depending on the degree of our rigidity. Misfortune – a standard term indicating the result of a person’s acting from the ideas or beliefs of the collective ego. These possessions can be insights. strength of attachment to our mistaken ideas and beliefs and our arrogance. Emotions – ego-emotions (whether positive or negative) created by the ego’s distorted view of . Every true feeling draws a complementary feeling (a Helper). a spiritual transformation. help to achieve his tasks. (2) when one has of one’s own accord sought its causes and rid the self of them. Misfortune can. Success – a standard term referring to the positive result achieved through cooperating with the Helpers of the invisible world. not normal.Bian – the root word comes from name or command. or (3) when the fate has run its full course of time. FATE and DESTINY: Fate – Adversities created when a person violates the Cosmic Harmonics. he or she receives all the help one needs from the invisible world to express one’s uniqueness and to develop one’s Cosmic gifts -. Through fulfilling our destiny. radical shift of state. and (4) reducing us to an attitude of humility and openness that help us shake loose the hold of the ego. (3) making one aware of mistaken ideas and beliefs. “No blame” can be saying that a person is in harmony with the Cosmos. but does not’s abilities and talents.

for example. “Pity” comes from denying the existence of the Helpers. Suffering is ego-induced. or from saying the inner No to the other’s ego which would strengthen the suffering person’s true self. When. LINES Trigram Line Position: 1. or true feelings that the ego has appropriated to itself. and is an acceptance of suffering as the natural condition of life. in order to steal their energy. the ego steals a person’s true feelings of love. Upper Line – Heavenly Dimension Hexagram Line Positions: 1.reality. Horizontal Plane – Human 3. pity is a projection that prevents a person from calling the Helpers to aid another. it turns them into an instrument of power over the beloved. Beginning . About to come into being 2. Base Line – Earth 2.

line 1 reflects considerations before the activity commences. 7. 2.conclusion of first trigram 4. Lines 1 & 2 represent earth. human. the top line represent heaven. 3. Passing its peak and turning toward its opposite condition. Often these lines are unfavorable. usually line 5 more favorable than line 2. The order of favorability is: 5. In a trigram. Lines 2. human.3. 1. 3. Lines 1 & 6 are often outside the main action of the hexagram. culminating energy. Expanding. Lines 2 & 5 are generally the most favorable. the middle. 8. There are a few exceptions to this. earth. the bottom. 2. 5. 3 & 6. transition or solution 5. heaven. 3. Approaching maximum potential. Peaking. 6. line of power 6. then 6. line 6 represents a decline after the peak of activity. lines 3 & 4. 2 & 5. Correspondences: 1 & 4. 4. 1. 4. Ruler of the hexagram is usually line 5 or else a single Yang or Yin line among 5 lines of the opposite polarity. lines 5 & 6. and 5 represent the principal action of the hexagram mostly. Link changing hexagrams w/ Then But While Becoming . 4.


Li Earth . springtime energy. the middle daughter Field . memory of what Cosmic Harmony feels like.Playful – “The Joyous Dancer”. all feeling consciousnesses expressed in nature and their relationships. creativity. leads through danger of dissolving. articulates destiny. the introduction of a new principle. power of awareness. Energy coming from below. leads through perceiving and fixing limits. suppleness..“The Rouser”.brings things to maturity. streaming. brings stimulation. the vapors arising from water that nourish and enrich.Nature – “The Dark Animal Goddess”Power to nourish and shape. sexual encounters.Sun Arousing . big movement or change. the father Water . strength. perseverance. risking.Kun Clarity – Radiance -“Bright Omens”. The Gentle. Penetrating Power .Chen Wind . moving forward. falling. “The Dragon”. consciousness of inner Truth – Eldest daughter Fire . forming images based on Inner Truth.Clings together w/ what it illuminates. feeling consciousness of earth (minerals). freedom.Thunder .Tui Heaven – Ch’ien Open. youngest son . the middle son Grounded – Bound – “The Sacrificer” – related to the earth through stability. reflective consciousness of clear water. inspiration. the mother Lake . aha! – Eldest son .intuitive mind. keeping still. deceptive in its strength. spirit of rushing water. the total consciousness of all consciousnesses and their relationships. the youngest daughter Force – the Cosmos. flowing that doesn’t stop.Kan Mountain Be Careful -The Pit – “The Ghost River or Ghost Dancer”.“Lady of the Fates” . flexibility. yielding.

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