Students, we want to hear YOUR VOICE! Please answer the following questions about our first P.B.I.S. event.

Make sure to provide thoughtful feedback so we can make future celebrations even better for YOU.
Did you attend the P.B.I.S. kickoff celebration? _______ Yes _______ No

Please rate the following statements based on the scale below.
Strongly Agree 5 Somewhat Agree 4 Neither Agree Nor Disagree 3 Somewhat Disagree 2 Strongly Disagree 1

I enjoyed the P.B.I.S. kickoff celebration. __________ I think that the celebration was a good reward for my behavior from Jan. 16 to Feb. 15. __________ I would like to participate in the next P.B.I.S. event. __________ I am motivated to behave and earn ZERO REFERRALS so I can attend future P.B.I.S. events. __________

Place a check next to the parts of the celebration that you enjoyed.
_______ Food _______ Dancing _______ Music _______ Hanging with friends _______ BINGO _______ Face Painting _______ Prizes

Please answer the following.
What should we add or change for the next celebration? What are two things WE can do or offer to make you more motivated to behave at Parker?

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