Rapid thread cutting system

Rapid thread cutting system is a proven system of thread cutting equal to pass. thread grinding in one

There is minimal wear of the

Lathe machine. It will easily fit on Lathe from top of cross slide It has to be fitted on cross slide after removing the compound slide.

1. Will cut threads or worms on any metal that can be machined with carbide. Full depths cutting in one pass.

tungsten 2.

Mirror finish on flank and root of thread or. 90% saving in labor

and time more in case of worms. 3. Correct depth can be set with dial indicator (one pass full threading 4. Cheap and depth inexpensive or tools. We worm train our cutting. personal its

manufacture. Minimum wear of lathe machine 5.

slide and cross slide

Full long threading according to the capacity of the lathe All types of threading can be done

machine. 6.

No coolant necessary upto 18’’ length mist coolant for longer

threading. We supply nozzle for coolant. Tool or tools remove only 2mm and move eccentrically remain in touch with circumference for only 1/6 and so cool themselves.

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