December 18, 2013

Barack Obama Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, DC 20500-0003 Re: Clemency for Indigenous Rights Activist and Political Prisoner, Leonard Peltier

Dear Commander-in-Chief Obama: I am writing to you once again to request that you pardon indigenous rights activist and political prisoner, Leonard Peltier, who is currently incarcerated at USP-Coleman (prisoner number 89637-132). As you know, Elder Peltier has been serving a life sentence for the 1974 murders of FBI agents Jack Coler and Ron Williams, a conviction that has been denounced by human rights activists throughout the world, the United Nations Human Rights Commission, and even our own country‟s former attorney general, Ramsey Clark, for the patent corruption by which it was achieved. In the nearly 40 years since the U.S. government‟s unwarranted raid on the Pine Ridge Reservation that resulted in the tragic deaths of Coler and Williams the miscarriage of justice that is Elder Peltier‟s continued incarceration has blemished the reputation of America as a leader in civil and human rights and now represents to the world this nation‟s long-standing commitment to undermine, through extralegal means of oppression, including torture, those very ideals. According to the UN‟s Commission on Human Rights, “The [Clinton era authorized] released documents revealed intensive FBI surveillance of American Indian Movement (AIM) activity on Pine Ridge prior to the shoot-out, as well as a plan to use „paramilitary operations‟ against AIM.”1 In Elder Peltier‟s case, the Commission verified torture in 2002, well before world attention was diverted to the U.S. government‟s use of it on detainees at Guantànamo Bay, Cuba.2 I am not a member of Elder Peltier‟s nation, nor am I a member of any other First Peoples‟ nation. However, like many untold millions of Americans, such as those who were unwittingly dragooned into this government‟s atomic research studies during the Cold War,3 I am a bioslave

“Civil and Political Rights, Including the Questions of: Torture and Detention; Religious Intolerance,” United Nations Economic and Social Council, Commission on Human Rights, Fifty-eighth session, Item 11(a) and (e) of the proposed agenda, Written statement submitted by the International Treaty Council, a non-governmental organization in special consultative status to the Council, ECN4/2002/NGO49, dated January 24, 2002 (, accessed April 10, 2013). 2 Ibid. 3 I’m sure you and your administration are more than acquainted with the horrors uncovered in the mid -1990s regarding the development of industrial bioslavery that resulted from the U.S. government’s human rights abuses

of U.S. government-sponsored research programs to debilitate, destroy, and enslave the human immune system to small molecule, or “personalized,” medicine.4 As such, I have been a target of the same type of covert warfare, including, COINTELPRO,5 that has been waged against legitimate indigenous rights activists, such as Anna Mae Aquash and other former AIM members, such as Elder Peltier. Indeed, when I look back over my life I can now clearly see the COINTELPRO campaigns, including MK-ULTRA, that have effectively destroyed my reputation and ability to work, and therefore, my influence in my community – on occasion, even by agents of my local government – but at the time of Elder Peltier‟s wrongful conviction, I was only 13 years-old and largely unaware either of the existence of our military dictatorship‟s inhumane research protocols,6 or the extensive covert war machinery already in place to silence
against its citizens in its research programs on atomic energy. See, generally, Eileen Welsome’s, The Plutonium Files: America’s Secret Medical Experiments During the Cold War, (Delta, 2000). 4 I was officially diagnosed with the type of non-HIV/AIDS this government has propagandized as everything from Yuppie Flu to “chronic fatigue” in the early 1990s, and qualified by covert government researcher Paul Cheney as a “typical” PWC – person with Chronic Fatigue [Immune Dysfunction] Syndrome – in 1997, after the publication of Hilary Johnson’s masterful disinformation tome, Osler’s Web: Inside the Labyrinth of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Epidemic, was published. (Sometimes, I cannot help but wonder whether it was my remote native heritage that qualified me for life-long bioslavery by technocrats of this military dictatorship, despite the fact not one, but two, of my progenitors from Virginia fought the British in the Revolutionary War; when my brot her *we’ll simply say+ ‘contracted’ meningitis in 1965, because my Cajun father brought him to the emergency room and not my white, Danish-American mother, he was simply admitted to the ward for indigents, despite the fact my father made over $100K as a construction lineman then and was probably better insured than most of the hospital staff. 5 Day, Susie and Whitehorn, Laura: “Human Rights in the United States: The Unfinished Story of Political Prisoners and COINTELPRO,” Commentary, New Political Science, Vol. 23, No. 2, 2001. 6 “As the oral histories conducted by *President Clinton’s+ Advisory Committee show, the radiation experiments were not an anomaly. Unethical human experimentation occurred in many medical fields in the decades following World War II. . . . It was a time when certain medical doctors acted like predators and viewed their patients as little more than white mice.” Welsome, Eileen: The Plutonium Files: America’s Secret Medical Experiments in the Cold War, Delta Trade Paperbacks, 1999, p. 486) Interviewing researchers involved in the illegal and immoral atomic radiation studies conducted by the U.S. over a 40-plus year span, Welsome extracted remarkably candid confessions from some of them: “’Doctors who were doing research wanted t o be professors, and in order to be a professor, you have to have lots of publications, so your highest priority is to conduct research and publish it.’ Leonard Sagan, MD, AEC/Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (Ibid, p. 212). “The culture bred by the Manhattan Project caused a blanket of secrecy to be thrown over everything related to atomic weapons. The secrecy was essential during the Manhattan Project, but it hardened into a protective and impenetrable shell after the war. The secrecy cut researchers off from the healthy sunlight of inquiry that would surely have put a stop to some of the experiments and perhaps reduced the number of atmospheric tests. . . . Working behind their security fences, the scientists developed a them-against-us mentality. This attitude was often manifested in a distrust of the public and disdain for scientific opponents. The ‘cleared’ researchers even began to think alike, which accounts in part for the remarkably similar statements issued whenever a controversy erupted. The web of deception and denial looks in retrospect like a vast conspiracy, but in actuality it was simply a reflection of the shared attitudes and beliefs of the scientists and bureaucrats who were inducted into the weapons program at a time of national urgency and never abandoned their belief that nuclear war was imminent.” (Ibid, p. 484) Emory University’s Paul Beeson, an infectious disease and immunology expert, said the same attitude prevailed in his field, stating about the poor upon whom they surreptitiously researched, that doctors had a right to get something from them in return for their care. (Ibid, p. 215) And other researchers into this human rights atrocity found the same thing that Welsome did: “Martha Stephens, who went on to become a fiction writer and a tenured English professor at the University of Cincinnati, hounded Edward Gall, then director of the medical center, for copies of the Defense Department reports after reaching about the study in the Village Voice. When Gall finally gave Stephens the reports, she drove back to the English Department, pulled the papers into her lap, and began to read. ‘I read for

the many potential political dissidents it has been creating, such as the one into which it has turned me. I am only now learning that was, as Congressional hearings in 1974 uncovered, the intention of COINTELPRO. Indeed, I can‟t help observe that it seems probable the „exposés‟ and government-led purported investigations into its very own 20th century history of bioslavery and concomitant human rights abuses would never have been allowed were there not in place an already efficiently functioning covert war apparatus to neutralize those of us victims of these human rights crimes and keep us from forming effective civil rights groups to demand the reparations we deserve from this government. Absolutely nothing about the industrial bioslavery system it has created has changed because of them – at least, not change that represents an elimination of, and prevention measures for, bioslavery.7 In the years since Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush declared covert war against every American and world citizen in February, 2002, I have become even more concerned that the undemocratic FBI activity that the American government used against indigenous peoples on the Pine Ridge Reservation and throughout North America in the 1970s has, indeed, become the model for this covert war, just as Elder Peltier predicted it would: “What my case boils down to is not a dispute over facts or evidence, but rather, the FBI‟s desire to conceal the truth. What traditional Native people wanted were basic human rights: the right to self-determination, the right to practice our religion, safety from political violence, and access to resources in our own homeland. Rather than listening to us, we were criminalized. In order for America to progress and become a better nation, it must allow the full truth to be revealed and it must take steps to ensure that the abuses do not reoccur.”8 The facts of U.S. government-sponsored bioslavery and evidence of its persistence are patent, just as is the fact that covert war has been waged without warrant against unsuspecting, lawabout an hour, and afterward, it was as if I could hardly recognize what was around me. Everything I saw looked different to me,’ she later wrote. ‘I was used to reading in plays and novels about tragic deaths full of pity and sorrow. But I was not used to this pity, this sorrow of powerless and sick people asking for help and then being brutally abused. Many of these deaths seemed to me executions. And they still do today.” (Ibid, p. 405.) The, todate, 50 million world-wide HIV/AIDS infections and deaths look the same to me – as do the countless other millions of other tortuous deaths attributed to immune dysfunction diseases of all types, from CFIDS/nonHIV/AIDS, to MS, to rheumatoid arthritis. 7 See, generally, The Plutonium Files: America’s Secret Medical Experiments in the Cold War, Delta Trade Paperbacks, 1999. Approximately the final third recounts the public hearings initiated by the U.S. government across the America in which those who affected by surreptitious bioslavery under atomic research protocols both testified as to their experiences and public health officials gave evidence of the experiments into which they had been dragooned. Most poignant of all is the chapter 44, “Closing the Book,” in which author Eileen Welsome notes how none of the recommendations made by the commission investigating the atomic radiation research programs to prevent similar human rights atrocities by other government agencies or contractors were adopted by any scientific board, or by our government. 8 “Civil and Political Rights, Including the Questions of: Torture and Detention; Religious Intolerance,” United Nations Economic and Social Council, Commission on Human Rights, Fifty-eighth session, Item 11(a) and (e) of the proposed agenda, Written statement submitted by the International Treaty Council, a non-governmental organization in special consultative status to the Council, ECN4/2002/NGO49, dated January 24, 2002 (, accessed April 10, 2013).

abiding Americans without cease since COINTELPRO was first invented, and we who are victims of it routinely find ourselves so because, like Karen Silkwood, we were first victimized by this military dictatorship in its many programs of bioslavery. As a person who, like the people of the Pine Ridge Reservation, who were peacefully organizing to work for their selfdetermination, has been denied her basic civil and human rights and who experiences political violence on a daily basis I know for certain that we are all, as Commander H.W. Bush‟s old and well-established cabal so obviously intended, living on a Pine Ridge Reservation today and that any one of us can be, at any time, criminalized, or institutionalized in some other way, effectively socially exterminated. Your legacy, even as the titular head of this country, should be to undo this horrific betrayal by the U.S. government of the American people instead of instantiate it further. The first step you take in this nascent war should be to free Leonard Peltier and all prisoners of conscience languishing supra-legally in America‟s prisons, and you should do this soon. I am concerned that Elder Peltier – surely, one of this country‟s greatest national treasures and last genuine civil rights activists – may die in prison; his already poor state of health has deteriorated rapidly since the Federal Bureau of Prisons moved him to Coleman as apparent retaliation for the triumph of his legal team at the United Nations once again over the nakedly indefensible posturing of Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder during the UN‟s Universal Periodic Review (9th Session) of the Human Rights Council Working Group in June, 2011. Just as the administrative murder of the patently innocent Troy Davis is blood on the hands of Bill Clinton and the people who enacted the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, Elder Peltier‟s death will be blood on your hands. Furthermore, I am concerned that the manner in which our government‟s covert war is being waged against its own citizens will result in utter destruction of both the philosophical human being and the biological one as well – and in particular, the destruction of those of the type to whom we reflexively symbolically genuflect as „founders‟ of our country, whose stated values, principles and goals are now nowhere to be found in American government at any level, since we live in a closed, police state.9 The reality of life in America today is that we, together, largely don‟t live a shared reality; we live, already, in a society characterized by the type of cynical animalism Ayn Rand idolatrized and which divides us, one from another. We are not a United States any more, if we ever were; we are merely steeped in a propaganda as obscene as that of the Third Reich, which tries, more and more without success, to convince us we are: most Americans, if they don‟t reject the corrupt Warren report, at least don‟t accept it as the final verdict of our military dictatorship‟s murder of this country‟s leader in 1963; likewise, a significant number of Americans – many of whom were not touched directly by the tragedy 9

Every 36 Hours, a report on the extrajudicial killing of African-Americans by police, security forces, and vigilantes in America, notes that 43% of these administrative murders are committed as a result of victims seeking the protection of police! Data was collected from police departments, news reports, and first-hand eyewitness accounts or the entire year of 2012 and has recently been re-titled, Every 28 Hours. It also does not include the extrajudicial murders of Latinos, such as 9 year-old Brisenia Flores, or Native Americans, such as Seattle wood carver and artist, John Williams. As shocking as it is, it doesn’t even acknowledge that people like me are not included. Akuno, Kali: Every 28 Hours 2012 Report: Extrajudicial Killings of 313 Black People by Police, Security Guards, and Vigilantes, April 22, 2013 (, accessed April 22, 2013.)

reject this government‟s explanation of the 9/11 tragedy (and I am one who believes the eyewitness accounts of the dynamite charges having been placed in the tower stairwells before the towers were imploded simply because I, myself, am an eyewitness and I know the immense power that has been brought to bear against me and others like me to intimidate us and silence us from testifying against this military dictatorship); and now we have the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombings, on a day as symbolic as 9/11, and in a closed, police state where no person‟s movements, motives, or means are obscured for any consequential amount of time, if at all, from our government, which has produced a theater of patriotism and fetishizing of heroes with an alacrity I can‟t help note evinces yet another Reichstag-fire-like ruse by it. That‟s the type of skepticism this government has bred in its citizens. The lies that are rammed down our throats on a day-to-day basis about who actually runs this country, and how, are too patent, and too despicable, to be believed, and they cannot be denied as such. But one dare not criticize this military dictatorship now, no matter how many children – such as those of Afghanistan, who are no less beloved, no different in hopes and dreams than Martin Richard – it murders in cold blood. Something has to give, and it cannot be the destruction of the biological human, either. Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis was frank about two and only two points during the 23-hour manhunt in my community last Friday. Those points were that he would not rest until the second Marathon bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, was captured, and that he was determined to bring Tsarnaev in alive to face justice and to explain why he did what he did. When reports surfaced that Tsarnaev had a [possibly, self-inflicted] gunshot wound to the neck, making speech impossible, hopes were dimmed that we would learn anything about his motives any time soon. But you and I know that Tsarnaev‟s wound would hardly have impeded the state from learning anything he was thinking, under the right circumstances. It‟s been many years since technology such as [Massachusetts defense contractor] Ambient‟s Audeo first enabled paralyzed and mute astrophysicist Stephen Hawking to dazzle us with his cosmological insights, and brain-computer interface (“BCI”) technology research has already made biological cells that can fly F-22 fighter jet simulators from petri dishes possible.10 It‟s hard to imagine that synthetic telepathy isn‟t already being used in battlefield communications, the stated „goal‟ of countless academic departments at universities across the country engaged in defense contracting. 11 If this government really wants to know the thoughts and desires of a terrorist suspect it has in custody, it certainly has the means to do so easily, just as it has the means to command covert warfighters with the same technology, as is the goal stated by the directors of the MURI project five years ago.12 Today, chips implanted in covert warfighters everywhere not only enable battlefield

Contributors: “Brain-computer interface” (, accessed February 29, 2012), citing, “Brain in a dish flies flight Simulator,”, November 4, 2004 (, accessed February 29, 2012, emph. added). “We’re interested in getting down into the network and cellular mechanisms, which is hard to do in living animals. And the engineering goal would be to get ideas from this system about how brains compute and process information.” Yippee; more human bioslavery. 11 See, for example, Contributors, “Electroencephalography – Various Uses: EEG and Telepathy,” (, accessed March 5, 2012). 12 Regents of the University of California: “MURI – Imagined Speech & Intended Direction: Research“ (, accessed March 2, 2012).

communications among themselves, but also, with their surreptitiously chipped targets, as well. This surreptitious practice of chipping individual Americans has even attracted the interest of legislators for the better part of a decade. One of the most horrifying things I‟ve come across is legislation proposed in Pennsylvania by Rep. Babette Josephs that bans the RFID chips that also have the capacity to act as BCI devices from being surreptitiously deployed in law-abiding citizens – except in the event a judge orders such surreptitious chipping.13 “The big print giveth, and the little print taketh away, ” as my father always used to say. Since there is no person in this or any other country that this government needs to surreptitiously chip because those whom the government has reason to believe will commit violence crimes, such as ex-cons and parolees, can be monitored and tracked with ankle bracelets, or by their cell phones, or much less invasive, non-permanent technology, similar to OnStar vehicle tracking, if need be, and terrorist suspects are on any number of watch lists, it‟s hard to imagine why this legislation, which grants obscenely over-broad powers to unnamed entities, is necessary. What this exception amounts to is no less than a license to surreptitiously chip the public, and it not only represents a disingenuous attempt to protect civil rights but also attests to the naked totalitarian motives of this fascist government to, as secretly as possible, deny law-abiding citizens their most basic freedoms. Freedom of conscience is in danger of soon becoming an anachronism. Furthermore, these highly advanced technologies prove that the unnecessary redundancy of research that produced the millions of victims of our government‟s atomic radiation studies in decades past is still inherently a part of all our government‟s research initiatives. Therefore, it is an indisputable fact these torture technology industries that serve the covert war market aren‟t being promulgated merely to defend this nation from home-grown terrorism but they are, instead, commercial endeavors designed to both oppress dissidents of this military dictatorship and simultaneously protect and enrich the defense contractors, such as those in the city in which I try to live (one of which is an alma mater of yours), that develop them, and enslave those dissidents to these commercial endeavors in the same way that Nazi slave labor camps in Poland enslaved Polish citizens to enrich Nazi defense contractors.14 These facts raise serious questions


Press release, “Josephs introduces bill to ban the human implantation of ID devices,” September 22, 2008 (, accessed March 22, 2012). 14 The world’s heretofore most notorious fascists, the Nazis, loved slavery; they intended for the entire country of Poland to be their slaves: “The German occupation policy was clearly stated in a speech made by the defendant th Goering on the 6 August 1942, to the various German authorities in charge of occupied territories: ‘God knows, you are not sent out there to work for the welfare of the people in your charge, but to get the utmost out of them, so that the German people can live. That is what I expect of your exertions. This everlasting concern about foreign people must cease now, once and for all. I have here before me reports on what you are expected to deliver. It is nothing at all, when I consider your territories. It makes no difference to me in this connection if you say that your people will starve.’ The evidence in this case has established, however, that the territories occupied by Germany were exploited for the German war effort in the most ruthless way, without consideration of the local economy, and in 53 consequences of a deliberate design and policy. There was in truth a systematic ‘plunder of public or private property,’ which was criminal under Article 6(b) of the Charter.” Report by Judge Parker, “Judgement *sic+: War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity,” Murder and Ill-Treatment of Civilian Population (The Avalon Project, Yale Law School, Lillian Goldman Law Library in memory of Sol Goldman) (, accessed March 10, 2011).

about the true nature and purpose of the brain research you recently pledged to fund. 15 Notwithstanding whatever the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy may turn out to be, it seems also to have exposed the ineffectiveness and unsuitability for their stated purpose of our visible counterterrorism warfare machinery – particularly, fusion centers and Homeland Security, as well as the NSA‟s echelon. Reuters reported April 24th Boston Marathon bombing suspect Number 1, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was, indeed, on the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment, or TIDE, watch list – but the notion that the list, which assigns three different levels of dangerousness to targets and had, as of 2008, 540,000 names representing 450,000 actual people, was too unwieldy to be of use – as though databases aren‟t designed specifically for the purpose of selecting from vast quantities of information by particular attribute (such as levels of target dangerousness, specific information represented by those attributes) is ludicrous. To the aforementioned abbreviated list of gross prevarications told by our government to the American people we may now add former CIA Chief of the Counterterrorism Center Bob Grenier‟s statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee April 23rd that the effectiveness of watch list systems is dependent on what information is put into them, adding that unless authorities had a strong piece of information against somebody, they were not going to put restrictions on people in a free society.16 Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano‟s statement that Tsarnaev simply fell off the list of monitored individuals while he was returning to the United States from a 2011 trip to Russia is equally incomprehensible – and fatuous. Indeed, in the face of Tamerlan Tsarnaev‟s apparent confessions to friends and family that he feared voices in his head were compelling him to do something he didn‟t want to do,17 and taking into account the fact that he lived mere blocks from MIT – a very old defense contractor with a proven history of disregarding the human cost of surreptitiously abusing vulnerable individuals in the community18 – it‟s hard to believe Tamerlan Tsarnaev was anything other than the perfect technologically controlled murderer, despite the propaganda suggesting he was a radicalized Islamist bent on waging war (inexplicably, almost by himself) in America. There‟s plenty of evidence to support the former assertion; nothing other than gossamer wisps of slander to support the propaganda. What gifts to the fascists in Congress and your cabinet, who‟ve worked so hard to destroy democracy in this country, was the Boston Marathon bombing! And what of the purported biowarfare attacks that accompanied it, as they accompanied the Twin Tower bombings? These

Markoff, John: “Obama Seeking to Boost Study of Human Brain,” The New York Times, Science, February 17, 2013 (, accessed April 24, 2013). 16 Reuters: “Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Boston Bombing Suspect, Listed on Classified Government Watch List, The Huffington Post, HuffPost Crime, April 24, 2013 ( =Daily%20Brief, accessed April 24, 2013). 17 Thomas, Emily: “Boston Bombing Suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev Reportedly Feared Voices in His Head,” The Huffington Post, December 16, 2013 (, accessed December 17, 2013). 18 Rosen, Dennis: “’Against Their Will’ looks at childrend used for tests,” The Boston Globe, Book Review (, accessed December 17, 2013).

things happen because they are the means by which this military dictatorship claims legitimate reason to do all of the heinous things it does to dominate other countries and to oppress those who oppose it with never-ending, very profitable war, and where this government clearly has the means to contrive these Reichstag fire-like provocations, and this obvious motive (not to mention, a long history of creating these contrivances, from the bombing of the U.S.S. Maine, to the Gulf of Tonkin incident), in addition to its superb propaganda in the guise of the White House‟s Office of Global Communications and its successors, culpability cannot be denied. These contrivances are, if not planned and perpetrated by this military dictatorship, then certainly permitted by it, fatuous and nakedly disingenuous excuses aside. And in order to protect themselves these fascists have created the most secret slave labor camp imaginable for us, their targets, today‟s political dissident – making it unnecessary to neutralize us in public ways that may draw scrutiny, such as in the visible way that Elder Peltier and other U.S. political dissidents in the past were neutralized. This industrialization of covert war demonstrates the U.S. government‟s complete transfiguration into a quintessential form of fascism supporting a totalitarian state. I would hope that, if we stand on the precipice of the second Dark Ages, now that the American ideal of democracy is being successfully destroyed, you and your cohorts understand that, before its total annihilation is achieved, many people – not merely those outside the covert war industry, but those inside, as well – are going to lose their minds and their lives. That‟s not hyperbole; that‟s simply a fact. We, the American people, may never see a number assigned to those covert warfighters who‟ve been made actual robots for this military dictatorship and then commit suicide, but certainly, we must assume their numbers are at least comparable, percentage-wise, to the number of suicides – which now exceed in all branches of the military the number of soldiers who die due to combat19 – among conventional warfighters who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan;20 the mere fact placement of the technology that enables synthetic telepathy is permanent would drive crazy anybody with a desire to be free, if they were aware they had been chipped. I‟m sure that‟s collateral damage this military dictatorship is happy to incur, if it means not having to physically train its Manchurian Candidates in the way it did Sirhan Sirhan and can remain an arm‟s length distance from these robots, thereby maintaining plausible deniability. But is it a price you‟re willing to pay? Or the majority of Americans? Among the many chipped vigilantes tasked with waging low-intensity conflict such as that which is waged against me on a day-to-day basis, I hope the numbers of them that help me instead will continue to increase, as more and more of them begin to realize the part they‟ve actually been asked to play in the destruction of humanity under a patriotic ruse of protecting anything American-ish that remains in this country, if not for my own sake, then for the sake of their sanity and their humanity. I say this because it has been made clear to me that not every covert warfighter is working his or her assigned mission. Let me assure you – prepossessing I have never been, and certainly not so intellectually; my only natural intellectual virtue is a certain diligence and tolerance for

“US Military Struggling to Stop Suicide Epidemic Among War Veterans,” The Guardian: World News, 1 February 2013 (, accessed April 24, 2013). 20 th Trans., “On Afghan War 11 Anniversary, Vets Confront Mental Health Crisis, Soldier Suicides and Violence,” Democracy Now!, October 5, 2012 (, accessed April 24, 2013).

confusion endurance, which the several diseases this military dictatorship has given me, and does give me from time to time, have compromised my health and undermined my ability to use. Nevertheless, the research I have done – particularly, into the issue of the development of the synthetic telepathy with which covert warfighters wage war against us targets – is in the public domain, and I was prompted to find it not relying on my own powers of perception but through Lord – and my handlers – only know (and here, though I know better than most how and when G_d is revealed to the receptive, as you can see from reading my blog,, from December 23, 2010, “Happy Christmas!,” I certainly am not saying that I am hearing voices, or communicating with a deity, for this information). There is no question that this synthetic telepathy and other similar covert warfare often distorts my own civil rights activism, but I also experience unusual perspicacity that informs my research, and I pray every day that those who avert their mission to help me with my resistance work remain undiscovered in their own justifiable campaigns of resistance, however unlikely that may be in chipped vigilantes and soldiers. Though it may seem from my ability to respond to this perceptual interference with my mind that I am not, in fact, controlled by it merely because I can regurgitate what it is I am meant to find in my writing, it nevertheless does occur and means nothing I intend it to mean, if my writing has no impact on others – if it physically is not received by the intended recipients of it, or is not acted on when found by others. That is the true power this government holds over me today. I cannot plan to see a civil rights attorney, or a civil rights activist, without finding when I approach him or her a shill in his or her place; I cannot make a phone call to an attorney to ask for help pursuing the very justifiable qui tam lawsuits I have against this military dictatorship‟s defense contractors without it being intercepted; Hell – I can‟t even plan a simply dinner recipe in hopes of finding the ingredients I need for it at any of the several grocery stores in my neighborhood, all of which routinely run out of the very same one ingredient I need for such a recipe. Why is it me, a native-born American who has never given this government legitimate reason to suspect me in any type of malfeasance, never mind, terrorism, the person it has chipped to track and oppress? Why, when Tamerlan Tsarnaev came to the attention of the State Department in 2011, wasn‟t it he who was surreptitiously chipped and tracked instead? You have a lot of things to think about, and a lot of work to do to begin to dismantle this perverse totalitarian government. And you don‟t have much time in which to begin to do it. As they say, the longest journey starts with the first step, and that first step should be to grant freedom to Elder Leonard Peltier and the hundreds of other political prisoners languishing in U.S. jails,21 such as three-time-exonerated and still-unlawfully-detained-in-solitary-confinementfor-nearly-40-years civil rights activist and former Black Panther, Albert Woodfox.22 But if, instead, you choose to continue on the path you have already set your feet upon, I know that, in the event someone has decided I have exceeded my usefulness as a revenue stream, and I have made your assassination list; and if I die from any of the peculiar pathogens (to which I am curiously incapable of making antibodies, likely for the same reason people injected with botulinum toxin that‟s been genetically engineered for that very purpose so they can take Botox

Day, Susie and Whitehorn, Laura: “Human Rights in the United States: The Unfinished Story of Political Prisoners and COINTELPRO,” Commentary, New Political Science, Vol. 23, No. 2, 2001. 22 rd Trans. “After 40 Years in Solitary, Angola 3 Prisoner Albert Woodfox Ordered Freed for 3 Time in Louisiana,” Democracy Now!, February 28, 2013 (, accessed April 24, 2013).

for their entire lives to „cure‟ their crows‟ feet are incapable of making antibodies to it) that are routinely deployed against me as a result of this government‟s very old commitment to biowarfare; or if I die from a brain stroke, or a pneumothorax, caused by the so-called less-thanlethal subwoofer sound torture I endure nearly every day by those members of our many secret police forces who, when not conducting very publicly the work we‟ve been indoctrinated to believe they do, such as the FBI and its investigation of the Boston Marathon bombing, set up and kill targets, with the help of local law enforcement, such as Brattleboro, Vermont, police, who murdered in cold blood the unarmed peace activist Robert „Woody‟ Woodward in the sanctuary of All Souls Church on December 2, 2001,23 Elder Peltier and all others like him will still and forever represent to whatever free peoples are left in the world the true, degenerate government of the United States of America until that government is no longer allowed to hold power over us all. That is the only other way a genuine government of, by and for the people may once again be aspired to and attempted. Yours, ever so very, very sincerely,

Ashley Stearns :als


This seems more than likely, given my opposition to the work done by defense contractors where I live, such as Harvard, MIT, the Broad Institute, and, of course, the Whitehead Institute, the facility at which one of my bioslavers claimed to be a researcher, right before he infected me, using an aerosol bomb, with a herpes virus that culminated, working in synthesis with pathogens with which I had already previously been infected, in the nonHIV/AIDS I developed and also because of the reoccurring pneumonias to which I am routinely subjected, AIDSfree, each time I merely plan to fraternize with potential allies.