Parker Middle School Observation Form 2012-2013

Root Cause Analysis and S.I.P. Focus Areas Name: Date: Subject/ Period: Observer: Student Engagement o Helps students connect learning to real world o Monitors learning and helps struggling students o Uses strategies to get inattentive learners involved o Probes student thinking Uses higher-order questioning Uses appropriate wait time o Provides opportunities for peer collaboration o Models thought processes and activities for students o Breaks complex task into “doable” steps to facilitate achievement Technology o Technologies used in lesson are aligned with CCSS objectives o Technology use supports instructional strategies o CCSS, instructional strategies, and technology fit within lesson o Lesson assessment is enhanced through technology integration Observer Comments

Planning o Lesson plan posted to G: Drive o S.M.A.R.T. goal is student-friendly – posted and stated at beg. o Begins lesson promptly Activator/ Warm-Up Relates to/ reviews prior learning Agenda posted and reviewed with students Reinforces learning through HW o Prepares materials prior to lesson o Structures lesson around “I do”, “we do”, “you do” model Assessment o States expectations of achievement o Checks for understanding throughout the lesson Uses a variety of informal and formal assessment strategies Assesses for completion and accuracy Classroom Expectations o Uses routines for handling nonacademic business o Makes smooth transitions within and between lessons o Manages classroom procedures to maximize learning time o Articulates clear expectations for classroom behavior o Promotes positive classroom climate Develops and maintains rapport with students Uses public and specific praise Uses humor/ displays friendliness o Responds to misbehavior quickly and effectively Uses surface management techniques Implements classroom behavior interventions when needed Addresses inappropriate student behavior privately Learning Objective: Level of Objective: Remembering Understanding Applying




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