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Surah 7: Al A'vaf 401 Gaye ba Say: “‘Call your ‘god-partners')!6* cepa Repobitls oid ‘Scheme (your worst) against me, Ose Yeas, pekaleily ‘And give me no respite! 196. “For my Protector is Allah, ee Se ‘Who xevealedsthe Book ESN TS oS) (From time to time), eee ae And He will choose Seti Sp, And befriend the righteous. 197. “But those ye call upon nd yeseged Muaditionn 4e- Besides Him, are unable Sr 8 33.52 ose To help you. and indeed Ley oo ‘Tp help themselves.” ape petsl Vora 198. If thou callest them Facog AERC, To guidance, they hear not. po aeso)s Thou wilt see them Hii biad woe ator edghl » Looking at thee, but Sapa Syke es They see noti** 199 Hola to forgiveness; gilohaaie ommand what is right; it But turn away from the ignorant” 200. If a suggestion from Satan Assails thy (mind)}!” Seek refuge with Allah; For He heareth and knoweth (All things). 201. Those who fear Allah, When a thought of evil From Satan assaults them, EDGAR 168, Here is a test and a challenge: If the false gods had any power or even existence; collect them all together, and, says the Prophet of Allah, “Let them do their worst against me” They cannot; because the ‘whole thing ls based oni a superstition and a chimaera, (Cj. 11:55), 1169, The beauty and rightcousnes of al Mustafa’ life were acknowledged on all hands, until he received the mission to preach and to fight against evil, What happened then? Evil crected barricades for itself. It hhad cyes, but it refused co see. It had ears, butit refused to hear. It had intelligence. but it blocked up its channels of understanding Even now, after fourteen centuries, a life of unexampled purity, probity, justice, and righteousness is seen in false lights by blind detractors! 1170. Allah cormforts the Prophet alld Wirects his tind to three precepts (1)/to forgive injuries, insu, and persecution: (2) to Contine to declare the faith tliat was in him, and not only to declare ic, but to act up to it in all his dealings with friends and foes: (3) to pay no attention (0 ignorant fools, who raised doubcs or difficulties, hurled taunts or reproaches, or devised plots to defeat the truth: they were to be ignored and pasted by, not to be engaged in fights and fraitless controversies, or conciliated by compromi IML, Even a Prophevof Allah is but human. He might chink that revenge or retaliation, or a lite tactful silence when evil stalks abroad, or some compromise with ignorance, mnight be best for the cause, He is to reject such suggestions Sarah 7: AU A'raf 402 GREE Ce Bring Allah to remembrance, ei srk Wage ctne o4e When lol they see (aright)! Oper bla eas 202, Bue their brethren (the evil Bae ate 8 a‘ ‘ones)"73 pte mel: Plunge them deeper into error, Sole SUT. x ‘And never relax (their efforts). Ope Sals 208. If thou bring them not A revelation," they say: “Why hast thou not Got it together?” Say: “I but follow ecapvloen at What is revealed to me 3. pcs Alltccata SIG. 5 From my Lord: Purdiesbelyy This is (nothing but) oe oe Lights from your Lord)""* onal ee And Guidance, and Mercy, 4 AGA oaciBonees 647 For any who have Faith” Ops serra cisy 204. Hen the Qur'an is read, Spars wma hee yi ike Listen to it with attention, Mec uae 518 And hold your peace: PIPORBE Rp fe ‘That ye may receive Mercy. bp Ss thal, 205. And do| thou (O reader!) 4 ee eer Bring thy Lord to remembrance ASSESS In thy (very) soul, ofetn Santo ein at hee ‘With humility and in reverence, IBl pesos AAS 5 lens Without loudness in words, 35 ay In the mornings and evenings; Sha KONG NAG SAI ‘And be not thou eel nS Shel Saal ¢ Of those who are unheedful. 1172, Allah protects His own, as no one else can, He js the sure refuge and the only one—for men of faith, If we are confused or angry. being blinded by this world; He will open our eyes 1173 We go back to consider the ungodly, whom we left at verse 198, in order to be taught our behaviour towards evil. The forees of evil never relax their efforts to draw their “brethren” (those who go into their farmly) deeper and déeper into the mire of sin and destruction: 1174.) "Ayabi” here: Thi, means specially'an Ayah of the Holy Qur'an. ‘The infidels did’ not believe if tevelation, and sed to taunt the Holy Prophet; as much ai to say that he used to put together words and promulgate them as revelation, ‘The answer is contained in the sentence that follows. No human éémpostion could contain the beauty, power, and spiritual insight of the Qur'an, Without inspiration it in impomible to uppote that a man, with or without literary and philosophic training could produce such a book as the Qur"sa, 1175, “Lights”: eyes, faculty of spiritual insight, The revelation is for us (I) spiritual eyes, (2) guidance, and (3) merey. (Q) is the highest in degree: just as a blind man, af he is given eyes and the faculty of sight, is at once removed into an entirely new world, so those who can reach the stage of spiritual insight pass into and become citizens of a wholly new spiritual World. (2) is next én degree: the man of the world can act up to the teaching about right conduct and prepare for the Hereafter. (3) is the Mercy of Allah, free to every ‘one, saint and sinner, who sincerely believes and puts his crust in Allah, Sirah 7: Al A‘raf 408 206, ‘Those who are near!” To thy Lord, disdain not To do Him worship: They celebrate His praises, ‘And bow down before Him."?* 176. The higher you are in spiricual attainment, che more is your desire and your opportunity. to serve ‘ind worthip your Lard and Cherisher and the Lord and Cherisher of all the worlds; and the greater is your pride in that service and that worship. 177. Avthia stage Sajdad ot prostration'it indicated 2s symbolical of our humble acceptance of the privilege of serving’ and worshipping Allah—afitting’close tova Surah in which we are led. through a ‘contemplation of the stories of the Messengers of Allah, to the meaning of revelation and itstelation to our moral and spiritual progress.