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April17, 2013 Bruce Delgado, Mayor Members of the City Council City of Marina 211 Hillcrest Ave. Marina, CA 93933 Re:

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Cal-Am Slant Well Application to City of Marina (Coastal Development Permit 201205)

Dear Mayor Delgado and Members of the City Council: We represent Ag Land Trust, a California nonprofit corporation. Ag Land Trust strongly objects to any approval by the City of Marina for the pending Cal-Am Water slant well application. The City would not be well-served by approving the application. The City would be approving an illegal project under State law. Should the City approve the slant well application, our client has authorized us to take all necessary legal action to prevent the harm that is reasonably likely to arise from the approval. As with the earlier Regional Desalination Project, the current version of the CalAm project and the proposal to construct slant wells violate State law and the rights of Ag Land Trust. Cal-Am has not demonstrated that it has the required final court judgment holding that Cal-Am has water rights that would allow Cal-Am to pump groundwater from the Salinas Valley Groundwater Basin. On a related point, State law prohibits the exportation of water from the Salinas Valley Groundwater Basin. The proposed slant well is designed and intended to enable and become part of a project that would export water in violation of law. In our letter to you dated November 30, 2012, we raised issues relating to CEQA. We pointed out that the Cal-Am application is not eligible for an exemption under CEQA due to the lack of water rights and other serious and significant issues. In this letter we emphasize that the application should have full CEQA review, and public hearings on the application and the CEQA analysis, before the City takes action. Thank you for your time and consideration. Please contact us if you wish to discuss this matter.

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