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Megan Cordner

1503 Sparkman Drive NW Apt. N106 Huntsville, AL 35816 (256-426-4706)

Teaching Philosophy: I will strive to teach and exhort my students to diligence within the class, within themselves, and within their lives. If you help an individual discover where his or her passion lies, make him or her aware of that motivation of which they carry within, and show them how to succeed, they will. I thoroughly believe in teaching a student correct values and allowing him or her to govern themselves.

Provide others the liberating opportunity of expressing themselves through language acquisition.

- University of Alabama in Huntsville B.A. Degree- May 2013 Major: Elementary Education Area of Specialization: Language and Culture - Gadsden State Community College Associate in Science (2010): Summa Cum Laude - Ashville High School (2008): Valedictorian Advanced Diploma

Tutor at Gadsden States Student Support Services (2009-2011): Responsible for providing targeted academic assistance for students within Math, English, Biology, and Social Studies. English Teacher at the Universidade Federal de Vicosa, Brazil. (Jan. - Jul. of 2009) Responsible for lesson planning, teaching English at the collegiate level, and grading students based on their personal improvement within the English language. Customer Service Manager/Cashier at Hobby Lobby (2008-2012): Responsible for running a register, counting money, answering calls, maintaining the frontend of the store, unloading the truck on delivery day, and pricing and stocking merchandise.

Megan Cordner ______________________________________________________________________

1503 Sparkman Drive NW Apt. N106 Huntsville, AL 35816

Education Experience
Spring 2013 Student Teaching (600+ hours): o Legacy Elementary: 2nd and 4th Grade -Created and Implemented thematic units -Incorporated technology into the classroom -Mastered INow grading system -Utilized pre and post data analysis to document student learning. -Conducted a behavioral analysis study -Collaborated with Cooperation Teachers, Special Education Teachers, and University Supervisors. -Implemented DIBELS Testing 2010-2012 Field Experience and Observation (280+ hours) - Worked one-on-one with students - Initiated Reader Case Studies - Administered BADER Reading and Language Inventories 2013 INow Training 2012 ARI Training 2012 Science and Math AMSTI Training 2012 Macon v. Lee Training

Awards and Professional Activities:

2011-2013 Super Scholar Scholarship Recipient 2011-2013 World of Kathy Chan Scholarship Recipient 2010 Gadsden State Community College Presidents Cup Recipient 2010 ALL USA Today Community College Academic Team Nominee 2010 Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship Representative 2010 Gadsden Campus Favorite 2009 Gadsden State Cultural Exchange Program Representative 2008-2010 Gadsden State Honors Program Candidate Student Representative for GSCC Disciplinary Board GSCC Phi Theta Kappa President

Volunteer Work
Childrens Sunday School teacher (2008- present) Church Camp Director (2008- present) Girls Activity Day Church Leader (2011-present) Young Single Adult Representative(2 years) 4 Semesters of Service Learning at Etowah County Middle Schools Organized and Participated in a Reading Hour at local Elementary School Organized the Stuffing of Stockings for children through the Salvation Army Initiated and Collected Jeans for Haiti Survivors Keynote Speaker to Young Women in the Birmingham Area

Megan Cordner ______________________________________________________________________

1503 Sparkman Drive NW Apt. N106 Huntsville, AL 35816

References Dr. Charles Hill

Assistant Dean of Instruction- Language and Fine Arts Gadsden State Community College (256) 458-8858

Mrs. Dale Hill

Director of Student Support Service Gadsden State Community College (256) 549-8375

Dr. Andrea Word-Allbritton

Director of English as a Second Language UAHuntsville (256) 824-2370

Dr. Whitney Meade

Lecture & Advisor of Education UAHuntsville (256) 824-6170

Kristin Kolenich

4th Grade Teacher (256) 503-4035

Caroline Wilson
4th Grade: Teacher of the Year (256) 366-9424