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Production Staff

Projection Design & Production Electrician: Daniel Sakimura Faculty Production Stage Manager & Technical Director: David A. Griffith Faculty Scenic Design Consultant: Joseph D. Dodd Staff Technical Director: Gerald Kawaoka Staff Costume Shop Manager: Hannah Schauer Galli Audio Area Head: Matthew Bise Dyer: Amy Schrag Electricians: Angela Gonsalez, Kelsi Ju, Dneka Patten, Leia Nakao, Phillip Tambuga, and THEA 345, THEA 240, THEA 221 students Stage Carpenters: Luke Cheng, David M. Gerke, Angela Gonsalez, Kelsi Ju, Dneka Patten, Leia Nakao, Phillip Tambuga, and THEA 345, THEA 240, THEA 221 students Costume Construction: Johnna Batiste, Jenilea Heath, Morgan Lane Tanner, Corinne Powell, Amy Schrag, and THEA 240, THEA 221 students

Front of House Staff

Staff Theatre Manager: Marty Myers Box Office Staff: Sarah Jane Carlton, Cindy Hartigan, Jordan Hensley, Stefannye Slaughter Publicity Director: Tracy Robinson Publicity Assistant: Vincent Desrosiers Web Assistant: Erin Sim Graphic Designer: Brett T. Botbyl Photographer: Daniel Brown House Manager: Kristina Tannenbaum Assistant House Managers: Sarah Rohde, Andrew Giordano Department Office Staff: Tana Marin, Lori Ann Chun Department Chair: W. Dennis Carroll Director of Dance: Gregg Lizenbery

2009-2010 SEASON


Kennedy Theatre College of Arts and Humanities/University of Hawaii at Mnoa presents

Assistant Stage Manager: Tracie Lock Wardrobe Supervisor: Toby Rinaldi Light Console Operator: Nelson Rosa Sound Console Operator: Matthew Bise Run Crew: Devon Izumigawa, Mercedes Johnson, Adreanna Porter, Rachael Smith, O. Xavier Smith, Matthew Toyama Dressers: Maseeh Ganjali, Bronzen Hahn, Jenilea Heath, Donald Quilinquin Partial funding for Dancing Green was provided by Mayors Office for Culture and the Arts

Performance Staff

Front of House Staff

For large print programs, Assistive Listening Devices or any other accessibility requests please contact the House Manager or call the Kennedy Theatre Box Office at 956-7655. To arrange a Campus Security Escort from any two points on campus, please see a House Manager. - Please silence all pagers, phones and digital watches. - No photography or video recording is permitted. - Please refrain from eating, drinking or smoking in the theatre. Concert program available at

The John Young Foundation The Hung Wo Ching Foundation Whole Foods
The UHM ticket program is supported in part by a grant from the Student Activities and Program Fee Board.

Blue Planet Foundation, Hawaii Audubon Society, Malama Hawaii, Net Impact, Surfrider Foundation, Sustainable UH, Queen Emma Ballet, Hawaii Arts Alliance, UHM Dept. of Botany, Tim Bostock, Jerrica Ching, Celia Chun, Marilyn Cristofori, Todd Echan, Zen Heshiki, Art Koshi, Paul Maley, Kip McAtee, Michael Pili Pang, Jeremy Poindexter, Ernest Provencher, Daniel Sakimura, Eve Walstrum Sanders, Christina Soo Hoo, Shanah Trevanna

March 11, 12, 13* at 8:00pm March 14 at 2:00pm

*Pre-Show Chat at 7pm
Concert Director: Betsy Fisher Lighting Designer: David A. Griffith Stage Manager: Anne Alves

E Hui Ana N Moku

We celebrate the 200th centennial celebration of the unification of the Hawaiian islands by Kamehameha I in 1810. Kumu Hula: Vicky Holt Takamine Ho opa a (chanter/drummer): Char Kuulei Hazlewood Welina Mnoa (oli aloha greeting chant) Hakumele (composer): Keawe Lopes Mnoa welcomes the multitudes with love. Hana Waimea (hula laapapa) Waimea fashions a net with the Kpuupuu wind Composed for the warriors of Kamehameha I who trained in the forests of Waimea and took their name from the Kpuupuu wind. Hana Chant (hula laapapa) Proud is Hana, the hill Kauiki, the roselani lei Composed for the favorite wife of Kamehameha I, Kaahumanu and the sands of her birth, Hana Maui. lapa (dancers): Corrine N. Bonifacio, Clara F. Bowden-Kerby, Chantalle Anne T. Cacpal, Naomi P. Castro, Shoshana K. Cohen, Jasmynn Jean M. Davis, Lakela Duque, Kaimi Kaina, Leivallyn Kaupu, Kanoe Lasconia, Manulani Jess Letoto, Kara A. Otineru, Kealohi Oyamot, Kuulei Salzer


Choreography: Amy Lynn Schiffner Music: Marco Antonio Guimaraes, Paulo Srgio Santos, Dcio de Souza Ramos, Arthur Andres Ribeiro Scenic Design: David M. Gerke Costume Design: Sandra Finney Dancers: Cassandra Glaser, Lauren Santos, Kent Shinomae, Cher Anabo, Meghen L. McKinley, Shannon M. Yamamoto, Spencer Garrod, Mercedes Johnson (understudy)

Dance of the Firebird from The Firebird (1910) Choreography: after Michel Fokine Music: Igor Stravinsky Costumes: Sandra Finney & Hannah Schauer Galli Coaching: Amy Lynn Schiffner Dancer: Carolyn N. Wilt Fowl Swells Choreography: Gregg Lizenbery Music: Claude Debussy, Ernie Provencher Dancers: Tiana Krohn-Ching Maslanka, Keely Urbanich, Elyse Cabanas, Harmony Turner, Meghen L. McKinley White Swan from Swan Lake (c.1895) Choreography: after Marius Petipa/Lev Ivanov Music: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Coaching: Amy Lynn Schiffner, Nicole Lam Dancer: Joanna Lam Manu (traditional) Kumu Hula - Vicky Holt Takamine Adornments: Marques Marzan Music: Vocalist: Naomi Castro Musician: Chad Pang Dancers: Leivallyn Kaupu, Manulani Jess Letoto, Mahina Seward The , Hawaiian honey creeper, is valued for the tiny yellow feathers under each wing gathered for the ahuula (feather cloaks) of the alii. The kiamanu (skilled birdcatchers) would place the gum from the kukui tree on the branches of trees frequently visited by the , pluck the yellow feathers, wash their claws, then release the birds. This mele aloha (love song) speaks of the s attraction to the sweet honey of a certain lehua blossom on Hawaii island.

Get My Drift
Choreography: Peggy Gaither Adams Music: Ernie Provencher Musicians: Reggie Padilla, Ernie Provencher, Scott Shafer Costume Design: Sandra Finney Dancers: Lindsay Alesia, Sky Fung, Gene Horita, Shani Noriko Jones, Joshua-Aaron King, Z Knight, Sothen Kong, Jennifer Lin, Ashley S. Matsuura, Lyndsey Matsuura, Karleanne Matthews-Paran, Lisa Orig, Tyler Tuiasosopo, Keely Urbanich, Rashida Jewel Vennie, Jeffrey Kaiminaauao Wong


Scenic Design: Joseph D. Dodd Hatchling Conceived and performed by: Sami L.A. Akuna Music: John Signor Black Swan from Swan Lake (c.1895) Choreography: Marius Petipa/Lev Ivanov Music: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Coaching: Amy Lynn Schiffner Dancer: Cassandra Glaser Ibis Choreography: Gregg Lizenbery Music: Ernie Provencher Dancer: Lauren Santos


Choreography: Betsy Fisher Music: Gregor Huebner Costume Design: Sandra Finney Dancers: Sarah Jane Carlton, Spencer Garrod, Stephanie Gumpel, Madeline Lammers, Carolyn N. Wilt

Spirit Lake

Choreography: Minou Lallemand Music: Einojuhani Rautavaara, Ren Eespere, Alan Hovhaness Dancers: Elyse Cabanas, Cassandra Glaser, SarahElizabeth Williams, Carolyn N. Wilt, Brittney Takata (understudy)