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Marconite Conductive Aggregate

Marconite is a unique product, developed by Marconi Communications Ltd. Certain ground conditions make it difficult to obtain a reliable earth resistance. whilst particular installations may require a very low resistance. In such cases, Marconite provides a convenient and permanent solution. By adding Marconite in place of sand and aggregate, to cement, a conductive concrete is formed. This electrically conductive medium has many applications in the electrical/construction industry, including RF and microwave screening, static control and of course earthing, for which it was specifically developed. When used as a backfill for earth electrodes, Marconite impregnated concrete greatly increases the electrodes surface area thus lowering its resistance to earth. No other product can offer the same benefits as Marconite in earthing applications.

Moisture Retaining Clay

Used as an earth-electrode backfill to reduce soil resistivity by retaining moisture. The clay consists largely of sodium montmorillonite, which when mixed with water swells to many times its dry volume. It has the ability to hold its moisture content for a considerable period of time and to absorb moisture from the surrounding soil (e.g. from rainfall).


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For further information on Marconite, please contact ADWAN. A separate data sheet is available.

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25 Marconite concrete used as a backfill for a conventional earth rod to achieve a lower earth electrode resistance.


Marconite is a registered trademark of Marconi Communications Ltd., and is manufactured by PMC Holdings Ltd. - Conductive Products Division.

Oxide Inhibiting Compound

For all the items in this range we recommend the use of Oxide Inhibitor when aluminium fittings are installed. Oxide Inhibitor is a non-water soluble, natural-petroleum based polymer grease that seals electrical connections from oxygen and moisture. When Oxide Inhibitor is exposed to the suns ultraviolet rays, it forms a tight, adherent, but pliable skin around the electrical connection. This skin resist wind and rain, provides protection against moisture, and holds the Oxide Inhibitor around the connecting
Plastic Bottle (kg) each Cat. No.

0.23 (8 oz)