TRP Ltd is an IT Software product company HQ at Mangalore. The Company is into the business of developing ERP software products for retail industry. The software product is highly successful among the retailers and the company has about 27500 retail customer across the country. The company charges an annual licence fee of Rs.2000. The company consists of around 80 employees. The company has got no other branch apart from the head office. The company provides service to all its customers using remote desktop application. The MD of the company believes that to make a real good device which is user friendly, one needs loads of precision, expertize and dedication. As per the past records the company has been successful in retaining 97.50% of the customers over the years. The forecast shows there is huge demand for the software. The marketing team which is headed by Mr.Taufiq comprises of 10 people. To seize on to the opportunity the company needs to equip itself with a larger workforce. During the meeting between the heads of various departments of the company, the number of people to be hired and the job description was discussed upon and the same is as follows.

Job Designation
Product Software Programmer Software Testing Marketing Executive

No of vacancies

Job Description
Work in areas relating to product designing, development and programming in VB6, MS access, XML, Java Script. They will be responsible for programming in presentation, Application and Data Tier. Work in areas related to software testing and will be responsible for reducing the defect rates in the software. Work related to software sales and ensuring that the existing customers continue.

3 5

Company is concerned about the attrition of the employees. The concern is because the huge chunk of people who were recruited last year left the job before the training was complete. A summary of the data pertaining to the same is as fallows. Job Designation Product Software Programmer Software Testing Marketing Executive Initial salary offered in INR per annum Rs.2,84,000 Rs.1,80,000 Rs.2,40,000

You are HR of the company. Prepare PPT’s for the following. 1. Sourcing plan. 2. Presentation to be made at the Source of recruitment.

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